Episode 305: Navigating The Ups and Downs Of Your Impossible Goal with Imogen Pickering

Episode 305: Navigating The Ups and Downs Of Your Impossible Goal with Imogen Pickering

In this episode I’m interviewing Imogen Pickering, a serial entrepreneur and long-standing PGSDer on all things goal-setting and perfectionism.

Imogen is the founder and lead creative of Bijoux Brands, a creative design studio specialising in crafting strategy-led, scroll-stopping brands for ambitious female-founders. She also candidly shares the emotional highs and lows of business on her social media channels.

Since the inception of her first business – her fashion brand called Imogen Apparel – she has shared the methods and practices that she has learned surrounding mindset, goal-setting and manifestation with her audience.

Imogen doesn’t hold back in this interview and candidly shares the ins and outs of her perfectionism journey, including her personal experience with setting an Impossible Goal and why she’s such a big believer in them. Tune in 

If you’ve been someone who is scared to set a goal you can’t achieve then you’re going to love this episode with Imogen Pickering (known as Imogen Jersey on Instagram).

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What Imogen has learned from setting impossible goals in her business
  • How PGSD has helped Imogen to get out of her own way
  • How to bounce back from a failed launch
  • Why Imogen started working on perfectionism at the beginning of her business journey
  • How to believe in yourself and your goals, even when things aren’t working
  • Practical ways to move past fear

Featured In The Episode:

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If you struggle to pursue big business goals for fear you’ll disappoint yourself, this one’s for you. Tune in to hear Imogen, a serial entrepreneur and PGSDer, talk about her success with setting impossible goals and the highs and lows along the way.

Author: Sam Brown