Episode 419: [PLANNING SERIES] How To Master Power Planning Using PGSD

There are courageous things you need to do to build your business that you might never feel excited about… like pitching yourself as a guest on one of your favourite podcasts or posting on Instagram when you’ve been getting 17 likes or publishing your sales page when you’re still working on believing that your product is worth the money.

If you’re only able to do things when you’re in the mood to do them, your business won’t get much further than it is now.

So far, this series has shared how to solve your planning problems.

I’ve taught you how to stop procrasti-planning, what the Power Planning process looks like from start to finish, how to plan your week amidst uncertainty and the importance of the Three Month Commitment.

In the final episode, I’m sharing how to master power planning using PGSD. If you’ve resonated with the 5-Part Planning Series then this episode will explain the best next step and how I can support you further.

It’s time to solve your productivity and persistence problems so that you can get out of your own way and achieve your goals.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How I can support you further
  • How the PGSD Process helps you get out of your own way
  • What to expect once you’re in PGSD
  • When you should join PGSD

Featured In The Episode:

Announcement: PGSD will open for enrollment on 10 September 2023 (for one week only)

My 12-month group coaching program Perfectionists Getting Shit Done (aka PGSD) will teach you how to plan properly as a perfectionist and get out of your own way. The doors to PGSD will open on 10 September 2023 for one week only. To find out more about the program and be the first to know when the doors open, join the waitlist today: samlaurabrown.com/pgsd.

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Hi and welcome to another episode of The Perfectionism Project. A podcast full of perfectionism advice for entrepreneurs. My name is Sam Laura Brown, I help entrepreneurs release their perfectionism handbrake, so they can get out of their own way and build a fulfilling and profitable business. I’m the founder of the Perfectionist Getting Shit Done group coaching program, which is otherwise known as PGSD. And for even more perfectionism advice to help you with your business. You can follow me on Instagram @perfectionismproject.

Sam Laura Brown

This is part five of my five part Planning series on how to plan properly as a perfectionist. Today, I’m going to be sharing with you all the details about PGSD, which stands for perfectionist getting shit done. That’s my group coaching program for perfectionist entrepreneurs. If you have been listening along and finding it incredibly helpful, I’m so glad you have. This episode is really going to help you understand what your next step is, if you want to master power planning, if you really want to commit to being a perfectionist, who is getting shit done, someone who does the things they know they need to do rather than push them off week after week after week, someone who is able to get to the end of the week, and feel like I got everything done, my business is moving forward, I am making progress.

And even though it wasn’t perfect, I know that the time that I put in this week is paying off that it is worthwhile. Rather than getting to the end, you’re weak and feeling so exhausted. And yet you don’t even know what you really got done. Like I want to really invite you into a possibility and into a program where you were able to actually be the person that you know, you can be with your business, because the reality is that you’re smart, you know how to build a business, even though you have moments of doubt. Even though you have those times where you feel like an impostor, like, ultimately, especially because you love learning so much.

You know what you need to do you know what your next steps are, if someone was to ask you for advice on what to do to build the kind of business you have, you would be able to give them a sermon, you know what to do. And yet you find yourself not doing it, you find yourself overcomplicating, you find yourself getting in your own way. And so I want to have you be able to build a business that you know you’re capable of doing of building of creating, I want to have you actually create the kind of impact and freedom that you started your business to do. That you really are able to step into the kind of person you want to be instead of the procrastinator, that or whoever being the person who just really struggles to stick to things.

So PGSD is what’s going to be so helpful, especially if you couldn’t resonate with what I have talked about in the planning series, if you are wanting to use power planning, being in PGSD, in our next cohort is going to be so beneficial in this episode as well. I am going to be sharing with you when the cohort dates are as well as how to decide whether to be in the next cohort or the cohort after because obviously, you have other things going on in your life too. So I’ll talk to you about when it would make sense for you to be inside PGSD. So you can really make the most of the program. But PGSD is going to help you get shut down we have hundreds of successful PGSDers who have been able to do that. And even though they struggle to stay consistent, even though they love being productive and organized and couldn’t get that to be their reality, they were able to sign up for PGSD, to stop how planning to get the support to get the community and be able to get out of their own way.

So in this planning series, we have talked about the difference between planning properly and procrasti-planning. We’ve talked about the three steps of power planning. We’ve talked about how to power plant amidst uncertainty. And we’ve also discussed the three month commitment. So ultimately, you know, the basics to be able to get started. But if you’re interested in mastering, actually, if you think about and know yourself quite well, do you tend to do well, when you are left to hold yourself accountable? And to try and figure things out on your own? Maybe like me or somewhere that tends to be your default. And you really need to remind yourself of how much better things are with support.

