Episode 338: Getting Your Work Done Early + Easily (Part 3: Launch Period)

Episode 338: Getting Your Work Done Early + Easily (Part 3: Launch Period)

Every day during the most recent PGSD launch, I recorded a little snippet for the podcast. This episode is a compilation of those snippets, with me checking the launch sign up numbers ‘live’, sharing my raw reactions as well as what we did when the sign up numbers were NOT where we expected them to be. 

I also share how I kept myself out of shame and panic AND a full launch debrief with my biggest lessons too.

In case you missed the first episode in this three part series (Episode 336), throughout March, April and May I documented the work I had to do on my perfectionism handbrake to become someone who gets all of their launch content created way ahead of time, without overthinking or overworking.

Despite the work I’ve done on this over the years I was still leaving some of my launch content until the last minute. I don’t want to be someone who hits their goals from a place of pressure anymore, even if this approach has worked incredibly well for me in the past.

If you have a tendency to put off anything selling related until the last minute (or you avoid it altogether) then this series is going to help you get out of your own way. I recommend starting at Episode 336. If you haven’t listened to my podcast before, this series is a great place to start!

PGSD is opening to new students on 27 July 2022:

The PGSD Process will get you out of your own way in your business and have you making more money more easily. The doors to Perfectionists Getting Shit Done will be opening at 6am New York time on 27 July and closing at 11:59pm New York time on 2 August 2022. To find out more about the program and be the first to know when the doors open, join the waitlist here: samlaurabrown.com/pgsd.

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This is the third episode in my three part series taking you behind the scenes of the work I needed to do on my perfectionism during the most recent PGSD launch.


Hi, and welcome to another episode of The Perfectionism Project, a podcast full of perfectionism advice for entrepreneurs. My name is Sam Laura Brown, I help entrepreneurs release their perfectionism handbrake, so they can get out of their own way and build a fulfilling and profitable business. I’m the founder of the Perfectionist Getting Shit Done group coaching program, which is otherwise known as PGSD. And for even more perfectionism advice to help you with your business, you can follow me on Instagram @perfectionismproject.

This episode is the third episode in a three part series on how to get your work done early and easily. So this episode is a big one. And I am so excited for you to listen to it. I learned so so so so much from this launch, I have done my best to really distill it down and also share myself figuring it out along the way. So with this episode is a compilation of recordings that I recorded during the launch period for the most recent PGSD launch.

So that period went from the 27th of April until the Third of May, I might be getting those dates wrong. But it’s about that and I checked in every day, I record myself checking the numbers live, my raw and real reaction to all of that, and the self coaching that I was doing, how I was thinking about things. And it just it was a launch unlike any other. And maybe not for reasons you might expect.

Maybe for reasons, the mindset, I’m not sure, but you are going to enjoy hearing this, just because I’m sure it’s going to make you feel less alone, to really help normalize that it is messy when you are figuring things out. And you are putting in a full effort and it’s working or it’s not working, or it’s working again. And it’s just, it’s so I find at least it’s so calming, and relieving to just hear someone else navigating the journey as well.

And then, after I, you know have all these snippets for you have different launch updates, there is a full launch debrief at the end of this episode. So that’s one of the reasons this episode is a big one, the last 45 minutes-ish is a look at the launch results and really going through how I extract the lessons from a launch. And it doesn’t have to be like all of this doesn’t mean, like you don’t need to have a launch for this to be incredibly helpful.

And anytime you’re listening to the podcast, I always want you to be thinking about how does this apply to me? And not thinking about, well, this bit isn’t relevant or that bit isn’t relevant. But that’s how I was into things, at least I’m always thinking, well, how can I apply this to my situation? So I go through how I reflect on a result that was accomplished. And what caused that and what needs to be done differently the next time and how to really stay out of this mindset that we can sometimes be in of I don’t know why they didn’t sign up.

Or I don’t know what I need to do differently. And I think a lot of times we withhold putting in a full effort because we’re so scared to be left with this question this answer of I don’t know what to do differently. I don’t know why they didn’t buy. And then we think well, maybe there’s something wrong with me. That’s the reason. So I navigate and share exactly how to avoid ending up with that answer and how to really know what your lessons are and be decided about that so that you can take them with you.

And oh, my God, I just learned so much from this launch. I don’t want to give too much away. If you’re a PGSDer, I did share a little bit of a summary of this episode. And one of the coaching calls because I didn’t want our PGSDers to have to wait to hear some of the lessons that I got from this launch because they are so important. But unless you’re in PGSD, then you won’t yet probably know the results of the launch how many signups we have. I won’t give it away. But I learned a lot.

I will say that and I hope that this helps you learn to some things you really just need to experience for yourself to get the lesson and I think a lot of what I learned in this launch, I had already learned to some level and it’s just really took it to a deeper level. And there are a couple of things that I hadn’t really learned at all and I was like holy fuck, I had not seen that. So that’s fun as well. Anyway, this episode is long enough as it is I really hope you have enjoyed this series so far and that you continue to enjoy it. If you have please take a screenshot. Tag me in Instagram, I’m @perfectionismproject. Here we go.

Okay, so today is the 28th of April. So that means that we are officially in the open cart period of the launch. The doors opened yesterday, last night, Australian time. I haven’t checked the numbers yet, I am just going to give an update on some peer coaching I just got and then a little recap of yesterday. And then I’m going to do another update in a little bit. When I check the numbers, I was going to do some coaching. Before I do that some self coaching.

But I have just gotten off another peer coaching call. So I’ve just done one every day for the last three days. And I don’t have another one booked in until Monday, which I think is going to be perfect timing. And it was so helpful. And so if you haven’t listened to the previous updates, the previous episodes on the pre pre launch and the pre launch, definitely go and listen to that, because this might not make a whole lot of sense. But I was just getting coached on feeling like it’s not safe to be in belief, and that I had noticed that I’m feeling so uncomfortable being in this belief of it’s working.

And we’re gonna hit our goal, and it’s done. And like just being in that line of thinking, my brain just wants to go back into, “No, it’s not”. Why would you think that we’ve missed something, it’s gonna be so embarrassing when you realize that that’s not the case like that kind of thinking. And so I was getting coached on that. And a few really helpful things that came out of that was really just getting that when it comes to being the pilot in this plane that I’ve been talking about and thinking about quite a lot, that I can actually enjoy the ride, which is something I hadn’t even considered a possibility. But also, this analogy was given to me not directly related to a plane and then I was like this all applies, is to just let myself sway around.

When it comes to my belief that if I’m currently feeling like I’m a 4 out of 10, believing that, if we don’t have the perfect start to the launch, then I’ll be able to create the result anyway, that if my belief levels out four out of 10, I’ve been kind of telling myself well now I need to be at a 10 out of 10. Even though yesterday, I was like, Oh, I just know, this is my work, this is my container to develop that skill. And then immediately my brains been like, okay, but we should already be there by now, like, we should be at that 10 out of 10, which I hadn’t even noticed.

So it was so helpful to have that pointed out to me. But to think about when a plane is flying, it sways arounds in, you know, the wind channels, and whatever happens up there. And turbulence is a thing. And the turbulence doesn’t stop the plane from getting to where it needs to go. And it is expected and when a plane is in turbulence, like the pilot don’t freak out, it’s part of flying. And so it’s just been really helpful to see that like my belief swaying around, it’s okay if like that, and it is part of flying and that it just is something that like my brain hasn’t had a lot of practice in having a lot of these, it’s working thoughts.

And that feels new and uncomfortable. And I was saying that I like to have had this belief kind of just riding along in the back, backseat, kind of going unnoticed, but informing a lot of things, that it’s safer to be small, when it comes to the business and to have a smaller business and to have like fewer people I’m helping and fewer people who follow me and all those things like it opens it means I’m less exposed if there are fewer people interacting with me.

And so obviously that impacts how I travel in the business in my personal life like in so many different areas this belief of like small is safe or like quiet is safe or like something along those lines and so something that has come up a few times in the peer coaching that I’ve had myself saying is I just feels like too powerful that I feel so powerful and then that feels so unfamiliar that it’s like I want to go. It’s feels more comfortable to feel helpless or like in self pity than it does to be feeling powerful.

And when I like get an inkling and feeling that power. And I don’t mean power in this kind of like manipulation whatever kind of way just like really feeling that I can create my reality and I can create incredible things and I’ve got this like that kind of feeling of power. That that is something that I’m trying on and it’s okay if my belief in like the beliefs that create that like sway around a bit and there’s some turbulence and it also makes me think like I can feel resistance to checking in on the numbers this morning, in terms of how many people have signed up, and that I’m assigning a lot of value to how the launch starts, and that it needs to have this certain kind of start in terms of numbers, which I think is like five numbers. I’m sorry, five signups on the first day and then 10 on the second is what I’ve got broken down.

And I think that’s just because the timezone stuff that the first day isn’t a full 24 hours anyway, that I am telling myself that it needs to start a certain way to end a certain way. And when I think about there being this turbulence, and that being part of flying, that it helps me to have more belief in my ability to learn the plane, regardless of any turbulence, so to speak. And it’s just really helpful to see that and to also something, and we talked about this in PGSD in the module on self trust, and about creating emotional safety.

And one of the ways to do that is to like, think about our inner child and parenting that inner child in a way that’s really supportive, not dismissive, and also, not in a way that is agreeing, and like, amplifying the fear. So if my brains freaking out about, like, not feeling safe, that if I’m like, no, no, you should, you should, you should, that doesn’t help. And if I’m like, Well, yeah, it’s totally unsafe. Like, if you think about if a child doesn’t feel safe, and you say, like, yeah, you’re right, you are not safe, and I haven’t got you and you’re not going to be okay. Not helpful. But if it’s like, yeah, you might feel scared, and that’s totally okay, invalid, to feel scared.

And we all have feelings and feelings like this, and you’re going to be okay, and I’ve got you. And even if bad things happen, we’re going to be okay, like, that kind of support. And like giving that to ourselves is something we always have access to. And so I had not even thought of that in relation to this launch. And just seeing that, I can have the turbulence in the swaying and I can also be mindful that, of course, I’m not going to be in a 10 out of 10 belief, time, in terms of my belief around my skill set in terms of winding the plane, even if we don’t have a perfect start or whatever.

That yeah, I can just be okay with not being in the 10 out of 10 the whole time and let that be a thing. So anyway, that’s my little update that I wanted to share. And yesterday, I just felt so proud of myself and so empowered. And just like after the coaching I got yesterday, and just actually been like, Oh, I do know exactly what to do with my time. In this launch. Even though all my content is already created, like of course, like I’m going to be the pilot in the cockpit.

And I’m thinking about 120 signups and what I would do for that, and so I like went through the emails, and I was like, I’m really happy with these emails. And I had a look at what we’re going to be posting on Instagram, and I was like, Oh, I actually feel like there are things I could be saying differently, there’s going to be so much more powerful and compelling. And so I was like getting one of the emails that’s coming out later and I made that opposed to go out for the doors open.

And I just felt like being able to be in that level of thinking which was not available to me when I was doing things at the last minute. And, or when I had you know, this is originally I had plans I do things ahead of time and then just kind of check out and I’m so glad that I did the self coaching got peer coaching to notice that and to be all in on this and now that I am to just be like, oh I get to just like delight in our current PGSDers, delight in the PGSDers who are joining us like this morning, I listen to the coaching call that was yesterday in the PGSD, like inside PGSD that Michelle did with Mahima and Jenna, and I listened to it on my run this morning.

And I was like, oh, like, this is just the best coaching and we have the best community and I was just like having such amazing thoughts about it all and it’s just felt so empowering. And then my brains like oh, wait, but what if, what if, what if this doesn’t work? And it’s just like, Okay, it’s, my brain goes there. But yesterday, like I was telling Steve, last night when we went for a walk, like I just feel so proud of myself.

Like I was just sitting in that feeling, which was so incredible, to let myself be in that and to just really be proud of not just like, it’s so great to feel that way. When it’s not just like cool. We achieved the goal and so I feel proud, but like I feel so proud of who I’m becoming and who I am today. And that, even though I still, like, there’s so much is so many ways I want to grow, I can still be so incredibly proud of myself today and what I’ve accomplished, and who I am being, and how I’m showing up in the business and how I’m showing up for our PGSDers and the team and my family and all these different things.

And so it was just really incredible to be in that because we perfectionist tend to think well, no, I can only feel proud if I’m perfect. So of course, I’m not perfect, so I can’t feel proud. So that was really nice. And just, I feel so excited about this launch. I really don’t think excited is the right word. But I feel so engaged and committed with this launch. And if I just think about like this next week. So the launch closes Australian time on Wednesday, in the afternoon, so I have one full week, I’m gonna have a Sunday like doing no work, except it’s my numbers check.

And you know, if something comes up, I can do some stuff in Lydia’s nap time. But otherwise, it’s a full day often Sunday for me, probably going to do some meal prep stuff for Lydia and just hanging out. But I just feel like if this next week is me just like course optimizing and getting to delight in and like enjoy the ride and be okay with the turbulence and practice not freaking out in the turbulence.

I think it’s so good to like, how you do one things, how you do everything, like how the work we do flows over elsewhere, that when I’m on a plane, and we are in turbulence, my brain does not like that at all. And if I’m watching a movie, I have to turn it off if I’m reading a book, which I like to think I’m someone who reads books on planes, but I’m not I just like watch TV shows or whatever, I just can’t seem to get myself trained on plane. But anyway, whatever I’m doing, I literally just have to turn off whatever I’m watching, put down whatever I’m reading, I put music and I put like music that feels really comforting.

So it’s usually like Disney music or something like that. And I just sit there when we’re in the turbulence. And I tend to like the, a lot of the planes, like the bigger planes when it’s an international flight. And you can, you know, choose this setting on your instead of watching the movie or whatever you can watch. Like, this makes me think of the last international flight I did where it was to London, and back and I had it set up so and it was turbulence that I would go and look at you could change the setting. So you could see like, basically like as if you were the pilot, it wasn’t a real video, but a virtual video or whatever.

And you could see what height they were at. And like all the little dials and things. And I feel like it just gave me more of this sense of control, which I did not have at all, which was like tried in some way to be like, well, at least I’m aware of what’s going on, like oh, it climbing really fast or whatever. And it also makes you think of you can have this setting where you can literally there was a camera on the back of the like the tail of the plane. So you could see the plane and like what was around and I could like check that and see like, okay, there’s just clouds around or like it’s clear skies, nothing’s on fire or whatever.

But my brain currently freak the fuck out. In turbulence that I can’t concentrate, I have to give my full focus to just like, that moment. And I look at people who are watching movies and reading when we’re in turbulence, and I can’t fathom it. And I know, I know all the things like I know, turbulence doesn’t make a plane crash. I know it’s part of it. I know, like, Oh, it’s just bumpy and enjoy it and whatever. And my brain still freaks out. And I think like, part of it is just letting it be okay that my brain freaks out. Because if I’m not okay with that, I’m not going to be able to solve it, if I’m resisting it.

