Episode 451: [Stop Procrastination] Why Stopping Procrastination Is Simple & Easy with PGSD

This is part 5 of my 5-part series on how to *actually* stop procrastinating. During this 5-part procrastination series, you’ve learned the hidden reasons why you procrastinate, the 5 step process for making decisions that don’t freak your perfectionist brain out, how power planning helps you feel safe showing up consistently and how to create ‘positive time pressure’ so you can get your best work done without burning out. 

Now in this episode (part 5) you’ll hear me explain the 3 steps that make stopping procrastination simple…

  1. Make decisions like a real business owner
  2. Plan your week properly as a perfectionist
  3. Confidently and consistently put yourself out there

It’s easy to finally stop procrastinating when you’ve got the tools and support that guide you through every step and help you solve all of the obstacles you’ll face before you even face them.

Today’s episode covers how my program, Perfectionists Getting Shit Done (aka PGSD), will make stopping procrastination a reality for you.

Stopping procrastination is simple & easy with PGSD. Even if you’ve been getting in your own way with building your business for YEARS (like I did). 

By the end of the episode you’ll be able to make a confident decision about whether or not my program is for you. And if it is for you, you’ll be ready to sign up and get started (the doors have just opened!).

Listen to this episode now.

This 5-part series is for perfectionists who:

  • Get stuck in research mode when it comes to your niche, messaging and branding
  • Buy cameras, domains and planners to try to motivate themselves to show up
  • Push important tasks off until the last minute because you need the pressure

Everything you’ve learned about how to stop procrastinating doesn’t apply to perfectionists!

During this 5-part procrastination series I’ll be teaching you the surprising truth about procrastination, the hidden reasons you haven’t been able to stop and the simple process you can immediately start following to actually stop procrastinating. 

I won’t be telling you to delete social media apps or write a reminder on a post-it note to remind you ‘done is better than perfect’. 

This series is going to help you create emotional safety and feelings that are going to allow you to actually have the confidence to stop procrastinating and put yourself out there.

Tune into this series to learn how to stop procrastinating so your business can finally get off the ground.

Find the full episode transcript and show notes at samlaurabrown.com/episode451.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The 3 steps that make stopping procrastination simple
  • How I can support you further
  • How the PGSD Process helps you get out of your own way
  • Why stopping procrastination is simple & easy with PGSD
  • What to expect once you’re in Perfectionists Getting Shit Done (PGSD)

Featured In The Episode:

PGSD is  is open! From 14 March to 21 March 2024.:

My coaching program Perfectionists Getting Shit Done (aka PGSD) teaches you how to plan properly as a perfectionist so you can get out of your own way in your business. 
The PGSD Process will get you out of your own way in your business and have you making more money more easily. The doors to Perfectionists Getting Shit Done will be opening at 6am New York time on 14 March and closing at 11:59pm New York time on 21 March 2024. Find out more about the program and join the waitlist here: samlaurabrown.com/pgsd.

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Hi and welcome to another episode of The Perfectionism Project, a podcast full of perfectionism advice for entrepreneurs. My name is Sam Laura Brown, I help entrepreneurs release their perfectionism handbrake so they can get out of their own way and build a fulfilling and profitable business. I’m the founder of the Perfectionist Getting Shit Done group coaching program, which is otherwise known as PGSD. And for even more perfectionism advice to help you with your business. You can follow me on Instagram @perfectionismproject

Sam Laura Brown
Welcome to this fifth and final part of my series on how to stop procrastinating. This series has covered why you procrastinate. We’ve talked about how to get unstuck with important business decisions like your niche. We’ve talked about how to use power planning and your growth goal as well, to start taking consistent action, helping to calm your perfectionist brain down so it doesn’t freak out, and how to create positive time pressure, so that you can do your best work without burning out.

So in this episode, today, I’m going to assume that you’ve listened to all of that. And if you haven’t, pause this and go back, because it’s so helpful to really understand why you do what you do to know there’s nothing wrong with you to know that this isn’t a you problem, you’re not just lazy, or you’re not cut out for entrepreneurship, you just really haven’t learned how to think about your human brain, and really understand is going to be scared to do things, regardless of how well you’re doing them.

So you need to learn how to actually support yourself with that, that you’re in that perfectionist mindset, and your brain and that mindset, it wants you to do things perfectly. But ultimately, to avoid doing anything imperfectly. That’s where they’re overthinking, the procrastination that we’ve been talking about in this series, the burnout, the fear of judgment, that all or nothing thinking, those five signs of perfectionism, that’s where they all come in. And it makes it so hard. When you have your human fears that always going to be there. And then on top of this, you have perfectionist fears. So that’s going on. That’s why there’s nothing wrong with you you’re not broken or you don’t need fixing, it’s not toxic, you don’t need to get to the root of it and go into the past.

