Episode 311: [PLANNING SERIES] How To Follow Your Plans When You Don’t Feel Like It

Episode 311: [PLANNING SERIES] How To Follow Your Plans When You Don’t Feel Like It

There are courageous things you need to do to build your business that you might never feel excited about… like pitching yourself as a guest on one of your favourite podcasts or posting on Instagram when you’ve been getting is 17 likes or publishing your sales page when you’re still working on believing that your product is worth the money.

If you’re only able to do things when you’re in the mood to do them, your business won’t get much further than it is now. But changing that is simple…

There are three problems that make perfectionists get in their own way in their business: planning problems, productivity problems and persistence problems.

So far, this series has shared how to solve your planning problems. I’ve taught you how to stop procrasti-planning, what the Power Planning process looks like from start to finish, how to plan your week when it’s rife with uncertainty and the importance of the Three Month Commitment.

In the final episode, I’m sharing how to solve your productivity and persistence problems so you have the full picture when it comes to getting out of your own way.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why planning properly is only the first step in getting out of your own way
  • What you need to focus on once you know how to plan properly
  • How the PGSD Process helps you get out of your own way
  • helps you to get out of your own way

Featured In The Episode:

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As the final part of my series to help you plan properly as a perfectionist, I’m sharing everything you need to focus on in order to become someone who follows through with their plans (even when they don’t feel like it).

Author: Sam Brown