But anyway, I think this work is going to also help me with that, because it’s the same kind of way of thinking. So anyway, enough about the planes and the flights and all those things. And I’m going to do my super thinking, Oh, yeah. So this is actually what I wanted to mention. The Super thinking I did yesterday was so powerful. And I just wanted to share a little bit about what that looked like. There’s so many ways to do super thinking. And I hadn’t mentioned in my last update, like I’m not really sure exactly what to do in Super thinking which was a lie. Not true.

What I did yesterday was I just wrote down like, what is like our PGSDer that are wanting to call into the program and have sign up in this round. What are they experiencing right now? What are their thoughts? Like about PGSD about other things that are going on in their life, like, where are they at? What are they up to? And kind of just entering what’s going on in their mind. So I did this huge brain dump of all the things they could be thinking. It’s just made up. But it’s still helpful.

And so one thing that they might be thinking, it’s like, I’ll put a reminder on my to do list to sign up, and I hope I remember to do it. Or, you know, I just need someone or something to keep me accountable. I know my business will be more successful if I just got out of my own way. And there are other thoughts like, yeah, they’re just a whole bunch of different kinds of thoughts. And then what I did is I use a self correcting model.

So Brooke Castillo’s, circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. And I just focus on the feeling line, and put some of those thoughts in. But notice, like, what feelings would create someone signing up versus what feelings sound great, but wouldn’t. So for example, someone feeling excited, is not going to end with them signing up. Like if they just stay in that excitement and don’t move into a different feeling. If they feel convinced, willing, undecided, inspired, hopeful, slash uncommitted, confused, unsure, curious, like those feelings can be great and helpful.

But they’re not actually feelings, it has someone, go to the PGSD sales page, click on sign up now. Go and get that credit card, type in the details, click submit, you know, go to the thank you page, read the email, welcome themselves in the kit, I mean, introduce themselves in the forum. And so it was just so helpful, because I’ve never really noticed that the feelings that I am creating during this launch, and it’s for the people just so we are all clear. For the people who want to join, who it’s a good fit for. This isn’t about convincing. This is about talking to the people who are already a yes.

And then just helping them get out of their own way so they can be a yes. The feeling that creates a sign up is committed. So the thought that might version of a thought that might help create that feeling or create that feeling is I’m signing up for PGSD today. No matter what, or just I’m signing up today, I’m signing up now, feeling as committed, the action is, as I said, visit sales page, etc. Go and get your purse, get the credit card, whatever the result is a sign up.

And also, to get to that thought of I’m going to sign up, which is a decision, they would need to before that feel decided or sure or determined. Like this is for me, this is for sure my next step, I’m going to do it and then the result of that is they make a decision. And then from that decision, they feel committed and they sign up. So that was really helpful known from that energy. I read the emails, and I was the Instagram post. And I was thinking like, Okay, if we’re solving for 120 clients with this launch, what would I be creating, what do we need to say? And I could just see that. Yeah, that would just not Gabs, but like optimizations that we could do.

And that I could be much more leaned in. And it’s been helpful for me to think about like, so I’ve done all the podcasts stuff. We’ve had the procrastination series. Today, the interview with Natalie went out. And then in a few days, the interview with Erin and Naomi and Estelle is going out, which will be incredible. So excited for everyone to hear that.

But now what I’m thinking about is, if just Instagram and just my email list sold out this launch and the 120 spots that are going to be 60 Sign up now and 60 later, then how would I be showing up on Instagram? How would I be showing up on email? And I think that’s so helpful for me, because I’ve been thinking like the podcast, sells out my launch. And then this is just like, you know, the cherry on top.

And maybe that’s helpful to think about when I’m in podcast creative mode, but when I’m in the mode of doing the emails and the Instagram, if I think like, will the 120 people, if I just assume that all watching me on Instagram, and they’re all like, seeing what I’m posting, even if they’re not liking it or commenting on it. It doesn’t matter. They’re seeing it, they’re watching my stories. They’re reading the emails, but particularly if I find this with Instagram and then that can influence what I’m saying in emails.

But if I’m thinking about like they’re there, and this is going to be like even if they haven’t listened to any of the podcast episodes, just what I share alone on Instagram is going to sell 120 people. 60 of which are going to sign up now. Then it just makes it like this fun experiment and not like I have to like figure out this perfect thing. I just I was finding yesterday when I was thinking about it. I was just feeling like, oh, like I already have a base here that I’ve created and that I worked with Daisy to create. And we turned like quite a few emails into post.

And now I have that and I have the space, and the time in my calendar to be thinking and super thinking that I can be like, cool, and how can we make it even more compelling. And it’s just been really fun and kind of new, to use my brain in this way. And to just like be really creating from a place of sufficiency. And yeah, so okay, I’m gonna do my, like, create my plan for the day of what I’m going to do once I do the check in on the numbers and my next little podcast update, so that I know exactly what content I’m creating, if anything, and what that’s going to look like I think today, because I’m not gonna work Sunday, I’m not sure if Steve’s gonna have an overtime shift tomorrow, like different things.

And I have Lydia’s swimming lesson in the morning tomorrow. So I’m going to look at the content that’s going to come out today, like I’ve already looked at that, but really look at that today, tomorrow and the next day, and then create a plan for that. And yeah, just notice, like, what else could I say that I haven’t said also, Okay, I know, I’m really going on here. But yeah, that’s fine. So we had a 200k call this morning that Stacey was coaching on.

And it’s so perfect. Like, every time I go to a call, I’m like, this is going to be exactly what I need. And it always is probably because I’m thinking like, this is exactly what I need, I’m just gonna hear what I want to hear. And it’s going to be perfect. So a lot of people are getting coached on launching and different things around that. And a few things that I took away was Stacey had said to someone, like write a list of things you would love to tell your people and just like write those emails, and then put them anywhere in your sales sequence.

So that’s something I’m going to super think about. What’s the most important thing that you need to know today? Which is what the coaching I gotten yesterday. That was really like, bringing up that question. So it was just nice to have that reminder. And then something that I thought up. So what I like to do as well, when I’m writing my like notes, when I’m on a coaching call, which I don’t do if I’m listening to like replays or whatever. But if I’m like there live on the call, I will be writing notes and be engaged with that fully.

And something that came to mind was like, what do they want to know about the other people inside PGSD. And just like, I think something that we all do as humans is we want to fit in, we want to know, it’s like a group where we will be welcomed and supported. And we’re not to advance and we’re not to junior either for the room. So just like that was something that I’m going to do some super thinking about. I have a whole lot of notes here about different things, but I don’t like this is what I do to just sign up when I take notes.

I don’t have to do anything with like any of that notes. I’m just like taking the notes because it helps me be engaged. And then there might be a couple things that I’m like, Cool, I’m gonna explore that in my self coaching or whatever. And that’s it, like I’m just trusting it’s in my subconscious. And that’s enough. So just in case you like take notes when you’re like listening to a PGSD coaching call, or from books or different things.

And then you’re trying to do something with all the notes, I just want to invite you to consider you can just trust it in your subconscious. You’ve gotten what you need to get from that. And if there are like one or two things, maybe three at the most that you want to take away from them do something with then do that but to not overwhelm yourself with new ideas. And to write down your own ideas, instead of just that ideas that are being presented by other people to like see what comes up for you and to write that down as well with equal if not more importance. So okay, really wrapping this up now and I will be back soon. When I’m checking the numbers for day one.

Okay, so it is still the 20th of April and it is a 11:46am. I’m about to do the number check in which I am feeling excited to do. So I will just talk you through a bit of the self coaching that I have just done. And it was so helpful to do that. I’m so glad they did, because my brain was definitely telling me that I didn’t have enough time. Not even really that that I didn’t have enough time. But more just like, let’s just get on with checking the numbers and all of this. And I’m just so glad I took the time to have a look at my brain. And yeah, so what I did was I looked at my high value and low value cycles.

So I’ve talked about them in the previous episodes, basically just the high value cycles. This is a concept. Stacey Boehman teaches in the 200k Mastermind I think also maybe on a podcast as well about the high value cycle. Basically, it’s like when we’re being growth minded, and we’re doing things that serve us. And then the low value cycle is when we’re doing things that don’t serve us or being fixed minded, that kind of thing. And so I had written down earlier. Like, I don’t know what date is the 18th.

On the 18th of April, I wrote down what actions tell me I’m going to high value cycle or what actions tell me I’m going to low value cycle. So high value cycle was stuff like self coaching, checking in on numbers and Instagram and that kind of thing. It designated times, holding space for emotions, I’m feeling I’m processing them power planning and following through with it. That kind of thing. Low value cycle, checking Instagram and emails and trying to look for what’s been missed. Picking up my phone, as soon as I remember to do something, not power planning, doing launch tasks last in the day, and like de-prioritizing that and being busy with something else.

Skipping self coaching, that kind of thing. So what I did first was I took the self coaching model, and in the action line, I for a few of them I wrote down models or sorry actions that I’ve been in, that have been low value cycles. So an example is check Instagram story views and like’s, like I’ve noticed since the launch started that I haven’t done this heaps, but I usually don’t do this really at all. So I have trained myself to not be checking. So I do notice when I am and just seeing like how many people have read stories, how many likes it was engagement, like on the posts that we have and that kind of thing.

And so I was investigating, like, what am I thinking that led to that? How am I feeling? What am I trying to create or avoid by doing that. And I did that for different actions that I’ve been doing my notice that the feeling for a lot of them that was creating a lot of these low value cycle actions is avoidant, or disconnected. And so this relates back to what I was around the last update about feeling safe in belief and that I just think I’m avoiding feeling exposed, feeling unsafe.

So I did a intentional thought creation basically directing my mind to find helpful thoughts around how does a 1 million per year dollar business create more safety for me and my family versus a 300k business? So it’s kind of 300k. My business is smaller than that. But that’s in the US dollars. But even just writing that down when I did I was like, oh, like what’s the real difference, if any, like, it was just so helpful to see that those numbers aren’t far away. But I’ve been like, in my mind thinking my business will be so different at a million dollars per year compared to now where in Australian dollars, it’s between four and 500 thousand dollars per year.

And just seeing that, yeah, it’s not that far apart. I already technically have a million but like I’ve already made over a million dollars in this business over the period of the business. So anyway, I found some really helpful thoughts and that were kind of around like, you know, any threats that might come from having more resources can be completely handled by those resources. And then just Yeah, thoughts around like, I think I have some fears around, like losing friends, but not even like when I think it through properly which is this like vague fear of like, what if people don’t like me when I’m different, even though it’s like, I know that that version of me is like more me.

Because it means I’m showing up actually as who I am in the world and putting myself out there and being courageous and doing those things instead of hiding, like the hiding version of me. The small version of me isn’t the real me. But anyway, so I was doing some thought creating around it being safe to hit a million dollars per year in revenue because I feel like this like, it feels like with this launch, if I achieved this goal, a million dollars this year in Australian dollars, and my goal, that’s my goal for the year, which is 750,000 US, it feels so done if this launch is done.

And so I think there’s just like me needing to create some safety there for myself around like, it is safe for that to be done. So then I did some stupid thinking, I definitely did not want to do this, my brain was like, let’s get this. We can do it after we check the numbers. Let’s just check the numbers and start putting that off. But I was like, no, no, we are doing this super thinking. So I will do some more later on too. But I took one of those prompts that I had mentioned that came up on the coaching call this morning, like what would I love to tell my people about PGSD, and that I’m going to write three emails after I do this update.

And so I wrote a whole list of ideas like a full page worth of ideas of what I would love to tell someone who is thinking about PGSD, and is going to join PGSD, like what can I tell them so that when they join, they feel so supported and so welcomed and like they know what to expect. And they do commit to signing up and all of that stuff. So I got my brain to come up with a whole lot of ideas, which was so helpful, because it really is well helps me to further believe that I can really create the outcome of the launch because I had been thinking like, I’ve already given this my best when I created the work ahead of time.

And so I have nothing left. And to just say like, my brain can come up with solutions whenever I ask it to, even if I think I’ve already exhausted all of the solutions that I have. So that was really helpful. And then I also did a intentional thought creation because I was like, Okay, I still feel like scared in a way to check the numbers. And like, I’m kind of pre empting that there’s going to be zero signups. And that if that’s the case, and I’m kind of helpless to change that.

And so I did an intentional thought creation actually put on first a song that really just helps me feel connected to myself and empowered. And that song is Angel By The Wings by Sia. So I put that song on, and I just like sat with myself and my feelings for a minute. And kind of just I was out on the deck with my cup of tea and it was raining. And I just was like, sitting there with my hands on my heart and just breathing. And then I was like, okay, I’m going to do an intentional creation, on how there’s no launch circumstance that I couldn’t turn into 60 clients sign up.

So that even if I check and it’s zero, that I am totally empowered to create 60 signups and also like, sidenote, it’s okay if we didn’t get 60. But I feel like my work here is to be so committed to the 60. And to not let myself off the hook with like, well, it’s okay, we tried our best. And I realized this morning as well. When I was after the last update. I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea that I was thinking about how this work I’m doing on my perfectionism handbrake, I really hope these episodes are helpful to hear me like working through this next layer of it.

But like with being all in with this launch, it really feels like and I’ve talked about this often how we have this fear of like, I’m scared to give it my best in case I find out my best isn’t good enough, and then that will confirm my inadequacy. And if we withhold effort, then we never have the opportunity to find out that our best isn’t good enough. We can say well, yeah, my worst wasn’t good enough for my half assing wasn’t good enough. But of course it wasn’t. Because it wasn’t my best. So if we give it our best that feels so vulnerable. And so that’s really what I’m going through now is I’m like, I’m giving it my best.

And when I’ve been thinking like, well, I’ve given it my best there’s nothing more I can do. Of course that’s like it’s a very fixed minded way to think about it. And it doesn’t help us to go all in. So I did this intentional thought creation around how there’s no launch circumstance I couldn’t turn around. And so when I just answered the question like what do I know, I have the best peer coaches that I can ask for help coaching and to help me find any resourcefulness I can’t access on my own. This is also I love PGSD, that you have access to everyone else in the community to help you when you’re going through your stuff.

My brain always has new ideas when I ask it. If people haven’t heard it, sorry, whatever. People haven’t signed up, it’s just because they haven’t heard what they needed to hear. And I know how to figure out what that is. And then I have got this continues with the plane analogy. I’m a fucking badass pilot and I can land my plane anywhere I want to. And I’m flying this plane, it is not flying me, I create the weather. And I can always get through bad weather. So it’s like the paradox of it. Like, I create the weather like I create the results. And also there’s no result that I couldn’t get through and just like supporting myself and being with myself through that is what I’m currently practicing.

So I am now going to go in and check the numbers. So I hope it is all set up properly. I checked before and like a few days ago, and it all looked good. So we have three signups let me just double check. I’m seeing this correctly. So three signups and also this time, so we only from now on have pay in full for PGSD. We don’t have a payment plan option anymore. So actually, I feel like I wait, let me think of like, I just don’t like dug through it. But thinking about how I feel that I feel like cool it is working.