Like if you’re someone who is smart, you’re like, No, no, I can figure this out myself. Like I have really shared with you the basics so that you can can can get started. But ultimately, if you want to get out of your own way, you’re going to need and benefit from support to help you do that from community to help you feel less alone. And when you feel like you’re behind and nothing’s working like people to help pick you up especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur. Maybe you work from home and you just really struggle to be productive. You find yourself working from oh sorry, you find yourself eating lunch at your desk. While you’re watching a marketing video you are up and down doing loads of laundry like you’re not ever fully in your business because you haven’t got people there to keep you accountable.

And you haven’t got this community around you. PGSD is going to be such a fantastic place to get that. So let’s talk about what is PGSD, again is my 12 month group coaching program for perfectionist entrepreneurs and it’s your opportunity for coaching support and community so you can master planning properly and achieve your 12 month revenue goal. By getting out of your own way, this is all about releasing your perfectionism handbrakes So you can be more productive again, you know what you need to do, and you’re just not doing it. So even though I know we can be tempted when we’re not planning properly, we think I’ll just get a better marketing strategy so it feels aligned so I can be consistent.

You don’t need that what you need to do is learn how to get shit done in a way that feels good to you. Maybe like me, you’re someone who likes Human Design and different things like that, like, you need something that’s going to help you release your perfectionism handbrake, and also help you create the kind of day to day that feels really great to you that feels really aligned, yes we’re going to need to do hard things and courageous things. But we want to be able to do those things without feeling like we’re having to force ourselves or push ourselves to do them.

And ultimately, you’re building a business, you have revenue goals, so we want to have you achieving that revenue goal. And that’s what we help you do inside PGSD. So PGSD is for perfectionist. So the five signs of perfectionism, overthinking, procrastination, burnout, all or nothing mindset and fear of judgment. If you are up to part five of this series, and most likely, you are a perfectionist, then you’re an entrepreneur. So this is a program for entrepreneurs. And we have a lot of people who are interested in PGSD, who aren’t entrepreneurs, and we tell them to get as much as you can from the podcast, but not to sign up because we want to have PGSD, be only for perfectionist entrepreneurs.

And this is what makes the group coaching elements so powerful, because everyone in PGSD has a business. Most are working towards 100k goal, some are working towards a little bit of a small goal, some have a much bigger goal than that. But you have a business and you’re able to hear other perfectionist entrepreneurs getting coached. So they have a business IQ. And they have a very similar brain to you so everything you hear on every coaching call is going to be relevant because you are surrounded by people like you.

So also PGSD is for you, if you know what to do, but you’re just not doing it, you find yourself pushing off tasks, you find yourself working really long days and not really feeling the benefits or momentum of that you’re someone who loves working and like well, I don’t really need to rest. I don’t really like resting and you feel guilty when you rest. So you work a lot. But right now, you know, you’re not working on what actually matters, you have some kind of big project, or idea or something you’ve had in mind that you have just been kicking down the road, and you haven’t been able to get yourself to pull the trigger on PGSD is going to really, really help you with that. And you love working but you’re sick of hustling, you really want to work in alignment and with focus.

And when you take your time off, you don’t want to feel guilty about like, that’s what we’re about inside PGSD. If you’re wanting to just push and force and hustle your way to your goal, PGSD is not going to be the right place for you because we teach you how to achieve your goal. Without the push without the force. I know, we perfectionist are very experienced in that. And it has worked relatively well you probably did quite well in school, and all of that. But when it comes to business, to really be successful, we want to have you not just achieving your financial goals, which you will be able to do when you’re getting shit done. But we want to have you actually enjoying the day to day of your business.

Ultimately, that’s going to be the experience of your life. And yes, it’s nice to hit milestones and we celebrate that inside PGSD. But ultimately, you are spending hours and hours and hours every week working. So why not actually figure out how to do that. So you feel focused, so you feel in alignment. So you actually feel connected with your business and the people that you’re helping. So if that resonates with you about wanting to actually work in a way that feels good PGSD will help you do that, if you want to hustle PGSD isn’t the place for you. So what’s included inside PGSD?

