Practical Advice To Make The Most Of A Job You Hate

I know I’m not the only one who’s ever found themselves in a job they don’t love and I know it’s not always practical to quit, so I thought I’d do a YouTube video to share how I’ve made the most of jobs that I don’t like!

In the video, I also chat about my thoughts on finding your ‘passion’ because I know that even though so many of you hate your job, you don’t know what else to do instead!

I hope you find this video helpful!


I know no one wants to hear this, but you can really start to change the way you relate to your job by focusing on the things that are good about your job – even if they’re super tiny! You can find out more about how I do this with Steve here.

Start to look for things you like about your job and you’ll begin to like it more (so you don’t have to hate your life while you’re still trying to figure out what the hell to do with it).


When you hate your job, the best thing about the job is often the opportunity to whinge about it (misery loves company) but constantly complaining about things you can’t change will leave you feeling drained and will only reinforce how shitty your job is.

I’m not saying that you should never vent about frustrating situations at work, but complaining can become a habit and one that makes us feel like crap. Just start to pay attention to how much you’re complaining and try to catch yourself when you’re doing it. If you really want to work on this, you can try a no-complaining challenge. You can find out what that would entail here.


We all like to think that when we change jobs, we’ll be more disciplined and have more willpower – so it’ll be easy to workout all the time, eat healthy and be super productive.

Unfortunately, changing jobs won’t magically change your habits. So if you’re in a job you hate, this can be a really amazing time to turn your focus towards getting your personal life in order. My recommendation is to start with a morning routine and you can get my free ultimate morning routine guide here.


Since your work life isn’t leaving you fulfilled, now is an amazing time to start a side project that will! It doesn’t have to be something that you can make money from – it could be starting a blog or YouTube channel, learning a language, creating art, whatever!


Maybe the reason you don’t want to quit your job, isn’t because you desperately need the cash but because you have no idea what you’d want to do instead. If that’s the case, now is a really good time to focus on figuring that out.

I am NOT a believer in following your ‘passion’ (because we put so much pressure on ourselves to figure out what ‘it’ is and almost all of us are multi-passionate and have so many things we could pursue that would be fulfilling) so I recommend thinking about what you’re interested in and what you do in your spare time and start to lean into those things.

If you want to dive into this, you can watch my video on how I figured out what to do with my life or listen to some amazing podcast episodes to help you start to figure it out (My recommendations are here).

Sam xx


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Practical advice to make the most of a job if you hate your job but can't quit. Must-read advice for college graduates and millennials who don't know what to do with their life.

Practical advice to make the most of a job if you hate your job but can't quit. Must-read advice for college graduates and millennials who don't know what to do with their life.

Author: Sam Brown