Episode 366: [PGSD Enrollment Week] Where You + Your Business Will Be After 3 Months Inside PGSD

Episode 366: [PGSD Enrollment Week] Where You + Your Business Will Be After 3 Months Inside PGSD

We’re in the final 2022 enrollment week for Perfectionists Getting Shit Done! Because of that, I wanted to talk about what reliably happens when our PGSDers sign up and make the Three Month Commitment to Power Planning.

I share the specific results our PGSDers saw within the first few weeks, and how they complete their business tasks in a consistent, sustainable, productive and courageous way after three months.

When you sign up for PGSD, making the Three Month Commitment to Power Planning matters.

I talk in more detail about the results our PGSDers reliably experience and how PGSD helps you get out of your own way in your business in today’s episode.

Find the full episode transcript and show notes at samlaurabrown.com/episode366.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why making the Three Month Commitment to Power Planning matters
  • The results our PGSDers reliably experience when they’ve been inside PGSD for 3 weeks
  • Where you and your business will be after three months inside PGSD
  • How PGSD helps you get out of your own way in your business

Our final 2022 enrollment week for PGSD ends at 11:59pm New York Time on 1 November.

Perfectionists Getting Shit one is my program for perfectionist entrepreneurs. It will have planning properly as a perfectionist and doing the most important tasks in your business in a consistent, sustainable, productive and courageous way. And it provides the accountability to make your new-found productivity levels sustainable long-term, even if you prefer to lurk and learn from the shadows.

This will be our final enrollment week for PGSD in 2022. Enrollment is now open and will close at 11:59pm New York Time on 1 November 2022. To sign up visit: samlaurabrown.com/pgsd.

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Hi, and welcome to another episode of The Perfectionism Project. A podcast full of perfectionism advice for entrepreneurs. My name is Sam Laura Brown, I help entrepreneurs release their perfectionism handbrake, so they can get out of their own way and build a fulfilling and profitable business. I’m the founder of the perfectionist getting shit done group coaching program, which is otherwise known as PGSD. And for even more perfectionism advice to help you with your business, you can follow me on Instagram @perfectionismproject.

Sam Laura Brown

Let’s talk about where you and your business will be after three months inside Perfectionist Getting Shit Done. But first, just in case you don’t know PGSD is currently open for enrollment. This is our final enrollment week for the year. And PGSD is my program for Perfectionist Entrepreneurs. It’s going to get you out of your own way in your business, and having you do the most important tasks in a consistent, sustainable, productive and courageous way, and provide you with the accountability to make that something that you do long time. It’s like learning to drive, you learn once you get the benefits for a lifetime. When you are planning properly, as a perfectionist, your follow through problems, your burnout problems, they just start to solve themselves. And the only reason you’ve been getting in your own way, and your perfectionism handbrake has been causing problems for you in your business and it to not grow as quickly as you want is because you haven’t learned how to plan properly as a perfectionist and anyone can learn. So I want to invite you inside PGSD. The doors are currently open until 11:59pm, New York time on the 1st of November. You can sign up at samlaurabrown.com/pgsd the link is available for you in the show notes. If you want a more in depth look at PGSD, episode 364 is where I provide that. But in this episode, specifically, I really just want to share and delight in where you and your business are going to be after three months inside PGSD, and honestly what I’m sharing in this episode, it’s more like three, not three, sorry, six to eight weeks, inside PGSD. This is what you’re going to be experiencing, which is actually around like the time that if you sign up during this enrollment week, that will be around the new year. So you’re going to be in like a dramatically different place, come the beginning of next year, which is so incredible, so you can just hit the ground running. But what I want you to know as well like this is kind of where our PGSD is tend to be right before they sign up.

So they are really finding themselves putting off sitting down to work because they don’t know what to work on first, they’re feeling very overwhelmed, they’ve got this laundry list of things to do. They’re fluffing around, when they were meant to be having a productive day, they’re doing things like procrasticleaning, maybe you can relate to that. They’re struggling to trust that they’re working on the right things. And this has him procrasti-learning because they’re constantly checking and double checking whether they’ve got the right strategy. A 10-minute task takes them an hour because they can’t stop overthinking and perfecting and polishing. And they’re jumping from task to task a lot of times too, so it’ll take longer than it should be taking and then things are getting left half finished. They’re scrolling social media and doing regular social media detoxes to try and solve that follow through problem, which is actually just a planning problem. They don’t do that. So they trying to do these things like social media detoxes to keep themselves motivated and not procrastinating and on track. Their to-do lists are getting longer throughout the day, not shorter. Maybe you can relate to this, you are constantly adding more to your plate. So even though you are taking some things off, you are constantly having ideas, you always have this flow of ideas, and you’re adding more and more and more to that list. So you get to the end of the day, even if it was productive, feeling quite defeated, because there’s always other things that you need to do. Maybe you’ve got a bank or social media content you need to polish before you can publish things you need to tweak a bit more before they’re ready, scrambling to meet deadlines, pushing off important tasks. You’re making maybe one to two thousand a month when you want to actually be making five to ten thousand a month and beyond that, you want to be supported full time by your business, but now, your revenue isn’t actually reflecting how much time and care you’re putting into your business, how much you’re thinking about it. Perfectionists Entrepreneurs who sign up for PGSD, before they sign up, they find themselves taking off the easy tasks before working on the important ones and then running out of time for the important ones. They are apologizing to their partner for not finishing their workday when they said they would, when they’re working, they have this life admin looming over them, they’re up and down during laundry. When they were their family, the work is looming over them and the things that they haven’t done all that half finished work, and they’re checking social media stats and like trying to check if they’re on track or how things are going, resenting time with family and friends, and maybe their job, if they have a full time job, for the time it’s taking away from their business. And then when they get the time for their business, they’re wasting it. So they feel guilty about that, and burning themselves out and in, to take time away constantly, to recharge and realign and re-motivate.