I said it’s a 12 month group coaching program. But what exactly is that, so there are a few different components. There’s the coaching, we have the community. And we also have the content, the lessons, the learnings that are really going to help you to get out of your own way and go on this podcast. So first of all, we have the power planning course. And all the steps are laid out to help you set your growth goal and power plan. Everything is there for you, you’re able to watch this in an afternoon and really be able to have a full understanding of, for example, the Growth Goal, which we haven’t talked about in this planning series about clean rest, which is guilt free rest. That’s a very important part of property that we haven’t gone into in this series.

So you’re going to have the full picture of power planning and be able to get started with it and do it in such a powerful way. There’s also inside PGSD, the PGSD process. So the power planning course and PGSD process are video modules that you can watch on demand at whatever time of day works for you. And for example in the PGSD process. This is really about the process of becoming a perfectionist who’s getting shit done. And there are things in there that go beyond power planning and just the how to have that, like, that’s important. That’s where we start. But what we want to do, for example, is self image work so that once you’re productive, you can stay productive.

Because if you still believe that you are a procrastinator, or you’re someone who overthinks, or your someone who gets in your own way, and you don’t intentionally update that self image, you are going to fall off. And you might have found this, that you are actually doing things really well. And you’re like, I wonder how long this will last. That’s a sign of some self image while to do so that’s the kind of thing that we do inside PGSD, so that you can actually become that productive person.

So you don’t need to use willpower or motivation or force to get yourself to be productive. That will just be your new normal is also self trust, really looking at self confidence, so many other things in the PGSD process to help you. There’s also the Get out of your own way challenge. So in the first 30 days of the quarter, we do a get out of your own way talent inside PGSD, you can do it a little bit later, if you’ve got stuff going on your first month inside PGSD, that’s totally alright. But it’s going to introduce you to everything.

So you’re going to set your growth goal when you come in, and then Saturday on the first of the month, you are going to actually start power planning, you are going to have a little challenge to help you get out of your own way, you’re going to set a little goal, so that you can really hit the ground running, and not feel like okay, there’s so many things inside PGSD, I don’t know where to start, I want to make sure make the most of it like, we will guide you through all of it ultimately, but especially that first month to really help you get out of your own way and feel momentum with that, yes, we need to make the three month commitment to power planning and it takes practice. But that doesn’t mean that you have to wait a long time to start getting results and to start seeing change in your business.

So to get out of your own way challenge is going to help you with that. We also have and this is where you’re going to get the most value, the weekly PGSD coaching calls. So these calls are such a great opportunity for you to get coached and for you to see others getting coached as well. So I just want to draw a little distinction here between advice and coaching. So advice, for example, is what I give out on this podcast is general advice that is applicable to in this case, perfectionist entrepreneur. So a lot of it’s going to be incredibly helpful for you, and really feel like it resonates.

But coaching is actually about shifting your beliefs and being able to come to a call, for example, saying I have a launch next month. And I don’t actually know what strategy I need to follow if I should do it the way I did it last time. But that didn’t really work well, or should I do it in a new way. Like, we talk about business strategy, not in the sense of here’s what you should do. But of course, when you’re getting shit done. So of course, you have a marketing strategy, you have a business plan, you have a business model, we take all that into account when we are coaching you. And even though we’re not going to give you advice on okay, you should post this many times a week or that kind of thing.

We are going to help guide you to make those decisions for yourself and to be able to see where you’re overcomplicating things, to see where you’re getting in your own way. And we’re going to be talking about the specifics of your business so that you can really create those mindset shifts rather than just talking about business generally in this vague way. So you’re going to be able to come to these coaching calls, as I mentioned, for example, with, okay, I have a launch coming up and I can feel myself overthinking or I just had a lot and it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped it would go. And what do I do about that, like there are so many different things that you can bring to a coaching call, for example, I just found myself pushing off this task that I have to create an email list freebie, for example, and I’ve pushed it off now for eight weeks.

And what do I do about that? Why am I getting in my own way, were able to really help unpack that. And because as I mentioned, everyone inside PGSD is a perfectionist entrepreneur. And even though everyone in PGSD has different kinds of businesses, so some are like me a coach. Others are photographers, graphic designers. Who else do we have? We have dancers. We have copywriters. We have ecommerce owners like there are so many different kinds of entrepreneurs. We have doulas we have real estate agents. It’s really about understanding how your perfectionism makes you get in your own way as it relates to business and often hearing an example of someone who has a different kind of business can help you see where you’re getting in your own way in your own business because it’s not hitting too close to home sometimes.

