5 Lists To Make Before The New Year

Here are 5 lists to make before the new year! Perfect if you want to do an end of year review and reflect on the year that's been.

Since I LOVE lists, I thought I’d put together a list of the 5 lists to make before the new year (haha). There are the lists that I’ve used to reflect on the year that’s been!

I recommend that you set aside an hour to make these lists before creating your new year goals (or that you at least revisit your new year goals after you’ve done this) as I guarantee this exercise will change your plans for the better! And remember, these 5 lists to make before the new year are for your eyes only so don’t be afraid to toot your own horn!

Lists to make before the new year:

1. Accomplishments

The first list to make before the new year is a list of your accomplishments.

It’s human nature to always have your sights set on what’s next, but if you don’t appreciate what you’ve done then you’ll never appreciate what you do! Create a list of all of your accomplishments from the past year, big and small. Really take your time here. Think through each month and list everything out. If needed, have a look through your planner or social media to see what you did throughout the year so you don’t miss anything!

2. People you’re grateful for

The next list to make before the new year is a list of the people you’re grateful for.

It can be easy to take those around us for granted. Create a list of all the people in your life that you’re grateful for. This doesn’t just have to be friends and family but can also be colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances, teachers and people you’ve never even met in person. Take your time to do this and as a bonus, write out the reasons you’re grateful for each person – it will leave you feeling that much more loving and loved!

3. Lessons Learned

The third list to make before the new year is a list of the lessons you learned this past year.

This is a fun one! Think back on the year and create a list of all of the lessons you want to take with you into the new year. Again, look at your planner or social media accounts to refresh your memory if needed! And make sure that you don’t create any lessons that will tempt you to hold yourself back or keep yourself small. You can make anything of the year that you want – make sure it will serve you!

4. Things To Do Less Often

The next list to make before the new year is a list of the things you want to do less often.

Ask yourself what activities held you back or wasted your time and create a list of all the things you want to do less often in the new year. But be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater and remove things that you might just need to change your approach to!

5. Things To Do More Often

The final list to make before the new year is a list of the things you want to do more often.

What were the things that made your year amazing and helped you grow as a person? Create a list of all the things you’d like to do more often so you can put these in your plans for the new year!

So there you have it – 5 lists to make before the new year! Once you’ve created these lists, you’re ready to set your goals for next year. And if you still need to get organised for the new year, make sure you read my post on How To Get Organised For The New Year. It’s never too late to get organised!

Sam xx

Want to achieve your goals and plans? Here are 5 lists to make for the new year. A must-read for inspiration and motivation for twenty-somethings and millennials.

Author: Sam Brown

  • I love this idea! Going to work on making these lists later this week. I think it’s very easy for a lot of to look back on a year and feel like we didn’t accomplish anything/the things we wanted to. It’s important to celebrate the little things and understand how to accomplish more in the following year! Thanks for this!

  • I just finished making my list! I was about to jump straight into making New Years Resolutions but I’m so glad I found your post before I did. I have to say, I’m really impressed by my accomplishments. I knew that I accomplished a lot but even something as small as “expanded my social circle” made me feel very happy as I now have more social support. I cannot wait to make my resolutions and see what 2018 has in store for me! You’re blog is amazing and I’m looking forward to exploring more!

  • Since a couple years ago I have the need to write down at the end of the year a “little” memoir (which normally occupies 3 to 4 pages…). I will incorporate some of these this year because they sound great!

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