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How To Plan Properly As A Perfectionist

Part 1: Procrasti-planning versus Planning Properly




Want to make sure the work you’re putting into your business will pay off?

Learn how Power Planning took my business from $100k per year to $100k months...


The investment for PGSD...

Note: PGSD is closed for enrollment. If you’re getting in your own way in your business, signing up for The Power Planning Course is going to be the perfect starting point (especially since we don’t know when PGSD will be opening for enrollment again).

The investment for yearly access to PGSD is one payment of $3,990 USD or 6 monthly payments of $750 USD.

This includes on demand access to the PGSD Process, weekly coaching calls (always), the PGSD Private Podcast, support and new business friends via the PGSD Forum as well as all future updates.

Some questions you might have...

I love that you’re already good at planning! That’s a sign that you and your business have the potential to be even more successful than you already are…

Before I started Power Planning, I was pretty good at planning too – the only problem was that I wasn’t planning in a way that worked for my perfectionist mindset. I was doing all the things that worked super well for non-perfectionists (like to-do lists and paper planners and time blocking), the only problem was they were making me get in my own way.

When I created what I now call Power Planning, 90% of the problems I was having with procrastination, overthinking and burnout just dissolved. I hadn’t even realised that the way I was planning was a problem until I stopped following the conventional advice and started leaning into what actually worked for someone like me. Power Planning is what took my business from $100k per year to having $100k months – without burning out or having to be motivated 24/7.

Great question! I created The Power Planning Course because so many people had asked me for a quick and easy way to learn how to Power Plan. 

If you’re getting in your own way in your business, signing up for The Power Planning Course is going to be the perfect starting point (especially since we don’t know when PGSD will be opening for enrollment again).

Yes! Power Planning is specifically created for someone who tends to fall off the wagon with their plans (because this is a classic perfectionist thing to do). If you work in spurts of motivation, only get the important things done at the last minute and lose hours every day to overthinking and busywork, it’s only because you haven’t been planning properly as a perfectionist. And anyone can learn how with Power Planning.

100%. I’ve made over $1.5 million in my business since I started doing what I now call Power Planning. It’s what took my business from six figure years to six figures months. And I’m 100% certain that if I had Power Planning from the beginning of my business it wouldn’t have taken me so long (6 years!) to make my first $100,000!

(This is why I’ve included two special workshops on “Power Planning Your Way To Your First 100k Year” and “Power Planning Your Way To 100k Months & Beyond” when you sign up for The Power Planning Course).

When perfectionists follow the same planning advice as everyone else we get in our own way. 

If you’re a perfectionist and you’re currently losing time every week to overthinking, procrastination and burnout then Power Planning is the tool you need to get your perfectionist mindset on your side. There’s nothing wrong with you, you just haven’t been planning properly as a perfectionist!

Once you’ve got your perfectionist mindset working FOR you (instead of against you), you’ll be able to do all of the important things you need to do, consistently and sustainably, week after week after week – even when you’re not feeling motivated.

Basically, when you’re Power Planning, the hard work you’ve been putting into your business will finally start paying off. But don’t just take my word for it! You can find some of our client success stories here.

Power Planning is a match made in heaven with marketing courses. Most of the people I work with are currently in a marketing program and use Power Planning to implement the strategies they’re learning. 

Power Planning will compound the results you get from any other program you’re in because, thanks to the fact you’re planning properly as a perfectionist, all of the time and effort you put into implementing that marketing strategy will actually pay off.

Plus I’ve created The Power Planning Course knowing that you’d be busy building your business and taking other programs which is why it isn’t time consuming. The course is designed so that you can get sit down with your favourite drink 🫖☕️🧋🍷 and in just one afternoon, learn what you need to learn to get started right away!

Honestly, we don’t know. There’s no date set for the next opening of PGSD.

With Power Planning...
The effort you put into your *40 hour* work week has the same return as though you worked *80 hours* (without any burnout).

What our students are saying about Power Planning...


Natalie, USA

“I made six figures and halved my work hours”

“Before Power Planning I was chaos. I worked CONSTANTLY but I wasn’t getting any of the important stuff done. Since starting I have more than doubled my income – I have already made $125k in 2022 so far and I’m taking more time off than ever before. Power Planning was the best thing for my business and has made a huge impact on my day to day life.”



“Thanks to Power Planning I doubled my revenue”

“Before Power Planning, I had a never ending to-do list and I didn’t have much to show for it. Thanks to Power Planning I’ve made last year’s income in my first six months and hit my revenue goal for the year! I got a highly sought after position in a marketing agency, spoke at a virtual summit and am pitching clients and publications consistently too.”



“I’ve made more than 2X my revenue without burning out”

“Before Power Planning, I was trapped in a cycle of overwhelm and burnout with my business. Power Planning helped me stop being confused – I had breakthroughs in my first week. Within 3 months, my business made $140K – more than twice the revenue compared to this time last year! The best thing is I’ve been able to grow the business while enjoying my personal life.”



“My two businesses are making more money than they ever had once I started Power Planning”

“I now Power Plan every week and stick to my plans. I’ve made more money with my two businesses each year since I joined, all while caring for my children in the way I wanted to – $30K the first year and $40K last year!”



“I no longer wait around for opportunities thanks to Power Planning”

“4.5 months into Power Planning and I already feel like a different person. I used to wait for opportunities and planning properly helped me do the ‘scary’ work to grow my business while taking time to rest. I made last year’s revenue in the first 9 months of this year and I’m just getting started.”

Learn how Power Planning took my business from $100k per year to $100k months...

Your coach, Sam


Meet your mentor

My name is Sam Laura Brown – I’m a perfectionism coach, host of the top-rated podcast The Perfectionism Project and founder of Perfectionists Getting Shit Done – a group coaching program for perfectionist entrepreneurs.

I help perfectionists follow through with their plans and get out of their own way in their business.

Learn how Power Planning took my business from $100k per year to $100k months...

Got a question?

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    Learn how Power Planning took my business from $100k per year to $100k months...