Episode 44: Another Update On My 2018 Impossible Goal

Another Update On My 2018 Impossible Goal

At the beginning of 2018, I set myself an ‘impossible’ goal of making $500,000 in my business. The first 8 months of 2018 have taught me SO much about myself and have been a steep learning curve, so I thought I’d share it all with you.

I’ve learned an incredible amount about myself and my beliefs already, as well as what it means to work towards a goal without knowing exactly how you’re going to achieve it. I hope you find this helpful and if you’re working towards a big goal, I have no doubt you’ll be able to relate a lot of this!



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my impossible goal was the goal that I set as part of Brooke Castillo's online program, self-coaching scholars, which I am a part of and have been a part of for a year now.


Hi and welcome to Episode 44 of The Smart Twenties podcast. My name is Sam Laura Brown and this is a podcast where I share personal growth and life advice for women in their twenties and today I’m giving another update on my 2018 impossible goal. So I did an update podcast on this goal at the end of May. It was Episode 29. I also spoke about like when I set the goal and why I said it in Episode 14, but I thought that since it’s the end of August it was about time for another update and then I will do a final review and update at the end of the year as well. But I thought it was a good time to talk about it because it’s still something I really struggling with. I’m really working hard on and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it on my Instagram. Good and bad questions bad in the sense that I have started to learn that if you are to show your financial goals publicly, people will question them and they will misunderstand them. So that’s been part of the process too, but I’m just going to share a quick overview about what the goal is just for a refresher and for those of you that aren’t familiar with it, I do recommend going back and listening to 14 and 29 before listening to this Episode because it probably won’t make as much sense, but I will still discover it briefly.

I also did just listen to a bit of Episode 29 to try and remember where I was actually at at the end of May, but I didn’t listen to the whole thing and I thought it’d just be really helpful still to just share what I’m working on at the moment in terms of the goal and yeah, I feel like there’s been a lot happening in terms of my personal growth around this goal.

So I’m just going to start chatting about it. So my impossible goal was the goal that I set as part of Brooke Castillo’s online program, self-coaching scholars, which I am a part of and have been a part of for a year now. So it’s a monthly program as in as a set focus every month and in December the focus was setting a goal for 2018 and in particular an impossible goal, meaning that it was a goal that was beyond what we currently believed we were capable of. So I sat that impossible goal as a $500,000 in my business in 2018, that’s more than 10 times what I had made previously. So it definitely felt impossible. I’d originally thought of making it $100,000 and that felt really challenging, but not like mind-blowingly impossible. So I made it 500,000 and that still feels impossible to be honest. And I’m going to talk about that.

So I set this goal and the reasoning behind the goal– and setting a goal that isn’t realistic is really just so that you can bypass a lot of the doubt because you know, when you set a goal, your brain says, “Wait, who do you think you are? Why do you think you can achieve that? That’s impossible.” And you can say back, “Yeah, I know it’s impossible.” I’m just going to keep doing it anyway. We don’t need to debate whether it’s possible or not because I know it’s not possible and it’s a very different approach to what we’re usually taught around goal setting, which is make it realistic, try to avoid disappointing yourself. What Brooke really teaches is that everything’s just a vibration in your body, just a feeling and so disappointment is not only something that just comes from the way that you’re thinking, so you can think about your goals in a certain way so that even if you don’t achieve them, you don’t end up being disappointed.

But even if you are disappointed, that’s just a vibration in your body. That’s just a feeling. So it is not the worst thing in the world and it is much worse not to be growing as a person and just to keep yourself stagnant, to avoid that physical feeling of disappointment. So I just set this really big goal and part of the reason that I think right out of the gate, I really struggled with it. So I talked about this in the May episode I’m sure, but in January I had so much clarity so I had planned out every task I was going to do for three months and put it in my calendar, which was the most tedious task I’ve ever done in my business because I don’t know how long things take and a lot of the tasks I was doing was new. So it really required a lot for me to be like, “OK, this is how long I’m going to allow myself. This is what I’m going to do and put it all in my calendar.” If you’ve never tried it. It is very different working from a calendar to working from a to-do list. I do my very best always to be working from my calendar because it really forces you to be up like it really makes you think about time it. Because when you have a to-do list, you can top that way up. If you’re putting it on your calendar, you can’t actually put in a million things because you can see that you don’t have enough time to do it all. And I think that’s the reason a lot of us don’t plan in our calendars, it’s because we don’t really want to face the fact that we don’t have enough time.

So even like this past week, I had planned to do two major tasks and then I went and planned it in my calendar and was like, “OK, well one of them’s going to have to wait until next week because I don’t actually have enough time to do them both.” And then I could just get that out of my mind that that’s a task for the following week and I just had a really productive week. Whereas in the past, I would have had that all on our to-do list and I would’ve felt like shit at the end of it because I’d hardly gotten anything done like in out of what I had wanted to achieve even when what I wanted to achieve was completely not possible.

So anyway, so January was a really great month and full of optimism. Of course, when you start a goal and it’s too early to tell like you’re not getting any positive or negative feedback yet, it can be. It’s really easy in that stage to being optimism and I think most of us have experienced that, where you set a goal, a health goal is a great example. You’re like, ” I’m going to eat really healthy. I’m going to go to the gym and for the first few weeks when you’re not meant to be getting results yet, it’s fine, and then it comes to the time where you should be getting results and you’re not, and that’s when most people give up because it’s easier to disappoint yourself on purpose than to really keep working hard at something and not achieving it because that’s how we’ve been taught, to just avoid disappointment at all costs, which I think is a huge shame and I can see that the desire to avoid disappointing myself is something that has really kept coming up with this goal. I’ve tried to wiggle my way out of it so many times and of course all of the excuses are very easy to rationalize and justify, “I don’t need $500,000, you know, why did I aim for this?” Or I might just try focusing on this goal instead, like changing my focus or reducing my goal has been something that I’ve definitely noticed myself doing and because of this podcast really, and because I don’t want to be someone that sets a big goal and then they says, “Oh, you know, I’m not trying anymore.” I really want to for myself and to be an example to keep trying until the end and then if I don’t achieve it, I’m still going to keep trying isn’t like, “Oh, that didn’t work. I’m going to blame Brooke Castillo. I’m going to blame the government, I’m going to blame the economy” and then I’m just going to reduce my goals and give up on myself. So I’m just very determined not to do that. But it has been a huge struggle.