It’s your present day thinking that is creating those present day perfectionist tendencies. And you’re able to do something about it when you actually start using productivity tools that work for your perfectionist brain that’s going to unlock your performance and your peak performance as an entrepreneur. Just like how elite athletes have a coach that allows them to perform at their best, they don’t try and go it alone, just because they’re smart. They know that they need someone to help them see and understand what they’re doing that they can’t fully see themselves. They have blind spots, they have a coach there to help them see those blind spots.

So just like elite athletes, have a coach, you have me to be your performance coach. So perfectionism doesn’t keep stopping you from building the business that you know you can build right now. You see people who aren’t as smart as you who are more successful than you, when it comes to business. They have an ugly website, their reels aren’t good. And they are actually succeeding, simply because they aren’t getting in their own way. Because they’re not in that perfectionist mindset. So it’s not your fault that you’re in that perfectionist mindset. But it is your responsibility to do something about it.

If you don’t learn how to get yourself to show up fully, if you don’t learn how to make business decisions, like a real business owner, how to plan your week properly as a perfectionist, how to show up consistently and confidently, you are not going to be able to succeed. No matter how much potential you have. No matter how much research you do. No matter how good your business ideas are, no matter how smart you are, how many degrees you have, how well you did in school, you aren’t going to be able to succeed you need to do something about your perfectionism. And it’s really as simple as having the right tools and the right support.

So that’s what’s inside PGSD for you. And in this episode, I want to talk about what you get when you sign up for perfectionist getting shit done. My program for perfectionist entrepreneurs, because we are open for enrollment at the time of this episode going out. The doors to PGSD are open, you are able to go and sign up. So you can go to samlaurabrown.com/pgsd to do that. And we are closing for enrollment at 11:59pm New York time on the 21st of March. So I’ve given you enough time to be able to sit with that decision. But I don’t want you to procrastinate. And this is a procrastination series to help you stop procrastinating and so I’m going to be sharing with you about PGSD so that if it is a fit for you, you don’t procrastinate on signing up and actually doing something about your perfectionism and your procrastination, because I know if you’re anything like my clients, there is so much you have to offer the world.

And you can feel it, it’s palpable, you know that you are here to make an impact and to be a leader. And even though you have that impostor syndrome, and you have that self doubt, you know that you’re meant to do big things. And you’re smart enough to learn the strategies, the tactics, the nitty gritty details, you’re smart enough to do that. All that’s missing is the emotional safety. That comes from having the right tools that calm your perfectionist brain down so you can show up. All that’s missing is that emotional safety so that you can actually do the work so you can trust yourself to create when you said you would create, you can also trust yourself to know when to adapt your plans, when to rest versus when to push through, you can actually do that creative work, you can also have the personal life that you want to have, as I’ve shared a mom of three little ones.

I work three days a week, I’ve made over $2 million in my business. I’ve helped over 1000 perfectionist entrepreneur clients, obviously having three kids. So I have a daughter and twin sons. I’ve had two pregnancies and navigated that while building my business and continuing to help people and building a team to help me bring my vision to life that I have for getting perfectionist entrepreneurs out of their own way. So I want to invite you into PGSD. And to understand about the tools and the support that’s in there to help you not just intellectually understand what needs to happen in order for you to get out of your own way and to stop procrastinating. But somewhere that helps you actually do that.

Because I know we perfectionist, especially if you’re smart, you can listen to this and think, Okay, I just need to do this myself, and I’ll give it a go. And I get that, I get that. But I’m gonna do my best to have you not fall into that perfectionist thinking where we’re so self sufficient, it’s to a fault. And we want to prove that we’re worthy, and that we’re capable. And we cut ourselves off from support in order to try and do that and shoot ourselves in the foot. Because we need support. And we love having support. I know it can be hard to receive support. I know that we perfectionist have stories about support, that if someone else is helping us like we want to be self made. We want to feel like we did it ourselves. But no one that you admire did it themselves.

