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How To Plan Properly As A Perfectionist

Part 1: Procrasti-planning versus Planning Properly




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PGSD enrollment opens: 6am New York Time on 26 October 2022

PGSD enrollment closes: 11:59pm New York Time on 1 November 2022

The investment for PGSD

The investment for lifetime access to PGSD is $3,330 USD or 6 monthly payments of $650 USD.

This includes on demand access to the PGSD Process, weekly coaching calls (always), the PGSD Private Podcast, support and new business friends via the PGSD Forum as well as all future updates.

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Some questions you might have...

If you’d prefer to listen to the videos rather than watch them, we’ve combined them together into Episode 342 of my podcast, The Perfectionism Project.

You can find it anywhere you listen to podcasts or via one of the links below.

We are entrepreneurs who are getting out of our own way. We are a community of artists, photographers, graphic designers, writers, Etsy sellers, fashion designers, stylists, coaches, copywriters, ecommerce store owners, web developers, real estate agents, interior designers, YouTubers – the list goes on. We’re personal development nerds. And we’re all ages (we have PGSDers from their 20s to their 60s) and all genders.

PGSD gets perfectionist entrepreneurs out of their own way.

It will work for you if…

  • you feel like I’m reading your mind when you listen to The Perfectionism Project podcast
  • you’re making money in your business (but not the money you want)
  • you’re ready to make the Three Month Commitment to Power Planning
  • you’re committed to getting out of your own way

Inside PGSD you’ll master planning properly as a perfectionist, following through with your plans 80% of the time and resting without guilt.

This will have you making more money in your business more easily.

Here are the topics specifically covered in the PGSD Process:

Module 0: Perfectionism
Module 1: Growth Goal
Module 2: Power Planning
Module 3: Clean Rest
Module 4: Overwhelm
Module 5: Procrastination
Module 6: Burnout
Module 7: Self-Trust
Module 8: Self-Image
Module 9: Self-Confidence

Inside PGSD you’ll be…

✔ Making more money more easily

✔ Posting confidently and consistently on social media even when you don’t feel motivated

✔ Planning your week properly, knowing exactly which tasks to work on

✔ Following through with the plans in your calendar, even when the unexpected happens

✔ Making important business decisions without second guessing or overthinking

✔ Finishing each day feeling accomplished and organised

✔ Being kind to yourself in a way that makes you more productive, not less

✔ Getting clean rest and loving your personal life as much as you love your business

✔ Sticking to the deadlines you create for yourself, even when you don’t have to

You get lifetime access to PGSD and can work through it at your own pace.

On average, our most successful PGSDers spend:

  • 60 minutes per week watching the PGSD Process video lessons (approx 15 mins each)
  • 60 minutes per week attending a coaching call or listening to a coaching call replay
  • 60 minutes per week (approximately 10 minutes per day) in the PGSD Forum

Power Planning takes approximately two hours per week. This includes completing your Power Hour, making little tweaks to your digital calendar through the week and completely your Weekly Review.

PGSD is the antidote to procrasti-learning. 

We help you take the business knowledge you already have and put it all to good use (i.e. inside PGSD you’ll be doing the marketing tasks that you know you need to do – no more pushing them off week after week).

The investment for lifetime access to PGSD is $3,330 USD or 6 monthly payments of $650 USD. This includes on demand access to the PGSD Process, weekly coaching calls (always), the PGSD Private Podcast, support and new business friends via the PGSD Forum as well as all future updates. If you need to pay on multiple cards, email support@samlaurabrown.com. Note: we do not offer refunds.

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What our students are saying about PGSD...


Natalie, USA

Before I signed up for PGSD, I was chaos. I was working pretty much from when I woke up to when I went to bed every single day of the week. I had goals to not work on Fridays or not work on the weekends. But they just kept not happening. And I couldn’t figure out why. And I was cranky, and was having a hard time. I didn’t have a lot of fun.

I carefully considered signing up for PGSD, because it is a big investment. But I have no regrets. From the week I started, I knew it was going to change my life. It absolutely has changed my life in the most positive way. It’s not only changed my working life, but it’s rippled into my personal life. It’s helped me expand my business and make more money, which has allowed me to do more fun things and take more time off.

And I already see big changes happening in my business. I now focus on the most important needle movers – what is actually contributing to our income and changing our lives and impacting others. I’ve been able to be a better business owner because of that. And I’ve been able to help more people because of that, and reach more people and feel more confident.



Before signing up for PGSD, I’d have a running to-do list on the side of my desktop that was never “finished” because as soon as I deleted one task, I would add another. It was overwhelming to look at and always there. It was exhausting, and I didn’t have much to show for it.

After joining PGSD, I’ve started to plan properly as a perfectionist. Because I have more clean rest and buffer time than ever before, I’m doing so many more courageous things. I applied for a position at a marketing agency (and got it!), positioned myself to be asked to speak at a virtual summit, am pitching clients and publications consistently, and am making more money than I ever have.

For any other perfectionist entrepreneurs out there, I highly recommend PGSD. I can’t say enough good things about the tools, the coaching, and the support you receive. It’s changed me personally and my business in so many ways for the better.



Before signing up for PGSD, my business life was a revolving door of consuming free content, courses and books, an endless search for new strategies to grow my 8-year-old business (which was really a hobby). I avoided the uncomfortable, scary tasks. Instead, I focused on perfecting my website, creating content and packages, and waiting. So much waiting for things to magically fall into place. I was SO STUCK… I was getting in my own way every day.

I had never invested in my business, so joining PGSD was a big financial leap for me and it paid off! I now show up consistently and without DRAMA. I have an offer that I’m proud to share and I’m booking clients. I’m amazed at what I’ve accomplished with the help and encouragement of Sam, the tools she’d created, and the entire PGSD community.

PGSD has completely changed the way I operate. I’m a different person in every area of my life and it’s amazing!



Before joining PGSD I had many dreams and ideas. I wanted to do a lot of things but these dreams only lived in my notebooks with no concrete plans to make them happen. I had subscribed to different courses in order to get me started but did not actually start.

Since joining PGSD I have been actually doing the things, facing my objectives and deciding on the next steps to get there. I wish I had joined sooner!



I was cautious about signing up to PGSD. It was a big investment for me, and I wasn’t sure it would be worth it. Truth is, investing in PGSD gave me the initial boost of bravery to start putting in the action steps that mattered: telling my family and friends about the business launch (when I was so afraid to even mention it before), putting myself out there consistently, creating conversations no longer feeling ‘salesy’ and the fear of creating content gradually, dropping away. 

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Your next steps...



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Start making your perfectionist mindset work for you so you can build your successful business, with instant access to everything you need when you sign up.

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Your coach, Sam


Meet your mentor

My name is Sam Laura Brown – I’m a perfectionism coach, host of the top-rated podcast The Perfectionism Project and founder of Perfectionists Getting Shit Done – a group coaching program for perfectionist entrepreneurs.

I help perfectionists follow through with their plans and get out of their own way in their business.

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Ask your question about PGSD in the contact form and someone from our team will get back to you within 48 hours.  Alternatively, you can email your question to support@samlaurabrown.com.

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