I keep getting asked by people like what’s my plan? What’s making up this 500,000? And I don’t know, to be honest, that’s the short answer is that I don’t have a plan all the way through to 500,000, so I won’t go into everything that happened between January and May because I’m sure that’s what I was talking about in Episode 29. But in hindsight and where I’m at at the moment, I can see that potentially part of the reason that I like had a huge slump in February, March– and I just was really in so much doubt about whether it was possible, but it didn’t feel like that at that time. At that time, it really felt like that I was just in a slump and I wasn’t motivated and I wasn’t inspired and I wasn’t sure which direction to take my business but I really think that was me just freaking out about the goal and just ending up doing nothing because it was really painful to be doing something and not getting any results. So I got through that.

But I think part of it is because what Brooke had us do was take our impossible goal. So not everyone in her program has a financial goal. Not everyone has a business, some people have a weight loss goal, some people have a goal that didn’t even have a number in it. but what she had us do was break that goal down into quarters and then focus on each quarter and also a huge focus of this impossible goal that I didn’t mention is really to practice failure because if you don’t know the how, if you don’t know how you’re going to achieve something, it means that you really need to try a lot of different things because it’s very unlikely that you’ll first how your first thing that you try is going to work. So that was definitely the case for me and I found that when I broke my goal into quarters, so it was $125,000 for the first quarter of 2018.

And Brooke had us really like there’s tasks that I put in my calendar. They were really based around outcomes and if I was going to fail, it had to be a failure from trying and not getting the results when she was saying that the impossible goal was really about practicing failure. It’s not about the failure where you don’t try, where you make an excuse, it’s the failure where you tried your hardest and you didn’t get the outcome that you wanted or that you were expecting. So I had a 125,000 as a focus for the first quarter of the year and that just felt completely impossible and out of reach and I never made $10,000 in a month. So to be making multiple times on that– even though I was writing down affirmations, I still a hundred percent believe in affirmations. I think it’s such a good example of when something is really beyond your beliefs about what is possible.

It takes a lot of repetition and some things that still might be within the realms of possibility and I’m talking not about what’s possible in reality, but our perception of what’s possible because that’s what’s important because our perception of what’s possible is what creates how we feel, how we act and the results that we achieve. So for me, that just felt so far out of reach like I had no way, no idea how that could possibly happen. And this is where I’ve been getting stuck a lot too, is with the how like Brooke really teaches, “All you need to do is focus on creating the belief.” You obviously need to be taking action as well, but your main job is to focus on the belief and to not have that belief be dependent on a how. Because if the belief is dependent on it, looking at a certain way. For example, if the belief is I’ll make $500,000 this year because I’m going to sell this many of this course and going to have this many clients or whatever it is. Then if you do those things and you don’t get the results you wanted, then you shatter your belief because your belief was dependent on it looking at certain way, so she really teaches to– and a lot of people like everyone basically in the personal development world, teachers this, they just say it in different ways, that you really need to have that belief, that certainty, and then the how happens. It doesn’t just happen like magic, but your brain can also see things that it couldn’t see before. Once it believes, it’s certainly going to happen. Then your brain does a review the information that it’s getting in a completely different way and then you’re also taking action in a different way and there was something that Brooke said in one of her coaching calls, so there’s coaching calls as part of our program.

This whole thing sounds like it’s a promo for her self-coaching scholars program. It’s not though I do highly recommend it, but they have live coaching calls and they’re so powerful. Like I love watching other people get coached because I have so many breakthroughs myself and she was talking to this woman who was wanting to adopt a child and I believe that was her impossible goal to adopt a child in 2018. And Brooke said, “Imagine that someone had like you had come back from the future or someone came back to you from the future and said, Oh, I’m, you know, I’ve already lived in 2019 and in 2018 you did adoptive child.” Like it definitely happened. You adopted a child. If she knew that at the beginning of 2018, like someone came back from the future and said, “Yes, it happened, you adopted a child,” then she wouldn’t get stuck because she knows, “OK, this is happening one way or another. I’m going to try this way.” Or “Wait, it didn’t work. That’s OK. I’ll keep trying another way. That didn’t work, but I know it’s going to happen so I’m going to keep trying until it happens.” And when she was coaching a woman, it was just so clearly explained. And also because it’s such a different example to the money example that I find, it’s when people have really different examples that you can see your own goals in a different way, which is why I love listening to people who were doing all sorts of things. So that’s really what she teaches. And again, most people in the personal development world teach is that you need to have that level of certainty. The level of certainty. For example, in my case, if I’m future me, came back and said, “You know what? In 2018 you did achieve your impossible goal!” I wouldn’t get disheartened in the same way that I have been because I currently haven’t been having that level of certainty. But if someone or me had come from the future and said, “Yes, you do achieve that goal!” I would just keep trying and trying and trying and trying. And then it would happen because of all the effort and the certainty and everything like that that goes into it.

So I have really struggled to create that level of certainty. And I think part of the reason– well it takes a lot of mental work and perhaps just haven’t done enough of that, but I’m having it in these evenly quarterly chunk evenly. That’s a thing, even quarterly chunks of 125,000 when I was at the beginning of January. It just seemed like I was so optimistic about the year, but I also just thought like, “How the fuck is that going to happen?” Like– and I just kept getting stuck on this, how instead of, and like I only wanted to believe it was possible once I could do the math and figure it out instead of creating that belief. So that’s like, now that I look at the first half of the year, in hindsight, I can see that I think just having such a huge jump in the belief coupled with me not letting go of the how, which is what Brooke teaches to do has really kept me stuck in the first half of the year. And I still feel like I’m a bit stuck in the how. And we really are brought up to believe, you know, you should have only, you shouldn’t disappoint yourself, only set goals that are realistic and that a goal is realistic– basically, I think the definition of a realistic goal is that you know, how it can happen. Sure, it might be a stretch, but you can see the how and I don’t know that I was ever taught really to achieve, to try for a goal that I just had no idea how to achieve it. So it’s such a new skill. It’s one that I think is really important to develop and I am glad that I have really been learning it and I have just grown.

I also wanted to mention this. I wrote this down. I have grown so much as a person because of this goal. I have learned so much about how I approach goals, how I self-sabotage. I’ve really seen myself in ways that I haven’t seen before. And since a real point of goals is to become– who we become in the process, then I would say that the goal is a success even though I haven’t achieved the result and it’s not the end of the year, but I feel like it has been so worthwhile doing this. It has put me way out of my comfort zone for the whole year and I have really had to work in a lot of different areas of my personal development. I’ve really had to step up in a lot of ways and I’m continuing to do that. So I think it is totally worthwhile. And I just wanted to say that because I didn’t want– I don’t want this whole impossible goal thing to be like, “Oh, she didn’t achieve the goal. So it’s not worth setting an impossible goal. It’s much better to set small, realistic goals.” But part of the thing as well about a small, realistic goal is that sometimes the fact that it’s small and realistic, while that makes it easily achievable, it also makes it completely uninspiring and unmotivating and there’s no real strong desire. And Brooke talks about being an example of what’s possible and blowing your own mind. And that is something that I really want to do in my own life and something that I really want to be able to teach. And so, of course, I need to live it and I really want to be able to do that.

