Episode 402: [PERFECTIONISM SERIES] How To Make 100K In 12 Months Inside Perfectionists Getting Shit Done (aka PGSD)

This episode is part 3 in a 3-part series on perfectionism.

Perfectionism makes even the smartest entrepreneurs get in their own way. That’s why I’m releasing a three part series all about perfectionism – including the surprising truth that every business owner needs to know and the exact steps to follow to take control of your productivity.

There are so many misconceptions about perfectionism that I didn’t even know I was a perfectionist when I first started my business! I thought that motivation problems, imposter syndrome and fear of judgement were to blame for the fact that I struggled to consistently promote my business and couldn’t get myself to consistent $10k months – even though I knew A LOT about how to build a successful business from all of the online learning I’d done.

I slowly began piecing together that I was a perfectionist and that’s why I kept overthinking, procrastinating and burning myself out. It was also the main reason that I struggled to be consistent with my content creation and held myself back due to fear of judgement.

After thousands of hours spent studying productivity systems, learning how the mind works and understanding the secrets of success, I was able to put together the missing pieces I needed. And I was able to grow my business to $100k per year and then $100k months and beyond.

I’m sharing everything you need to know about perfectionism and productivity in this 3-part podcast series so you can break free of your business plateau and celebrate your first six figure year – without burning yourself out!

And it’s all to celebrate the fact that my group coaching program for perfectionist entrepreneurs, called Perfectionists Getting Shit Done (aka PGSD) is officially open for enrollment. But only for this week only! The doors are closing at 11:59 New York Time on 18 June so be sure to tune into this series if you’re tired of getting in your own way and ready to take control of your productivity and make the next 12 months your most productive ever.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What you get inside PGSD and how it works
  • Why group coaching is essential for perfectionist entrepreneurs
  • What personal support looks like in PGSD and when to use it for best results
  • How PGSD has helped all kinds of entrepreneurs get out of their own way
  • The details for the bonus 10k challenge that starts on 1 July
  • The investment for PGSD and how to sign up before the doors close

Featured In The Episode:

Announcement: PGSD is open for enrollment for one week only

If you feel behind on your $100k goal, it’s just because nobody’s taught you the different productivity rules that apply to perfectionists.

To make $100k you need to work smarter, not harder. And to do that you need to get your perfectionist mindset on your side. 

If your week is filled with lost time even though you’re always busy working, it’s time to take control of your productivity. The process for getting out of your own way is simple – plan properly as a perfectionist, get into a growth mindset and release your perfectionism handbrake. And it’s easy when you know how!

My group coaching program Perfectionists Getting Shit Done (aka PGSD) is designed to get perfectionist entrepreneurs to $100k. Inside you’ll get the coaching and productivity tools that address your perfectionism head on so you can create sustainable, long-term productivity – and build your business to $100k and beyond.
The doors to PGSD are now officially open for one week only. To find out more about the program and sign up before the doors close at 11:59pm New York Time on 18 June, click here: samlaurabrown.com/pgsd.

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Hi and welcome to another episode of The Perfectionism Project. A podcast full of perfectionism advice for entrepreneurs. My name is Sam Laura Brown, I help entrepreneurs release their perfectionism handbrake, so they can get out of their own way and build a fulfilling and profitable business. I’m the founder of the Perfectionist Getting Shit Done group coaching program, which is otherwise known as PGSD. And for even more perfectionism advice to help you with your business. You can follow me on Instagram @perfectionismproject.

Sam Laura Brown

This is the third and final part in our three part series on perfectionism. And it’s also celebrate that the doors to perfection is getting shit done. My group coaching program for perfectionist entrepreneurs is open for this week only it is open for the first time so far this year, you can go to samlaurabrown.com/pgsd. To find out more and to sign up the doors are now officially open at the time that this episode went live. So you can go there to find out more.

But also in this episode, I really want to tell you all about PGSD, and how it’s going to help you take control of your productivity, release your perfectionism handbrake and really get you to that $100,000 mark, particularly if you’re at 20,000 30,000 40,000, like around that area, even 50,000 per year and you have just been feeling like you are spinning your wheels.

And you know what you need to do to build your business like you’re someone who’s smart. You’re someone who loves learning, like you have a lot of knowledge about business, and yet you’re not able to consistently do the things you need to do. You are overthinking, you’re procrastinating you’re burning out, you’re all or nothing. So you’re constantly falling off the wagon and working in spurts of motivation. And you’re really scared of judgment, you can feel yourself when you’re posting on social media, that you’re holding yourself back. And that’s creating low engagement.

