Episode 303: Perfectionism + Human Design For Projectors and Reflectors with Aditi Bhattacharya

Episode 303: Perfectionism + Human Design For Projectors and Reflectors with Aditi Bhattacharya

In this episode I’m talking with Aditi Bhattacharya about all things Human Design and perfectionism for Projectors and Reflectors. Aditi and I are both Projectors and we geek out about how to get out of your own way – and succeed in business – as a Projector.

Note: This is a follow on from Episode 301 on how I’m personally using Human Design to get out of my own way. That episode covers some basics about Human Design and how to find yours. If you haven’t listened to that episode yet I recommend tuning into that one first.

Adit (a 4/6 Splenic Projector) is a spiritual and energetic business coach, specialising in conscious manifestation and Human Design. Aditi helps her clients let go of the business ‘rules’ that don’t serve them so they can consciously manifest success in a way that uniquely aligns with what is correct for them. She has also worked as a PGSD coach!

This episode is here to give you an invitation to be yourself and lean into what comes easily to you. We discuss how to follow your strategy in an empowering way, using Human Design in your Power Planning and so much more!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How discovering Human Design changed the trajectory of Aditi’s business
  • Where to start with understanding your Human Design
  • What Aditi and I both love about being a Projector
  • Practical ways to ‘wait for the invitation’ without feeling disempowered
  • What you need to know so you can make better decisions
  • How to balance strategy and structure with aligned energy and flow
  • How to use Power Planning to find alignment

Featured In The Episode:

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Author: Sam Brown