If we end up in this little echo chamber, and we’re only around people who have this exact same kind of business as ours. We really get in this trap of comparing ourselves to others thinking that if someone was successful, it was because of their strategy rather than mindset. So we try and copy the same number of points that they’re doing, or the way that their sales page is structured, rather than looking at what are the thoughts that allow them to get out of their own way to trust themselves to do what they need to do, to be able to correct when things weren’t going to plan because the reality is, including inside PGSD, things aren’t always going to go to plan, we want to plan properly, so they have the best opportunity to work and you can really understand why things are working.

But also, some things just aren’t going to work. That is the nature of business. That is the nature of life, you really want to have something that is there to support you when things don’t go to plan. When you find yourself getting in your own way. When you find yourself procrastinating or overthinking you want to be able to have that support there for you. And also to hear others who are in the same situation because not only does it remove so much shame that you might have about knowing better than to be putting things off, or procrastinating yet again, like to just be around people who get it who are like you who understand you really helps you to get out of your own way just by feeling like you’re part of a community who understand you that there’s nothing actually wrong with you, and that you are in the process of and have the tools to help you learn how to do the things that you know you need to do.

It’s so beneficial to have that. And then of course, as the practicalities of having the support and being able to get coaching, not just advice, but coaching. So it’s not like a q&a. It is you coming to a call and saying, Hey, I don’t even know exactly what my coaching question is. But this is going on to me, and this is what I’m struggling with right now. Can you help me? Now we help you with that. And we really get specific and practical. So you have your next steps. So you have your action plan.

And then we have the PGSD forum that as well. So you have that support on an ongoing way you have that support on demand from us in PGSD, as well as the PGSDer community. And also at the moment I wanted to mention, so we have myself as a PGSD Coach. And we have Michelle and Aditi, who are also PGSD coaches. And at the moment, there are typically around five to 12 people on a coaching call. So if you come to a coaching call live, and we have these suit, particularly the US timezone most of our PGSDers in the US, but also the UK in Australia where I am, but you are going to be able to get coach.

And the beautiful thing is that you don’t actually need to go to any coaching calls to be able to get all the benefits from them. As I said, the coaching calls is where you’re going to get the most value from PGSD. But because everyone else is a perfectionist entrepreneur, at a similar level to you that you can just listen to the PGSD private podcast, which is where the Get out of your own way challenges, which is where all of the replay recordings go, you can just listen to other PHSDers getting coached. And we have so many PGSDers who we haven’t even coached on a call, we haven’t heard from them in the forum, like a lot of perfection as were lurkers.

And so if you’re a lurker, and you’re thinking cool, this sounds great, but I don’t know if I’m brave enough to be on a coaching call, or maybe the times won’t work for me. And it’s really about understanding that because of the nature of group coaching. And this is why I no longer do one on one coaching, I do group coaching is you’re able to take your understanding so much deeper, because you’re seeing other people getting coached. And then when it is your turn to get coached. If you do want to get coached yourself, you were able to then be at this much deeper level than if you were just working with a one on one coach and not being exposed to the other kind of perfectionist issues and productivity issues that entrepreneurs are having.

So you can just listen to the PGSD private podcast if you want. You don’t need to pose in the PGSD forum, we are there to support you. But you don’t need to be there you can just be lurking and reading or you might not even log into the PGSD forum. But you will have that sense of security from knowing that you have that safety net, you have that support from people who like you who get you who know you who understand you, and you have that private podcast. So everything’s there on demand, when you sign up, you will get access to all of our past coaching calls as well. And we name them so that you can see what is getting coached on on that call.

So for example, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can go to the PGSD private podcast, then you can scroll a little bit and you can find a coaching call where a PGSDer got coached on overwhelm, and you can get that coaching to right there in the moment that you need it. You’re also going to have 12 months access to PGSD. That’s what’s included when you sign up. So if you love being in PGSD, you can continue on after that and sign up again. But 12 months access is really going to allow you to master power planning to have that support to achieve your growth goal. And to really be able to get out of your own way, we’re talking about developing a skill that’s going to serve you for your lifetime. And having a year to do that is incredible.

It gives you this opportunity to focus on it, of course, you’ve got other things you’re working on. At the same time, you might be in a marketing program, for example, or working with a business coach that helps you with strategy, but we help you with productivity, we help you get shit done, and get out of your own way. So you can build a successful and profitable and fulfilling business and 12 months is really gonna be your container where you are held inside PGSD.