They had coaches, they had people around them, to support them through the inevitable ups and downs, expecting yourself to do it by yourself. And that just because you’re smart means you shouldn’t have support that isn’t actually helping you at all. And it’s going to keep you stuck and stalled out, it’s going to be really hard to ever make it to six figures. If you do, you’re going to be so burned out. And you’re going to feel so alone. Perfectionist entrepreneurs really struggle with loneliness, it’s a big thing, especially if you are working from home, and you have an online business. But even if you don’t, many of my clients also have businesses where they interact with people in real life. And they have offices, but a lot of them don’t, a lot of them are just at home, maybe they’re working from their bed.

Maybe they’re working from the kitchen counter or from a home office. But that loneliness. It doesn’t have to be there. And you can create for yourself a support network, but you have to be willing to receive support. And to not think that you accepting support. And help is you saying that you’re not capable of doing it yourself. I know you’re smart and intelligent, who my favorite kind of person to work with. I know you get what I’m talking about with all of these concepts, but you have blind spots. And also, it’s lonely to do it alone. Having that support. And having a process a proven process that you can just follow that’s going to work for your brain. If you can relate to what I talked about in this series. You can trust that everything inside PGSD and all the coaching that’s done in there to that you’re going to get to watch other people just like you’re getting coaching on their power planning in their growth goal, you’re going to be able to really release so much shame that you have when it comes to your perfectionism that makes you get in your own way.

This is one of the main reasons I started a program. I was coaching one on one I was fully booked with that working with a lot of one on one clients. And I was just seeing that all of them felt so alone. And yet they had exactly the same struggles. And I was saying exactly the same things to support them even though they had different kinds of businesses and bringing everyone together. And yes, some people are going to be lurkers and that’s okay. We’re bringing everyone together. are just being able to witness other people getting in their own way and getting out of it again and what that is like, it is going to help you release so much shame.

So I just wanted to mention that because I know we perfectionist, we’d love to think that doing it alone is best. We don’t want other people to see our messy brain. But just know that if you can relate to this, I know exactly how your brain is working. When it comes to perfectionism and productivity and business, especially if you’re between zero to six figures, I know exactly what’s going to help you. And it’s all there for you inside perfectionist getting shit done, which is now open for enrollment. But only for this week, I want to tell you about the tools and the support that you get inside PGSD. And this is what my client Natalie use. I talked about her in a previous episode with her knitting and crochet business, been able to double her revenue to over $100,000 while working less, and not being in that feeling of chaos, and overwhelm all day every day.

So interview her in Episode 332 of this podcast. I also mentioned Kristen, who’s a stylist signing 2000 clients from the consistent content that she creates on her YouTube channel. Aditi, who’s a coach, he took her business full time with ease and alignment. She’s really into human design and integrated all of that together with power planning and the growth goal to really create the business that she wanted to and to get unstuck. Rachel, who’s an artist who came into PGSD not making any money in her business, and has been able to get that business off the ground and be able to work full time in her business. Thanks to her growth, goal power planning the support inside PGSD, Erin, who’s a copywriter doubled her revenue while having more family time she went from to do lists and those endless to do lists to really be able to show up and actually do those things she needed to do.

So I interviewed Aditi on the Podcast, episode 303. I interviewed Rachel in Episode 357. I interviewed Erin and episode 333. If you want to hear more stories about some of my clients, and how they’ve used the Growth Goal and power planning, and PGSD to get out of their own ways, perfectionist entrepreneur, that’s where you can go if you need it. But just know if you can relate to what I’m talking about. I’ve got you, I know exactly what you need to do. And I know how to support you in doing it. So I mentioned about the tools. So we talked about the growth goal and power planning, there’s more inside PGSD as well. But I don’t want you to even begin thinking about that because those alone are sufficient. And you’re going to have lifetime access to that.

It’s all in the PGSD process a perfectionist getting shit done, process those video modules, and you’ve got a busy life. It’s all designed to fit within that. You can watch it on your computer, you can listen via the PGSD private podcast if you’d prefer. But everything is short, concise, to the point to teach you exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it, nothing more, nothing less, so that you don’t get stuck in procrasti-learning, and you’re actually able to get those insights you need and put them into action. This is a program that helps you implement, you’re also going to get when it comes to the support, lifetime access to the group coaching calls that we have every week inside PGSD. So these coaching calls, it might not be something that you’re listening to this, you might think I never wanted to be on a coaching call. And that’s a beautiful thing. And I’ll talk about that in a second with the PGSD private podcast.