And I think was I expecting that to be more than three? I don’t know, let me look at my spreadsheet. But I can tell even just the way that I don’t really know how I feel about it that I’m not wanting to really know how I feel about it. But Carolyn, Melanie, Nicole, welcome. So with the we have a spreadsheet where we keep track of everything, and I had, like put in the numbers that I was expecting day by day for the launch to total 60. And it’s just made up. And it’s just based on the breakdown that we had for the last launch.

So the last launch, we had 50 or 51 in total. And we had six people sign up on the first day. And this time we have currently so far three, I’m not sure what, like in Airtable where it flows through. The dates are a bit different to the Australian days. Anyway, I can’t even remember what time zones it’s in. But we’re going by what the dates as it comes up in Airtable. So for the 27th we have three signups for PGSD. And yeah, I think like I feel, I guess like that’s pretty on track. In terms of where things at, I think I wanted that it’d be more probably, well, obviously, if I’m scared of not being able to, like be with the feeling of it not being as many that I just want it to be like a high number.

And then I can just be in believe. And I think this is the perfect number for it to be three. And let me see, oh, we also have a little spreadsheet as well. That’s my alarm that I need to pump. That people once they sign up, they can, “Oh fine, everyone’s filled it out”. So I’m going to read that. But once people sign up, they get taken to a little page where they can share why they signed up. So everyone who has sign up has filled that out, which is so fun. So I’m going to read that and delight in that welcomed them into the forum if they have introduced themselves there.

And just like continued like, I feel when I think about the intentional thought creation I did before of this launch circumstance like I can turn into 60 client signups and I’m going to enjoy the launch process. And I’m going to be with the people who are signing up and not just thinking about like the next people and like three is great, but where are the next ones? Where are the next ones? To just like truly practice being in the belief of 60 and solving for 120 signups but being in the belief of 60 and delighting in it all the way there instead of believing in 60 but not feeling not letting myself feel good about it until I get there, which is a sign that I’m not really believing.

Because if I’m not feeling good until I get there, then I’m thinking that it might be possible that I don’t. So true belief looks like enjoying the journey, which is why I love all this stuff like that. It’s always a win-win. So yeah, I’m gonna go into the forum and see if they said hello there and reply to them in there. And then I am going to write these emails, and I also have a look at the Instagram stuff. I’m going to listen to the interview with Natalie that went out today. I’ve already like listened to it once when I recorded it. And then again when I reviewed it for a going out, and yeah, so going to do that.

And I still have a few episodes of the procrastination series to listen to just so I am thinking about what the person on the other end of it all is listening to. So yeah, that is my plan for today. I am working until five, and then I’m going to go pick up Lydia and hang out with her. And so what I have been doing as well with Instagram, we’re trying to get Daisy access to my Instagram and it just hasn’t worked. It’s great. They have security. That means you got it does have all these people logging in whatever. But I have been the one doing all the posting.

And because the emails have been going out at like 9pm or 8pm, that I have been posting things later in the day. So what I’m going to do from now on is to make sure that any posts we have that even though the email is going out at that time, I’m going to have all of my Instagram stuff done during my work hours. And I’m not going to be going on Instagram or checking anything launch related outside of my working hours. And I think that is a boundary in terms of clean rest that is really going to help me come up with my most resourceful, innovative, connected, delightful ideas during this launch period.

And that is something that like if I look at my power planning from the January launch, and this is really what we like doing the work ahead of time for this launch, is that like every day, I just was kind of like putting out fires and creating other content at the last minute. And even though my power planning is not exact, I haven’t got like it looks like all my time, like I had a lot of clean rest time, which I did have a significant amount of clean rest time. But I know as well there were times where I was like it was 8pm. And I was trying to upload a story and we had too many internet issues.

And there’s nothing wrong with any of that, like I did the best I could. And I learned so much from that. And at the same time that this that really taught me that this launch I want to make sure like when it’s work time it’s fucking go time and I’m doesn’t mean I’m hustling. That means I’m like doing my super thinking. I’m showing up, I’m letting myself be seen. I’m implementing my ideas. I’m involved, engage. And then when it’s rest time, it’s as if it’s like any other week. And like tomorrow morning I have Lydia’s swimming lesson and I’m not going to be checking in or anything launch related before that.

It’s just going to be our normal morning together. We go to our swimming lesson, we do that. My friend is going to be there tomorrow she’s doing the same lesson as us now so chat to her, hang out, come home and then once I’m home check in and do my stuff. So yeah, just like practicing really truly like being all in and my work hours and then being all in on the clean rest and my clean rest hours and like deciding that ahead of time and if I need to make little tweaks and adjust that I can. Say okay, that is my plan. And I will talk to you tomorrow when I do my next update.

Hello. So today is the 29th of April it is 1:09pm. I have Lydia on my lap. I’m just sitting at my desk. We have Sophie the Giraffe if you know, you know. And I am just going to quickly check in on the numbers. We have been at Lydia’s swim lesson this morning and then went for a coffee with a friend. Just getting home now because Lydia didn’t sleep when we were at the cafe as was planned, slept in the way on the car ride home. We had to drive around for a while. And we are now home. And we have a delivery coming today that I need to be ready for and it might come when Lydia is napping.

So anyway, I am checking in now. And I feel like, so I haven’t really checked in on anything at all launch related for nearly 24 hours, I guess because I finished like yesterday at five. And when it comes to how I’m feeling about the launch, I feel like when I’m reflecting on yesterday, like I am still or was still making it being something about me that I was feeling so much trepidation around checking the numbers and like basically checking if I’m good enough kind of thing.

But I’m feeling like last night I was just like, Okay, today as in NO, what was I saying last night tomorrow, which is now today, I am just being in a day of receiving and just soaking in, like not having to be in the doing energy, which I feel like I was in quite a lot yesterday and in like the what isn’t working and how can we optimize it and even though it was from a good place. Liddy got a pen now she’s got it on the desk. So if you can hear that, maybe you can’t but anyway just gotta keep going.

So yeah, I was just focusing today on just like being in the it’s working, it’s done energy, and to really focus the rest of the launch on creating from that energy. And the irony being that I don’t know if I mentioned in this update already. But like my last PGSD coaching call that I did, I presented a challenge to our PGSDers that when they’re doing their weekly review for the next four weeks following that, that they only do the sections relating to what’s working and to skip the ones about what isn’t working just to help train your brain to focus on that.

And so that’s really what I’m going to be doing. For the remainder of the launch to be resourceful and problem solving from the place of it’s working, rather than from the place of it might not work, which is where I kind of feel like I was yesterday. So yeah, I’ve just been like being busy in my normal life today. And also, I listen to a launch debrief episode like an old one from Kathrin Zenkina Manifestation Babe. And this is probably one of the biggest reasons I do these launch debriefs because not specifically the ones from Kathrin though I do like her ones, but any launch debrief kind of episodes I can get my hands on I love and I often listen to them multiple times at different stages of my business.

So I hope that these episodes are helpful and comforting and all the bigs in the same kind of way. So I listened to that I listened to a few coaching calls in the 200k mastermind they were exactly what I needed as always. And we’re really about just like, how our brain wants to be focused on like the one I was talking, listening to was talking about how our brains have negativity bias. And when it comes to the negative, it’s like Velcro for our brain. And when it’s positive, it’s like Teflon as in our brain wants to stick to the negative, it’s not working side.

And when it does go into its work. It just like doesn’t want to stay there for long. And so I’m just practicing that for this launch. Okay Liddy wants to get down and crawl so we’ll see the office doors open so okay, I might leave it on my lap for one minute. We’re going to do a quick check Liddy. So we are checking in now on the numbers. I am going to the tab to see where they are at and I’m not really planning to do any other work for the afternoon.

Yes, okay. So the numbers there have been no more signups since yesterday. From what I can see three signups. So I feel like I don’t know I feel fine about that. And I think it’s not from this place of like, ignorance kind of thing or like blind hope. But just like this is the work that I am doing. So I don’t know. I’m double checking that that’s correct. Which I believe it is. Okay, Liddy is now in the corner with a postage bag that needs to be center. So I’m gonna wrap this up. But I don’t know I feel like this is just my opportunity to practice being in it’s working.

Trusting the work my past self has done. The work my present day self is doing. The belief work and self coaching I’m doing now especially when it’s working focus matters that it’s not like, well the work people are experiencing was created by my past self so it does not matter what present day me thinks that it does matter. And I’m just going to practice being in that energy. And the best way to practice that is when things aren’t working. Because when things like quote unquote aren’t working, when it feels like things are working, it’s so easy for our brain to just kind of think we’re in belief when we’re not really so this is my works. Anyway, Liddy is crawling down the hallway. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Okay, so me again, obviously, but it is still the 29th of April. It’s like 10 minutes since I recorded that last update, I went and got Lydia from down the hallway. And then as I was thinking about it, because I feel like, I just thought about it so quickly when I was trying to catch Liddy. Hello! Is that, we so with having zero signups, which is surprising to me because that is not what I’m expecting. That is not where my belief is at in terms of the number of signups that we would at least have on the second day.

Given as well. The breakdown means that some of the numbers technically from the second day from the first 24 hours that we would have have at least three more signups given that we had three on the first day. So I am surprised that we have zero. And so I don’t feel like in panic about it or anything, which I feel like it’s from the mindset I’ve been focusing on this morning. But I just sent a loom video to Daisy, who is working closely with me on the launch.

And if you are in PGSD, you know, Daisy, she’s the community manager, and asking her and telling her as well that she… I like to get her to do some super thinking on why that’s the case. And to come up with ideas and theories for that based on it’s working, but not also been like, well, it’s working. So it’s fine. And yay, go us and like we’re doing a great job, pat on the back. Let’s just keep going. And not from this. Like it’s not working energy, but to be like, okay, it is working. And because we know it’s working. We had zero signups on day two. So what are our theories about that? And is there anything that we need to correct for or optimize for or consider?

Like, what are we getting in the support inbox? Like just different things like that? Is it just that there wasn’t an incentive to sign up after the initial opening? And everyone’s thinking, Well, you know, it’s April now and the doors aren’t closed till May, even though it’s the beginning of May, like that’s ages away, I’ll just wait. So to be like, to when I think we’re truly in this sufficiency and belief, and it’s working energy, that is when the numbers aren’t where we think they should be.

We lean in and do the work to problem solve for that. It’s not like as I was saying, that first update that I really wanted to record this little bit as well. Because I didn’t think I’ve fully thought it out before I wrapped up that update is that it’s not just like, cool, I feel good about zero signups great. And I’m not doing anything else today, close the laptop, it’s like, cool, I feel fine about that. Because I know that it’s working. And I’m in belief about that. And because I’m in belief about that. Now I’m going to be doing some thinking about the causes for that.

And if there is anything we need to do differently, or maybe there isn’t something, but to just be like actively engage with that question. And to be looking at the numbers looking at the data to be, yeah, just coming up with theories. And we’re going to cover it like and when we do our launch debrief as a team. And we know where the final numbers land, we will be able to evaluate.

But also every time I say this to Daisy, like every launch, the way that the numbers play out during the launch differs. It’s not like everyday, it’s every, you know, the first 24 hours, it’s a certain percent and then, you know, the last 24 hours, it’s like 50% of the people. And then like it’s not like that when we look at the numbers that we have when we’ve done the data on it. It’s different every time.

And a lot of times. That’s because like the last time PGSD opened, it hadn’t been open for seven months prior. And now this time when to open it was open a few months ago. So maybe there’s less incentive for people to sign up right at the beginning. I don’t know. But I am going to be doing some super thinking on it. When Lydia is napping, if I don’t have time to do it when she’s napping, I will do it this evening when Steve gets home from work.

And I will probably be doing some thinking about it as I’m just going about the day with Lydia. But yeah, I think it is really important like when I really think about truly being in the energy of it’s working. And there are 60 businesses, 60 business owners, 60 families essentially as well that we want to help with this launch with our goal of 60 and that every single one of them is worthy of us putting in the effort.

And really it isn’t about the money because my day to day life does not change regardless of whether we have zero signups or 60, or whatever. At this point, it does not impact my individual finances, but it does impact the lives of those 60 and also what we are demonstrating as a business in terms of getting out of your own way and what that looks like in terms of marketing in just like on so many levels.

So I’m committed to the 60. And to problem solving for that, and also, for me to practice, like, this has been my work for this launch to practice being in the like being in that belief and energy of its working and solving from that place, rather than solving from an it’s not working place. And what I was saying before in the part one update from today is… What was I saying? Now, she was just looking at we’re making sure that she wasn’t eating, so she should not be eating.

But what was I saying? I can’t remember. But yeah, my work for this launch is, I think, like, practicing that belief being in that belief. And also, that’s what I was gonna say today is about, and this rest of this launch is about receiving and not having to be doing in order to feel worthy of receiving and to feel busy with work. And so then I feel like, oh, cool, like the numbers are flowing in. And that’s fine, because I have been busy. And so I deserve it, that I haven’t been busy. And it’s not anything to do with me deserving it. It’s really to do with what our PGSDers deserved for their futures.

And their businesses and their life. But yeah, to just be like practicing receiving without having to be giving at the same time. It’s like, how when we receive a present from someone, unless it’s like a birthday or something like say, someone gives you a Christmas present, and you don’t have one for them, you feel like, oh, I need to give them something at the same time, because it needs to be that like equal exchange in the moment. And it’s just like letting ourselves, letting myself receive without having to be giving in that same moment.

And just like being in that receiving, and yeah, allowing it to feel easy. Like to feel uncomfortably easy. And I can just feel that when I was thinking like, cool. Now I’m the co, like the pilot in the plane, in the cockpit, that I was like, cool! Now I can be busy with all the buttons and whatever. And I just kind of had to catch myself on that. When I was thinking about it last night. I’m like, Okay, this is yes, we of course, optimizing. But this is not about me being busy.

Oh, like filling my whole day with self coaching or, like tweaking emails or things to just like, make sure there’s a decent amount of things that don’t get tweaked. And I just am seeing like little bits and pieces that I can add and doing that. But yeah, not trying to just now get into this busyness. So that is something as well, that I think is so important, regardless of sign up numbers.

But especially with a goal, like the goal that we have, so that’s what I’m practicing. That’s my work. So I’m going to do that super thinking later on. I will probably update you on that tomorrow when I do my check in and we will hypothesize about it make a plan of action if one is necessary and go from there. And yeah, just keep believing that it’s working because it is working and solving for it from that place. So okay. I am going to go now and I will talk to you tomorrow.

Okay, so today is the 30th of April it is 9:30am, I got a little sleep in this morning until seven, which was so nice and then went for a run with Lydia, had breakfast with her. And now I am sitting down to work. And I just feel like I’m in such a incredible place mentally, when it comes to the growth mindset, and I’m just feeling like, I’ve never really know that I’ve never felt this way before. That’s been dramatic and all of nothing about it.

