Episode 13: My 17 Biggest Lessons From 2017

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In this episode of The Smart Twenties Podcast, I share the 17 biggest lessons I’ve learned from 2017! This was such a fun episode to record and I highly recommend you create a list of your biggest lessons from this year too. Here are the lessons I chat about in the episode:

  1. Believe the what before the how
  2. Success is simple, stress and overwhelm are self-sabotage
  3. My opinion of me is more important than anything else’s
  4. Perfectionism is a protection mechanism against shame
  5. Coaching is so worth the money
  6. Procrastination is draining
  7. Courage is a prerequisite for growth
  8. Do math without the drama
  9. No matter how much busywork you do, you will never be productive
  10. Defend your plans
  11. Impatience is ego
  12. There’s always enough time
  13. Ask for what you want
  14. Marketing makes all the difference
  15. Either you run the day or the day runs you
  16. The perfect time to start is now
  17. Go for it

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