A Special Offer To Help You Build A Successful Blog (Time-Sensitive!)

A Special Offer To Help You Build A Successful Blog (Time-Sensitive!)

I have some EXCITING news to share with you…

Perfect Blogger, my online course that’ll teach you how to build a successful blog, is about to get even better!

Here’s why – 

When I taught my business workshops in Brisbane and Los Angeles, I was BLOWN AWAY by the number of messages I got saying ‘I wish I could be there too!!’.

The beautiful thing about our community is that we’re from all corners of the globe. But it quickly became obvious to me that, no matter which city I chose for the next event, someone would have to miss out.

Instead of teaching my business workshop in person again, I’ll be adding my best online business strategies to Perfect Blogger.

Perfect Blogger has hundreds of happy students and I can’t wait to teach them how to start a successful podcast, make their first $10k and more.

Which brings me to the other thing I wanted to let you know…

While I’m updating Perfect Blogger, no new students will be able to join.

And when the course reopens in 2020, Perfect Blogger will cost much more than $99 USD (my workshop girls paid $397 USD for the strategies and tactics I’ll be adding).

BUT… I’ve decided to leave Perfect Blogger open until the end of the week in case you’ve been thinking about buying it!

Perfect Blogger will be open for registration until midnight (EDT) this Sunday, 29 September 2019.

If you buy Perfect Blogger before registration closes – you’ll get FREE access to the updated course when it comes out!

That means you’ll get the current course AND the new course (which will include everything I taught at my business workshops) for just $99 USD.

So what is Perfect Blogger?

Perfect Blogger is an online course that’ll teach you how to build a successful blog.

When you buy Perfect Blogger, not only will get instant access to 3 in-depth workshops on how to start, grow and promote your blog (including how to avoid the biggest mistakes perfectionists make with blogging).

You’ll also get instant access to 7 step-by-step tutorials that’ll teach you:

  • How to buy your domain + start your blog
  • How to find a beautiful blog theme
  • How to find beautiful photos for your blog
  • How to create a professional email address for your blog
  • How to start and grow your email list
  • How to grow your blog with Pinterest
  • How to grow your blog with Instagram

This means you’ll have everything you need to build a successful blog, all in one place. Bye bye overwhelm!

I created Perfect Blogger because I understand your pain. 

I know what it’s like to believe in your potential and doubt yourself at the same time… I started blogging in 2013 but my fears kept me stuck and frustrated for the first 2.5 years. But that didn’t mean success was off the table!

Now that I’ve built a six figure business from the ground up, I’m here to fast-track your journey so you can create the success you deserve.

It’s not too late to start blogging (or get an abandoned blog back on track) and there will never be a better time than now.

The next steps are simple – decide to give blogging a real shot, follow the Perfect Blogger plan and build a successful blog. I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

To buy Perfect Blogger visit samlaurabrown.com/perfectblogger.

As soon as you buy Perfect Blogger, you’ll get instant access to the course and can use the 30-day money back guarantee if it’s not for you. The sooner you start Perfect Blogger, the sooner you can build a successful blog!

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Want to build a successful blog but you’re not sure if you have what it takes? This episode is for you! Find out about the special offer that’ll help you create the success you deserve. To buy Perfect Blogger, visit samlaurabrown.com/perfectblogger.

Author: Sam Brown