Day 3: How To Be More Productive Every Day


Step 1: Watch The Video

Watch Day 3 of the Overcome Perfectionism Challenge to learn how to be more productive every day.

As a recovering perfectionist, I know how frustrating perfectionism can be – particularly when it comes to productivity! So today, I’m sharing some practical advice to help you become more productive. Don’t procrastinate on this!

Be sure to take a photo of this page and post it to instagram stories (tagging me – @samlaurabrown) so I know you’re keeping up with the challenge!

Step 2: Comment Below

After you’ve watched the video, leave a comment to let me know your biggest takeaway – big or small!

Reflecting on what you’ve learned is so important! And I’ll be reading every comment too. Quickly share something you learned from Day 3 below, it’ll help you overcome perfectionism. I know you’re normally a lurker (most perfectionists are) but your comment doesn’t need to be perfect and this is a judgement-free zone.

Sam xx

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