5 Reasons To Start A Blog

Blogging has been one of the most powerful personal development tools I’ve ever come across, it’s enabled me to become a much more confident person, to inspire others, to make money and t’s helped me figure out what to do with my life. So it’s not surprising I’m a HUGE advocate of blogging.

In this episode, I’m sharing exactly why I recommend starting a blog – even if you don’t have ambitions to become a successful blogger.

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Due to so much demand, I’m putting on a two hour live workshop to teach you everything I know about blogging – including how to overcome the perfectionism, procrastination, fear of judgement and self-doubt that’s been stopping you!

This isn’t one of those fake ‘live’ workshops btw. On 10 June 2018, I’ll actually be sitting in front of my Macbook and sharing everything you need to know to start your blog. And giving you the motivation and inspiration to finally do it!

You’ll also be able to get my personal coaching and guidance on your blog ideas, a workbook to help you make sense of the jumble of thoughts in your mind, an exclusive discount on website hosting (so you can save $$$ on your blog) and heaps more!

If you’ve been waiting to start your blog, now is the time to do it! Blogging isn’t new anymore and the longer you procrastinate (yes, I know you’re a chronic procrastinator) the more competition there will be and the harder it will be to get noticed. You already know you’re more than capable and I’m not going to allow the silly things to keep stopping you!

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Author: Sam Brown