Book Of The Month

playing big book club option 1I’m SO excited to announce that the first ever Book Of The Month for the Smart Twenties Book Club is Playing Big by Tara Mohr.

I ordered this book from Book Depository after listening to an amazing podcast interview with the author and I am in love! If you can relate to anything I write about on Smart Twenties (like this) then this book will definitely be for you.

I’ll be honest – I was going to include a synopsis of the book from Amazon here, but I really don’t think it does it justice. The blurb makes it sound so airy fairy when this book is just so damn practical and relatable  (though you can still read the synopsis here if you really want).

I always find it really difficult to put my finger on exactly what it is about a book that makes it so good (yes I know, not the best situation to be in if you run a book club) because I think the real reason I like a book is less to do with the book itself and more to do with how it makes me feel. And that’s really hard to explain, but let me try.

This book makes me feel like I can finally overcome the biggest obstacle standing in my way – myself. I’m only a few chapters in and already I feel like I understand SO much more about why I hold myself back. I’ve finally started to understand my inner critic (and am relieved to know that everyone has one) and this book is seriously helping me to stop caring so much about what other people think of me.

Plus Tara Mohr writes in such a lovely, relatable way that this book doesn’t feel preachy at all – I think it feels more like having your older(and much wiser) sister share what she’s learned (and I’m just assuming because I don’t actually have any sisters).

Bad explanations aside let me just say this – you will not regret reading this book. 

You can buy it:

  • HERE from Amazon
  • HERE from Book Depository
  • Or you can get the audio book HERE from Audible US (I’m so sad this isn’t available through Audible if you’re in Australia or the UK! Hopefully coming soon!)

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At the end of February I’ll be writing a post about Playing Big (that’s not so much a book review as a ‘what this book made me think about’ kind of thing) and I’d LOVE to hear what this book made you think about!

Sam xx

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