Twelve Week 1:1 Coaching For Perfectionists


I’ve seen my clients completely change their lives…

Figure out their dream career and take massive action towards it. Start the business, podcast, YouTube channel or blog they’ve been planning to create for years. Stop procrastinating on their goals and overcome their fear of judgement. Take control of their life and feel excited to wake up every morning.  

Imagine your life if you could…

Stop ticking other people’s boxes and create a life that excites you. Find your purpose and have the confidence you’re on the right path. Start that business or blog so you can quit ‘ok’ day job and do work that actually fulfils you. Feel like they’re finally living up to their potential.

I can help you do that and so much more.

“When I decided to work with Sam, I felt like I was stuck in a lot of places in my life. I knew I needed to do something, but had no idea how to move forward. We talked about a lot of things, but my main personal hurdles were: dating, protecting and honoring my time and commitments to myself, and money mindset.

I’d been doing some personal development work on my own but hard as I tried, it wasn’t till I started working with Sam that I realized it was the stories I’d been telling myself, the ones I was CERTAIN were true, that were holding me back. I cannot tell you how many times I had light bulb moments throughout our calls.

Sam has a knack for seeing right through the rambling and excuses to get to the heart of whatever the issue is. She’s direct and honest, but never makes you feel bad about where you’re currently at. Instead, she offers valuable insights to help you reframe things in a more positive, helpful way.

I can honestly say I feel like a different person after working with her. Working with Sam is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. I highly recommend her as a coach, and am so grateful and thankful for everything she’s helped me with during our time together.”

– Chloe Naranjo


“The personal growth and breakthroughs I experienced during my coaching sessions with Sam far exceeded my expectations. I went from feeling unfulfilled in my 9-5, to feeling ready to taking massive aligned action towards creating a location-independent business in my area of real passion.

I honestly feel that I will be in a position to celebrate my last day at my job and take my business full-time within a few months in order to travel the world with my boyfriend, almost a year sooner than anticipated!

I feel like a completely different person, and could not recommend Sam’s coaching services enough. The investment in working with Sam will pay off ten-fold. You will leave with a plan to move towards your dream life, and learn daily strategies to manage your mind and coach yourself. Sam – thanks again!”

– Paige Jarvis  


“I did Sam’s coaching program and have totally transformed my mindset. I was dealing with the uncertainty of a career transition, and Sam helped me completely shift my approach. I’m now making decisions based on the future I want to create rather than fears or the past.

On each call, I’ve had an “aha moment” that was a total game-changer. I feel more aligned with my goals and more armed with the tools to navigate through the process of achieving them. It was definitely worth the time and financial investment and I feel like I’m on a great trajectory now!”

– Danielle Mayber

Here’s what I do best

As a mindset coach, I work one-on-one with ambitious women to help them bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.   I’ve seen my clients stop procrastinating on dreams they’ve been too scared to act on for years, start blogs and businesses from scratch and achieve goals they previously thought were impossible. I’ve seen them overcome fears and obstacles that have been holding them back for decades and I’ve seen them give themselves permission to stop ticking the boxes and start living the life they actually want to live (not the one they feel they ‘should’). I would love to help you do this too.

I have taken action on things I have been thinking about doing for years! Sam helped me see what was stopping me from starting these things and helped me understand the fear and doubt that came up once I started taking action and how to continue pursuing it anyway.

Sam was great, she really listened to everything you say and would pick up on throw away sentences you’d say to reveal things you didn’t even realise would be impacting you in the ways they are. She explains concepts so clearly and gave really great exercises to do between sessions. Sam was also great at calling me out on on my crap in the most lovable way! I got so much more out of our coaching than I ever expected!!”

– Aoife Byrne  


“I wanted to work with Sam because I relate to everything she says on her podcast and I knew she was the exact person I needed to help me move forward. I’m so glad I made the decision to work with Sam, I knew something in my gut was telling me to go ahead with it. Even though my partner was hesitant about me working with Sam (due to the cost), I am so glad I was able to talk him around. I felt so relaxed and happy during our calls that it helped me so much to open up.

I have worked with a coach in the past and I spent most of the call feeling stressed about whether I was saying the right things and I often felt confused about what I needed to work on. I feel so proud of what I have achieved during my time working with Sam. I’m proud of the effort I have put in and worked to over come my fears and I know it’s going to pay off. I can say this now because my line of thinking is very different. Usually I am disappointed in myself because I never think I have achieved enough (perfectionist mindset).

Sam helped me to focus on the effort towards goals not actually achieving them. Thank you so much Sam for helping me with my website, setting up my podcast and an ‘impossible’ financial goal and with my mindset towards learning.