So PGSD is going to give you your structure for the year if you are someone and we talked about this with power planning, if you love flexible structure, and you just love having that rhythm and routine, but also you love doing things your own way as well. And having some flexibility with that. PGSD is going to be so great for you. So it is a 12 month group coaching program. And we do have structure then with your year to help you and support you and guide you again, particularly if you are a solo entrepreneur.

And maybe you are someone like myself, I have a law degree a finance degree, then I worked in accounting for a few years. And so when you’re working for someone else, you have inherently this structure that you are given projects and assignments and there are events that you can count on every year like the Christmas party and things like that. So if right now you don’t have any of that, PGSD is going to really be able to provide that structure there that helps you to be productive, and that really helps you to make sure you’re doing the things that you know you need to do.

So you are going to have, for example, and PGSD, we have the end of year review call that we all do together. And we’re going to have really just a quarterly structure that helps you to be able to Yes, have your 12 month revenue goal, your growth goal, but you also need to have shorter periods of time, basically, you’re going to have a three month commitment that you make to power planning. And then you’re going to have another three months after that, another three months after that, and another three months after that, each time we’ll be focusing on something slightly different. I’ll talk about that in a second.

But you want to be able to break the year down into chunks, rather than just focusing on Okay, I have 12 months to do this. And in the beginning, you might have found this, when you just have that 12 month goal in the beginning of super optimistic because you haven’t failed yet, you haven’t found out that it’s not possible yet. So you’re very motivated in the beginning, but then maybe like two months in three months, and you’ve completely forgotten about your goal, to the point where at the end of the year, you can’t even really remember what your goal is. Or if someone was to say, What’s your goal for this year, you’d have to like, go and look up what you’ve written down.

So we want to have you having these little three month containers, so that it’s easier for your brain to just be focused on. Okay, this is what we’re doing in this quarter. And PGSD is really going to help you go from intellectual understanding to actually doing things. And implementing is called a perfectionist getting shit done for a reason. I know you’re smart. I know that if you’re listening to this podcast, you’d be able to learn a lot. You’ve understood a lot. And you might feel like okay, I’m just going to try this for myself.

But ultimately, we want to have you not just understanding more, but being able to do the things you need to do working smarter, not harder. And that is really about implementation and execution. As I mentioned, in part one, execution is one of the most important skills when it comes to business, it’s best not to leave that to chance and to hope and to motivation. But we don’t get that if we just intellectually understand these things about planning properly. And the perfectionist mindset, we need to actually implement them and be able to do the things that we need to do.

So when it that structure for the 12 months, I just want to quickly talk about what that will look like. So in your first three months, you will do the Get out of your own way challenge. This is optional, but we highly recommend it if you are busy that first month and you want to do it the second month. And that’s totally okay too. But that first three months, you’re going to be focused on power planning. The next three months after that, you now will have that power planning skill, you’ve done your first three month commitment to power planning. So you will have that under your belt. And you’ll be able to start using power planning to help you focus on your biggest perfectionism sign.

Whether that is overthinking procrastination, burnout, all or nothing thinking or fear of judgment, you’re going to be able to start using power planning as a self coaching tool, not just a productivity tool. So you’re going to be able to really look at for example, procrastinating less and doing things when you said you would do them developing that self trust if procrastination is your biggest perfectionism sign. And of course, just by the nature of Power Planning, you’re going to be find yourself doing less overthinking and less getting in your own way.

But then that second three months in PGSD, you’re going to have the opportunity to really be looking at especially each week in your weekly review. Okay, what have I got going on this week with my biggest sign of perfectionism, in how can I solve for that next week, so that by the end of that three months, you have made significant progress with something that you had been struggling with most likely for decades.

So then when you are in that third quarter, inside PGSD, most likely what you’ll be doing is focusing on upgrading your self image, I say most likely, because it’s flexible, you get to choose your own adventure. There’s lots of different options. But what we tend to find for our most successful PGSDers, is that after that first three months of power play, and also looking at their biggest perfectionism sign, they are really in a place now where they are being productive and getting shit done consistently. And this is a time to solidify that in their identity and self image.

So they don’t feel like they’re wondering how long their productivity will last. Even though they’ve been productive at that point for months, it still can be this lingering feeling of like, okay, but you know, this is a little too good, I’d be more productive, I’m making more money like and this is where unless we do the self image work. We tend to overcomplicate things, we’d hand it to just getting out of the way in so many little subtle ways. And it’s just stemming from us not having done that self image work.