But if you are listening to this, and you do want to be on a coaching call, do so you know most of our pgcs are in the United States. I’m in Australia, we do accommodate a wide range of time zones. But we have so many PGSDers who go out of their own way and inconvenience themselves to be on these calls. Because ultimately, that is the most convenient thing for their success that they are able to get on these calls. And for example, with the niche decision because there are a lot of decisions that come up. Even if you go through that process that you can use to make decisions that I talked about in part two, there are lots of decisions when it comes to business, big decisions, small decisions, decisions we’re not even sure we need to make. And so anytime you’re getting stuck with a decision, you can come to a PGSD coaching call. And you can get coached on that.

And what that means if you’ve never been coached is that we’re going to pull the wisdom out of you that instead of you to in and fro in in your mind, right in pros and cons lists, talking to friends who don’t really know about business stuff or don’t have the full context. Maybe your husband or wife and you think they don’t really even understand it anyway. But you’re just trying to make a decision and you’re getting stuck and then If you don’t even know, if that self sabotage was actually the smart thing to do, you can come to that call. And we’re going to pull that wisdom out of you and have you create that clarity that you want, we’re not going to be forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do.

Coaching is really about drawing out what’s already there. And helping you own that, and step into that and feel safe doing that. So we’re never going to make you do anything you don’t want to do, you’re never going to be forced into making a decision right now. But you’re going to be able to step into that higher self. And all of that mental chatter is going to subside. So that’s one way that you can use to PGSD coaching calls. Another way is to come specifically, with any questions you have about your goal, or anything that’s coming up for you. As you were pursuing your goal, maybe you have within your goal, you need to sign a certain number of clients.

Maybe if you offer a service, or maybe you need to sell a certain amount of product, and you aren’t hitting those numbers. Yes, there’s strategic things that can be done. But thinking of me that you know, these tools, we’re really here to help you with performance, and showing up fully and reaching your full potential. So the way that we’re going to help you solve those problems, is to really help you to again, access your own wisdom that you have. And a lot of times you know you need to do, but you don’t have the self trust, the confidence, the belief in order to do it. And so your brain creates confusion, and self sabotage. So we help you again, create that clarity, you need to keep yourself moving forward, making those decisions, decided on the next steps with your power planning, and you can come to a coaching call with any questions that you have about it anyway, you’re getting stuck. And you can come with your weekly review. And you can say, I see I keep procrastinating on this task.

I see I keep procrastinating on say posting to social media. And then I spend 60 minutes writing a caption, and I create an Instagram reel. And I get stuck in the editing phase. And I can’t seem to pull myself out of it. And I don’t know why we help you with that. We hope you see exactly why there’s no shame in it. There’s no judgment in it. It’s a safe place that you can show up and share. Knowing that everyone else on the call is a perfectionist entrepreneur, that all working towards 5k a month, 10k a month, being able to go full time in their business, they get it they all relate to this too. They have that same perfectionist brain, you’re in a safe place where you’re really able to just show up and share your messy brain and have that support to make sense of it. And to do that without being shamed. Without being judged, you’re doing that to yourself enough, were definitely not going to be doing that to you.

If you find yourself resisting rest. If you find yourself not wanting to actually show up and put yourself out there, you’ve done the power planning, but you still can’t get yourself to follow through on it. That’s all covered on those coaching calls, you can bring anything to a PGSD coaching call relating to your business, and we will coach you on it and help you create the clarity you need to take the next steps. There are times you might need more information from elsewhere. And we will help you identify that most of the time though, business is the mental game. And you just need to change your mindset. And we help you with that.

For those who don’t want to be on the coaching calls. And that’s okay, we’ve got you covered. And for those who love watching the coaching calls back and really soaking it in, we have the PGSD private podcast. What I love most about the podcast is that with these calls that go on the podcast, and we also have other PGSD content there as well. I just love having access to things on the go. So I want you to have that too. But when it comes to the PGSD private podcast and the calls that because everyone inside PGSD as a perfectionist entrepreneur, everything that’s coached on is going to be related and relevant to you. And it’s so much easier often to really see what’s going on and to see the coachee and receive that when you’re not the one who is getting coached.

Because your defenses aren’t up, your emotions aren’t high, you’re not in any shame about it. You’re just able to observe someone who’s procrastinating and observe and getting coached on that. And know that your brain is automatically like you’re someone who loves learning and growing your brain is going to be thinking hmm, maybe that’s what I was doing last Wednesday, when I was trying to write that email newsletter. And I just kept getting stuck and I never ended up sending it maybe that’s what was going on for me. Just by hearing someone else getting coached, you’re going to be able to get that coaching and especially if you’re someone who tends to procrastinate on and consume a lot of information.