And like, as I’ve been talking about in this series, there are so many ripple effects of perfectionism in business that perfectionism is a business problem being a perfectionist, there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to that in the first part of this series, I really talked about what perfectionism is actually about that it’s a strategy to avoid shame that it’s one that when we were children, it served as we needed to be able to show up in a way that we could be sure our caretakers would continue to love us and provide for us and support us.

And our brain as a child decided if I can just be perfect and avoid doing anything imperfectly, that I will be loved. And that served us and also because the schooling system is designed to really perpetuate and reward in a lot of cases, that perfectionist mindset that so many of us when it then comes to business. And even though we’ve been so successful in our life, and so many ways and people look at us from the outside, they think like you have it all together and you’re so productive and that maybe you feel some shame about that, that people think you have it all together.

And like if you only knew, and you I just really, it’s just knowing that it’s not your fault. There’s nothing wrong with being a perfectionist. It’s not bad, it’s not toxic. It’s not this like thing you just need to cut out and like just, you know, cut out that nonsense of being a perfectionist. It’s really knowing like, okay, it’s a mindset, it’s how I’m currently thinking. And yes, it can be frustrating to have awareness about that, and not be changing that like to see yourself procrastinating.

And yet, so we procrastinate to see yourself overthinking and yet not be able to stop overthinking. And that’s where having the PGSD process and the PGSD productivity tools and everything else that we provide in PGSD. That’s why that all comes in. So that you can actually do something about releasing your perfectionism handbrake. Because while perfectionism isn’t a problem, so to speak, when it comes to your worthiness, and your adequacy, and all of that, it does cause productivity problems, and those have severe implications when it comes to your business.

Perfectionism is a business problem. And it needs to be sold head on no matter how perfect your marketing is like marketing, marketing. How perfect your marketing is, how beautiful your Instagram account is, how perfect your niche is, how like spot on your pricing is or your messaging, maybe you’ve been spending a lot of time perfecting your messaging, like no matter how dialed in all of that is if your perfectionism handbrake is on, it’s not going to matter.

In part one, and in part two, as well of this series, I talked about those two layers of turbulence that you’re going to need to get through to get to 100k, you’re going to need to have that first 10k month, and then you’re going to need to be able to make 10k months consistent, repeatable sustainable, to have 100k year. You don’t need to make 10k Every month, but given that it’s unlikely you’re going to be making what is it like $8,333 exactly every month, it’s best to just aim for 10k month knowing that then it’s okay to have a few months that are just a bit under that $8,000 And it’s all going to even out to 100k over a year.

So let’s talk a little bit more about the personal support that you get inside PGSD. So PGSD is a 12 month container, that means that you will be inside PGSD for 12 months. So if you join during this cohort, so you will be joining in June, and then you will be part of our July cohort. So you’ll be inside PGSD, technically, officially, your 12 months will be the first of July 2023, to the 30th of June 2024. So in that 12 month period, you are going to be able to take your business, your hydro is about that turbulence, you’re going to be able to get through both of those layers of clouds, both of those layers of turbulence to get to your goal.

So as I said, there are two layers that you need to get through, and you have perfectionist blind spots, we know about those now. And those blind spots and making you lose time every week, approximately 20 full time working weeks per year. And the personal support that you get in PGSD means that you’re actually able to keep climbing through those clouds and that those blind spots aren’t blinding you anymore, they aren’t making it so that you feel like you’re putting in such a big effort to your business and getting nowhere and that you know all the things you need to do, but you’re just not able to do them.

This personal support inside PGSD is what makes such a big difference. And what it’s what makes this possible. So first of all, you have weekly group coaching calls. So these aren’t like q&a calls or things like that this is getting coach, you are getting coached by a PGSD Coach in this group setting. So say for example, you might be finding yourself pushing back a task. So you have a launch coming up. And there’s a piece of content that you need to create. But also maybe you’re putting a lot of pressures off that need to be perfect. You just find yourself like pushing it back. Because you know you’ve got things organized, you’ve been doing your strategic planning in a way that actually works for your perfectionist mindset.