But I just feel like I’m really in that growth mindset in terms of, I’ve got this, I can create the result that I want to create, that I can be resourceful about it, that me being able to get the result that we are aiming for isn’t a reflection of my value as a person, I think that’s the biggest thing. Like, that’s what the growth mindset is really about when we’re in that growth mindset. We don’t see our result as a reflection of our self worth.

And that is why we’re able in the growth mindset, to be so resourceful, to be so resilient, to be so courageous, because we’re not making it mean anything about us. And I’m really feeling that way about this launch. And that. Yeah, I just it. I was thinking about it last night that with this whole, like doing work at the last minute versus ahead of time, that I think I felt entitled to it working because I did the work ahead of time. And that felt like a lot of growth for me to do that, that I felt like, well, it should work, we should hit our goal. And yeah, though, just a real sense of entitlement that I that I hadn’t even really noticed.

And I’d been in this mindset of like, well, I don’t want to have like, thinking about that analogy I’ve been talking about with being the pilot, like I don’t want to have to fly the plane because I’ve already spent all this energy and effort like building the plane and like doing all the things that I just want to not have to fly it like it should be able to fly by itself. This kind of as I said entitlement I feel like it really is the best word. And by the way, when I’m thinking about it like this, it’s not in this. Like I’m not in any shame about it or beating myself up about it.

And I can really feel that that I just feel like I was saying to Steve, very problem solvie like that I can feel that. I do know what I’m doing. I do know that the demand is there, PS, that’s just a belief, like, it’s easy to say, well, easy for you to say, I could easily believe the opposite of that. But I have been working on cultivating that belief. And I really am feeling like my belief in my ability to have, you know, something that’s happening in an event or whatever, start a certain way, but ended in different way is something that I really haven’t.

I haven’t practiced that skill set very much before. And I think that’s why it has been, I have had that desire, one of the reasons to leave things until the last minute, because it feels like if I create things ahead of time, I’m not going to have influence over the result. Because once it starts, then that’s it instead of recognizing you can create ahead of time. And that does not mean you’re abdicating your power.

In fact, I can really see how having created all the emails ahead of time and the Instagram posts and that kind of thing that even though there are ones that we’re going to be changing, that it really allows me to, like have that high level view of like, okay, here’s everything we’d plan to say, what of this, like, there’s a lot of emails that were going out later in the series that I’m going to move up and send out like today and tomorrow. And then I’m going to be writing new emails to go out towards the end.

And I’m so much it’s so much easier to be in that problem solving mindset when I can see, like, what they’re like what was going to be going out and how I can optimize and iterate on that. Instead of like, well, I don’t know what I’m creating. So now I have to kind of create from scratch, like it’s easy to spot the problems when there is something to spot problems with. And at the same time, it’s also not this. Like I’m not thinking about like the emails and the podcast series and that kind of thing. Like they aren’t good enough and it’s not going to work. It’s like it is working.

And what can I say that I hadn’t realized that I needed to say that they need to hear and just thinking that through and saying that and yeah, I think when I think back to the the launch that we did around this time last year, where we weren’t getting the result that I had anticipated that I wasn’t in this mindset at all. And I was very much in self pity, I wasn’t like I was thinking I was spending a lot of time thinking about what to do differently.

But I wasn’t really now that I, I know better what that feels like that I was more so in this, like, it’s not working, this is a mess, this isn’t gonna, like, we’re never gonna get there and what can I do to try and compensate for that, instead of really been like it is working. And now what do we do, and not being entitled about, because I did that work ahead of time. And that was so much growth to me.

And it took a lot of mental energy to do that, and discipline to do that. And, and that doesn’t mean that just because I did it ahead of time that it’s going to work instantly, I kind of think about with power planning, how we talk about like, just because you are putting in your power planning, you know, your hypothesis as to what you think will get you to your goals, and you are following through with that and you’re doing the scary things, it doesn’t mean that that isn’t necessarily going to get you to your goals.

That’s just a theory you have. And the best way to get to your goals is to come up with your theory, test it, review it in an objective, self compassionate way, iterate and keep doing that. And it’s like just because you could actually get yourself to follow through with your plan doesn’t mean the plan was going to work. But you are in a better position for having followed through with it than if you hadn’t tried it at all. So I think is that same thing here that, again, I had really been this entitlement around. I’ve done the hard thing.

Like it’s like it’s always done. Like, all these workouts are really challenging for like, a couple of weeks, you’re like I’ve been working out so hard and eating so healthy, I should have the body I want by now. Like no, that’s not how it works. And so yeah, I’ve just, it was so helpful for me to just notice that feeling of like, I don’t want to have to go in and write new emails. And that’s a lot of mental energy. And instead, I’ve just been like, I love writing. Like I love talking to my people, I have so much I can say to them, I have so many more ideas that I could say to them.

And I have the time to do it as well, like I’ve created the time. And it’s not. And that’s so important to match it. Like it’s not just like time’s falling in my lap. I have created the time. I’ve had the conversations I need to have with the people in my life so that I have the focus I can give to this. And it’s also not like now I need to spend all day every day doing it. So like yesterday, I had Lydia for the day. And so I like did my check in and I checked in with Daisy, which is so fun, because I had talked to her about super thinking and she was like, Yep, I’ve already started that. Here’s a task. Here are my ideas.

And so we’ve been going back and forth on that. We went back and forth a little bit but then I stopped my work day at like I basically I didn’t really have a wide day yesterday. I did like an hour or so when Lydia was napping, I did the check ins with the podcast. And then after she went to bed, I did about half an hour of super thinking. And there was an email last night that went out about power planning and I added some power planning testimonials to that. And that went out. Then I close my office door. That’s something I’ve been doing as well.

So this is like when I’m done I close my office door. I log out of my business Instagram account it’s my personal one just so like if I do open it. It’s not like it’s harder for me to just kind of go down that path. But yeah, I’ve just been like last night. We just watched the new maybe they’re not new. But the Ozark second half of the most recent season. We started that just been Yeah, went for a walk with Lydia yesterday afternoon. So I’ve just been like when it comes to work time, working, getting shit done using my brain.

And then also like yesterday, I was really thinking about that I need to rest my brain. So that tomorrow I can really be thinking and executing at a high level. And I’m going to have the whole day in terms of like, basically from 930 till probably five if I wanted, but I’m not I don’t think I’m going to need that much time. It’s really just about me sitting down and using my brain and it’s not going to want to think it’s going to want to just like though do they exist? To just keep redirecting it and to be focused on, this is the outcome I creating. I’ve got this, we’ve got this.

The demand is that this works for our best client. There already a yes. And now, it’s just a matter of communicating that so that they know that now is the best time. This is the like, this is for you. This is who else is in that is like all these different things. But yeah, when we were doing this thinking yesterday, just to share a couple of things that came out. But actually, maybe I’ll share a few more things because this is kind of how I was doing it yesterday.

And I am going to continue doing this after the update and then implement what has come out of this, but identifying like, our best clients, the ones who like already signed up. Why did they decide to sign up early? Like why did they decide to sign up at the beginning of the launch? And identifying their way of thinking. And then our best clients who haven’t signed up yet. Why haven’t they? What are the thoughts that they are having? And so it’s not just like, okay, here are three things I wrote, maybe, I don’t know, 15 to 20, different things that are just made up theories that I have. And that might be accurate.

There might not be but I’m just testing like, getting my brain to come up with all these different ideas. Instead of like, here are the three right. Well, like I’ve written down all these ideas that I’m like, I don’t really know if that’s the reason. So I’ve got like, they’re still listening to the podcast episodes from the procrastination series. They can sign up later. So they just decided that they will sign up right at the end.

And then I have other ones about like, they don’t know the difference between the PGSD process and power planning, or like how that fits in? They’re still deciding if now is the right time for them. Or if they should join the next round in July, or like what they’ve got going on in the next three months. They don’t know what’s Oh, who else is inside PGSD? They’re not sure if they need to learn some more about marketing before they sign up or so they’re not so overwhelmed about it.

Just different things like that one of the ones I am going to definitely address with an email is like, why now is the best time of year to do this. And I want to mention this too, because when I was talking about it with Daisy, and she was saying like I you know, the last one was January, you know, everyone’s so excited about the new year. And so I’m just curious that if we you know, as we continue to launch, if we just notice that in January, we have higher signup numbers. And I said, I refuse for us to be in that way of thinking that it is.

That’s kind of like, you know, there’s an it’s so easy said, Well, of course that makes sense. And we’re probably gonna have highest numbers in January. But if we believe that that will be true, because we believe that not because it is true. Like we will create that by subconsciously being more committed and more all in on our January launches, and being more belief about what we can achieve, then we are later in the year.

So I was saying to her, like, No, we are building the belief that like every time we launch, we hit our goal. And we invite in the number of people that we want to help with that round of the PGSD process. And how can we frame it like, because now is such a perfect time of year, like it’s always a perfect time of year to work on this. And we just need to help them see that and give them coaching around that through the emails through the Instagram posts or whatever.

So they can really get oh, like, like, I don’t, it’s not going to help me to wait till July, it’s not going to help me to wait till next January like this is the right time for me. And so that work is on us instead of us thinking like, oh, no, it’s just like the calendar year that creates that like time is made like January is just a concept, New Year’s resolutions, just a concept. And so yeah, that is something that I’m going to be writing an email on today.

And then I had a look at the emails from the last launch. And I was looking at, okay, like this set of emails with the podcast series and Instagram posts and things created 50 new clients for PGSD. So what about these emails do I think was compelling? Are there emails that we can reuse? Are there and it was so interesting to just look at it with that lens because I had reviewed all these emails before writing the ones for this launch.

And I was kind of like, I don’t think maybe there were a couple emails I reused and tweaked a bit. But I was kind of like, oh yeah, there’s so much room for improvement here and I’m excited to write new ones. And now looking back at it, like there are actually some things that I’ve touched on here that I do feel are important that we haven’t covered in the new one and I am going to add in some of those so as an example.

What is one of the ones? Number five anyway, I’m just looking through it now, but ones are. So there was an email we sent out last time about why PGSD is for business owners, and we just wanted to be like this emailing intention behind it at that time was to just be really clear that PGSD is for entrepreneurs. It’s not for students, it’s not for, you know, other people who have perfectionism and want to release it, though, the process still works.

But this is really about specifically, we help people with how perfectionism comes up with business, and entrepreneurship and achieving business goals. And like, that’s very much what we’re focused on. And we want to make sure that everyone in PGSD is a business owner, that doesn’t mean you have to be making a whole heap of money. Like it’s so important. If you have a business, you’re a business owner, even if you’re making consistent money in that business yet. But that email was really about PGSD to business owners.

And so I kind of be like, well, that’s not what we’re talking about in this launch anymore, because we’ve made it clear. But there was actually a lot in this email that I think, is still really important for people to know about business and perfectionism combined. And who else is in PGSD? And that kind of thing. So I had, yeah, just basically dismissed that email. But now looking at it again, I’m like, okay, cool, I think we could actually use that email.

And just being in that kind of like, also sorry, the one about how power planning makes you actually be a good boss for yourself. If a good boss is such a thing like that, just being your own boss. Like being proficient at that doesn’t just happen by itself. And everyone talks about how amazing it is to be your own boss, not if you’re a bitch to yourself with your calendar, not if you create these insane li long to do lists like this email is about, you know, imagine if you had a boss who told you exactly what to focus on in your business each week, they hand you a plan that’s taking into account your family commitments, your health goals, your day job, they’ve considered what time of day you work best, how long it actually takes you to write your weekly email newsletter.

And the way your motivation fluctuates throughout the week, that might have even accounted for which phase of your cycle you’ll be in or giving you space to work on dream projects, you haven’t had time to start, they’ve only included the tasks that will make a difference in your business. They’ve given you extra buffer time in case something unexpected comes up, all the deadlines have given you are achievable. They tell you that you can change your plans whenever you need. And they’ve given you plenty of clean rest.

So it’s easy to say focus, when it’s time to work in your business. When your power planning, you’ll be this boss to yourself like that email, I’d be like, no, like, it’s, we don’t really need to have that. And I think for this launch, as well, I’ve been very focused on like talking about the PGSD process and introducing that. And I feel like I have actually done that enough with the podcasts series that I did on procrastination. And to still be like, I kind of be like, Well, I don’t want to talk specifically about Power Planning anymore.

But I think there’s so much value in that and really spelling it out. Because when you sign up for PGSD, you set your growth goal and then you spend your first three months being all in on power planning, and doing that imperfectly and all the things so yeah, it’s just like, I don’t know if you can hear it, but I just feel in such a different mindset to what I have been before and I like to talk about how there’s like the fixed and growth mindset on a spectrum. And whenever just like fully the fixed or fully in the growth and what kind of always moving closer and closer to being in that growth mindset.

And sometimes we feel that and sometimes we don’t but we are always moving closer to it that I feel like with this like I’ve really just it’s kind of I’ve just moved that next bit along that I can feel that difference and it’s just been like I think with the number of signups I’ve been thinking that that means like I need in terms of my own like ego and how like how I think about myself and that kind of thing that I’ve wanted to some degree like and I can tell this from how I was feeling a bit nervous to check in on the numbers on the first day that obviously I was making it mean something about myself I wouldn’t feel that way or I was making it mean that I wouldn’t be able to change the result.

So of course I’m going to feel nervous about it because I’m thinking like my destiny is sealed. So when it comes to that that now I’ve like my train of thought when I go on these tangents well that’s okay. But yeah, really thinking others have to say about wanting to feel like, well, I’m this kind of business owner. And that’s evidenced by the amount of money I’m making, but really just getting that, if I know my goals over the next few years, like they’re gonna happen, then this is really just about learning the skill set of being able to have a launch start a certain way and end in a completely different way, and me be the creator of that.

And the best way to do that is to go all in on the goal. And I was actually coaching a peer on this other day, when I’ve been doing the peer coaching, we like do have this. And so it was, like, when I was coaching, this person she was talking about, like, well, I’ve grown so much. So it’s, you know, that’s great. And I should celebrate that, then it’s kind of okay that I haven’t achieved the goal. I was like, Yes, and you still need to be committed to the goal, you still need to be all in on the goal. And we need to make sure we’re not using growth as an excuse not to be all in and to say, Well, I’ve grown and I’ve learned a lot.

So it’s okay, if I kind of just, you know, don’t put in this last bit of effort, because I’ve, I’ve come so far to be like, Yes, I have come so far. And I’m going to honor myself by continuing to show up for myself with the goal and being all in on the goal. It’s not like you either grow or you achieve your goal. They like going all in on the goal. And this is why we have the Growth Goal, like going all in on the goal is what gets you to grow. It’s not either or, and you’re choosing one or the other.

So really getting like my maturity as a entrepreneur or business owner, that comes from having this skill set that this launch is allowing me to develop of having a result and changing it. Rather than things just you know, creating the work ahead of time are the launch staff, and it just works effortlessly, like that is not as mature business owner as someone who can create and then if it’s not going to plan who can turn that around. And so that’s a skill set I’m developing with this launch. And it is a skill set.

