Episode 118: Thoughts That Create A Growth Mindset

Episode 118: Thoughts That Create A Growth Mindset

If you’ve listened to The Perfectionism Project before you’ll know that what I teach isn’t how to ‘overcome’ perfectionism but how to create a growth mindset. I teach this way because creating a growth mindset is something positive you can focus on AND because if you’re able to get into a growth mindset, your perfectionist tendencies will naturally fall away.

But how do you actually create a growth mindset? I’ve shared my thoughts on this before but in this episode, I want to talk about the exact thoughts that create a growth mindset and a growth mindset project of my own. If you want to be more successful and actually appreciate that success, this episode is for you!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to create your own growth mindset project
  • Why perfectionists never feel satisfied with their goals
  • The exact thoughts that create a growth mindset + the thoughts that don’t
  • The power of asking yourself better questions
  • How to skip over the self-doubt when you set a big goal

Featured In The Episode:

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There’s a BIG difference between understanding the growth mindset and creating a growth mindset. Tune in to learn how to think about your goals in a way that’ll automatically create a growth mindset + my own growth mindset project.

Author: Sam Brown