So even though I could set a small, achievable goal and hit my goal and maybe feel good about the goal, I still feel that like I wouldn’t change setting this impossible goal. It has been so uncomfortable and particularly if you’re in that perfectionist mindset, like setting an impossible goal will really show you yourself. Like it has really shown me how much attachment I can have to results and it’s had its taught me that I have to really enjoy the process because that’s what we’re always in any way. But I found it’s– I have been finding it extremely hard to create the belief and the other thing I wanted to mention and then I’m going to talk about what I’m currently doing and where, you know, what I’m going to be doing for the remainder of the year. but I try to be as open and honest and vulnerable on this podcast, on my Instagram account, I do it so often now that it kind of just feels normal, but then at the same time it feels really uncomfortable, especially when I think about all the people I know in my real life who read those Instagram captions, who listen to my podcasts and even when friends will tell me they’d been listening to my podcasts and that they love it and it’s so helpful. I still feel like, “Oh, have I shared too much of myself?” Like it just feels like I really expose myself.

And I really share everything. I’m relating to my own personal development and my business and sometimes I feel like maybe that backfires on me. I don’t know if that’s true. I think that’s just the fear of like me just trying to rationalize, not being as open and honest, but I have appreciated it so much when other people, other online creators are sharing themselves in the way that they’re being open and honest and just sharing what’s real. So that’s what I’m doing. And so part of this, part of my personal growth is setting this impossible goal and so I had been talking about it on Instagram, and the podcast obviously, but the podcast, like I don’t get direct feedback like you guys are listening to this. Maybe you’re in your car, maybe you’re at the gym or whatever.

On Instagram, people just comment really easy. So I was writing about, I think that someone had said that they were disappointed that my coaching services, why the price that they are and that I shouldn’t take out my financial goals on my listeners, which just really, was really interesting to me because just to see that, like I think that I can never get everyone to understand me. Of course no one ever can and you can’t always be understood by everyone. But it’s just been so interesting to see that some people have taken this impossible goal to be that like to achieve this I’m going to do absolutely anything which would include like charging prices for my services that I don’t believe in and all that kind of thing. Just so I can hit my goal, which is not the case at all and I’m really– like in terms of I don’t do sponsorships or ads or anything like that and so there is money that I’m leaving on the table so that I can achieve this goal in the way that I want to achieve it and in a really genuine and in a way that feels really good to me and not just doing anything and everything I can to make the money, but it’s just been so interesting that some people take it like that. That I’m taking my financial goals out on other people by charging a certain price, my coaching services, which I a hundred percent believe in that price. I’ve had people already pay that price, so I don’t think that it’s ridiculous at all, but it’s just been really interesting.

And then I shared that I got that email on my Instagram account. Not the email itself, but just some of the things. Because I thought maybe that there were people out there who had similar beliefs to the girl who emailed me, which was like, “This is so disappointing because we’re all learning and growing together. You shouldn’t be getting paid as much as you are. I could get a better coach than you for a cheaper price,” like all things like that. And then to just mention that on Instagram and then have people comment and be like, “Well is this just part of your impossible goal? Are you just charging a certain price so that you can make $500,000?” Which by the way, for coaching, I could never make $500,000 even if I was coaching 24/7 for the entire 365 days but that’s beside the point.

But it’s been really interesting to see that other people misunderstand it and think that I’m taking my goals out on other people and you know, are now filtering what I do through or she’s just offering this course or these services because she’s trying to hit her own goal. And like, yes I am trying to hit my goal, aren’t we all trying to achieve our goals and it’s just been so interesting to see that but also that people assume that I’ve got this master plan until $500,000 when really I don’t and I’m just growing my business and coaching is something that I absolutely love doing and that I’m good at and that people want to pay me for. So I am going to be offering that– I am currently offering that and if you want me to be your coach just to mention as well, you can go to smart-twenties.com/coaching to find out more.

But that has been a really big lesson for me as well. Just to be reminded that if you are going to really put yourself out there, put your goals out there. I think it’s the reason that a lot of people like there’s still so much to boot around money and I don’t want that to be because I think that’s part of the reason that so many people struggle with it is because we can’t talk openly about it. And when I was writing about it on Instagram and getting those comments, I was like, “Oh, maybe I shouldn’t be sharing my goals.” Like that was my first sort of like, “Maybe I shouldn’t share this with people because they are misunderstanding it” and I just don’t want to though go into hiding and not share my goal. So I’m not going to be doing that. I’m still going to be sharing. But it’s just kind of been like my first experience with people not being on board with what I’m doing or misunderstanding it. And I know that they’re coming from a good place and I’m sure that they have good intentions but just putting that eliminating beliefs onto me, like I think that that’s something that is going to only happen more and more as my business grows.

But before the last few months, my business has really been at a point where basically everyone who’s following me and everyone who’s getting my emails is really lovely and nice, and if they don’t want to keep following me, they just do so silently. They don’t tell me about it. They don’t tell me why. They just, you know, leave. And that’s completely fine. I’m not for everyone, but now it’s starting to get to the point where people are like– I think as well with my Instagram, people are getting to the point where if they forget that I can read all the comments and that it’s my, and part of me and yeah, that’s just been really interesting part of this goal as well, to be questioned about it and to be questioned like should you even be trying to make that much money? and that has been something that I’ve really had to work through.

And it’s also just extremely interesting because someone will be like, “This is a ridiculous price.” And then someone’s already paid me that price and said it was completely fine and so it’s just like, you know, I can never please everyone and I’m not trying to be everyone’s coach. I don’t have that many spots available and there is also something that like I do believe that people don’t really take free advice, that people need to invest in themselves and that also I should be paid for the value that I’m providing as well.