So it means I’m still, like I’m a beginner at it and I think it’s really empowering. For me to think about it that way. Not that I should already be able to do it perfectly. But to just be like, this is a new skill I’m learning and I’m going to practice that skill. And it’s okay if like, I don’t have to figure it all out within this launch. But I’m going to use this launch as a container to practice that. But I’m launching again in July. Later in the year, we’ll be launching again next year, like there’s always opportunities to practice.

I’m sufficient, I’ve got what I need. And this is about this growth for me and also about knowing like that all those 60 people who are wanting to be in PGSD there already a Yes. And it’s just a matter of inviting them in. And to be really committed to each of those as individuals, like every one of them that we have sign up for PGSD is so important. It’s not just about cool. It only matters if we get or 60. Otherwise, what was the point? It’s like, no, these are individual lives.

Also, I just want to, before I check the numbers say that I heard myself this is why like documenting your journey, I find with a podcast is very helpful. Or the same one as in YouTube, like you hear yourself say stuff. And notice like, is that true? So I noticed that yesterday, I think I said, you know, this launch, it doesn’t the result of it doesn’t impact my personal finances or like my day to day or whatever. And I think that is true to the extent that like, I currently have food on the table, I will continue to have food on the table, like I have a roof over my head, I will continue to have a roof over my head like I have, like, I’m very privileged, I have a lot of my like needs as a human met in terms of shelter and all of that kind of thing.

But I just noticed that when I said that about this, you know, it doesn’t impact like my personal finances like it does. It definitely does. And I think it’s just I just found it interesting that I said it doesn’t because of course it does. And I haven’t really let myself be in that expansion of it. And I’ve just been like, well like my goals that I used to have have been met and we’re doing really well and so it’s almost like I haven’t wanted to let my brain be like but we can have more financial abundance I can have more financial abundance personally.

And I have bigger goals like I just think I haven’t like Steve and I always talking about the properties we want to have and like all these different things, but I haven’t, I think really gotten specific and clear with that. And so it doesn’t feel like having more financial abundance does impact me because I haven’t like thought or committed to or, you know, done super thinking about what that actually looks like. So I just think that’s like, that’s not my work for right now. But guess it does impact me personally. And it’s about helping other people as well. It’s and this is just, I think always so important.

Because if we don’t think of it this way, then we can block ourselves from making more money. If we think once our needs are met, then it is greedy to keep selling because then it’s like, it’s, you know, why would we need more, but we’re selling for the benefit of the customer, not for the effort, our benefit, and it’s okay that we benefit from selling. So I just want to wrap up on that. Okay, let’s check the numbers.

So in terms of the numbers, and I think I checked again last night, which was outside my designated times, but I also just was feeling fine about it. But when I was going, talking to Daisy about things, which we haven’t actually been on a call together that makes it sound like we have, we just send loom videos back and forth. But we had three signups. And I think so we had three signups in the first days, zero on the second day.

And I think just to like tell you about my belief has been when I’ve been thinking about it, that I can feel that I’m still comparing it to the past. I’m like, Well, we had 15 Sign up in the launch this time last year. And we’re definitely going to have more than that, like, I just have a belief that we’d have at least that again. And I feel like my belief is that about 30 that I feel like even if we didn’t change anything, we’d have 30 people sign up. And that’s work that I need to do to be like, it’s 60.

And I can feel myself what I know when I’m in that belief that it’s not going to be the 60 that I find myself like with my calculator, calculating like the number, I think times the price, and then seeing what that will be because I’m like, kind of thinking like, well, this could happen, that could happen. And then initially, when I was like it 60 I wasn’t doing that if I had the thought to that I was like, but why would I do that? And I just didn’t.

So I think my belief is around 30, which is really interesting. So that I would say means I’m not fully yet in the belief that I can turn this around that I might I can turn it half around. But also, I don’t know if I need to spend all like a lot of time trying to get in the belief that I can turn it around. I can’t remember what I don’t think I did my update yesterday after I’d done this super thinking I was just saying I am going to do it.

But I looked at the thought, the main thoughts for me that created that result in the January launch, which is this works for our best clients. I know what I’m doing. And what was the other one? Basically, like, I’ve got this Oh, and there are yes. Like they want like it’s not, there’s no convincing going on. There are yes, I know what I’m doing. And this works. And that those thoughts really fueled how I showed up and what we created and the result of 50.

And then I think as well, like the three signups we had had the last time I checked that those thoughts that I had created that as well. And I was listening to one of the 200k calls and Stacey was talking about like, you might just have this a thought that is going to actually create the results you want. You just haven’t spent enough time in it. So instead of it being about finding a different thought, it’s just about the thought that’s already working for you spending more time there.

So I feel like that’s what it is. I’m not going to be spending a whole lot of time like trying to coach myself on like, Why do I believe it 30 and not 60? I’m just going to be directing my brain to this works for our best client. I know what I’m doing there are yes. Like the demand is there. And that I can just turn that on. And it’s not like there’s, Okay, well, we need to get this perfect sequence of emails. And that’ll come on. It’s like, no, it’s just, I’ve got this, I can turn this on.

And this works and there are yes. So that’s I’m thinking about so in terms of what numbers I’m expecting to see right now. I feel like it’s almost like part of me wants it to be zero so that I can like keep going with by being resourceful and growth minded about it being not what I expected. But I would be surprised if it is still just three in total. But in terms of what I’m expecting to see I guess I would expect to see at this point in the launch. Six in total, I don’t know.

I’m not really clear on that but I feel like I’m thinking there will be no more signups it will still be three and it is still three. Let me double check that. So interesting. Okay, so this is kind of like yesterday like I feel okay about that. And now as well like having another day where people haven’t. There’s been only the three signups in total, to really be just more like not more in that mindset, but to really be in that mindset of like, okay, what is going on that like these three people, obviously were like, I’m totally in, here we go. I’m doing this right away.

And then what are the other people thinking? And not just being in this mindset of like, well, they’re going to wait till the last minute and so I’m just going to trust and whatever to be like, Well, as I’ve said, What could I say that I haven’t yet said not kind of thing. So anyway, this, this update is getting a bit long so I will wrap it up here and talk to you again tomorrow. But getting to work, I’ve got a blazer on, got my tea, got my water, got my air pods, and I am ready to get shit done.

Okay, so today is the second of May. It is 7:30am. I’m just about to jump on a peer coaching call. So I just wanted to come in and check the numbers before I get on the call so I can get coached as required. And for the sake of this episode, I have been doing the live updates.

So we are still at three signups which is actually quite surprising to me at this point, so anyway, I will get some coaching and we are nearly at the what am I trying to say the 48 hour to go mark in. So we are kind of, we’re less than 72 hours out we’ve still got a couple of days left. And yes, I will wrap this up as I get to my call and then I will come back and give you a full update.

Okay, so it is still the second of May, I have just gotten off my peer coaching call, which was so helpful. Holy shit, so helpful. So I am just going to chat through what came up. Also, someone else has signed up for PGSD while I was on that call, which is fun as well. Thank you, Courtney. Welcome. So on that peer coaching call, what I am taking away from that is really what I was getting coached on was, like, why I decided to create new launch content, like why I created the content around procrasti-working, and those new concepts and talking about the PGSD process in the way that don’t like, why did I choose to create new content and write new emails? I repurposed a few.

But for the most part, it was all new content, like why did I choose to do that? Instead of like that last launch created 50 clients, and why did they choose to not just take what worked and double down on it instead of completely changing it and like gutting it. And that was just really interesting. Because she was pointing out that then now at this point in time, as well, I’m fixing something that doesn’t need to be fixed. Like, it’s kind of just me repeating that, that the last launch didn’t need to be fixed.

And then I like tried fixing it. And then this launch doesn’t need to be fixed. And I’m trying to fix that. And she was saying, like, is this just like, undercover hustle? I was like, 100%, that is my work, to just let things be easy and to. Yeah, to not be in this mindset that I have to just create from scratch. And that I’ve been thinking about, like, my growth is that like, this year, we’re launching four times. And throughout that process, I’m gonna, like, Get clear on, like, you know, what PGSD is all about and how to articulate that.

And the way we’re going to do launches. And I was just saying, like, it doesn’t feel like the launches are at a place where I can just repurpose them, which is just so interesting to think about now. Because, like, it’s not this, like you either repurpose it fully, and just like in my mind, and be like, well, that’s kind of dialing it in. And so I need to be engaged with it and like, create and use my brain. And yeah, that I can repurpose, and double down on what’s working. And I can still, like, you know, go through the emails and make tweaks in the sense of like, not to change it or fix it.

But like, for example, the emails that I sent out in January, we didn’t really share testimonials, or that kind of thing. So like adding testimonials as an example, instead of just completely changing the content, and changing what it’s all about. And yeah, I just, it was just so interesting to have that pointed out. And I was asked, like, do I have evidence that you can keep something the same, like the circumstances same and get it a better result from it the next time or a different result?

And I was saying, like, I don’t really have evidence is that, like, my brain isn’t seen evidence of that. And so I’m thinking that every time I do things, it needs to be like, I just keep it the same, it’s not going to work, I guess, is the thought that I have. And so to instead, be thinking that way that it is working. And I’m going to keep what’s working instead of like, gutting it, and whatever, like I’m just going to keep what’s working and then, you know, make edits or whatever from that point of view, rather than this worked.

But if something else is gonna work better, it needs to be completely different. So that is really what I’ve taken away from it. And so I was saying like, Okay, well, what I’m getting, so she was saying, like, do you just need to like, let the ship sink so to speak. And, you know, let it play out and just do the debrief and like, take the loss and learn from it, or do you feel like you need to, you know, actually show yourself that you can turn it around and I was saying that I feel like before I’ve been like the ship sinking and holy fuck thinking I’m such a terrible, such a terrible try to think of who would steer a ship but I’ve just like been basically like, it’s a Titanic, this is a disaster.

And it’s all my fault. And I’m not a good person, like that kind of shame spiral about it. And that instead, this is like me showing myself that I like I want to be able to show myself that to use the Titanic analogy that I can actually say, Oh, look, there’s an iceberg ahead, let’s steer the ship away from it and keep going and get to where we want to go. That I think it’s really powerful for me to show myself that I can do that. Because before I’ve just kind of be like, Well, it hasn’t worked instantly.

So now I’m just going to, you know, go into a pity party shame spiral about it, and try and fix it from a place of it’s not working. And obviously, then that doesn’t end up with it working, because I’m trying to fix it from a place of it’s not working. So that I feel like it’s really powerful for me to not just let the ships sink so to speak, and to do what I can, like, do my work to be committed to the 60 to see that through.

And so what I was, what my conclusion was that I came to, is that, so today, I am going to just repurpose the emails, I was going to repurpose emails from the last launch and edit them, I’m just going to repurpose them, and coach myself on editing them, just going to repurpose them, I already say that I can feel that I have, I’m going to need to do my self-coaching, because I’m like, oh, there’ll be little things I want to tweak, just repurpose, and spend today, like give myself today.

So I’m gonna like if I want to do any Instagram stories, or whatever, I’m going to record that. I’m just going to today’s my day to get the rest done. And then I always say like, okay, so what I do with the other days, because I feel like I don’t get that many work days, like I have a story about my work time being scarce, and that I get three days a week, and I love working three days a week, and that I want to spend that time working.

And like, can I in that time, then create the Instagram content that’s coming out soon, you know, like, and she was like, why don’t you just repurpose things and you know, have someone on your team repurpose the stuff for you. And then like you just spend those two days, you know, you’re getting married next month, like just being in that and like, I was just like, Oh, that feels so uncomfortable to think about that in that way. Like I want to be doing something.

And that was the whole point of the coaching is is like undercover hustle. And procrasti-working of that I just feel like I want to be doing something with my time. And that that thought had me redoing the launch content, instead of just taking what was working and then adding some testimonials and whatever. And that I yeah, when I think about the year and I plan we have planned out when the launches will be might call this whole month they’ll be creating the launch content and this whole month will be creating a launch content and like making it this whole big thing.

Instead of just being like, Okay, well like and this is what I’m gonna do for the next one. I’m just gonna repurpose, like, evaluate my launch, and take what’s worked, and repurpose it and embellish it and not let myself create things from scratch. So yeah, I can just feel I need to, to get my mind on board with that. And that I want to, like I have these reasons of like, why wouldn’t want to do that. And that’s exactly like what’s created this result is me thinking it has to be different for it to work better, that something the same.

And I feel like I’ve I’ve done a lot of work on that, like instead of thinking, what needs to be a new program, or whatever that I have been practicing letting some things be the same. Like the PGSD process content, stuff like that, that I’ve wanted to change, I’m like, I’m just gonna practice letting that be the same. And change the way I’m thinking about it, which has been the sort of saying on the call, like, particularly with that, that just changing the way that I was thinking about it has dramatically changed out PGSDers results with it and how they’re interacting with it.

So yeah, I’m gonna do some self coaching and sell myself on why that is the best course of action. And so sell myself on like the next two days. So doing my launch stuff today, and the next two days, just letting myself be, but I already have, I have, you know, a week and a half, like two weeks basically off. After this launch, I can do my wedding stuff then and, like no, but I can feel like the resistance I have.

And this is like the work we do in PGSD when it comes to clean rest, but I don’t want it, that it just feels uncomfortable to be like having something that like I want to be feeling like I’m doing something to control. I’m like, I don’t know that I’m controlling something, at least that even if I’m not directly working on the launch, like I feel like I don’t have too much resistance around like today is just my day to get the launch stuff done. Maybe because that was basically the plan anyway.

But today, we’re getting the launch stuff done. And then that did but then I was like, but then I can spend my next few days like getting ahead with my Instagram stuff and whatever. That if instead I’m just like, this is which I mean, now I’m talking it through that. The reason that I was like I want to do the Instagram stuff, today and tomorrow is because I am thinking that I need so much time to create the content for the next launch.

So I mean, yeah, there’s a lot for me to self coach on there. But I am, I think what I’m going to do, I haven’t had breakfast yet. I’m going to go have breakfast, sit out on the deck, have a cup of tea, have some water, and just like let myself be for a minute, then I’m going to come back, I’m going to set a timer for 30 minutes, sell myself on the plan that I have, create the launch content. And then if I have any time after the day, and I need any more self coaching, I can do that then. But I just don’t want to spend like my whole morning, doing all the self coaching and then not just create the launch stuff.

So I’m going to do 30 minutes, set a timer, sell myself on the plan. And let myself feel uncomfortable about not working the next like, I’m still checking with the team and like make sure everything’s like, I’m not the pilot getting out of the plane. Like to use that analogy I’ve been using, like I going to, you know, put a parachute on and I’m going to just leave the plane and let it fly itself. Like, I’m still there. But I’m not having to you know, be tweaking all the dials or whatever, or be like mapping out a plan for the next flight that I can just be in what I’ve created.

