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The Perfectionism Project (formerly called The Smart Twenties Podcast) is a podcast sharing personal growth and life advice for perfectionists and is one of the top self-help podcasts on iTunes. I’m Sam Laura Brown (your host!) and as a mindset coach and personal development addict, I share life lessons and relatable stories as well as practical advice to help ambitious women get out of their own way. I also give my insights on a range of topics including perfectionism, confidence, mindset, productivity, career, entrepreneurship and everything in between. New episodes are released every Monday and Thursday.

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I love appearing on other podcasts to share my story and advice to help ambitious women get out of their own way and reach their full potential. If you’d like to have me as a guest on your podcast, please email me at and I’ll be in touch if it’s a great fit.

Please note the The Perfectionism Project is a solo show and I’m therefore not accepting applications for podcast guests for The Perfectionism Project at this time.