So you’re getting things done, like pretty well ahead of time. But there’s this one piece that you just keep pushing back again and again and again. That means that there’s a blind spot that you need help seen. And that’s when you can come to a PGSD coaching call and get coached, get the blind spot shown to you and get the coaching you need so that you can be on your own way, do the things that you need to do and continue on and have a successful launch.

Then there’s a PGSD private podcast. So all those weekly group coaching calls, they get uploaded to our PGSD private podcast, if you love listening to podcasts anyway, if that’s already part of your routine, you’re going to especially love this. But say for example, you’re working away, and you are feeling overwhelmed. You are trying to get things done, but you have this like overwhelming feeling that there’s not enough time and you’re kind of being frantic in your work.

Like you can see that you’re jumping from task to task to task, you’re not sure what you need to work on, everything feels important. And then it also feels like if you spend a little bit of time on something that’s not really going to make a difference anyway, like you’re just really in the throes of having that perfectionism handbrake on. This is when even if it isn’t a coaching call that day, you’re able to go to the private podcast to scroll through.

So we label all the private. All the coaching calls, sorry, get labeled on the private podcast. So we give them a title, so that you know exactly what got got spoken about on that and we break it down. Also, in the description for you on here are the things that get covered. So you can find exactly what you’re needing, as you need it on demand. So if you’re in the thick of overwhelm, and you just know you need to get yourself out of it, you can just go to the PGSD private podcast, you can scroll down, you can find a coaching call on overwhelm, and you can get yourself out of it because everyone inside PGSD so the person you’ll hear get coached or multiple people you will be hearing getting coached on that call.

They are perfectionist entrepreneur, with a business that is on the same growth trajectory as yours. They’re experiencing the same problems as you, even if they have a different kind of business. They’re perfectionism handbrake, which is what’s causing the problems is coming on in a very similar way to you. And you’re going to be able through hearing them get coached, get the coaching you need on overwhelm, so you can get out of that. And you can make the most of that day in that week and not just completely fall off the wagon and be like cool. I had a couple of productive weeks and now I’m just you know, here scrolling again, that’s not gonna happen.

Because when you were in those moments where you were needing that support, you’re able to go the private podcast and get it. There’s also the persistence log in PGSD. So this is part of the PGSD forum. This is so powerful. So one thing perfectionist and I have seen this across the board I mean, I’ve worked with hundreds of perfectionist and also one myself I know that celebration, it’s something we tend to not naturally gravitate towards.

Part of that is because of our all or nothing mindset. If we didn’t get all the way to our goal and do that completely perfectly, then we feel like there’s nothing to celebrate at all. But you probably right now, as well don’t have that many business friends, or really have a strong supportive community around you. When it comes to your business, you probably have a lot of supportive friends and family who cheer you on who believe in you. And that’s amazing.

But you don’t have anyone that you can really go to and say, like, I made $10,000 This month, and they’re going to be like, that’s amazing. And just imagine what next month is going to be like the month after that, like you don’t have this place where you can go that you can celebrate that without having to worry about making the other people feel bad, because in PGSD, everyone’s hitting the milestones and making progress and doing all of that and have the same goals and ambitions.

So you’re really able to have your goals and your achievement normalized, which is such a big part to have of not self sabotaging, if you don’t have a mechanism to help you normalize what you’ve achieved, then you will feel like a fraud and you will go back to doing what you used to do. Because it feels so unnatural to be at this new level, it feels so unsafe. And also with this persistence logs, you’re gonna be able to come in every week and be updating that if you choose to.

And when things aren’t going to plan and you need a pick me up that’s actually practical, and guide you on what to do next. This is where the persistence log comes in, that you’re able to get that support and that encouragement and sometimes you just need someone to tell you like, yes, that was the best idea that was the best decision continue on or you need someone to say, Hey, I know you’re struggling right now. That’s super hard. But there’s this thing that maybe you can’t see that I can see that’s going on for you with your perfectionism handbrake, and that might be what’s actually slowing you down in this situation.

Maybe it’s I can see like, even though it feels really important for you to do this research, maybe you’re kind of overthinking it, or different things like that, that you can just have someone cut through that mental drama, and also give you a practical pick me up and next steps. So inside PGSD, you get the PGSD process, and you get that personal support, it’s a 12 month continuously, you’re going to be able to come into PGSD to know, for this 12 month period, I’m really doing this work on releasing my perfectionism handbrake for the sake of my business for the sake of my future success.