I’m doing a lot of money whack at the moment. And so this is what I wanted to really talk about, like what I’m currently doing and what I’m going to be doing until the end of the year to keep working at my impossible goal because my goal really is to be able to say that I worked on this goal all the way up to December 31, 2018 because that in itself for me is an achievement. The number of times that I have wiggled my way out of goals and just given up on them or try to change my focus or being like, “Actually I’m going to do this instead,” and just like given up in a really subtle way that happens so often, so I am still going to be trying to achieve this goal until the last minute of 2018 and I still don’t know yet like what goal I’m going to aim for in 2019. And now I’m saying this like a misdemeanor, it’s not going to happen, which it might happen and I’m still working on the belief as you can tell from the way I’m talking about it I’m still not in– I still don’t have that certainty. And the certainty as well just purely comes from repetition.

Our brain will believe anything. We think often enough. Like if you think about some of the beliefs that we have, they have ridiculous when you think about them, but we’ve just had them so many times. For example, the belief I’m not good enough. That makes no sense when you think about it. But we’ve had that belief, most of us so many times that it just feels like the truth. And so to get certainty in like something that contradicts that or something that’s slightly different, you just have to repeat it. But if you have believed something for so long, it does take a lot of repetition. Also, I feel like I should do a separate podcast on this but that just reminded me when I was talking about like I’m not good enough that I have, like I’ve already spoken about this, that I had a breakthrough in my personal development stuff at the end of last year and since then I have just really dropped that belief in a lot of ways and this past week in particular, I’ve just been like really calm and like when I have done things that I normally in the past would have beaten myself up for like not followed through with the plan or something. I’ve just been like, “Oh, that’s really interesting. Like that must mean that, you know, I need to work on this a bit more or that. And it’s just like, I have just been so kind to myself lately and it’s just very, like I don’t, it just feels so different. So, I will talk about that I think in another Episode because that’s going to be a whole tangent, but I just wanted to mention that as well. And also if you do feel like you’re not good enough that, that isn’t actually like that is something that you can then get your brain out of. Because I have been in the place that I really did believe I wasn’t good enough. Even though intellectually I knew I was, I had this deep down belief. Anyway, that’s a tangent. Sorry. It just prompted my memory of that and the experience that I’ve had this week.

So current progress what I’m doing my 2018 impossible goal still feels impossible. Particularly my brain has been like, “It’s August, there’s not enough time. There’s no way you can make that much money in only a few months,” like, “Look at what you did this for the beginning of the year.” And that’s really interesting in itself because I can see my brain is looking to the past for evidence of whether I can achieve it, which makes zero sense because I have never achieved this goal in the past. So looking to the past, I’m never going to be able to find the evidence. So Brooke has really taught me as well to get your evidence from the future and because we can really imagine anything we want about the future, we can see that, “Oh, it doesn’t matter. I haven’t done that in the past. In the future I will be doing whatever.”

And it’s like we do this so easily in other areas. For example, with uni, when I was studying have a law in a finance degree. When I studying those degrees, I believed that I would be able to work in those fields even though I had never done it before in my brain. I had just imagined at all because I’m doing this, I’ll be able to do XYZ in the future. And so it’s really just the same thing of creating a future that looks different to your past. Because if I had believed then like, “Oh, you know, I can never get a job because I have like in a professional field because I’ve never done that before.” Well, of course you haven’t done that before. Like there’s so many things that we’re doing and it’s the first time. And like I’ve had this with a lot of my coaching clients where they say like, “Yeah, but I’ve never done it before.” Like yeah, no shit. That’s why this is the first time. Like no one’s ever done something before when it’s their first time doing something. Like we all have that first time of doing something and so this would be my first time of making that amount of money. And that means that “Yeah, of course I haven’t done it before and not doing it before isn’t evidence that I can’t achieve it.”

So yeah, my brain’s like, “There’s not enough time. There’s no way it’s going to happen.” And it’s good as well because that shows me that I still have this belief that it takes a lot of time to make money even though that’s not true. And it feels like it’s true, but the reason I say it’s not true is because there are a lot of people in this world who will have made that amount of money this week or today. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but my brain’s still back in their belief of trading time for money and it takes a lot of time to make money. It takes a lot of hard work. So what I have been doing is I am in a course called Rich Babe Academy. It’s taught by Kathrin Zenkina of Manifestation Babe. And I’m doing that course because I just really saw in the last few weeks particularly, I think one of the biggest reasons that I have struggled so much with my impossible goal is because I still have all these limiting beliefs about money, about what I should, what I deserve to earn, about the fact that it takes time to make money. It takes a lot of hard work, which makes me really overcomplicate things. It could be easy. I have also had the belief that I have to deserve money. You really have to earn money.

And that was a struggle for me with the coaching stuff because it doesn’t feel like work to me. I love doing it and it comes really not truly to have these kinds of conversations and I just feel like I’m completely in the zone when I’m having them. And so it’s just been so interesting to look at this year and see that I could have started working with clients so much earlier, like literally years ago, I first started thinking about it and I put it off because it was going to be too easy. And so I made money and all different other ways offering different services. Like I did some Pinterest marketing for people even though that’s much harder for me than coaching, but it was– then I really had the feeling that I was deserving of the money because it took effort and a lot of hard work on my end. So that’s some of my limiting money beliefs. Other ones that I think a really stuffy me were like, the more I have, the more I have to lose and also the judgment from other people which I have started experiencing already, which isn’t a sign that I shouldn’t do it, but it’s really just– like judgment from other people really only impacts us when we’re judging our self in that same way because if someone is saying something about you and you just don’t even believe it’s the case, you’re like, “I have no idea what you’re even talking about,” then yeah, it’s completely fine. But if someone just says, you know, “Oh, I think you know, you’re a bit greedy for that.” And if I have the belief like this is I’m being greedy, then that’s when it really affects me. So really it’s me judging myself for making that much money.

I’m still having beliefs about like– that if I have more money, it means other people have less money, which isn’t the case. Especially like if you think about it this way with coaching. So I’m not all coaching ends up in a tangible monetary result, but the kind of coaching that I’m doing is helping women that are just so smart and ambitious are so just stuck in there. They’re in their own way and basically know what they want to do with their life, but have convinced themselves that they don’t know because they’re really scared to try this, scared to waste the effort, scared of the judgment, scared of doing the wrong thing and that if I coached them and I help them get into the career that they want where they’re actually making an impact and making a difference, they will have. Their life will have improved like I will have received money from them for the value that I’ve added to them. So there’s like double the value in the world because they’ve had that amazing experience and transformation and I am in a better financial position, which then allows me to grow my business, to circulate more money out into the economy in all different sorts of ways.

