Day 1: Set Your 5-Day Business Goal

Part 1 – 3 Minute Thought Download

Part 2 – Without overthinking, create a 5-day goal for your business and write it down. I recommend that it relates to a task or project that you’ve been overthinking recently.

Your goal can be a daily effort-based goal (e.g. promote your product or services on Instagram every day) or it can be an outcome goal (e.g. make X sales, complete X project). Your aim over the next 5 days is to achieve this goal or get as close to achieving it as you possibly can.

Make sure your goal is specific and measurable so you’ll be able to tell whether you achieve it or not. Your goal shouldn’t feel impossible but it should feel easy either – make it something you’ll be able to achieve if you really show up for yourself over the next 5 days.

Part 3 – Identify one small task you can do TODAY to help you achieve your 5-day goal and get it done without overthinking. Write down exactly what you’ll do, when you’ll do it and how long you’ll give yourself to get it done. If you need to give yourself a little pep talk, do that here too.

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