And so you might be wondering, what is the investment for PGSD, it is one payment of 4000 US dollars, or 12 payments of 375. US dollars. And this is by the way, the last time PGSD will be this price. And I want to mention to the bonus, this is a special bonus, I don’t even know if we’re going to be doing this again. But the 10k challenge. So this is a 30 day challenge that starts on the first of July. So if you’re part of our July cohort, and also if you’re already a PGSDer, they’ll all be in this too. But if you are part of our July cohort, you are going to be part of this challenge that’s going to have you make your investment.

So you’re going to make double your investment back in one of two ways. Either way, you’re going to make double your investment back in the first month. And then everything else after that is just a bonus. So what is going to be happening is that you will have the support and the confidence, you need to get out of your own way to have that boost of productivity and have one that’s actually sustainable as well, like you’re going to be essentially, I talked about those two layers of turbulence, those two layers of clouds to get through to climb to your goal, you’re going to be in that first month, getting through that first layer of clouds, which is huge, maybe you’ve been coasting under those clouds for years now.

Or maybe it’s been months, it probably feels like forever, regardless of how long it’s actually been. So you’re going to make your investment back in one of two ways. So first of all, Option A is that you will launch something that you’ve been needing to launch. So maybe there’s a product or service, like there’s something that is probably about 80% Complete, like you’ve probably got most of the pieces there. But you have to actually put it out into the world.

So in that 30 day challenge, you are going to be getting the support and confidence you need to do that. Or maybe you’re not in a season right now where there’s something you need to launch, maybe you’re in a season right now where there’s something that you need to be doing on the back end of your business. And so you can identify with this challenge something that’s going to add 10k of value to your business this year.

So say for example, maybe you are needing to hire a VA, or there’s some kind of system that you need to really clean up and tidy up on the back end because it’s just really slowing you down doing things in a very manual. Like maybe for example, you have everything your iPhone notes, when it comes to your business, like there’s something you need to on the back end that’s going to create more than 10k of value in your business. So either way regardless of which option you choose and you’ll be guided through it all in that challenge you will have made your investment back in the first month of PGSD and everything else is just a bonus.

And by the way, this 30 Day Challenge is being taught live, it is an experience that you are going to be able to immerse yourself in, I’m going to be teaching the workshops as part of this challenge live, I’m going to be running as well, some additional coaching calls, so that you can be sure if you’re worried about, okay, like I’ve tried to do that before, and it just didn’t work or it wasn’t sustainable, and I burnt myself out.

If there’s any hesitation, do you have a bad that you can be sure, because you are in an environment that is designed to support a perfectionist entrepreneur like you that you will be able to overcome that and create the results that you have been craving, in your business, the results that you deserve to create, and it’s really going to have you off to such an incredible start inside PGSD. In that first month, you’re doubling your investment, you’re making your money back and then some.

And it really does mean that your time in PGSD after that. That’s all just profit. That’s all just pure return that you are getting for your investment inside perfectionist getting shit done. So with all of this, maybe you’re thinking will I actually be able to get coaching on the calls like it sounds like Sam has worked with a lot of people and maybe these calls will have hundreds of people on them, I’m not going to actually be able to get coached. It is a group coaching program coaching, like coaching is such a key part of it, that you will be able to get coached on the calls.

And I want to mention one of our PGSDer, Heenali Patel, she is a coach actually. And she and PGSD was finally able to have a productivity framework that supported her business and wellbeing. Her words, she said before PGSD I was paralyzed by perfectionism and self doubt I now completing the most important tasks to grow my income. I went from doing one off tarot readings for my clients at 33 pounds per client.

And now I’ve signed one for 7500. And now I’m reading that maybe it’s Euros and I think it’s pound. Either way, doesn’t matter what a big leap. And she said, PGSD has made my journey to success, so much more enjoyable. And I’m finally having a framework that supports my well being. This is someone who I have personally coach inside PGSD you will be able to get coaching, we always make sure that we are catering to you being able to get coached and adjusting the program accordingly so that there’s always a possibility for you to actually be coached.

But also maybe you like, I’m a lurker, like that sounds cool to be coached, have your brain looked at all of that really important, but I’m a lurker and to be honest, most perfectionist are lurkers. And part of this is like the fear of judgment. And like wanting to say the perfect thing and being scared of being judged by everyone else and not fitting in even though we’re actually it’s like our people that we’re with, especially if you’re in PGSD, like you’ll just feel like you’re home that you’ve finally found other people like you.