And then the final quarter that you’ll be inside PGSD. You’ll be focused on seeing your growth goal, your 12 month revenue goal through all the way to the end by implementing everything that you’ve learned. So I say this because we perfectionist if things aren’t looking exactly on track, we tend to forget about our goals. We’ll get inspired by something else and we have that shiny object syndrome. So that last quarter is really just brain it all together and bringing it home. So I want to tell you about a few PGSDers who have been really successful inside PGSD.

So first of all, all of these have been interviewed on the podcast. So if you want to go and listen to them, I highly recommend it. So there’s first of all, Natalie, who is a knitter and crocheter. She is interviewed in Episode 332. And what she said about PGSD was that before PGSD, now I’m quoting, before PGSD, I was chaos. I worked constantly, but I wasn’t getting any of the important stuff done like launching my sock knitting course. I started PGSD in January 2022. By June 2022, Orly a few months later, I had already doubled my income and made $125,000 which by the way, because she said a growth goal was something that felt impossible to her that felt so far beyond what she was capable of. And yet she did it. And she did it ahead of time. And she said, I’m taking more time off than ever before.

PGSD was a big investment and I have no regrets. I will talk in a second about what the investment is for PGSD. Kristen, who is a style coach interviewed in Episode 312 said that before PGSD, I was so stuck. And I now show up consistently and without drama for my marketing business tasks. And I feel joy in my life and business. For the first time I’ve made the most I’ve ever made in my business. Joining was a financial aid for me and it paid off. And Erin who’s a copywriter who was interviewed in Episode 333, which is the episode on your first six weeks of Power planning and what to expect.

She said that before signing up for PGSD, I had a never ending to do list and I didn’t have much to show for it. Thanks to power planning, I’ve made last year income in my first six months inside PGSD, I got a highly sought after position in a marketing agency spoke out of virtual summit and and pitching clients and publications consistently, too. So those are just a few of our PGSDers, who have been incredibly successful inside PGSD. They are people who came in knowing what they needed to do, but they will get it in their own way they weren’t doing it. And then once they started planning properly, and they had the tools and support there. And I’ve personally coached each of those PGSDers a couple of times.

But honestly, you don’t need more than that just having those replays available via the PGSD private podcast like you are going to get so much value from that those PGSDers really just listened to the PGSD private podcast to help them get out of their own way. And they were able to do things that they’ve never been able to do before, not by increasing their marketing knowledge. But by learning how to be productive, and learning how to do it in a way that worked for their perfectionist mindset.

So PGSD is going to help you plan properly as a perfectionist get into a growth mindset and release your perfectionism handbrake. And I want to mention as well, just about what the cohort dates are. And before I do that, and also mentioned the investment in all of that. But I want to mention this question of like, should I try power planning by myself or should I sign up for PGSD? The reality is I’ve shared the basics of power planning. In this planning series, you can try power planning for yourself if you want. And I did used to be that person who wanted to try things by myself, before I got support, like I really wasn’t this mentality, like I’m smart enough to do it. Like, I should just be able to do it myself.

And overtime, like No, I’m the person who I pretty quickly get support, because I just know myself now. And I know that I do so much better with having that support. I saved myself so much time, so much mental drama to just be able to invest in the full solution like that makes so much sense, especially at this stage of my business and like I have a business that I’m taking seriously. And that also fully supports me and other people now like Why wouldn’t I invest in getting the full solution? Like that’s my mindset now, but originally it wasn’t.

And so maybe you’re that person, and you’re thinking I want to try it for myself before I sign up. And so maybe you sign up for our next cohort. But I do want to mention that when it comes to this decision about Should I try it myself? Or should I sign up for PGSD? If you want to get shit done. If you want to get out of your own way, then you need to either be thinking about signing up for this cohort or the cohort after. So again, I’ll talk in a second about the dates for that.

But you really need to be committed again, this three month commitment, not like okay, I’ll dabble in it and see how it goes. If you’re not signing up for PGSD, you need to still be making the three month commitment. And we have PGSDers who has been able to power planning by themselves and then become incredibly successful in PGSD. Even though when they joined, they were already successfully doing a lot with their power planning. And obviously like as a coach looking in, I can see how much area there is for improvement just from them figuring out things on their own that they didn’t have support.

So things took a little bit longer, but they were still able to get incredible results just from what I’ve shared in the planning series. And then they decided to sign up for PGSD. because they wanted the full solution, they wanted the mastery. They wanted the support, they wanted the community, and they have just been able to blow their results out of the water. So I just want you to know as well that this isn’t like, Okay, well, should I sign up for PGSD or try myself and PGSD people who can’t power plan by themselves and I’m smart enough to do that. No. PGSD is for those who want to get incredible results with their power planning.