So I can just see that I still have that underlying belief which we are taught, which is the more you have, the less other people have, which isn’t true. But anyway, so I decided to sign up for Rich Babe Academy because Kathrin Zenkina is someone that I really admire. She shares herself, so rawly, that sounds like not a word, rawly so openly and also her like how she does in her business as well and I just really like her vibe and I have only been listening. This is one of the things I’ve been doing. I forgot to write it down but I have only been listening this month to Kathrin’s podcasts and her course and then Kathrin’s podcast is called Manifestation Babe and then Brooke Castillo’s podcast, The Life Coach School and Self-coaching Scholars and Self-coaching Scholars is just like an ongoing thing that I haven’t been doing the monthly work this month. I’m really just listening to the coaching calls and reading the questions that get submitted and the answers because I get a lot of help from that.

So I haven’t actively been doing Self-coaching Scholars this month just because that probably sounded like a lot of work I have just been doing. I’m Rich Babe Academy and really just reducing all of the noise. This is something that I haven’t mentioned and I feel kind of weird about mentioning it, but I think I just want to share it anyway, so I feel like I have just been stuck in like scrolling mindlessly on Instagram and that I’m just seeing the same things and you know, it’s great to get inspiration. There are a lot of people that I love following on Instagram and that’s kind of the problem. Like I love it too much and I’m like really interested in what they’re up to and what they’re doing in their business and all of that kind of thing.

And I just noticed I was wasting so much time and one thing that I did literally five years ago now on Facebook was that I– no, I didn’t unfollow or unfriend. Like I think it’s called unfollowing on Facebook though, where basically you don’t get updates in your feed from them, but you’re still friends. So I did that with everyone except the people that I was– my test was if I saw them on the street would I say hello, because most of you know, there are people that you follow online and you’re friends with and you might say happy birthday on Facebook and then you see them in person and you would both ignore each other and pretend you didn’t exist. So my test was, “Would I say hello to them on the streets?” And so I did that and that really removed, like I have not had any issues with Facebook since doing that because there’s just no endless feed. There’s no– it’s not like, you know, when you’re gambling and they just make it so there’s always like, what’s next, what’s next, what’s next? And like I’ve listened to really interesting things about social media and they designed the feeds in that way so that you will always thinking like maybe the next post will be better. I don’t want to miss out on the next post, I don’t want to miss out on the next post. And it keeps scrolling and scrolling and it’s a very psychologically designed thing or the Facebook and Instagram feeds.

So I was finding that with Instagram, I was just feeling like that. I mean, I can definitely train myself to not look at my phone, but I was like OK, I’m just going to do what I did with Facebook and completely remove the feed. So what I did was I muted stories and posts for everyone except my friends that I see like in real life and my coaching clients and everyone else I have just muted. Not because I don’t care, not because I don’t want to support other people online and what I do anyway. It’s kind of like the result is the same as if I was just not looking at Instagram in the first place because what I do on Facebook, if there’s someone I’m like, “Oh, I wonder what they’re up to.” I’ll just type in their name and go to their profile and I’ll still be doing that for sure on Instagram and I can just type in their name and go down the rabbit hole that way if I want to. But it just has really like I went on Instagram and got that you’ve caught up like you’ve seen everything, which I had never seen before. I didn’t even know that was a thing on Instagram.

So now, like basically whenever I log into Instagram, it already says you’ve caught up because my friends like the ones that don’t have businesses especially aren’t posting on Instagram every single day and aren’t posting on stories every single day in the same way that a content creator whose job it is, might be doing that. So there’s really not much in my feed. And I have found that to be really helpful. I’ve only done that for a few days, but it’s just literally like, I’m still letting myself pick up my phone to look at Instagram and it’ll say you’ve seen everything. And I’m like, “Oh.” And my brain now I can feel it’s getting to a point where it’s like, “This is boring, why do we keep checking this?” So, and I can just fear feel that need to go on it just completely reduce. so that’s been great. But that’s just been part of me really trying to get focused.

And so yeah, I’m just listening to Kathrin and Brooke and I still love all my other podcasts and will definitely be listening to them in the future, but I feel like there’s so much conflicting information that when I’m listening to so many different things, I get so many different ideas and some of them, some of the advice is contradictory and then I’m spending effort and time and energy thinking about what, how can I reconcile this with that and whatever.

So what Brooke teaches and Kathrin teaches they’re very complimentary. Kathrin is much more spiritual, not in a religious sense at all, but just talking about like the universe. Brooke is to some degree, but she’s more the intellectual side of it. So I find that a really nice balance for me and I love Brooke Castillo’s model that she plugs thoughts and different things in too. So that’s really helpful. So yeah, what they say, like I haven’t really found much, if anything that contradicts like what they teach, but they teach slightly different areas.

So yeah, I’m doing that was a long tangent, but I am really working at that moment on just being really focused and single-minded. I have turned down really good opportunities that I’ve had, like in the last few weeks I’ve sent off a few emails to say to people that I’m not going to be continuing to do certain things in my business. And it’s really hard like something I think as well we’re not taught is sometimes you have to say no to something that’s good so that you can get something great and it is really challenging to be like, “OK, this thing’s working really well. I really enjoy doing it and it’s making me money, but I’m going to stop doing it so that I can put my energy over here.” So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been really having a look at everything and making sure that what I’m doing is going to get me to where I want to go and that I’m proceeding as if success was inevitable which is something that Kathrin’s been talking about in her course that I’ve been thinking about a lot, is that if I believe success was inevitable, I wouldn’t be doing those different things I’ve been doing because they’re like a backup plan. If I’m not making money from my business, another thing that I have been doing well I will be doing, I might write about to start, but I’ve already made the decision and that’s being crazy powerful. So through doing Kathrin’s course and just like thinking a lot about my financial situation and why I haven’t achieved all feel anywhere close to achieving my impossible goal. I really have just seen that I have been so comfortable and I think I spoke about this in my last podcast episode, but I want to mention it here as well because it’s very, very related.

So I was looking at everything that I’ve been doing and just seeing that the fact that I can support myself a hundred percent from my part-time job. So if you don’t already know this, I work a part-time job in the afternoons and I support myself hundred percent from that job. I have never paid myself from my business which is the other interesting thing too, that when I’m talking about like making $500,000, it seems like that $500,000 is going to be sitting in my personal account when really festival. So 80% is going to the tax man or I like to think of it as going to the community and going to the roads and the sidewalks and the public health system. But anyway, so 30% of that is just swept right off the top. And then a lot of that money, like it, it is not free to do all of these things that I do. All the free content I produce is not free for me to produce. So I have expenses, like my email service, my website’s different people that I get to help me with my podcast, like all sorts of things that are expenses that I need to cover every month. Then I reinvest in my personal development, I reinvest in new systems and new people to help me with everything.