So if you can relate to that, then I want to invite you into PGSD during this enrollment week. But here’s where you’re going to be in the first few weeks. So I’m going to talk about where you’ll be in three months time, after signing up. But first of all, let’s just talk about what you’ll experience in just your first few weeks before you’ve even like watched the module. So there are four main modules you need to watch, ideally in the first month, up to you when you watch them, they take an hour each. But even before you’ve watched that, and learn the things, here’s what begins happening when you become a PGSD-er. So you’ll be feeling relieved that you finally have a process that works for you, instead of against you. So you won’t feel like you’re, you know, in this uphill battle, constantly trying to fix yourself. Because you’re damaged, you will actually just feel so much relief that now you know exactly what the problem is. And you have the solution for it. And it’s actually designed for Perfectionist Entrepreneur, like you. You’ll be planning your week out realistically not feeling overwhelmed. And these results are typical for PGSD-ers, when they’re like within their first few weeks. So PGSD-ers typically, at you know two to three week mark, they’re learning, understanding more about themselves than ever before. And these are, you know, people who love personal development who are continuous learners. And even then, once they start working through the PGSD process, they just have so much more connection with themselves, especially because it’s no longer from this place of like “I need to fix myself.” They’re recognizing their business is a real business, not just a hobby, and this flows over as well into their relationships, because a lot of times PGSD-ers, especially like when they’re at the point of signing up, they have friends and family around them who are supportive and loving. But they don’t really get it and they don’t really see that it is a real business. And that’s because oftentimes, because of our “perfectionism handbrake” and our “all or nothing” mindset, we’re not actually acknowledging that we have a real business when we do. So typically, first couple of weeks, you’re really gonna to start thinking differently about yourself as a business owner and a CEO and entrepreneur, and your business, and by virtue of that you’ll be showing up differently because you’re actually thinking about your business differently. Getting clarity on your true priorities. And what will move your business forward in a way that feels aligned for you, that’s going to be happening very quickly. Making important business decisions, this one’s huge, like, okay, most likely, my guess is that there are decisions like niche pricing, packaging, maybe you need to name something like a product or a podcast. There are decisions that you’ve been thinking about and when you’re searching on for a long time, but you’ve been putting off making because you’re scared of making the wrong one. Our PGSD-ers within a couple of weeks of signing up, are making those decisions confidently. And so they’re able to get unstuck and move themselves forward, even though before they sign up, they had all the knowledge to make that, they didn’t have the support, they didn’t have the process to help them actually do that. So also typically around this two to three week mark, implementing ideas that have been on their mind for months, if not years. So there’s the decisions we make. And there’s also like implementing like you’ve made a decision, but you haven’t actually done anything with it, for example, maybe decided to start a podcast, or you’ve decided to start selling art prints, whatever, you’re actually doing that thing. You’re replacing busy work with needle movers and clean rest. So you’re working less time, but you’re actually doing things that move you forward. So you’re making more progress, making more money, and getting clean rest, resting without guilt, because you know that everything’s done, and that the things that aren’t done will get done, you can trust yourself with that. And as I said, beginning to make more money, attracting more clients and customers. So this stuff happens pretty much right away.

