Episode 304: 5 Signs You’re Procrasti-Learning + What To Do Instead

Episode 304: 5 Signs You're Procrasti-Learning + What To Do Instead

Today I’m sharing with you a recording of my recent instagram live (I’m @perfectionismproject on Instagram). I wanted to talk about procrasti-learning because I hear from people all the time that they think they are procrasti-learning if they invest in a course or program before they’ve implemented all of the free advice they’ve learned. And this simply isn’t the case!

In this episode I talk about 5 of the reasons perfectionists procrasti-learn as well as 5 signs that you’re procrasti-learning and what to do instead. I hope you enjoy this episode and if you did, please take a screenshot and tag me on Instagram (as always).

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Whether you should implement what you’ve learned for free before paying to learn
  • The hidden reasons we’re pulled towards procrasti-learning
  • 5 signs you’re procrasti-learning to help you build your self-awareness
  • What procrasti-learning has looked like for me on my business journey
  • The difference between learning and procrasti-learning

Featured In The Episode:

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Author: Sam Brown