So yeah, it just– I think when I talk about making $500,000, it seems like that sitting in my bank account when that’s revenue, not profit and not profit that’s sent on my personal account, but anyway, I haven’t paid myself from my business so I have been a hundred percent supporting myself from my part-time job, which is why I got the job in the first place that I quit my full-time job in March 2017. And I was really able to do that. Like I wasn’t making much money at that point in my business. I’m definitely not enough to be able to support myself and there was not really any consistency is so the way that I could quit my full-time job was by taking up a part-time job and I felt really good about that because it meant that I wouldn’t have to make short term decisions in my business. Like I wouldn’t have to say yes to sponsorships. I didn’t want to do or have to like just make money in ways that I didn’t want to. I am really thinking about this, the long game, like I’m only 27 and I’m probably going to be working for at least 50 years. I do not really want to retire. I think I’m just going to work until the last minute that I possibly can because I really enjoy doing it.

But anyway, so I felt really good that I didn’t have any financial pressure and then I really see now, so that was a year and a half ago that it’s been great and I have zero regrets and if I hadn’t gone into the part-time job then Steve and I wouldn’t be able to buy the house that we have because I wouldn’t have had any proof of my income. Because when you’re self-employed, there’s a lot more than you have to do to prove how much money you’re making that you can have like pay the money back to them. Whereas if you’re employed by someone, the bank sees that as much less risky, so that was really great because we love this house and love having a house. So yeah, I have no regrets and I really enjoy my job and the people that I work with but I’ve seen that that has kept me so calm like me not having to rely on my business for money has meant that it’s really easy to let myself off the hook and not do the uncomfortable things and like this I just need to make enough to cover my expenses and that’s fine.

And I’ve really been thinking about like Tony Robbins idea of raising your standards, and that you get your must’s, you don’t get your should’s, you get your must’s. And for me, my 2018 impossible goal has really been more of a should in the sense like, “Yeah, I really should do that. I really want to do that. It’s a desire.” But that hasn’t been my must, has only been that I want to cover my expenses, my business expenses which I would say is like a thousand dollars a month to run everything. So yeah, I really have seen in the last few weeks as I’ve been doing this money mindset work and just really taking a look at everything that I’ve had this like I have a strong desire to achieve my impossible goal, but it’s not a must. It’s something that I’m like, “Yeah, that would be nice,” but you get your must’s, you don’t get your should’s because your should’s, you only do when they’re convenient when you feel like it.

And so I’ve thought of a way of manufacturing some financial pressure without actually quitting my job which is that I’m basically putting all of the money that I get from my job straight into our home loan offset accounts and then I will be living off like paying myself from the business, which means that I have to actually have enough to be able to pay myself and to then also be able to reinvest in the business and to invest in my personal development like I’m not just going to be taking the money out and paying myself and not investing money in my business like most of the money– all the money that I have made so far has completely been reinvested in either the courses and coaching that I get myself to improve my mindset and improve my business or better services or better resources or better assistance.

It’s all reinvested it’s like, you’re planting a seed. You don’t just pull it up as soon as it’s grown a little bit, you keep watering it, you keep ordering it, you keep watering it. So I need to be able to keep watering my business as well as taking a little bit from it. So since making that decision, I haven’t even been paid yet so I don’t haven’t even physically had to put my money in that account and then pay myself from the business. But even just making that decision, I was like, “Holy Shit, I need to get to work.” Like I need to really get focused. That’s when I went through Instagram and sorted that out and have just been a lot more focused when I’m working. I have been a lot more driven to work, it’s become a must now to at least cover my own expenses and I also finally calculated how much I’d need to be making per month to leave my– oh, per month? Yeah, my monthly revenue that I would need to be able to support myself, which means I think it’s about $15,000 a month, which obviously 30% of that is just straight for tax and that I just put aside in an account and I don’t even think about it, that’s not my money and then I have the rest that like, I have the things that I’m investing in and I have the expenses and then I would have like replacing my income.

So I hadn’t even figured that out before, which was so interesting to see because it’s something that I’ve been talking about like, “Yeah, I really want to quit my job.” I’m like, “I want to be full-time in my business.” And I think part of the reason as well, like I’ve also had this thing of like I really enjoy where I work, the people that I work with and like that’s a real social aspect of my life, like because otherwise I’m not really seeing people. I am working from a co-working space which has been really amazing just in the sense of routine. Like I’m feeling like I’m in love with my routine at the moment and that has been really helpful to just get myself out of the house and I’m having a clear Sunday off every week, which is great.

And Steve and I have already agreed to having to sleep-in tomorrow morning, which I’m really excited about. But I really feel like I’ve earned it this week especially. So I’m really looking forward to that. But yeah, like I enjoy working that. And so I think part of the reason I’ve tried, like subconsciously kept my business smaller is because I don’t want to leave. Even though consciously I do want to leave. I think subconsciously I don’t want to leave. So I am really making the effort to be at the co-working space so I can replace that work environment with something instead of the alternative just been sitting at home. but I hadn’t even calculated the figure and this is something that I had mentioned in one of my weekly newsletters that I sent out and as I was writing and I was like, “Shit I haven’t even done that.”

And I was talking about the different steps that I went through when I was quitting my full-time job and that one of the things that I needed to do was do the math and figure out what position I needed to be in and that like– this is just something that’s so interesting like I’ve had, coaching clients were like, “I really want to get out of debt.” It’s like, “OK, what’s your plan?” Like, “I don’t have one.” And that’s the same thing that I had done it’s like, “I really want to quit my job,” or “What’s your plan?” “I don’t have one.” And I think that’s just such a sneaky self sabotage. If you’re not trying then you can’t disappoint yourself and you can’t fail. So, I saw that when I wrote that email, I was like, “Gosh, I actually needed to do that myself again!” And so I calculated that and I have just been really having really amazing ideas this week. I’ve been having a lot of clarity and being very focused. I think listening to just two podcasts has been a huge factor in that. I’ve had a lot of breakthroughs around my money mindset already in Rich Babe Academy, which I’m going to do a Money Mindset episode once I have finished working through her program, which is a six-week program and tomorrow week three will be out. So yeah, maybe like a month or so I’ll be doing that episode.