Know that making the shift to consuming coaching is going to be such a such a needle mover when it comes to you taking action. You don’t want to keep getting new information. additional time that overwhelms your brain, you need time to process that to make sense of it. A lot of times, that’s one of the ways we procrastinate, that procrasti-learning, especially learning from different sources, so that we have to be busy then reconciling all of this conflicting information. Instead, when you can listen to the main podcast as well, most PGSDers continuing to do that. But the PGSD private podcast, and you are consuming when you are learning you are listening to other people getting coached on the exact tools you’re using. And they have the exact mindset. And there’s an array of entrepreneurs from all different industries. So you have so many different examples to really see it, you’re naturally going to be more courageous, you’re naturally going to be putting yourself out there, you’re naturally going to be someone who does what they said they would do when they said they would do it. And you’re going to just feel so surrounded by support having in your ears whenever you want on demand. Someone who’s just like you getting the exact coaching that you need in that moment. Feeling like this came at the perfect time for me. We have so often on the calls people saying, oh my god, this was exactly the thing I needed help with.

And they wouldn’t have even been able to articulate it, because they didn’t have the awareness in that moment that that was what they needed help with. But just by hearing someone else getting coached, they had that awareness and the breakthrough as well. At the same time, the way that we labeled the PGSD private podcast episodes, is with a title, similar to how we do the main podcast, that when we have a title on it, for example, how to stop overthinking your social media content, you are able, when you are in a moment of pain of getting in your own way, you were able to go to that podcast and scroll through and find something that’s exactly for that moment.

As I mentioned, every call is going to be relevant. But sometimes like, Oh my God, I wish there was a call right now. Because I need coaching on this very specific thing can go to the PGSD private podcast, when you sign up, you get instant access to everything I’m talking about, including all the past episodes in the private podcast. So you can start binge listening to those even before you start doing any of the work, it’s going to be so helpful. And you can find ones that relate to your exact situation. So that you can get yourself out of your own way. You don’t have to wait for a coaching call time to come up. Anytime of day, anytime overnight. No matter where you are in the world, you can get out of your own way.

And you can use a PGSD private podcast to help you do that. We also have the PGSD forum. So again, a lot of perfectionist a lurker and just love learning from the shadows. And regardless of whether that’s you or whether you are the person who loves to show up and share and do all of that the PGSD forum is where you can go for community and support somewhere that you can have every question answered, and someone is going to make you feel less alone, we have so many friendships that are developed through the PGSD forum, and people who meet up from all different areas in the world in person, but also people who are on different sides of the world. And they have WhatsApp messages they send to each other, to help keep each other accountable.

There are real true friendships that develop when you get to show up and be yourself and actually share your goals and share your wins. And not have to diminish and dilute yourself to fit in with the people who are currently in your real life. You have somewhere to go that accepts the ambitious you the real you, the you that has the big dreams and the goals and you’re still trying to make sense of it all. And sometimes you believe in it. And sometimes you don’t believe in it, you have somewhere to go that supports you as you are. And you can come as you are, you have your persistence org in the PGSD form as well. So it’s just a bonus, some way for you to keep track of your journey with your perfectionism, a lot of PGSDers share their weekly reviews that they love reflecting back on their weekly reviews over a period of time to really just see how much they have grown.

But this is something we are constantly supporting our PGSDers everyone supporting each other. It’s a community that you can turn to when shit happens, and you create the best posts you think you’ve ever created. And then no one likes it. Or you post that first YouTube video, which took so much courage. And then it has zero views, or you do that launch and no one signs up, those things are going to happen in business. If you’re only in communities, where people are only severely struggling, but not actually really trying to make any improvement. Or they’re just saying oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, everything’s so amazing all the time. That’s not going to help you a perfectionist brain, you need a place you can go to that actually addresses and accepts the reality of entrepreneurship. There are apps and we want to celebrate those wins, it’s really important for normalizing your success. You will self sabotage if you don’t normalize your success. And that’s done through wins and celebration.

So you need somewhere to go when you say oh my God, I made $10,000 This month, if there aren’t people in your personal life who get that especially, you need somewhere to go to share that. And you also need somewhere to go safe place to land, when you do the courageous thing. And it doesn’t work out because it might not work out the first or second or third time. And I’d say that not to discourage you from doing courageous things. I say that. So when you do the courageous thing, and it doesn’t work, you don’t say okay, well, I shouldn’t be courageous. Again, I should just go back to playing that safe. You need to really start understanding what entrepreneurship is like, what you signed up for when you started your business, there will be ups and there will be downs, and you need somewhere to go that accounts for all of that.