And now let’s talk about where you’ll be three months after you’re inside PGSD. So here’s typically where our PJSD-ers are; they’re starting each day feeling clear on exactly what to do when to do it, no overwhelm about that, no longer that question of like, “where do I start?”, “What do I do?”, “I don’t even have the time to do all of this.” That’s gone. Trusting themselves to do what they plan to do and getting themselves back on track, when their brain takes them down a rabbit hole. Trusting that what they put in their calendar will get them to their goals. This is so huge, this is going to reduce so much procrasti-learning, and time spent second guessing, and if you find yourself often looking at what other people in your industry are doing, maybe their website, maybe their social media accounts. It’s going to produce a whole lot of doubt where you can just trust yourself, to make decisions and that they’re going to be the right ones for you. They know that if they need to make adjustments and not feeling guilty or stressed about that, they just make the adjustment keep going. They spend their work time doing things that truly moves the business forward. And working not just in the business, and doing those little day to day things, but also on the business, that big picture thinking. They’re creating the highest quality work that they ever have before. Posting to social media consistently without overthinking, without drama, it’s a way less time consuming. Their self coaching and super thinking they’ve got a lot of space for doing that thought work in PGSD, we’re personal development lovers, and that is something that’s really important to so many of our PGSD-ers, to myself as well personally, like having time and space to just think, and to have better ideas and to reflect on like how to implement better and all those different things. So just having time and space for that, and not feeling like you’re always under pressure, and you just have to like do, do, do. Calmly working towards important deadlines, getting shit done ahead of time and putting themselves confidently, wait, what am I saying, putting themselves forward confidently for opportunities. So pitching themselves, reaching out to people and doing this, not from a place of desperation, but from a place of confidence and self trust and courage. They have flexible structure that helps them work at their highest level. This is super important. I mean, I’m someone who loves structure. But I also love some flexibility in that because I like being in tune with myself. I like paying attention to how I’m feeling and what works best for me and not just having something be super rigid. But I do really well, and so do our PGSD-ers, when we have structure and we basically have parameters for success instead of just feeling like we have this endless amount of time ahead of us and then this endless amount of things to do and we just have to like figure it out to just be able to have a plan. So that you can actually like create a feeling of success and accomplishment for yourself, that able to be getting a lot done because they’re decisive and clear on what matters most, and it’s way less time consuming than before, it’s not taking much time at all. Social media scrolling, unfulfilling screen time is way, way down, like way, way, way down compared with before. If they do procrastinate because if you know about the PGSD process; plan properly, follow through 80% of time, rest without guilt, and repeat. That second step, “follow through 80% of the time” really important, we’re not aiming for zero procrastination. That puts us in an “all or nothing” mindset. And procrastination is not a problem. Like we don’t want to have it be this enemy because I mean, you know “what we resist persists.” But when a PGSD-er is finding themselves procrastinating, they can pull themselves out of it really quickly. They also have so much more self awareness. So it’s not just like blatant procrastination, like scrolling that they noticed. But also, when they might be doing something that is justified and other people are doing it. But actually, it’s not the biggest needle mover for them. So it is procrastiworking, that they can pull themselves out of it, get themselves back on track. Not beat themselves up, not make it a big deal, just like keep going because they believe that they are someone who get shit done. Someone who is “it’s normal to be productive.” And procrastination isn’t normal for them. So it’s not a big deal if they do it. Because that’s not normal, that’s not who they are. And these are people who, and they’re like before PGSD, well lifelong procrastinators, leave it to the last minute or procrastinating through over preparation, and things like that. Finishing each day feeling energized, productive, having clear boundaries between work life and home life. So they can be fully present in both instead of like one foot in one world, one foot in the other, like doing loads of laundry, while you’re working or eating lunch at your desk, while you’re watching like a marketing video or something just like “When you’re working, you’re working. When you’re resting, you’re resting.” And you don’t have to be feeling guilty about not being, not doing the thing that you’re not doing in that moment. You’re just present with where you are, and able to trust yourself that when you’re doing the other thing, you’ll be present there. And if it’s productivity related, productive there as well, successfully balancing their full time job with growing their business if they have a full time job. Feeling way less resentment towards the time that their job is taking away from the business and not feeling that way anymore. They’re really having this relationship with their job that supports them to be even more productive in their business in an even more sustainable way. And if they are getting in their own way, which is going to happen in times we’re Human, our brain wants us to be in our own way. Because that’s more comfortable than doing the creative things and the things we need to do. So you might get in your own way at times, that’s normal, not a big problem. And our PGSD-ers at that point, really…to get an understanding and the skill set around getting back out of their own way. 

So if any of that sounds appealing to you, I want to invite you inside PGSD, that’s all available to you when you become a PGSD-er. So you can go to samlaurabrown.com/pgsd to sign up, again doors are open until 11:59pm, New York time on the 1st of November. Go into a bit more detail about PGSD in episode 364, if you haven’t listened to that one yet. But if you can relate to this, and if you want this, and if you can just feel like “this is what I need to do, this is my next step.” Make it your next step, sign up and join us. So again, samlaurabrown.com/pgsd is where to go and sign up. I hope to welcome you in, if not in this enrollment, in a future one. But I really want to invite you in for this enrollment. As I said, like, you’re going to be in such a different place come 2023. Just like ready to hit the ground running instead of feeling like you just coasted for the rest of the year, like the last few months, and then you’re trying to like pick everything up from the 1st of January. You’re just kind of be in this incredible place going into the new year. And I’m so excited about that for you. So I want to invite you in during this enrollment. So anyway, I had enough for this episode. But join us inside PGSD before the doors close. Hope you having a beautiful day and I’ll talk to you in the next episode.

Author: Sam Brown