But even so we tend to be lurkers, and we tend to just want to see what everyone else is doing. And so it’s important you know that in PGSD be able to release your handbrake and get out of your own way, even if you’re a lurker if you never attend a live coaching call. If you never post in your persistence log, I wanted to share a story of testimonial from Samantha Mackey, who is a real estate agent. So she’s a PGSDer, and she went from having an unrealistic goal setting situation to hitting her first revenue goal early.

So she said before PGSD I was getting in my own way for so long that all my goals felt unreachable. Like she was really in this situation, that so many perfectionist find themselves in where you are setting goals. But you’re so scared of disappointing yourself that you kind of set them in this really vague way and like, you want to be so committed to them. But you can kind of feel like maybe for example, if you set a goal at January 1 and then by February, you’ve kind of like forgotten about your goal. That’s the kind of situation.

So she said my sales had plateaued for years, and I knew I could do better. And after one week of PGSD, I immediately saw a significant difference in how I show up in my business. And even without getting coached. I hit my first quarterly revenue goal in eight weeks a whole month early. So maybe you’re thinking about PGSD this sounds amazing, but I need to talk to my partner about this. I just want to like underline, highlight, draw a little star next to this point.

Your partner is so heavily impacted by your perfectionism handbrake and your productivity and your business. That they… like if anyone wants you to figure this out. It’s them, because say for example, with your business, my guess is right now you don’t really have a clear start time or end time. Like you’re always kind of working on your business. You might say like hey, you know, I’m going to be five more minutes and then you like two hours later that you actually like going out and eating dinner with your partner that they are so impacted by your productivity struggles in your business that are caused by your perfectionism.

They want you to solve this, they want you to have this. And to be able to do that for the investment is it’s such a no brainer. Like, just the impact it has on their life is incredible. And I want to mention Natalie Koons. So I’ve actually interviewed her on the perfectionism project before and talked to her about her incredible results in PGSD. She’s a knit and crochet designer. And so she made six figures and halved her work hours.

So she said before PGSD, I was chaos. I worked constantly, but I was getting, I wasn’t getting any of the important stuff done, like launching my sock knitting course, I started PGSD in January 2022, and I’ve more than doubled my income. I’ve already made 125k in 2022, so far. So that was over her growth goal. And only in just a few months, she was able to completely blow her 12 month goal out of the water and surpass it. And she said I’m taking more time off than ever before.

So her husband is benefiting from that I know not only of coach Natalie, her husband was experiencing such huge benefits from that. And she said PGSD was a big investment. And I have no regrets. Because what a big impact that makes not just on your business, but on your partner. Because the way you work in your business, impacts every area of your life impacts your relationship and impacts your health and fitness. If you are overworking, you’re probably not actually showing up for your health goals like healthy eating working out because you have perfectionism handbrake, you’re not able to show up for that either.

So maybe you’re thinking I need to finish another program that I’m in first. So I want to mention, it’s totally okay if you’re in a program on like marketing strategy and things like that. But if you’re unproductive, you won’t be getting the results from that other programming, this must come first. This is such an important piece of the puzzle. It’s not a nice to have, it’s a must, that you figure out the productivity piece because even if you have, say, for example, you’re in a marketing program, so you’re in a manifestation program, whatever program that is, that if you have your perfectionism handbrake on, you’re not going to be experiencing the benefits of that program.

And you might have found that you have signed up for courses and you haven’t gotten the results you wanted. That’s just because of your perfectionism handbrake. So just imagine the ROI that you’re going to get on everything that you’ve done in the past and everything that you’re going to do from here on out because you release your perfectionism handbrake, thanks to the PGSD process and the support that you get inside PGSD.

So I want to mention, Ann Azzopardi, who’s one of our PGSDer, she is a sustainability consultant. She made more than two times her revenue without burning out. She said before joining PGSD I was trapped in a cycle of overwhelm and burnout with my business, PGSD helped me stop being confused, relatable, I think I had breakthroughs in my first week. Within three months, my business made 140k more than twice the revenue compared to this time last year.