– Kiara Johnson  


“Sam she really helped me break through the all or nothing mentally I had, and helped me become consistent with my goals. Her coaching style was honest, straight forward, and supportive. She helped me see the lies I was telling myself in the areas I was stuck. Thank you so much for our time together! I feel like I grew a lot from our session and I am excited to go after my goals.”

– Ellie Curry

I’ve been in your shoes…

I know what it’s like to feel crippled by fear and self-doubt, and I know what it takes to overcome it. My own personal journey lead me to leave my law and finance degrees behind and pursue a more fulfilling career. Quitting my corporate job and veering off the traditional path to success was scary, but it has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done for myself and my personal growth – and I haven’t regretted it for a second. Every week, I receive dozens of emails and DMs from women all around the world saying that I’ve changed their life. That kind of thing just didn’t happen in my corporate job, even when I was doing my best.  

Here’s what we can work on together:

Our twelve weeks together will be tailored to your specific needs and can cover a range of topics depending what you need to work on:

  • Creating a clear plan to get your business off the ground and leave your day job, even if you don’t know what that business is and you haven’t started it yet
  • Getting yourself in a financial position to make the leap into a more fulfilling life
  • Outgrowing your perfectionist tendencies to procrastinate, people please and hold your brilliance back
  • Giving yourself permission to do what you really want to do with your life
  • Making hard decisions so you can stop spinning your wheels and start taking action
  • Refining your habits and creating a consistent routine that supports your goals
  • Mastering time management so you can get more done in less time
  • Taking your personal development work to the next level and applying what you’ve read and learned
  • Creating the ability to follow through with your plans, even when you’re not motivated
  • Overcoming self-doubt, imposter syndrome and your fear of what other people think

“I wanted Sam to be my coach because I knew that she would be able to help me get out of my own way and stop me self sabotaging. I was very nervous before my coaching session but Sam made me feeling relaxed instantly. I felt very comfortable talking to Sam about my goals and insecurities around my goals.

Sam truly listens to what you have to say and isn’t afraid to pull you up on stuff, she can see the real issues at hand, before you even realise them yourself. Great coach, love her coaching style! If you’re looking to get out of your own way and stop self-sabotaging then I would 100% recommend Sam as your coach. 

Sam was the very first coach I’ve had, I had no idea what to expect from coaching but I am so glad that I made this investment in my personal development. Coaching is something which we can all benefit from. Thank you Sam for all of your help!”

– Laura Beeson  


“I’d definitely recommend Sam’s coaching services. Sam helped me understand the thoughts and behaviours that were stopping me from getting me closer to my goals and she helped me come up with strategies and solutions to overcome negative patterns and beliefs to get me into a better routine and achieve my goals faster. Thank you so much Sam! I feel positive and motivated about my goals again and feel like I have a clear plan to get there.”

– Kelly Gibson  


“I wanted to work with Sam because I was struggling with achieving my goals and dreams, I was continuously getting out of my own way and I was stuck with a fixed mindset. My whole life changed after our first session. She really helped me understand the behaviours and thoughts that were stopping me from my full potential and from achieving my goals.

Sam has this brilliant and friendliest way of calling me out on my excuses and ways of thinking. I feel like a totally different person, who is thinking and looking in different lens than before. She helped me discover so many underlying things about myself and now I truly believe in myself and my goals. Sam also gave amazing exercises, challenges and suggestions after each session which challenged me in incredible but good ways.

Sam has helped me grow so much as a person in a short amount of time. I 100% recommend Sam as your coach! I honestly couldn’t recommend her coaching services enough.

She is beyond amazing and the work she does is INCREDIBLE! It really is worth your investment and you’ll leave as a different person with a plan to live your dream life and strategies moving forward as your own life coach.

– Kimberley Banwell

What’s Included?

  • 6 x 90 minute coaching sessions (we’ll have a call every two weeks) where we will uncover why you’ve been holding yourself back and create a clear plan to move you towards your goals
  • Twelve weeks of unlimited voice message support via Whatsapp
  • Detailed notes and an audio recordings from all of our coaching sessions so you can dive into the work
  • Accountability and the guidance you need to follow through with your plans
  • Relatable advice from someone who remembers exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes
  • Personalised worksheets and resource recommendations to take our work even further
  • PLUS lifetime access to any of my available courses and programs that are applicable to your journey

After our coaching calls my clients tell me they feel: motivated, inspired, confident, relieved, energised and ready to get out of their own way. I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Ready To Get Out Of Your Own Way?

Twelve weeks of 1:1 mindset coaching and support.

Reach your full potential. Become the best version of yourself that you can be.

Your investment: $4,000 USD (or 3 monthly payments of $1,500 USD)



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