And practice being in that receiving energy and that it’s working. It’s done energy. So yeah, okay. That’s my plan. Gonna go have some avocado on toast. Have my tea, do my self-coaching, get shit done. And, yeah, okay. This is like, this is when you know, like, I feel like sometimes I get quote, that I’m like, Okay, I’m on board with that, yes, I see it. And I can like implement it really easily without having to like self-coach after I’m telling myself on my like, that is not just like, Okay, I’m going to do this, because this is what this other person said I should do. But like, doing the self-coaching to make sure I know, it’s my plan, not just a plan that I was given.

And then there’s this kind of coaching where I’m like, I need to sit with it and self coach on it. And I think especially this kind of coaching, I’m like, This is what I need. This is the like discomfort people talk about, I talk about when it comes to personal growth of like that when we feel uncomfortable, and like, you know, there’s something we don’t want to do, like, we’re creating all the work ahead of time or the content ahead of time for this launch.

I’m so glad I did that. And on this coaching call. I was asked like, you know, you know, what are the winds been from this launch, and I can easily list them off. Like, I feel like there’s been so much growth from me as a coach and a creator and an entrepreneur, that creating the work ahead of time, like knowing that I have the ability to do that. And executing as a team has just been like beyond what we have ever done before and just so many things.

And that now I need to coach myself on like, this piece that I think if I don’t embody this coaching that I got today about the undercover hustle, then I will just be like the next launch which is probably without this coaching. What I would have done is like okay, Hey, well, I’m just going like that didn’t work critical. I mean, I don’t know, I still feel like it’s working we still got more than 48 hours for people to sign up.

But that I’m just gonna be like cool even if we you know, we hit the goal. I’m just going to create new stuff from scratch that I would have done that if I hadn’t gotten this coaching and just seeing that I fixed something that didn’t need fixing. Same with Instagram, I think I’m thinking about it like, well, I need to fix it. Because it needs fixing instead of just been like, oh, no, it is working. And I don’t know, okay, I’m just rambling at this point. So I’m gonna wrap this up. But I will talk to you tomorrow, and tell you about how it all went.

Today is the third of May, it’s 8:50am. I’ve just been provoked with Lydia and Cotton. And I had pretty much the majority of yesterday afternoon off. And it was really nice caught up with some friends yesterday evening. And yesterday, I just really got that I was using this goal, and being able to turn it around, so to speak, or, like course correct slash optimize as a way to try to prove to myself that I am the kind of entrepreneur that can do that.

And that I’m the kind of entrepreneur that can hit my goals instead of just believing that’s the case. And yeah, after that peer coaching, which I’m sure I didn’t update on yesterday, I just really got that that’s what I was doing. And seeing, it just allowed me to, I guess, just like it sometimes when you have the self awareness, it’s enough alone, it feels like to just be able to drop a belief that you’ve had and other times the self awareness, you have any or yet still holding on to the belief.

But in this case, I feel like just seeing that I was using this goal, because I didn’t I really felt like it was coming from a place of sufficiency. And that I wasn’t trying to prove anything to myself with this goal. And then just saying, Oh, it wasn’t that I’m trying to prove to myself necessarily a certain amount of money that I can make, but that I have the ability to turn things around, I have the ability to hit my goals that that like anytime there’s this proving energy that is coming from a place of inadequacy and not being insufficiency, because we don’t need to prove anything when we’re in sufficiency.

So I think I just wanted to offer as well that if you and your self coaching and your journaling, if you are noticing any kind of proving energy, whether it’s to others, to yourself to your coach, to your peers, whoever it is, that that is just something worth investigating. Because I think there are a lot of different ways that can come up. And that doesn’t mean that if we do notice that then we should make ourselves wrong about it. But to just be curious about it. And interested in it too.

Anyway, yesterday, I just got pretty much the emails from the last launch, and put them into this launch without really editing them at all. And yeah, I got the, like, any content that I’m muted for while I’m away, got that like repurposing things. So that that’s going out. So yeah, that’s what I did yesterday afternoon. And yeah, I finished up around 2:30. Anyway, I haven’t checked in on any numbers or anything.

Since yesterday, though Daisy did mention that someone else this was like sometime yesterday, she mentioned that someone else has signed up. And they’re paying a multiple card so that it wouldn’t have shown up yet on the thing. So I do know that there should be at least five. And it’s interesting, just thinking about where I think the numbers will be at. And I kind of just feel like I don’t, I’m still holding the space for the 60.

And just welcoming like just being in that receiving and welcoming and inviting energy, even though most of what has already what’s going out over the next. There’s basically like just less than 36 hours now that it’s open. And even though that’s all pretty much being creative that I’m just being in that so I am going to check the numbers. And then my plan today I’m not really doing any work.

So I’m just really going to be checking in I will be checking in to see if there’s anything that does need to be done. But yes. Okay, so we are at five in total. I’m just looking at to see if that someone Daisy mentioned. Okay so we’re at five, so we still have the emails going out. I would be expecting that there are more but also celebrating the five. And yeah, I’m going to go look in the PGSD forum and see if they’ve introduced themselves.

And I just feel like at this point in the launch that it’s really just about being in the I don’t know just like they’re like I’ve just been insufficiency and grateful for everything like that. Five new PGSDers we have so far the PGSDers we already have in our community, the like life that I’m able to live, the coaching that I’m able to do, what I’m able to create, like, it’s just so fun to and feel so good to think about like me from I don’t know, even like two years ago that this my life today would just be like incredible to think about and especially like, yeah, just my personal life as well that like the house renovations done.

Lydia’s here like this time two years ago, I was like, I just want to be pregnant. And yeah, we have Lydia, we have our house renovated. Just living in the most beautiful setting, like full time in my like, there’s so many things that it’s so easy to normalize. Yeah. So today, I’m just being in that energy of like, I’ve done my part. And I’m still showing up and being engaged and doing the things but also, I’m not going to be just trying to be seen busy to try and like man handle the result or like feel in control of it.

So yeah, okay that’s my update for today’s I will do another update tomorrow, which will be probably about like six hours before cart close. So interesting is how long this Open Cart period feels when I’m not having to create everything in the last minute that I’m just like, it’s still going. Whereas it before in previous launches, for the most part has just felt like it’s gone super quickly. Because I haven’t felt like there’s enough time to get everything done.

And because there’s been so much time just because of the way I’ve changed and grown and am thinking about it that it just feels I don’t know, there’s just this abundance of time. And it’s crazy to believe that we’re still not even in the last 24 hours yet. So I’ll do another check in tomorrow. And then I will do a final check in. After like, all the numbers are in, we closed the doors to PGSD. If you’re not familiar, we don’t extend the dates, we don’t let people in once like the doors are closed, we when we say it’s closed, it is closed.

We don’t have people join between launch periods, it’s open, when we say it’s open, it’s closed, when we say it’s closed, so on, I might do it on the fifth. Anyway, I will do it sometime definitely before my break. Otherwise, I’m just gonna probably forget it. But that’s not true, I won’t forget. But I want to be able to just give my last little update. And I will also be doing a launch debrief. But I feel like these episodes have enough in them that I don’t need to share all of that I might depending.

When I do that, I might just share a little update about my key learnings from this launch. But I feel like I’ve shared so many of them already because I’ve just been learning so much along the way. Like this feels like I just did, um, I was reading through the perfectionist power ups. And were putting some of them on Instagram. And one of the ones is something along the lines of like to ask yourself, we love to ask ourselves like, how can I make sure this doesn’t fail, but to instead ask ourselves, How can I set this up to be the most growth inducing failure I’ve ever experienced.

And I definitely don’t feel like this is a failure. But in the like, it’s and hasn’t been on track in terms of my expectations. And I have like grown so much more than if we had like just achieved the goal right out of the gate. So I just think this has been such an example of that. And yeah, just the power of being willing to be all in and to investigate your mind and your perfectionism or there’s been so much of that with this that I have feel like I have released so yeah, okay, anyway, this episode I’m sure it was gonna be so long once only the piece together. But that’s all good. And I really hope this is helpful. So I will talk to you tomorrow with my last live numbers check in and then yeah, we will take it from there.

Okay, so it is the 18th of May a little while since my last update. And I just wanted to share a bit of my launch debrief the final result that we had. And my key takeaways. And I feel like this launch has been such a success, especially in the sense that I had been able to see something about my mindset, and my beliefs that I had not seen before. And that I probably would not have been able to see without having gone through this experience.

And that is going to have us create so much more. Like, be so much more helpful for you. And to really coach at a higher level to help you get out of your own way at a higher level. Like all the things I’m just so excited about it. So I want to share with you a bit of my debrief from the launch. And a couple of key takeaways that have just made, like I don’t know, my mind is just blown. And I’ve just been sitting in curiosity.

So I did this debrief a couple of days ago on Monday. So today is Wednesday. And I had the week before, after basically, the launch wrapped up, we went away to the coast for a friend’s wedding. And then I had the following week off. And so I sat down on Monday, and I did my launch debrief, too, it’s so important, if you are doing any kind of promotion or launch, or if you’re not, if your business model doesn’t look like that.

This is why in PGSD, we have the quarterly review. So it really gives you a point to do that. And we have our weekly reviews as well. But I recommend creating a little container for yourself. So even if you’re like always selling to say maybe you sell a service, and it’s always open, that like at the end of every month that you come in, or at least every quarter, you come in and you do something similar to this, the reason that I at the moment have been really loving launches to grow my own selling skills, and coaching skills and self awareness.

And all the things is because it does create a nice container. But it’s so important that we make the most of that. And I know for sure so I have at this point probably launched, at least I would say 20 times over the course of my business. And I would say I have only started actually evaluating launches, in the last like five times I’ve done them or maybe 10. But I did so many launches, where if I hit the number, which didn’t happen that often amazing and I was on such a high and I didn’t like kind of sit down to dissect why that worked.

And so my brain just jumped to conclusions of like, oh, it was the email sequence or it was some particular part. When I missed I know for sure I missed so many things. Because I just let my brain default to what it thought the reason was. And then when a launched didn’t go well, I didn’t sit down and evaluate without judgment without shame. And having self compassion and curiosity and objectivity.

I didn’t sit down to actually look at okay, why didn’t we get the result that we had planned to get? And what were the contributing factors? And because I didn’t do that evaluation, what ended up happening was I just made it about me and that I’m not good enough. And it really put me in this like helplessness and unresourcefulness. If that’s a thing, in the sense that I was just like, well, I didn’t work. I don’t know why it didn’t work. I don’t know what to do differently next time.

I just need to be more committed and more motivated. But I didn’t actually have any clear strategy. And your strategy for your next promotion comes from evaluating your previous one. And so I just wanted to share a bit about the evaluation process. I don’t know if I did the debrief as part of the last launch series that I did. But I hope this will be helpful and will give you an idea about what to do.

And so I talked about there being just as a basic framework for evaluations, what worked, what didn’t work and what to do differently. And that can be helpful. But what I’m actually finding is that a framework that was given in the 200k mastermind I’m in that was mentioned in the January event that I went to has really helped me to be a bit more specific with things. And so that’s what I’m going to be sharing I can’t remember if what I’m actually sharing is my tweak version of that or if it’s actually the same as what we share but anyway, I just wanted to mention that’s where it has come from.

And it is really like this is how like going I even having wrapped up the launch. Having done so much self coaching, peer coaching, journaling, all the things about the launch as it went on, as I have documented in these episodes that I didn’t get this lesson that has been so powerful until I did the debrief, and I was like, Holy fucking shit. So the framework is my main thoughts during the launch. What’s the reason our best clients didn’t buy? What’s the reason our best clients did buy, what I know for sure is happening.

And my plan in this moment is as follows. And so, it’s so important that when we are doing an evaluation, that we aren’t just focused on the actions that we’re taking, so how many’s times we posted on Instagram, or the emails that we sent or those sorts of things, it’s really important to look at our thoughts because our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings, create our actions, and our actions create our results.

It’s not that our actions alone create our results. If an action for example, posting on Instagram, is being driven by a thought, this is never going to work, no one wants to hear what I’m saying, This is too boring, I’m being so annoying to everyone, then even the action of posting an Instagram that’s going to produce a different result than if you’re thinking they totally want to hear about this, this totally works for them. I love sharing this, I can’t wait to talk about it again, like if you’re having those kinds of thoughts, then it’s going to be a different result. It’s not just the action alone of posting or whatever that is going to create that.

So it’s very important when you’re evaluating. And throughout this, we’re not going to read through the whole thing. But anytime I did talk about an action, I brought it back to like, what were my thoughts that created that action. And that is what’s going to, like the strategy for the next launch is to think differently. Like, that’s always the answer. And when you think differently, that might mean there are different actions that you take. But it is so important that when we are evaluating what to do differently, it’s very easy.

As I said, if we don’t do an evaluation to be like, Oh, I should have posted on Instagram more or less or done posts, like this person or whatever. And it might not be Instagram, I’m just using that as an example, because a lot of us are on Instagram. But we really miss the point. And we keep the same thoughts that haven’t been helping us. And we’re actually responsible for the result. And we bring them to the next launch. And we create a very similar result. And then we’re very frustrated because we tried a different strategy.

But the strategy is changing your thoughts, and the debrief and going through your launch with self coaching and peer coaching. So you can get coached by the PGSDers to reach out to PGSDers in the forum and see if anyone will get on a call with you and help you like it’s so it’s so important. Also, obviously the PGSD coaching goals themselves, we can get coached by the PGSD coaches at the moment. That’s me and Michelle.

So yeah, anyway, it’s all about how you’re thinking, because that determines the way that you are taking a certain action. And so I really brought it back to that just to also quickly mention that in terms of numbers, we ended up with nine signups. And that meant revenue was I need to get my little spreadsheet at my Airtable, the one I’ve been checking this whole time throughout the launch, it should tell me the number but basically 9 times $3,330. Because we only had the pay in full option for this launch.

So while that is opening, I will start running through my debrief and evaluation. And the key there, like there’s one key point I really want to talk about because I just never saw this coming. So my main thoughts during the launch, including the pre launch period was my growth of this and you will ever heard me say these thoughts, or some variation of these thoughts. These won’t be surprising, but it’s so important to kind of just go through and identify them.

And also what I did when I was thinking about what are my thoughts? It wasn’t just like, What am I consciously thinking. But I also looked at some of the actions that I was taking, and what might I have been thinking, if I did that action, or I had planned to take this action, I didn’t end up doing it. So here’s one that my goal for this launch is getting everything done ahead of time. They had everything they need to hear about power planning in my last launch.

So I can’t focus on that during this launch. I wasn’t really consciously thinking that though I’m sure I have actually like said those words at some point. But that was me looking at like, Oh, why did I decide to take a completely different direction, even though it didn’t feel like a different direction to me at all. With the content of the launch that through the process of doing this launch I have realized that I was actually speaking to a different problem.