As a bonus, you’re also going to get instant access to the aligned marketing bundle. So this is a bonus that we added because we saw just how many perfectionist entrepreneurs come in to PGSD and they have some really important decisions they need to make about their marketing in order to start actually showing up consistently, but they’re not sure or what platform they’re posting on how often they’re going to do it, they just have these goals like post consistently. And that needs to be broken down and more specific. And we also want to have you having an aligned marketing strategy. You don’t have to cold DM, anyone if you don’t want to. You don’t have to create reels if you don’t want to.

So you’re going to have instant access as well to that bonus, the align marketing bundle, created in collaboration with my marketing manager, Renae, who’s built multiple million dollar funnels for a range of businesses in a range of industries, that is going to help you really simplify your marketing plan, and create one that feels so aligned with you that you can’t help but act upon it. And I want to talk to you about why now, why sign up for PGSD now, because of course, this is a series on how to stop procrastinating. So I’m going to assume you are someone who hears about this. Thanks. That’s amazing. Maybe I’ll do that in the future. Maybe I’ll wait to do that. Maybe I’ll sign up later this week. And so I’m going to speak to that. I’m here to serve you and to support you.

And I can’t do that without speaking to the fact that this is a series for procrastinators, and you’re gonna want to procrastinate on as we’ve talked about throughout this series, you’re going to want to procrastinate on doing the things that are going to most help you. That’s been one of your biggest problems in your business is that you procrastinate on doing the important needle movers that are moving you forward. And I don’t want PGSD to fall into that category. But I know that it might. And so here are some things to help you sign up now. So first of all, I just want to let you know that if you do want to be coached by me personally, inside PGSD, 2024 is going to be the last year where that’s something you’re going to have regular access to.

So I’m not sure exactly when I’m going to be stopping doing the coaching inside PGSD. There’s a team of PGSD coaches that have worked with me before right now, at the time of recording this, I’m the head PGSD coach, I’m doing the majority of coaching calls. And our PGSDers, by the way, love the other PGSD coaches, and having a variety of different ways to think about the growth goal and power planning and all these concepts, hearing different stories and examples. So there’s so many benefits to getting coached by a PGSD coach. But if you are wanting to be coached by me, then 2024 is the last year where you’ll have regular access to that. And also, just to share a bit about the reason why, at the moment, I’m working on creating something for my advanced students who have already been through PGSD, they are showing up consistently, they’re confidently putting themselves out there.

So I’m creating something for them at the moment. It’s going to be launched later this year. And when that happens, that’s the program I’m going to be doing my coaching in. And we’re going to have the PGSD coaches come back fully. So if you have been wanting to get coached by me, inside PGSD, then now is the time to sign up. Also, something that we’ve done with PGSD is really take into account how your perfectionist brain works. I mean, obviously, that’s what it’s all about. But particularly when it comes to this, I wanted to make sure it really supports how your brain operates when it comes to making decisions. So what happens if PGSD is for a certain timeframe, oily, for example, a 12 month program, which it has been in the past, what a perfectionist entrepreneurs brain will do is say, Okay, I want to make the most of it, it sounds amazing. So I need to figure out when the perfect time is to do it. I don’t want to waste any time in there, I really want to make sure I can do it fully. So I need to make sure I don’t have any vacations, any big ones. I’m not sick, I’m not tired, I can’t see anything coming up.

I don’t have any family drama that I need to be thinking about. I’m well rested, we just kind of construct this idea that there’s going to be this perfect time. And we’ve talked about that’s simply not the case. And also the compound effect, the negative compound effect of procrastinating of waiting. We think that if we just procrastinate and wait, we can make the right decision and do everything perfectly. And it’s going to be the same or better circumstances that we’re operating in as it is today. But these are your best circumstances because of the benefits you get from learning this sooner. Every three months every year extra that you get with the tools and support inside PGSD is going to make you 1000s hundreds of 1000s Millions more over the lifetime of your business that all compounds and so if you’re waiting for the perfect time and I know your brain wants to do that, then know that PGSD is lifetime access.

Just remove that discussion in your brain. about there being a perfect time to sign up for PGSD. So when you sign up, you get instant access on demand to everything I have been talking about. And the lifetime access also means that if something unexpected does come up, say you’re unwell or one of your kids is unwell, there’s just something that goes on that you just need to press pause on your business for a minute, you’re able to do that and not have to worry about PGSD not being there for you. So I really just wanted to remove that conversation as a perfectionist entrepreneur, you would be having your brain about the perfect time. And to just know that moist PGSDers actively engaged inside PGSD for about three to six months, we recommend making the three month commitment to power planning, and then really being focused on that work until you’re showing up confidently and consistently. It doesn’t take long when you have the right tools and support to do that.