The best thing is I’ve been able to grow my business while enjoying my personal life. So as you can see a bit of a thing here, that it’s about being productive in a way that benefits your business and your personal life to that’s what happens when you release your perfectionism handbrake. So maybe you’re thinking I need my marketing strategy dialed in that niche, that perfect niche that messaging, I need the pricing, I need the sales page, like I need everything dialed in.

And then once I’ve got that in, then I can figure out the perfectionism piece and actually, like show up fully and do the things I need to do. The reason you don’t have it dialed in, is because of your perfectionism handbrake again, this must come first. If you are overthinking your niche. You’re gonna keep overthinking your niche and just jumping from niche to niche to niche to niche to niche because your perfectionism handbrake is making that happen.

It’s one of the signs of perfectionism, overthinking. So you are probably overthinking and being super highly critical. Like this is an all or nothing mindset as well. And like we beat ourselves up so severely, that you might be working on your messaging, but it’s not quite perfect enough to release that thing I need to release yet. I need to do more tweaking or polishing or perfecting, like if you can relate to that. No, that is not a matter of you won’t be able to dial that in first, because your perfectionism is stopping you from dialing in the important parts of your marketing strategy that do need to be dialed in.

So PGSD is going to be open for enrollment again about three months from now. So just want to circle back to what I was saying about lost time. So 180 hours of lost time, if your perfectionism handbrake is on if you can relate to what I’ve been talking about today. 180 hours of lost time is what’s going to be occurring between now and the next time that PGSD is open for enrollment. That’s expensive.

That’s four and a half weeks full time weeks of work. look like you could be making money a lot more money. In that time. It’s so draining as well like to be spending of the next three months, like more than a third of that time in lost time to overthinking to scrolling to procrastinating putting things off the last minute like that last time is too much. It’s too expensive, it’s too costly. Think of all the last time you’ve already got behind you. You can’t afford to have any more of that.

So I want to mention Michelle Rizzi, who’s a graphic designer, she’s a PGSDer, she said I made 20k in three months inside PGSD and prioritize my health. So say for example, you’re in a situation where like, right now isn’t the right time because I have a health issue, I have something going on in my personal life. I’m getting married, I’m doing this, I’m doing that. Michelle said within three months in PGSD I made 20k, which is double what I aimed for, even while dealing with health issues. Power planning has given me peace of mind and taught me to follow through and prioritize my well being.

So first of all, like doing this work, when you are busy, is so powerful, like first of all, when you ever not busy, you’re a perfectionist, you’re always going to be busy, there’s always going to be something. But just really reconciling that lost time, it’s just so costly, you can’t get the time back. You can’t reclaim it like you can’t get time back in the past. But that last time that might be in your future, you can avoid that. And that’s what PGSD is going to help you to do.

So I really want to encourage you to sign up for perfection is getting shut down to be part of our July cohort. As I mentioned, you’ll be starting officially in PGSD on July 1. So before that you will join PGSD, you will set your growth goal, you’ll get that reviewed and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running on first of July for our 10k challenge. And you’ll be in PGSDin our supportive container for a year. And it’s just going to be the most revolutionary year for you and your business.

So the doors are closing at 11:59pm New York time on the 18th of June. So you need to sign up for PGSD before then. And like I mentioned with the 10k challenge, this might be the only time that we are doing that. If you have any questions you’re gonna see on the PGSD sales page, you can either sign up, or you can book a sales call to see if it’s a good fit for you. So I want to encourage you I mean, obviously, I am very passionate about this. I mean, personally, like, my life isn’t going to change. If you sign up, I’d love to help you. I’d love to be able to support you but like this is already working for me.

I’ve reclaimed my lost time I’m working smarter, not harder. I’ve made more than $1.8 million in my business. I’m living my dream life. So our PGSDers. So it’s really about you and making this decision for you. How much is lost time costing you need to work smarter and not harder. And the only way to do that is to release your perfectionism handbrake without releasing your perfectionism handbrake and having someone to show you your perfectionist blind spots and getting that lost time back.

You’re not getting to 100k like, you know, deep down how much potential you have, you’ve always in your life had that tension between where you are now and where you know, you are capable as being. This is how to close that gap. This is how to reach your potential to release your perfectionism handbrake to really be able to do the things you need to do to work smarter, not harder. And so I want to invite you in to our July cohort, so you can go to samlaurabrown.com/PGSD to find out more and sign up and I really hope to see you inside.

Author: Sam Brown