So I feel like I’m rambling all over the place at the moment, but that’s kind of what my life feels like. So I think it’s accurate to be rambling. But yeah, I’m really just creating that urgency and making it a must. And instead of like making that much money a must because before it was like, “Oh yeah, it’d be nice to quit my job,” but like not mean I want to do, but it’s not a must because I’m completely fine just living off my part-time income. Now it’s a must and I can feel just from making that decision, it has raised it from a should to a must.

And I was talking to one of my friends about this yesterday about like she needs to sell some of our product. And I was like, “Well, what would you do if I said I’ll give you a million dollars next week if you can get it all sold, what would you do? Like how would you do it?” And she’s like, “I’ll do this and this and this.” And I think that’s when it goes from assured like I should sell this amount of product goes from adding that motivation took it to a must of “Yeah, this is what I do because I have to get it done so I can get the million dollars.”

So that’s basically what I’m manufacturing for myself and I’m also focusing on making $15,000 a month because something that Kathrin was talking about as well, just in one of her podcasts episodes like she– one of the reasons that I’ve really been following her and wanting to take her advice is because she has basically achieved my impossible goal. She went from I think like $9,000 in revenue one year to $600,000 and next. So just seeing like just having her as someone who’s done it and just spending a lot of time listening to how I feel like that’s been a huge benefit and she’s shared a lot of her beliefs that helped with that. But she was saying that one of the things that she did that really helped her, like she didn’t do, “OK, this is my goal and I’m going to make this an equal amount each quarter.” She just focused on it in very incremental amounts. I think for her it was focusing on like 10K, 10,000, 10,000, 10,000 like after a few months she hit that and then once she believed that, then it started to jump quickly because then it go “OK, let’s do 20,000,” and then it went like $30,000 a month and like $30,000 and 50,000 and it just had really big leaps like that instead of being spread out over the year. And she has really been teaching me to create like, if I feel like with the impossible goal, so Brooke was talking about it in the sense that you can just say to your brain, “Yeah I know that’s impossible and just keep going anyway.” But I have really struggled to say that to my brain because I’m like, “Yeah, but how are we going to do that?” So in that case I have, I am now turning my focus to incrementally strengthening my belief kind of like going to the gym. If you want to lift the heaviest weight, you don’t just pick up that weight or I can’t lift it today or I can’t listen today, I can’t lift it today for a whole year you would get a smaller weight, lift that weight, get the next size up with that weight, get the next size up, lift that weight, and then you’d get there.

So it’s the same kind of thing like chunking it down so that I have like, I’m focusing on $15,000 a month. I’m writing down an affirmation at the moment, “Thank you for my $15,000 a month,” which is a different kind of affirmation than I’ve written before and I just say to myself in my head constantly and also what I’ve done as well that includes my income from my job because– and this is maybe more woo-whoo than what I’d normally talk but in terms of the money stuff, what I’ve been learning from Kathrin is that like if you’re specifying the house– so even saying that I want to make this amount in my business is being too specific about the how. And again, this is consistent with what Brooke and everyone else teaches that you need to just really focus on the result and let it unfold in whatever way possible.

So before I was really focused on I need to make $500,000 in my business and like say 10,000 a month in my business, 125,000 in the first quarter in my business. So what I’m doing instead is just focusing on getting that amount of money just in my life and letting it come in different ways and not blocking myself from having it come into my life in really unexpected ways. So that’s something that I’m working on as well at the moment. So I’m saying thank you for my $15,000 a month constantly like I probably say it at least a hundred times in my head. I just say like, “Thank you for my $15,000 a month” in my head. I just run it through again and again and I write it out 15 times in the morning. So I feel like just, I don’t know if this has made any sense, but basically what I’m doing for the remainder of the year, I’m getting super focused on what I need to do like, I’m clearing away all of the Plan B stuff and really saying to myself, “If I’m going to make money and my business, it needs to be basically through my coaching clients or through my online courses.”

I’m not doing sponsorships. I don’t want to do anything that like any of that kind of stuff, I want to be promoting my own products and services. So before, by having all those other options, it meant that I didn’t really have to go full out with those two options because I had supplementary income. So by getting them away I’d really have to make those two things work, which is what I want. I have been, yeah, getting just like less overwhelmed by just listening to those two podcasts. I just aimed to do that for August. So it’s the last week of August at the moment, but I’m just really loving it. Just hearing someone over and over again like it instead of, you know, 20 different voices throughout a week, just hearing to, it really– I found it really amazing. So I think I’m going to keep doing that through September and I’ve been listening to other podcasts when I’m at the gym. I try not to listen to anything business or personal development though. Some of it is I listened to Hamish and Andy, if you’re in Australia, you’ll know who they are, if you’re not, you probably don’t know who they are just two comedians that I think are hilarious and I also having listening to like the Hunger Games on Audible and I’d been listening to the At Home With podcast with Lily Pebbles and Anna from TheAnnaEdit and that’s kind of cheating because it is sort of business personal development related. But I just find it really inspiring. So that’s been really good.

I’m really focusing on raising my standards. So instead of like, “Yeah, I really want to achieve my impossible goal, but there’s my consequence and it doesn’t matter if I joined.” Really starting to raise that bar on myself to be like, “OK at least have to be able to support myself from my business. I’ve at least now got a plan to make that happen and so that I can go full-time in my business.” Yeah, but just really focusing on the smaller, like taking it month by month instead of trying to see the whole way there and then not being able to create the belief because I’m still being very dependent on the how and just believing like a $15,000 a month. My brain can believe that but if I was like, “Thank you for my $100,000 a month, my brain’s still like, “Huh, that’s not going to happen.”

So I’m just incrementally increasing it. I’m still going to be talking about my financial goals on Instagram and my podcast because even though some people, some of you perhaps will misunderstand me and will think that I’m trying to cheat people out of my money just to achieve a goal– I know that a lot of you understand that that’s not what I’m doing. So I am going to record these for you guys. And for those of you who don’t understand, that’s fine, you don’t need to listen, if you don’t want to I’m not forcing you to, but I really, I really appreciate it when people talk about money, I will be talking about it a lot more in my Money Mindset podcast episode that I do, and really going into all the beliefs that I’ve had and that has been something that I’m really working on. It’s like I’m really focusing a lot of energy at that moment into that.

So I hope you guys will find that stuff really helpful as well. But I think there’s so much that goes into this. If you can’t tell, like I’ve just been teaching me so much about myself and I think one of the big things that has been stopping me at the money beliefs that I’ve had, so that’s why I’m doing the work on that. But I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t had set myself a huge goal because it just brought it up like, “OK, well I still believe.” I still have these like beliefs that intellectually I know aren’t true but like, “Oh, your friends are going to abandon you if you make lots of money.” Like one of my beliefs that I’ve had that has just been really interesting and annoying is the belief that if I achieved my impossible goal, then I won’t be relate– like, you won’t be able to relate to me.