Another thought I had 50 signups in the January launch, were for sure going to have 60 in this launch. This thoughts and flavors of this thought is what I’m going to be talking about later on. We have to share more testimonials this time, I need write all new emails for this launch and create everything from scratch. I’m not doing any Instagram stuffs. One of my team should be handling that by this stage of my business.

Again, this is another thought that I’m going to be talking about. I can’t tell if I’m meddling or micromanaging, I have to make sure I don’t do that. And I can’t trust myself not to do that. I have to develop the skill of creating all the costs, or the launch content ahead of time because when I get pregnant again, I want to stick to my launching schedule, I want to feel well enough to do it in the moment. I won’t trust myself, I don’t trust myself to be able to get it done. Removing the payment plan option for this launch shouldn’t make a difference.

It’s okay if I don’t show up on Instagram between launches. So that thought wasn’t something that I was consciously thinking. But I can tell by looking like I went back through and I looked at my posts between the launches and they were like six. So I was obviously thinking that I need to prove to myself that I am someone who hits my goals and can turn a launch around. PGSD works my best clients, my best clients just like and then sign up, they should be signing up 50 signups is normal for me.

So those thoughts really drove the launch. And there were other ones. Okay, when I was doing this, I had a full on list. And there was a lot in there. But I kind of just pulled out the key ones and the key things. Also just in terms of revenue, it’s now open. 29,970, which in Australian dollars is approximately $41,000. Roughly speaking also, I think I did this last time I to share like the podcast, download numbers and that kind of thing.

So we kept track for all the podcast series of like downloads within the first 48 hours after publishing. Then when we open the doors to PGSD how many downloads there were on all the episodes. And then at cart close when we close the doors. How many episodes are were on all the ep… Oh, my goodness, how many downloads there were on all the episodes? So I will just share the cart close numbers that we had download wise on episode. So on episode 327, that was the first one in the procrastination series 3141 downloads, then the next episode was 2532, then 2317, 2124, 2053.

So those were the five episodes in the series. The interview with Natalie was 1900. And then the interview with Erin, Naomi, and Estelle was 1800. So that’s pretty typical, like you’d expect that the episodes would go down in numbers. And this is so important that you can look at this data and say, Okay, what went wrong in that first episode, because the numbers just dropped off. That is normal. That is so normal. That is like it’s so expected, it’s what you would expect to see.

And I think in the last launch, the second episode we did had more downloads initially by the cart close. So that episodes or it was on a step by step walkthrough of power planning. So that second episode had more downloads initially. But by the time we closed the doors to PGSD, it actually fell in line with the pattern I’ve just mentioned of the first episode in the series having the most and then on and on. And that was because like I had been talking a lot about power planning, I hadn’t shared like the steps to power planning before.

And so I knew that that episode was going to be in high demand, but it ended up by the end of it equaling out to what you would expect. So yeah, I just wanted to share that because it’s really important when you are analyzing numbers. And it’s very important to do that. Because without that our brain just makes a whole lot of shit up. But when we look at the numbers, we can also make shit up and think like, oh, no, I should see. So we had 3,141 for the first episode. In the series, we should have had that same number, like pretty much the same for every other episode. And that just isn’t how it works.

And there’s a lot of people who started listening, and then they decided not to keep listening. And it’s not because of anything to do with me. They have life stuff going on. Or maybe it didn’t resonate with it like there’s just all these reasons and it’s not a problem. And a really important part of business is knowing when something is a problem and when something isn’t a problem like I could I think I have done a whole episode on that. I will have a look and see, I think it was on like normal problems versus abnormal problems if you want to, like search that.

Because it’s so important, like there are normal problems, there are abnormal problems and there are things that you might think are a problem that aren’t actually a problem at all. The example with a normal problem versus abnormal, a normal problem is like, you know, for Lydia, my daughter who is 10 months old, that she is going to pee her pants like pee her nappy, that’s she’s a baby. That’s what they do. That’s totally normal. That’s why she’s wearing a nappy.

But if that’s happening when you’re 40 years old, that’s an abnormal problem in the sense that it’s worth investigating if that is happening. But with Lydia, we’re not taking her to the doctor saying that she’s peeing her pants because she’s a baby. So when it comes to business, it’s so important to know, like, when is something normal for your stage of business. And when is it actually abnormal, and you need to do something about it. And yet, anyway, that’s a whole other topic. I’ve done an episode on that, I’m sure.

And I just wanted to mention that because it’s so important that when we analyze numbers, we don’t have these, like really unrealistic expectations of what we should be seeing. So anyway, I’ve gone through all the thoughts that I had for the launch. And the key ones, what’s the reason our best clients didn’t buy? So this is my hypothesis, a summary of my hypothesis, and it’s so important we do this, because if we’re like, oh, it’s because they don’t like me, or it’s not compelling enough, or I’m not good enough, or like something vague like that, like, Okay, we’re gonna need to make it more compelling. What does that even mean? What does that even look like? Like, we need to be specific.

So what’s the reason our best clients didn’t buy? So here’s whatever the launch content introduced a new problem. This is just my theory. I don’t know if this is true. But you need to have a theory or hypothesis, and then you can test it. Because if I’m like, well, I can’t verify this. So I don’t know, then you’re helpless to do anything. The launch content, introduce a new problem and focus on PGSD being the solution to that problem, rather than the problem that they resonate with, specifically, the launch content centered around how to stop procrasti- working, rather than my core messaging, which is how to plan properly as perfectionist.

My thoughts that created this is there already sold on power planning, so I need to talk about something else. And the launch content for this launch has to be different to last time. So those two thoughts had me creating different content. And another big reason is I was focused on my growth and my experience of this launch, rather than being focused on there. It’s meaning the content that was created didn’t speak to them. And I didn’t say what needs to be said, my thoughts that created this, my growth of this launch is getting everything done ahead of time, and that I wasn’t directing my mind to have thoughts about their experience.

So it’s not all or nothing, it’s not like I wasn’t spending a lot of time thinking about our best clients and who’s on the other end. But as you can probably tell, throughout this whole thing, I’ve been very focused on this launch being a vehicle for my personal growth in terms of creating the ability to get work done early and easily. And because I was so focused on that, that I really wasn’t in the minds of our future PGSDers and what they need to hear and how I can best serve them.

And this isn’t to say, not to be thinking about your personal growth in your experience. And I don’t think that how I approached this launch was a problem, like I needed to have that growth. And that was what needed to happen. And I’m so grateful it did. And I’m so grateful we had the result that we had, because it really like we would have done the debrief anyway. But it really allowed me to pull out important lessons that I think like, if we had had the results that we had anticipated, then it… I just wouldn’t have had the same self awareness around it.

But that’s always the way but it’s not to say well, then if you’re successful, you’re not going to have as much self awareness. There’s always a lesson either way. So those are the reasons they didn’t buy. What is the reason our best clients did buy? So we did have people sign up, they want to plan properly as a perfectionist and get more clean rest.

My thoughts that created this are planning properly and getting clean rest is a solution to all of their perfectionism problems, I know how to help them. They feel seen and heard by the content shared on my podcast, my thoughts are created this podcasting is so easy for me, I say exactly what they need to hear when they need to hear it. It was actually really challenging for me to identify the thoughts I have about the podcast that have so many people sending me messages and like every PGSDer pretty much when they introduce themselves, are like the podcast just spoke to my soul.

And I just was trying to identify like how do I think about it that creates that experience? And so that’s my theory. So some of the thoughts I have but there’s a lot of like unconscious thoughts obviously have about it as well. I think also thoughts like and this is a thought I’ve had for a long time and may be relevant if you do something similar to what I do. If you don’t do something similar to what I do might not be relevant to you but thinking that me talking in the first person is the most helpful thing I can do.

Instead of me talking in these general like you should do this and you should do that. That by me talking in first person about my experience, that that is what’s going to connect someone to theirs, because when they listen to me talk about myself that they are then able to have their guard down and think about themselves instead of we all know when someone’s like, You should do this. And you should do that, like you don’t know me. But and also, whenever I’ve tried to speak that way, it has not really on the podcast so much.

But when I tried to do that previously, before starting the podcast, when I was blogging, like this is a lesson I figured out early on when no one was reading my blog at all. And I’m so glad that I showed up and found my voice and all of that, even though no one was watching that when I was trying to speak and like you should do this, and you should do that, that I was really having to be so gentle with what I was sharing, because anything I would write, I was like, Well, I don’t know what their situation is. So I can’t say this, or I can’t say that, Oh, that might not be relevant to them or whatever.

And so I just ended up with this, like, super plain, boring content. But when I talked about myself, I could be specific, because it’s about me and my personal experience. And then I can trust that that’s going to attract people who have similar experiences and thoughts to me. So in this way, PGSD is so amazing, because we have like, you can relate to what I talk about in podcasts, you can relate to everyone in PGSD, because we’re all having very similar thoughts.

So that’s the reason they bought Oh, that’s a reminder for my coaching call coming up shortly. And they’re sick and tired of being in that their own way in the business. My thought that created this is my program gets entrepreneurs out of their own way. And so I was able to communicate that getting in PGSD. Joining will get you out of your own way. Okay, so what I know for sure is happening. So there’s quite a lot here, I’ll just be like whizzing through it and then I want to talk particularly about one thing.

So what I know for sure is happening. My experience during the launch was that I was committed. Oh my god, okay, I’ve just read this. There’s so many like, it just this was such a big thing. My experience during the launch was that I was committed to 60 signups and I in previous episodes, I was like I’m so committed, like, I really feel so committed, it feels done. So that was my experience that I was committed, because I didn’t yet have this nuance and distinction. I was committed to 60 signups. But I can see now that I wasn’t committed, I was entitled, I was feeling entitled, and I didn’t know the difference, feeling entitled to feeling committed.

So I was thinking that getting the work done early plus feeling confident in my messaging, and content plus, having had 50 in January, meant 60 was a done deal. And this entitlement took me out of thinking about my best client, their journey and what they needed to hear. This is like you, like I had to go through this experience to get this I really going into this. Like I also first of all had the belief that I was going to my work wouldn’t be as good if I did it early. So for me to find out that I like getting the work done early, I felt entitled to success was really interesting.

And I definitely would have wouldn’t have said like I had no awareness around feeling entitled to a result or be like, that I should do or shouldn’t do certain, like if I like I shouldn’t have to do Instagram posts or I shouldn’t like I just had this so much entitlement. And as I’ve been sitting in curiosity about I’m like, oh my god, this is like in every area of my business. I’m sure it’s thrown up in my personal life, too. But it’s just so fascinating.

So I’ve already talked about another one I know for sure it’s happening. I’ve been thinking about my launches as a vehicle for my personal and business growth, rather than my launch has been a vehicle for their growth. And I was using the launch vehicle to prove to myself that I can hit my goals and that I can turn a launch around instead of being in the self image that I am a coach who hits my goals and can turn my launch around. Regardless of whether that’s proven in reality, like, this is so important.

And it just, it’s everything that I was like, well, I’ll believe that I can hit my goals. When I hit my goals. I believe that I can turn a launch around when I turn a launch around. And when you try to do either of those things from that mindset, you don’t do it. Because it’s just like proving hustling, inadequate energy. And when it’s I am someone who hits my goals, and I can turn a launch around and I’m going to focus on hitting my goals and turning my launch around with that in mind that I’m already that person. It’s just such a different result.

And so I had it like it’s so interesting that I like I am having this belief that I’m not someone who hits my goals because I’ve set goals like growth goals and I haven’t achieved them and I have achieved a lot of goals in my life but my brains like all or nothing about it like no you haven’t achieved anything. So that I was using this launch basically to prove something to myself, and anytime there’s proving there’s inadequacy going on there as well. What I know for sure is happening, I created all most all the launch content from scratch.

Rather than taking what worked in January and doubling down on that I was thinking about my experience as a creator, slash thought leader, rather than their experience with their business and their perfectionism. So this is a theme throughout this debrief, obviously, that I was thinking about myself and the content I wanted to create and not thinking about you. I was so focused on being the person who can get all the launch content done early that I didn’t leave myself enough time to super think about my best clients, I rushed into content creation, because I didn’t trust myself to get it done with time for super thinking.

I didn’t trust in the power of my brain and the value of my super thinking, because I was thinking that that is going to not be worth the time and is going to take time away instead of I know for sure if I had done the super thinking, it would have revealed to me that it would like a way to create all the content that would have been quicker. I was keeping myself distracted with the question of whether or not I was meddling with team execution by giving directions slash clarification rather than trusting that I know when I need to say something to a team member and when I need to let them make mistakes.

So self trust has been a big thing here. And I am probably going to do a whole episode on this. But I really recognized and I think I probably… I don’t know if I talked about this in the launch update at some point, that over preparedness is lack of self trust, and that I have really been like, okay, like, we want to have another baby. And once that happens, and once I’m pregnant, I can’t trust that I’m gonna feel good enough to get anything done. I can’t trust myself. Like, this is what I subconsciously be thinking, I can’t trust myself to be resourceful enough to figure it out in the moment.

So I need to be so prepared now. Because my future self can’t fucking do it. Like that is why I’ve wanted to be over prepared. And I think like, even when I look back to I think I talked about this as well with the pregnancy and perfectionism episodes, I did, like I was so researched, I like, bought all the things like I just wanted to have everything like squared away. And it was I didn’t trust myself to be able to figure it out, when the time came to figure it out. And that I only trusted myself to figure it out in the best of circumstances.

And not that I could figure stuff out in less than ideal circumstances. And so I hadn’t even seen that like that, over preparedness, which to me doesn’t feel like preparedness, it just feels like being prepared. And it gives me like that sense of comfort and safety and control and whatever. I know, you probably relate to this. So I wanted to mention it that, that over preparedness is lack of self trust.

And even thinking about like the other day I was thinking about this how the like you know if you are having a conversation like a made up conversation in your head that hasn’t even happen, probably won’t even happen but you are anticipating a conversation and what you are going to say to it and what they are going to say and how you are going to feel and what you gonna do. And I was just thinking like the other day I was going through that in my mind.

And I was like, Oh this is me not trusting my future self to be able to say what’s need to be said in the moment and to be able to be okay with however I feel in that moment. And once I had that inside I was like, Oh Okay. Like, it just removes all of that chatter, I’m not saying I’m never gonna have that chatter again. But I could just, anytime my brain wanted to go back there I was like it’s safe to trust myself. I’m considering the possibility that I can trust myself that in the moment, I can say what need to be said.

I can do what I need to do to look after myself, I can have my own back, I will be okay, no matter how I feel. And then I didn’t need to be in all this like over preparedness with thinking about a conversation. Because I could trust myself, my future self was like, I’ve got you so I didn’t have to be over prepared for it. So anyway, that was like a huge epiphany. Okay, and then so this as well is a key thing that I’ve mentioned, but I want to say in this way as well, I just I’m gonna say this whole thing and like 20 ways, so I really hope that it lands with you. I’ve had the belief that I do my best work at the last minute slash under pressure.

