A FREE masterclass to help you figure your life out

A FREE masterclass to help you figure your life out Starting on 17 June, I’ll be teaching a FREE masterclass on how to figure your life out – just in time for the second half of 2019!

I’m constantly bombarded with questions about how to figure out what to do with your life and I can totally relate to the struggle. Despite being smart and ambitious, I used to be as lost and confused as they come.

I *knew* there was so much more to life than paying the bills and ticking the boxes but I couldn’t seem to find direction – I was interested in too many things, I couldn’t tell what was feasible and I was scared of wasting time and money on the wrong thing. I’d taken all the quizzes, read all the books and even done the soul-searching travel. All to no avail! I didn’t want to spend my prime years living for the weekend but I didn’t know what to do next…

So I get what it’s like! Before I figured out what I wanted to do – I spent YEARS feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed. For the longest time, I avoided creating something to help you figure out what to do with your life. And I hate to admit that! But even though I’d successfully figured out what I want to do, I wasn’t sure the process that worked for me would work for others too.

In a world full of inspiring (but extremely vague and unhelpful) advice like “follow your passion” and “do what makes you happy”, I didn’t want to add anything to the mix unless I TRULY believed I could be of service.

In November 2018, I finally decided to share my process and lead dozens of ambitious women through my group coaching program – Figure Your Life Out. Seeing those women finish the program with new-found clarity, a clear sense of direction, insane motivation and life-changing insights was INCREDIBLE. And now, it’s your chance to experience the same thing!

To celebrate the fact that Figure Your Life Out will be opening again in only a few weeks, I’ll be teaching a FREE masterclass starting on 17 June. It’s called the Figure Your Life Out Masterclass and signing up is the first step towards clarity and confidence!

In this FREE 3-part masterclass, I’ll be sharing the stuff I wish I knew when I was trying to figure this out for myself. Let me just say this – we’ll be going WAY deeper than me telling you to “do what sets your soul on fire” (because who even knows what that actually means).

This masterclass will teach you the REAL stuff that *actually* works. And each of the 3 lessons will be taught live in a pop-up Facebook group (note: replay recordings will be available for those who aren’t on Facebook).This masterclass changed thousands of lives when I first ran it and I’m SO excited to be teaching it live this time. If you’re ready to figure out what to do with your life (even if you’re multi-passionate), make sure you visit samlaurabrown.com/masterclass to sign up!

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Author: Sam Brown