And I really value being relatable and I really want to share my experiences. And of course I’m still going to be relatable because I’m still a bloody human and I’m still going to be working on all of this kind of stuff. But I’ve just had this underlying belief of like, “If I’m successful then people won’t relate to me and then they’ll abandon me and I’ll be old left alone,” or whatever my brain’s attention that goes off on. So that’s something as well but I need to work on when intellectually I know that it’s not true and I’m sure it would inspire a lot more people as well, like the same way that Kathrin has really inspired me and put it into my realm of possibility because I’m like, “Well, she literally did what I want to do in the same timeframe that I want to do it, so it is possible.” And I could be that for someone else, but I find myself diminishing what I’m achieving so that I can fit in with everyone else, which is like definitely a theme that I’ve had in my life.

And so this is such a good way to get me out of doing that. And yeah, I’ve just, I hope this has been interesting, it’s very helpful for me to talk through it. But yeah, as you can tell, it’s a bit all over the place, but I’m really just working on getting focused– my money beliefs and really making myself do the uncomfortable things, raising my standards, making things not optional. I’m doing this as well as a side note with my body. I did like a fitness episode a couple episodes ago, but it’s the end of winter here in– oh, it’s spring, next week!

I love September. It’s my favorite month because the weather, I just think the September weather is amazing. It’s like, it’s really– it’s getting warmer but it’s still like a bit crisp but not too crisp. So, but anyway, what I was going to say is like, I feel like every summer I’m like– I don’t have a horrible body or anything like that, but I never like I’ve and it’s just such a– I think how you do one thing is how you do everything and it really should. This is something that I’ve done in other areas too where I like get 80% of the way there, but I won’t go that last 20%. I think the same thing as well, like I have this underlying belief, like if I have a really good body, then I don’t know, I think part of it as well is this belief of like people will think I’m dumb like I don’t know if any of you, it’s taken me a lot of digging to find that belief, but like more attractive people are stereotyped as not being smart and because I’ve had this fixed mindset and really want to be seen as smart then it’s been like– I’ve think I’ve not achieved physical goals because I think that I’ll be judged as not being smart if I do.

Again, all of these kinds of limiting beliefs don’t make intellectual sense but that’s been a really interesting one. So I have really just raised the bar on myself with my health and my fitness and Steve and I have been eating like– we have a drawer of lollies and chocolate next to our bed and normally when we’re watching Netflix we just let ourselves eat whatever you want to eat and so I’ve just said to myself like, “That’s not something that I’m going to be doing any more,” not from a deprivation point of view, but I physically feel much better when I don’t do that and I still get all the benefit when I just have a tiny bit because the taste will linger like you don’t have to keep eating 20 cookies to get the taste of a cookie. So yeah, and I think part of the reason I had been doing that as well is just it means I can like switch off and go unconscious and in a way I’m eating my feelings, not really, like it’s not a huge amount, but I feel like I’ve just, it’s me going a bit unconscious and so I just want to be conscious in that area of my life and by some are or for summer I really just want to be like, “Yeah, I have actually really tried my best,” and I feel like I’ve made enough progress with myself image on my body that it’s not the same hangups that I had before where I believe that I’m only worthy if I look a certain way and all of that kind of thing.

It’s more just like showing up for myself and showing myself that I can do it. And I think having the discipline in that area of my life will also carry over to other areas. So that’s something that I’m doing at the moment. So I’m really just turning those like turning my should’s into must’s. I’m raising the bar on myself like I’m really thinking about it in that language. I’m raising my standards and yeah, it’s going to be an interesting last quarter or last third of the year, 4 months left and I will give you guys another update. It’ll be, I would say at the beginning of next year because then I will be able to give a complete update on 2018 and my impossible goal but yeah, it is so worthwhile to do this work. I highly recommend setting yourself a crazy big goal and just watching yourself– watching all the ways you self-sabotage, watching all your limiting beliefs come up, and then by doing that you can do the work.

It’s kind of like what I speak about with blogging as well or business that it’s such a good way to do personal development because when you actually try to show up in the world, that’s when all your limiting beliefs come up. That’s when all of your self doubt comes up. That’s when the self-sabotage comes up. When you’re living a comfortable life, it’s really easy not to notice any of that stuff. It’s only when you really try and step up that you notice that you have all of these things that have been keeping you there. So, yeah, I think that anything that feels beyond reach is so worthwhile, even if it doesn’t amount to the goal being achieved. I think that it’s also, it’s always like who we become in the process. That is what makes a goal worthwhile. And yeah, I would say I’m not trying to say this so I can wiggle my way out of trying for the rest of the year, but I really view it as something that’s being completely worthwhile in my personal development journey.

It’s also been a great lesson as I was talking about right at the beginning and learning not to feel disappointed and that really getting the fact that disappointment is a feeling and that means it comes from my thoughts and thoughts that caused this appointment so I can have intentional thoughts about this goal being worthwhile and that it’s worth it because I’ve tried my hardest and all of that kind of thing and I’m not going to end up disappointed even if I don’t achieve my goal. It’s like I think we are really taught that if you don’t achieve your goal, you will be disappointed as if the goal– as if we’re a victim of our goals, but we are not, but we can be a victim of our own thinking it. So, if you can control the thoughts that you’re having, and you can reframe things and you can totally turn any feeling around. So yeah, I think I’m going to leave it there because I feel like what it feels like to me this episode is I’m on like an athletic, you know, running track and I’ve just gone around and around and around of– but I hope I’ve shared some things that have helped you in this episode.

If you want to find anything that I have mentioned, you can go to smart-twenties.com/episode44 everything will be there for you if you want to know more about this goal Episode 14 is where I talk about Setting The Goal that was recorded in 2017. Episode 29 is an update on my impossible goal and Episode 36 I was talking about doing a media review and I also of course in there mentioned my impossible goal. So yeah, if you’re still hungry for more after this, that’s where I recommend going and if you are wanting to work with me one on one, I’m now taking clients for September and October 2018.

So you can find out more at smart-twenties.com/coaching that’s if you want to take all of this to the next level and have me work through everything with you, whether it’s relating to working on a goal or what I particularly help people with is figuring out what to do with our life and then taking those first steps to making it happen. So yeah, if you are interested in working with me, smart-twenties.com/coaching and I will talk to you guys next time, bye!


Author: Sam Brown