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Application deadline: 12 January 2021 at 10pm AEST
Application is now closed

Community Manager

Hours: 10 hours per week with the possibility for more
Rate: $28 AUD per hour (or equivalent in your local currency)

Our ideal Community Manager is someone who is – Empathetic, patient, trustworthy, courteous, a connector to resources, enthusiastic, passionate about helping our members, excited about personal development, comfortable speaking to others over video and online and has excellent written grammar.

As a community manager for PGSD, your role will include but is not limited to:

  • Welcoming new members – When managing the community it is expected that you greet new members within 48 hours of their initial introduction post.
  • Review and approve impossible goals – You’ll be expected to encourage all PGSDers to set an impossible goal and provide feedback to them so their goal ticks all the boxes it needs to. Once approved you will be responsible for adding their goal to our member database.
  • Cultivating connections – You’ll be expected to connect our members to other members inside of PGSD, the goal being to create friendships and build trust, community and support, as many of our members don’t have friends outside of the membership who share similar interests and goals.
  • Connecting our members to our resources – We trust you to connect members to beneficial resources within PGSD. This means gaining mastery over what content we offer, what resources can help, and where to find said resources.
  • Forming genuine member connections – Interacting with our members inside of the community forum will be where you spend most of your time. Please use this time to respond, encourage, and connect to our members. Please also identify areas of improvement for our membership and prepare solutions to be presented during our bi-weekly check-ins.
  • Engaging with our community – Many perfectionists are what we like to call “lurkers”. We want to celebrate and encourage connection in our community. You will be expected to be a conversation starter, listener, and engage with our members.
  • Encouraging members to get coached – Many of our member break-throughs occur during coaching calls or while listening to others be coached. It is expected that you encourage members to get coached if they are feeling stuck as many are nervous to do this and need a loving push.
  • Keeping our team informed – It is expected that you keep our coaches and Sam informed about what is happening in our community. To do this, we will conduct a once bi-weekly “Buzz Meeting” to discuss what topics are of interest in our community, common questions, confusion from members, etc. You are expected to prepare for this meeting, schedule it as well as run it.
  • Collecting member testimonials (including video testimonials) – Often times our members will overlook their accomplishments and points of growth, as they are often so focused on reaching their final goal. You will be responsible for identifying and encouraging members to share wins, screenshotting transformations stated in our community forum, congratulating members and setting up video calls to gather testimonials, which will be used in marketing.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re empathetic, hard-working, comfortable getting on testimonial calls with PGSDers and guiding them through the conversation, innovative, proactive, optimistic and trustworthy with great attention to detail.
  • You believe in the concepts taught in PGSD and these are in alignment with / complimentary to your own values and beliefs.
  • You have experience with overcoming common perfectionist tendencies (procrastination, people pleasing, all-or-nothing) and have made tangible progress on your own journey to overcome perfectionism.
  • You’re willing to share your personal experiences and lessons with PGSDers in a vulnerable and authentic way.
  • You’re passionate about helping perfectionists get out of their own way and empowering more coaches to enter the industry and succeed.
  • You have a growth mindset and welcome constructive feedback so that you can reach your full professional potential.
  • You want to work for a company that’s making a meaningful contribution to the world.
  • You’re flexible and willing to grow with the business for at least 12 months.

This part-time freelance role is for 10 hours per week, with the possibility for more. You would work approximately 1 hour per day, 5 days of the week as regular forum check-ins are part of this role. There will be another/other community managers who will also be supporting our PGSDers in the forum and you will be expected to collaborate with and support each other.

You have the opportunity to work from anywhere you want and at any time of the day you want, provided you have a good internet connection. You can take time off when needed – advance notice is appreciated.

Here’s how to apply!

  • Email
  • Address your application to Olivia.
  • Make the subject line “PGSD Community Manager Application (Your Name)”.
  • Please include a video sharing:
    • Why you want to be a PGSD Community Manager.
    • What you find most challenging about our PGSD content.
    • What you find most helpful about our PGSD content.
    • What is your recommended first step for a new coach who is feeling overwhelmed and has just joined PGSD?
    • Why do you believe you are the best fit for this role.
    • Your availability for this role.
  • Do not include or attach your resume, CV or cover letter.