So three to six months is a typical amount of time we see that PGSD is take to get there many more stay engaged in the coaching calls in the community for much longer than this. They love updating their persistence logs, they love talking to their friends, they also just love having that support and an environment that supports them when they are putting themselves out there and doing courageous things. But it doesn’t take long to be able to be showing up consistently. And putting yourself out there confidently and not from this place of pressure and force and stress and it freaking you out but actually calming your perfectionist brain down creating a goal that support you planning properly as a perfectionist.

So you have that flexible structure that works for your brain. Magic happens when you have that in place. So when I say the doors close at 11:59pm, New York time on the 21st of March, they close, I mentioned this in part four, we are strict with our enrollment periods. As your coach, I don’t want to reward procrastination, because that’s only going to reinforce that I want to help you step into the identity, that you are someone who does things easily and early, that you’re the kind of person who is proactive, and not in a stressful way where you’re trying to preempt everything. But you’re actually just cool, calm collected. And you’re able to do what you said you would do when you said you would do it or even ahead of time. Because you can create that positive time pressure that we talked about in part four, for yourself.

So just know that if you do email us the day after enrollment closes, you will be told to wait until the next enrollment period, we should do this after every launch that we do for the program. We have people say oh my god, I miss out on it. And maybe they were out of town. They had a tech issue something going on with their internet. Or they say I was procrastinating and that’s a sign this is for me, can you please let me in. We just simply say No, keep listening to the podcast and join us next time. That’s how much we believe in what we do. That’s how much we believe in supporting you. I know that might sound counterintuitive, but really helping you through every interaction we have with you step into that person that we know you can be. That’s what’s in ultimate service of you as a perfectionist entrepreneur.

So we’re willing to turn you away so that you can learn that lesson, get yourself organized. And we have in those situations. So these people sign up right at the beginning the next time, because now they are really starting to step into, okay, I get the cost of procrastinate, I get how much this is costing me in my business, because I want you to see as well that maybe I could let you in after enrollment closes. But then there are so many other opportunities that aren’t going to wait around for you to get your act together. I know it can be challenging and scary sometimes. But sometimes you just need that loving kick in the pants.

So that’s why we’re strict with that enrollment period. So you go to Samlaurabrown.com/pgsd to sign up for the program, you can find all the details there. And also, when it comes to really taking action and getting shit done, and having that feeling of community. And I want to talk about something that is going to really tip you over the edge if you are on the fence about PGSD. This is something I want to make sure you consider when deciding whether or not to sign up that we will be doing the 30 day get out of your own way challenge. We will be doing that live as a community inside perfectionist getting shit done starting on the first of April. Now if you have something going on on the first of April, you can adjust the dates. We’ll help you do that.

But we as a community, we have in 30 days where we’re focused on getting out of our own way. The structure of this challenge is really designed to support you to get shit done without burning out or freaking yourself out. This isn’t about force pushing or hustle but it is about courage. It is about showing up. It is about doing a few things when your legs are trembling. We create that safe place for you to do that. And also with this challenge It’s about guiding you through three different phases. The first you’re going to be aligning your business and your vision and your values. If you have decisions to make about your business, part one is going to guide you through a process I do through it, I’ve exactly how to get yourself into a real place of clarity about your business so that you are actually ready to get shit done.

So you are actually ready to take action. So you’re going to be able to listen to that. And then you have a week to sit with that, you’re not going to have to make the decisions and then you get started the next day, you have time to really be with that, and create for yourself a little goal for that challenge, then you have 15 days of getting shit done. There’s a little daily podcast episode that I’ve recorded for you on the PGSD private podcast that is designed to support you with your power planning. So it’s going to walk you through that in a really simple way, and help you implement it and not feel overwhelmed about it to help you adjust any perfectionist expectations that might come up about having to do it perfectly. These 15 days are really designed to support you to get out of your own way. And to do that, without your usual strategies that burn you out. This is a new way of doing business.

As I’ve mentioned, think of me as your performance coach, this is a new way of performing instead of only being able to perform under pressure, you are now going to be able to do that and perform without pressure to so those 15 days of getting shit done, they’re going to be just that it’s five days, on two days off, five days, on two days off, five days on two days off, you can adjust that to really suit your life. And what’s going on for you if you need any help with that. We can support you with that in PGSD. But the structure is here to really support you if you have had 2024 not get off to the start you wanted. And of course it hasn’t. For the reasons we’ve discussed, you haven’t been planning properly as a perfectionist you didn’t know how to do that you didn’t have the support you needed.