And a lot of our most successful PGSDers gave it a go, maybe you’ve already listened to me talk about power planning before and giving it a go, they gave it a go themselves. And they’re like, Okay, I’m liking this, like, I know, I can do a little bit better with it, but I’m liking it. And then they sign up for PGSD. And just really see the impact that being fully committed and having the full support there. And as well, as I mentioned, like self image stuff, like there’s so many things in PGSD, I haven’t talked about in the planning series. But having that there has allowed them to just create exponentially better results themselves.

So if you are going to try it yourself, make sure that you are in our next cohort for PGSD, because you want to be putting yourself in a situation that is going to allow you to learn how to be productive in a way that works for your perfectionist mindset. So you’re not getting in your own way. And having to use motivation and willpower and force and beating yourself up maybe right now, the main way you get your done is just by beating yourself up and talking down to yourself, and shaming yourself and be like, like, if that is right now your biggest productivity strategy, I really want to invite you inside PGSD and to really master power planning, because so much is going to be possible for you with your business.

Once you’re productive, you know what to do, and you’re just not doing it. And this is why you can look at other businesses. And you’re like, their website is healthier than mine. Like I can show up better than that on social media. And yet, they’re making all this money and having all this success and being interviewed on podcasts. And what about and I’m not, that’s because they have this skill of implementation. And anyone can learn that. And it’s easy when you’re planning properly as a perfectionist.

So when it comes to what are the cohort dates. So what we do for PGSD is we have a quarterly enrollment, it starts on the first day of each quarter. So we have January, April, then we have July, and then we have October. So those are the cohorts start date officially for our PGSD cohorts. And so that means the next ones coming up are our October cohort, which enrolls a month prior. So that’s going to enroll in September. Right now, in theory now OpenCart, once it goes to PGSD. Open on the 10th of September at 6am, New York time, they’ll be open for one week, that is our October enrollment.

And then our next enrollment after that is our January cohort. And the enrollment for that will be in December, because we like to enroll that month prior. So you come in, you get yourself oriented, you can set yourself that growth goal, we support you with that. So that come at the first day of your PGSD experience your first official day, you’re really ready to hit the ground running. So you might be thinking, hey, which cohort should I sign up for?

Should I sign up for the October one and maybe you have Christmas parties and things like that going on holiday things? Maybe you’re going on vacation? Or should I sign up for the January cohort. And what I want to invite you to consider like either of those cohorts would be incredible. So it’s not like there’s a right and wrong, but I just want to help you make this decision about which cohort is for you. So if you do really in 2024 want to enter that year, having already got some level of mastery around power planning and planning properly. It really been in this place where you have learned how to power plan as well through a challenging time of year in the sense that has holidays and things going on.

And because you made the three month commitment and you have the support in PGSD, you’re so much more productive, like you get to start the year start 2024 Feeling like the most productive you’ve ever felt, rather than feeling like okay, that year wasn’t great. And next year is going to be better. And I know we all have that clean slate feeling. And if you are in the January cohort, if you sign up in December, you are still going to be able to have an incredible time for sure inside PGSD.

But if you want to go into 2024 feel like on the back of this momentum and really feeling productive and organized and like you’ve got your shit together, then sign up during our OpenCart period our enrollment week that starts on the 10th of September. Sign up during that week being on October cohort, learn power planning, master power planning, have it all there. So come the first of January if you love the new year, and that feeling of having this clean slate and fresh start. You’re going to have that with also having the self trust that this year will actually be different instead of that hope would like, Okay, well, last year was shit. And, yes, I’ve made a little bit of progress, but not really as much as I want to like, ultimately, I feel like I’m in a pretty similar place to the year before.

So really hope this year I can be motivated. Like, if that’s your kind of self talk at the beginning of the year, you need to get yourself in this October cohort, no matter what you’ve got on in that last quarter of the year, so that you can just start that year and feel like I’ve got this I have the support, I have the tools I’ve actually already I’m using them, I’ve already started seeing results from them. And now it’s just going to be doubling down on that and doing more of what works. So then if you do sign up in December for our January cohort, you’re going to still have an incredible experience.

And you’re going to be able to still master power planning and being planning properly. As a perfectionist, you’re going to have access to everything inside PGSD. But it just means that your three month commitment to power planning, you’re really going to start that at the beginning of January. So it will be around April, when you’re really like in this amazing groove with power planning. So it’s just going to be a bit of a delay a bit later. And if you’re fine with that, and that’s what you want, that’s okay. But I really do want to invite you into our October cohort, because of course, the sooner the better in terms of learning how to implement it’s one of the most important skills in business.

