Episode 62: How To Stop Negative Self-Talk + Beating Yourself Up

Ep 62: How To Stop Negative Self-Talk + Beating Yourself Up

Until very recently I was scared to be kind to myself. I was worried that if I didn’t constantly talk down to myself and beat myself up, I’d achieve less and therefore be less. Even though being cruel to myself sucked, I thought it at least served a purpose. How wrong I was.

One of the most misunderstood things about negative self-talk is that it helps us achieve more. In fact, it’s the opposite that’s true. And in this episode, I’m sharing how to develop self-compassion AND achieve all your goals (and then some).

In this episode, I’m not just telling you to be kind to yourself because I know you *know* that. In this episode, I’m getting deep into the practical things that you can do to be a little bit kinder to yourself and what I do when I find myself wanting to beat myself up.

I hope you find this episode helpful!

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We all *know* we should be kind to ourselves, but how do we actually get ourselves there? And will self-compassion make us lazy and complacent? I’m answering those questions and more in this podcast episode. I hope you enjoy it!


Author: Sam Brown