So of course you are where you are right now. And this challenge is going to help you really get that kicks off because I don’t want you to waste the rest of the year, and wait for this magical motivation to come in 2025 that you know is going to evaporate three weeks into the year. So the third step is to get out of your own way challenge is a simple debrief. Having a feedback loop for yourself is super important for your perfectionist brain. So I’m going to guide you through a really simple process to study how you showed up during the challenge in a really compassionate way. That you’re going to be like a little scientist learning about yourself. And having so many epiphanies from that, that then you’re going to be able to continue working towards your growth goal and continue power planning because you have this momentum. And you have this skill set now just from that 30 days, where you’re going to be able to start and to be showing up as a person that you know that you are the person who is able to do things when they said they would to make decisions without overthinking and second guessing, to create really engaging content instead of watering yourself down.

Or stopping yourself from recording things or stopping yourself from publishing things. You’re going to have the confidence to do that. You’re not going to keep looking at everyone else and be like, Oh, I wish I could just do I wish I could just get myself to do the things you will actually be doing the things. You won’t be burning yourself out, you won’t be freaking yourself out. You won’t be doing anything that you don’t want to do. You don’t have to do call DMS you don’t have to do reels. You don’t have to force and push and hustle. Those tactics work in school, and as an employee to some extent, but they don’t work in business. It’s a different game, you need to adapt, and PGSD is going to help you do that. I want to share a few more PGSD success stories with you so you can really get a feel for the program.

And what’s available for you. When you sign up. You can see everything I’m sharing here. If you want to see the video from these people, you can see it at samlaurabown.com/pgsd. So Eva, who’s a coach said my business isn’t a hobby anymore. I now feel like a true CEO and business owner who is much more competent and consistent and it feels wonderful. I’m showing up in my business and doing courageous things, new things every single day. And I have consistently been doing all the things to run my business. Joining PGSD has absolutely paid off. Ximena who’s a therapist said before PGSD I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and found it hard to make decisions. Since I joined PGSD I shifted careers and bought my dream life as a digital nomad. I completed my studies grew my business and YouTube channel, created and sold my first product and now I’m launching my signature service. And I know there’s much more to come.

So again, the videos from all of these PGSDers are available for you to watch if you’d like to. Samara said I stick to my plans no matter what in the most sustainable way. Before PGSD I knew a lot about running a successful business but didn’t show up and implement it. In my first four weeks of using the PGSD process and power planning, I launched my podcast and have been consistently publishing podcast episodes in a way that feels so sustainable. I’ve also been consistent with my workouts, taking regular clean rest, and I’ve stuck to my plan. Even with big disruptions in my way,

Morgan went from making 5k a month to 30k a month within five months of being in PGSD. Before PGSD I was burned out spent hours procrastinating and hated marketing my business PJSC helped me see how I wanted to change this. And even without getting coached, the accountability was so strong that I followed through on 85% of my plans. And in my fifth month in PGSD, I was hitting 30k months consistently from 5k months before, and more than 100k New Tiktok followers. Eliska said that thanks to the PGSD process, I hit my year revenue goal in less than seven months. And in that time, I was also able to travel to seven different countries. And I was able to stay with my six iron at home for one month, and still be focused and productive. If you feel like an employee in your own company, you definitely need to join us because this is something you will stop struggling with once you are in PGSD. Joining is going to change your life and your business. Those are Eliska’s words not mine. But obviously I believe that to.

Sammy, who’s a dog trainer said since I joined PGSD, I’ve gone full time in my business and tried lots of new hard and brave things. I did my first cold call marketing day visiting veterinarian offices, I plan my very first owner centered event to help build the community and created my social media strategy without overthinking it. I also have my highest earning month, which is more money than I’ve ever made in a month in my old career. So these are just some of the success stories of our PGSDers you can go to samlaurabrown.com/pgsd To read more of them. And to sign up. I invite you to join us inside PGSD so you can get it done without burning yourself out or freaking yourself out and build your business in the most aligned ways. The doors closed 11:59pm New York time on the 21st of March. We are strict with our deadlines and enrollment is now open at the time of listening to this. So go to the website if you can relate to this. Check it out, sign up and join us inside perfectionist getting shit done.

Author: Sam Brown