So there’s no real benefit in delaying that. Because no matter what you intellectually know, if you don’t know how to implement, and you don’t have a way to do that, that just fits really seamlessly into your week, you’re going to not really be making progress. But there are there’s options of the October cohort, or the January cohort. If you do have any questions about which cohort is better for you, then please email support@samlaurabrown.com. And we will answer any questions that you have and help you make that decision.

So when it comes to the investment for PGSD for being able to get shit done to be able to master power planning to have that support, it is one payment of 4440 US dollars. Or we do have a payment plan option, which is 12, monthly payments of 444. US dollars. And when you sign up, you’re going to get instant on demand access to everything. So for example, if you sign up next week, or actually it’s not next week, now, it’s probably in a couple of days, after you are listening to this, on the 10th of September. So we’re open from 6am, New York time on the 10th of September to 11:59pm, New York time on the 17th of September.

Those are the OpenCart dates for new students to come into PGSD. So you will sign up and you will get instant access to everything, you’ll be able to start working through the power planning course and setting your growth goal and getting support on having that goal be something you really feel committed to. And then you’ll be able to hit the ground running come the first of October, and that’s when your 12 month start. So your 12 months if you’re in the October cohort will go until the end of September.

Again, if you want to sign up for another year after that you’re more than welcome to but you are going to have that 12 months access to the weekly coaching the PGSD private podcast, the PGSD forum, all the tools, everything that you need to actually be a perfectionist, who is getting shit done. And when it comes to how much time will it take to do PGSD? Like, how will this fit into my week, so to speak, that you will be doing your power planning. So it’s your power hour in the beginning might take a little bit longer than an hour. But you’ll have your power hour, you’ll do a little tweaks.

So that will take probably about five minutes across a day, you’ll do your weekly review at the end of the week. So it’s about 30 minutes or so. And then you might for example, and this is what a lot of our PGSDers do, they will listen to just one PGSD coaching call replay or attend a call live. So that will take an hour. And then they might be in the PGSD forum sharing updates, it depends that’s up to you how much you want to be a lurker or not. But you can be in there for 10 minutes, or maybe an hour. But we really designed PGSD to support you with implementation. So of course, we’re not going to have a program where you now need to spend weeks and weeks and weeks just dedicating all your time to learning how to be productive.

We really just help you with the most essential things that are going to make the biggest difference in your productivity so that you have time to be learning anything else you need to be learning. As I mentioned, you might be in a marketing program, you might have a business coach like you might have someone helping you on that strategy side. Or maybe you are figuring that out by yourself. But there are things you need to do to build the business like being in PHSD and doing the PHSD stuff and palpating is a needle mover but you have other needle movers as well.

And so, we have created PHSD with that in mind so that you’re able to come in, get what you need, and then go on to do the other things that you need to do. So how to sign up how do you sign up for PGSD? So I will leave the link in the show notes, but you can go to samlaurabrown.com/pgsd. So this is where if the doors aren’t open yet at the time of listening, you can sign up for the waitlist and you’ll be the first to be notified that the doors are opening. This means you can click the Sign Up Now button and go to the checkout page and put in your card details and then be inside PGSD get that welcome email get instant access to everything.

So at 6am New York time on the 10th of September. The doors are closing strictly at 11:59pm New York time on the 17th of September. So mark your calendar. Again, if you have any questions, support@samlaurabrown.com is where to email and we will make sure you get a response that’s super helpful to decide whether or not PGSD is for you. But yeah, that’s PGSD. I really want to invite you inside PGSD if you have resonated with this planning series. If you love this podcast, like most of our most successful PGSDers our podcast listeners of this podcast, who love it and who really just want the support to actually be doing the things that they intellectually understand. So I want to invite you inside PGSD samlaurabrown.com/pgsd is where you’ll be able to sign up at once the doors open. I hope you’re having a beautiful day. I hope you’ve enjoyed this planning series and I will talk to you again soon.

Before you go I want to make sure you know that the doors to my group coaching program for perfectionist entrepreneurs called perfectionist getting shit done aka PGSD are going to be opening at 6am New York time on the 10th of September 2023 but only for one week only. So if you want to be the first to know when the doors open or to find out more about the program, you can go to samlaurabrown.com/pgsd.

Author: Sam Brown