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It's time to do brave things in your business:

PGSD Advanced will open for enrollment soon, here are the details:


I’m creating a coaching group to do the advanced work on getting out of your own way as a perfectionist entrepreneur. This group will have a limited number of spots available and will be working closely with me (alongside occasional guest coaches) and a group of like-minded entrepreneurs on a weekly basis over a six month period.


✔️ Advanced mindset work to release your perfectionism handbrake – once you’re showing up consistently and putting yourself out there, a new layer of perfectionism work shows up. This typically includes burnout and/or working beyond your ideal work hours, pushing through with things that aren’t working, pivoting too quickly, struggles with delegation and outsourcing, neglecting your personal life and personal goals, people pleasing your customers and putting insane amounts of pressure on yourself to do everything perfectly for them, questioning and avoiding important decisions, spinning out in failure, freezing when things aren’t going well, checking out of your weekly content by just going through the motions, overworking, constant pushing through and using force to get things done.

✔️ Advanced self-coaching – the nitty gritty of how I do self-coaching, learning exactly how to use the self-coaching model together with insights from your Power Planning to show up fully and effectively in your business, developing out your self-coaching curriculum and sustainable self-coaching habits.

✔️ Advanced Power Planning – planning out multiple weeks at a time and big projects like launches in a workable way, identifying both obvious and subtle patterns of self-sabotage, using Power Planning to achieve your milestones and growth goal, advanced needle mover work, cleaning up your clean rest

✔️ Advanced troubleshooting – if you’re showing up consistently but not getting the results you want, you need to course correct. This requires advanced debriefing skills and being able to accurately identify what to double down on and what to change up without going into the all-or-nothing mindset

✔️You’ll be learning all of the above while completing 1-3 brave needle moving projects and continuing to run your business day-to-day – eg a launch or sales campaign, creating a new product or service, upleveling your weekly marketing efforts, adding a new marketing channel to your business eg a podcast or YouTube channel, beginning to build your team (note: you will be supported to decide what project is the biggest needle mover for you) or creating your ideal work-life balance.


PGSD doesn’t cover the advanced perfectionism, self-coaching and Power Planning work I’ve been doing behind the scenes since hitting and maintaining multiple six figures per year in my business. I’ve shared a look at what I do via my popular launch debrief podcast episodes but have never shared the details of the advanced processes and practices I‘ve created until now.


  • How to stay emotionally regulated during failure so you can get yourself back on track and skip the exhausting shame spiral

  • How to do advanced work on your self-image, self-confidence and self-trust

  • How to own your gifts and tap into them to create ease and effortless in your business

  • How to keep showing up consistently without burning yourself out or constantly extending your work days


  • Virtual 2-Day Self-Coaching Intensive taught in early July with replay available – time to be confirmed once everyone is enrolled

  • Weekly coaching call with Sam (and occasional guest coaches) – weekly call time to be confirmed once everyone is enrolled

  • Access to the PGSD Advanced Private Podcast for coaching call replays and additional content

  • Coaching and support via the PGSD Advanced community from Sam, the PGSD Advanced team and your peers

  • Six month coaching group starting in July and ending on 17 January


  • Pay in full – $8,888 USD 

  • Payment plan – 5 payments of $1,888 USD 


  • You’ve been Power Planning more often than not for at least three months in total

  • You’re working towards a Growth Goal in your business (or willing to set one)

  • You’re a perfectionist entrepreneur (either a business owner, creative, consultant or freelancer)

  • You are currently inside my program Perfectionists Getting Shit Done (or willing to sign up so you can master the foundational principles)


If you’re not currently in PGSD but have done more than 3 months of Power Planning, let me know and we can discuss if you’re ready to do the advanced work. If accepted you will be required to sign up for PGSD as well so you can master the foundations.


  • Official enrollment will be happening in mid May.