And I’ve talked a lot on the podcast over the years about like, I have made so much progress with this belief. And a yet I still have this like next layer. And also, just on this note, we get questions about like, why is PGSD lifetime access? Does that mean like it takes a lifetime? Like that sounds like a lot. And it’s not that it takes a lifetime and you have to be doing this forever. but it is it there are layers. And then as you are showing up for yourself and your business that you will uncover your next layer of work.

And it’s just nice to have somebody to turn to and get support and not have to be on your own when that happens. So that’s why you get lifetime access to PGSD once you join. Okay, so I’ve had the belief that I do my best work in the last minute slash under pressure, because this way, I could always comfort myself with the thought that I would be more successful if I did the work ahead of time. So I’ve already talked about this before, not new if you’re a regular listener. But this is what I had not recognized.

Getting all the launch content created ahead of time, created a sense of entitlement to success that I truly hadn’t expected. I went into launch in this, I didn’t expect it because I went into the launch thinking that creating the content ahead of time meant it would be less successful, like I had to get coached. And I’ve shared how I needed coaching on why initially, I was like, I had to even get to believing that it could be as good as my work of the last minute, let alone being better.

But in the past, and this is like this is so this is this is it. This is everything, along with the entitlement piece. In the past, I would have blamed the signup numbers from this launch on creating the content too early, and determined. So my strategy for next time would be that I should go back to doing it the last minute. And I know this because this happened in university that one of my assignments, I was like, I will give this a go and get it done early and easily. And I did and I didn’t do as well, as I anticipated I would have if I did at the last minute.

So I was like, this just proves I did my best work at the last minute. And I went back to doing things that last minute. And I know for sure that without the awareness I’ve had in this launch that I would have been like, well, here I was testing if my work ahead of time is as good as and it wasn’t because of the result we had to I should go back to doing last minute. But this is missing the entire point. So I learned with this launch, that the timing of the content creation doesn’t matter.

It is my thoughts about my offer, my clients, myself that create the launch result. And I wrote in brackets surprise, surprise, because like this is this is what I did. This is like how it works. And yet, it’s still like I was thinking that the success of the launch depends on is it created at last minute? Or is the content created early? When that has nothing to do with it at all. And so when it comes to this, that I can actually now with this awareness, say that it like instead of me saying okay, it was that I did the work early. And that was the problem, and then by doing that I missing what was actually like the cause of the result. And like giving, I’m falsely attributing it to the time that the content was created.

Instead of looking at what was like the work that was created, how that was experienced by the people on the other end, it kind of makes me think like, if someone is I don’t know if this analogy is going to make sense. But it’s just what came to mind. So I’m going to say and we’ll see how it goes. That if someone is wanting to get fit, and like okay, I’m gonna go to the gym at nine o’clock at night after work or whatever, and they go at nine o’clock, and they’re not getting the results they want. They’re like, Okay, actually the times wrong, I should go at 5am I’m gonna have a better result instead of actually being like, what am I doing in my workouts?

Like, what am I eating? Like, it’s not the time of the workout. Like, if we could say the time of the workout had nothing to do with it. What else could it be? It’s like with this, if we said the time that I created the content with that was earlier, the last minute has nothing to do with it. What else could it be? Then, that’s when I’m able to access the thoughts that created the result, I’m able to see what was going on, have a hypothesis about it and be able to test it instead of having it be about like this kind of like false problem.

And solving for this, like get it done early or late. That doesn’t matter. Like workout earlier. Like it’s not as important as what you’re doing in your workout and maybe listen to this and like actually, it does matter because… Whatever. If you ask your zone of genius. That’s what you teach. All good. But I’m just using that as an analogy that we can sometimes get really caught up on details that aren’t the cause and make them the cause. And then we miss the real cause.

So for example with that assignment that I did early one of my law assignments that I had determined okay, it was because I did early that I didn’t do as well, or maybe it was a fucking content of what I wrote. And I didn’t even know how I would have done if it was last minute. So it was just pure speculation for me, but it’s like well, I actually miss the opportunity to learn and say okay, and this is like, I think in a lot of ways the downfall of school. Though they don’t say hey, here’s what we wanted to see for an “A”. And here’s what you provided. And you know, so you can do better next time.

It’s just like you send your exam or assignment off into the abyss, you might get it back. But you don’t really get like the school isn’t super focused on Okay, here’s what to do differently next time. It’s just like, oh, you pass, you didn’t pass whatever, try again later, but we’re not going to really sit and dissect. Maybe that’s just in Australia. But I know I’ve done so many exams, and I never knew which answers I got correct. And which ones I got incorrect.

You could go and have a look at the exams later, if you like, made a special appointment to do that. But you didn’t actually I think this is why we like don’t have this habit of evaluating, that we haven’t been taught that at school that it’s like, okay, well, you got this grade. Try again next time, instead of like, okay, let’s really dissect and like, let’s spend the time to go through what, like, what do you know? And that’s great. And okay, where do you need to work on. So anyway, that’s just my experience with school.

So, that was such a revelation, like, Oh, when I create the content doesn’t matter. And so my determination from that is, I’m still gonna get it done ahead of time. Like, I’m not going back to doing it late. I want to be the person as a leader, as a creator, as a mother who does my work early and easily. And not because that guarantees success or entitles me to success. But because that’s who I want to be. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

With consistency, it’s been coming up on the PGSD coaching calls about like, once people start being consistent, which they haven’t been before, they haven’t been following through, they haven’t been showing up in their business. And now they’re showing up consistently, like, oh, but I’m still not getting the sales that I want. It’s like consistency doesn’t entitle you to success. And consistency is what gives us access to being able to figure out what’s working, what isn’t working, what to do differently, to create a hypothesis to test it, it’s really hard to do that without being consistent, because we just have this messy data.

But it’s not consistency that entitles you to success. Nor is it getting the work done early that entitles you to success. And I think this is why like leaving at the last minute feels so much better than doing it early. Because as I’ve shared, you can blame the last minute and I would be more successful if I did the work ahead of time. And I just hadn’t realized that equated to me thinking that doing it early means it should work. And if it doesn’t work, then basically I’m inadequate, I’m not good enough. And there’s nothing I can do about it.

And of course, when you’re thinking that way that if I get it done early, and it doesn’t work perfectly, then it’s me, there’s a problem, and there’s nothing I can do about it, then we don’t want to get it done early. And we procrastinate, we put it off the last minute we overthink to do all the things. So that was just like these two light bulb moments of like it has nothing to do with the time the content was created. It’s to do with my thoughts. Again, surprise, surprise, but I really hadn’t gotten that.

And this entitlement when I’ve been looking for like, where am I feeling entitled in my business, which is basically like, if you finish the sentence, I should, or I shouldn’t have to. So for example, I should be able to achieve my goals working three days a week, I shouldn’t have to at this age of my business, there’s a lot of this, this is a really good one at this stage of my business, or after this many years in business, dot dot dot, what is your answer after that, that that can help you reveal why you are entitled, that like, you know, after I should have more clients, because I’ve been in business for X number of years or like things like that.

That’s entitlement. And I hadn’t seen that at all. And when I got really curious I in my office, I now have our glass whiteboard in front of me, which is so good. And I was writing this list of like all these shoulds and shouldn’t have to use that I have for the business. And there are a lot. And that is like I’m so grateful to be in a place with my own personal development that I’m not like, oh, and that’s a problem. And there’s something wrong with me. And how shameful that I’m entitled to be like, Oh, amazing, I now see that I have one way of being getting my own way is by having this sense of entitlement to having things be a certain way with me putting in a certain amount of efforts.

Or, for example, you might be like, Well, I’ve been posting on Instagram consistently for a week, I should have more engagement, I should have more sales, like that’s entitlement. So really getting clued up to that it’s nothing to be ashamed about, you have a human brain. And it’s there’s always going to be something which I find that really helps me when I think that there’s always something to work on. That when I find something to work on. I’m not like oh, I just thought I was done. Like I just know that.

This is the beauty of being human. So yeah, like the entitlement piece. And the timing of the content doesn’t matter. Just like, if someone had told me that ahead of time, like it wouldn’t have. I mean, I hope this is helping because I’m have shared like all the bits along the way. But I wouldn’t have landed and I would have been like, I don’t think I’m feeling entitled I’m feeling committed. But I can see now from doing an evaluation, being able to be with myself compassionately to be in curiosity that yeah, I’m actually feeling entitled.

And that because of I was in that entitlement of should, that I missed actually being committed and creating the results. So that’s so invaluable to learn. And for me to have that distinction, because before commitment, and entitlement felt the same. And now I know the difference in how it feels. And there are so many things, and for all of us, there are things we are committed to.

And we can all find somewhere in our life, we know how commitment feels, for example, if you have a child like I do, I do, committed to her getting all the food that she needs throughout the day. And I do what I need to do to make that happen. I like often I do have a lot of I mean, I am consciously thinking about it, the times of the day and all of that. I feel like once you have a child, your brain becomes like this clock in your mind of always thinking about naptime and food and all the things.

But it’s like when you are committed, I can now see like the difference between that and then identifying areas in my business and my personal life to I’m feeling entitled and to just be able to feel like oh, to notice that actually does feel different in my body. And I’m getting I mean, it still feels similar, but I’m getting clearer and clearer as to the difference with that. And the language around it, which is really entitlement is all about should or shouldn’t have to. And commitment is like no matter what, and it’s okay, if it’s me. And it’s okay, if I have to put in the effort and I have to be the one and nothing is beneath me.

In terms of like, there’s no task too big or small. And yet, just so, so, so much growth from it, like, Ah, so good. So my plan in this moment is as follows. And I’m going to after the PGSD coaching call, which is happening in a minute, I am going to finalize this, send it off to my team, I’m also going to post it on my mastermind group. So I want you when you’re doing this, post it in your persistence log in the forum and share it and get feedback on it. And it’s so helpful to do that. And even without the feedback on it, just publishing it, and putting it out there and allowing other brains to have a look at it. And to see what might have been because I know for sure I’m gonna post this and people be like, oh, yeah, what about this, have you thought about that, like so helpful.

So my plan at this moment is as follows. Dedicate time to super thinking about my best client. Force my brain to go there even when it prefers to think about what I want to create as a creator and my experience of my work. Practically speaking, is like putting a 30 minute block at the beginning of my workday to super think about them. Even if my brain tells me that’s not a productive use of my time, you can see here and like this, what we do with power planning, we are like pre empting, that our brains are going to be on board that there’s gonna be obstacles, spending time everyday in the PGSD forum listening to all our coaching calls, like all that kind of thing, which I’m already doing.

But doing that through a different lens with a different thought, create the launch content ahead of time. So we’re going to do that. But know that getting my work done ahead of time is about creates 60 signups for our July launch, it’s my thoughts, including my super thinking that create this result. And I’ve given myself an extra week, so I have more space for super thinking. So I’m actually getting married. A few days after that, which is exciting. We are doing our final preparations for the wedding, which will be at our home.

So that’s going on as well, in my personal life. I’m also looking after my daughter like it’s, I’m not just living in a vacuum, where this is the only thing I have on my plate. Just wanted to mention that in case you’re not aware, because it is when we’re entitled, it is really tempting to think like, oh, everyone has it so much easier. It shouldn’t have to be this hard for me. It shouldn’t be so easy for them.

Like all those kinds of thought. Focusing on my messaging relating to planning properly as a perfectionist, let it be okay that it might at times feel boring to me to be talking about the same topic as I did in January, which I know actually, it doesn’t ever feel boring to me, but my brain might try and tell me that like it wants some excitement and drama. To make my workday feel more interesting. And to post consistently on Instagram between now and the next launch. I was already like we’re already sending out our perfectionist power ups every week day. And our emails, one to the waitlist and one to everyone on our email list every week.

So like that was already consistent between launches, but posting consistently on Instagram five times per week between now and the next launch, not because consistency creates my next launch result, but because it’s an opportunity to practice thinking about my best client and communicating to them. Let it be okay to talk about basic comments and things that I think everyone already knows. And let it be okay to talk about things that maybe like, that don’t feel profound to me or aren’t.

Like, yeah, as this is a whole side thing. But as a creator, it’s like, easy to be in this dialog of like, I just want to create what I feel inspired to create, and all of that kind of thing. And like there’s a time and place for that. And also, having the discipline to direct your brain to the people you’re helping what is going to help them. And it might not be what I feel inspired to say, and I can capture that. And I can share that still. But to still also have basic things.

And I think like, at the moment, we’re working with a sleep consultant on Lydia sleep. And I found her through Instagram, she’s the gentle sleep coach Claire, and that she’s posting on her Instagram, like, you know, sleep tips on, you know, all different stuff. And she probably doesn’t feel I mean, I don’t know, I haven’t asked her, but she probably doesn’t feel inspired to talk about, like, I feel so inspired today to talk about weak windows.

But like me on the other end, I need to hear about stuff like that. So she’s sharing stuff like that. So, yeah, I’ve just been like having that realization as well that like, yes, I want to feel creatively fulfilled. And also, I need to have the discipline to direct my brain to thinking about an experience other than my own, and what needs to be created, that might not necessarily be what I like, is top of mind for me, because I’m having my own experiences, and like my own life, and all of that.

And like, these episodes are a great chance for me to get to talk about all those kinds of things. And then there’s also a time in place to like, talk about like perfectionism, and the, like, basics of that, and all these different things and planning properly, and what that looks like. And so yeah, so this is my lawn tripod, I don’t know how long this episode is going to be. But I love a good long episode myself.

So I hope you have enjoyed this, maybe you’ve been chipping away at it, when you’ve gone grocery shopping, and then walked your dog, and then you’ve gone to the gym, or been cleaning up at home or whatever. But I really hope it has been helpful and insightful. And if you’re not yet in PGSD, this is your best opportunity to join the PGSD waitlist and to join us. This is the kind of work we do inside PGSD. And we take all of the things that we intellectually know about business about perfectionism, and we apply them and we do this work and we get coaching and we get support.

And we have that space to just show up as who we truly are. And to do this work in that really safe environment, and to have that commitment to getting out of our own way to being around people who are doing that. And yeah, it’s just it’s so different to listening to the podcast. And to just like trying to piece it together yourself, I really want to invite you to join us inside PGSD, if you can relate to what I’ve talked about in these episodes and what I talk about in the podcast generally.

And if you are wanting to get out of your own way in your business, if you are sick of being in your own way of not doing the things you know you need to do and you want to plan properly, you want to plan in a way that actually gets your perfectionist mindset on your side and removes the overwhelm and makes it easy to spot and stop procrastination, all those things and I want to invite you in so it’s Mr. brown.com/ptsd is where you can sign up to join the waitlist. That is the best place to be so you don’t miss the enrollment dates.

And it’s going to help you prepare and make sure you have everything you need to have to sign up when the doors open which will be on the 27th of July for our next enrollment. So you can find that link in the show notes. I hope this has been incredibly helpful. I have loved talking to you and I will talk to you in the next episode.

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Author: Sam Brown