Episode 462: Behind The Scenes Of A $250k Launch (best of the podcast)

In this episode I’m sharing a detailed behind the scenes look over a $250k launch, because this is such a great example of the advanced work that you can do on releasing your perfectionism handbrake. This will help normalise the ups and downs of launching (regardless of what kind of business you have) and demonstrate the next-level mindset work perfectionists need to do once you’re showing up and putting yourself out there.

Tune in to listen to ‘real-time’ updates that I recorded as we prepared for this launch and through the launch period. I talk through the launch plan and strategy, advanced Power Planning, advanced troubleshooting and more!

What you will hear in this episode is an example of what we’re going to be doing in the PGSD Advanced Coaching Group. In PGSD Advanced, you’re going to be working closely with me and a group of other like-minded perfectionist entrepreneurs to get out of your own way in a whole new way. I’m so excited because I haven’t actually taught what I do behind the scenes for my mindset work before. I’ve been demonstrating it through podcast episodes like this launch debrief episode that so many people love, but I haven’t actually had a way for you to do that work with me.

We have already done early enrollment for the PGSD Advanced Coaching Group and spots have started filling, but we will announce the official enrollment dates soon. If you are ready for the advanced work, then stay tuned to the podcast. You’ll get all the details so you can decide whether or not it’s for you. 

Find the full episode transcript and show notes at samlaurabrown.com/episode462.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What our goal was for the PGSD launch and how I decided what our launch strategy would be
  • What I’m doing differently compared with our last launches
  • What my self-coaching looks like during launch week
  • The mindset shifts that kept me committed to my goal
  • The statistics we were tracking and why
  • What our final numbers were (sign ups, revenue, podcast ep downloads etc)

Featured In The Episode::

Work With Me:
My coaching program Perfectionists Getting Shit Done (aka PGSD) teaches you how to plan properly as a perfectionist so you can get out of your own way in your business. To find out more about the program and sign up today, visit: samlaurabrown.com/pgsd.

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Hi and welcome to another episode of The Perfectionism Project, a podcast full of perfectionism advice for entrepreneurs. My name is Sam Laura Brown, I help entrepreneurs release their perfectionism handbrake so they can get out of their own way and build a fulfilling and profitable business. I’m the founder of the Perfectionist Getting Shit Done group coaching program, which is otherwise known as PGSD. And for even more perfectionism advice to help you with your business. You can follow me on Instagram @perfectionismproject

Sam Laura Brown (custom intro)
I’m gonna keep the introduction to this episode very brief because this is an epic episode for you. And it’s actually two combined into one. And this is one of the most love podcast series that I have done on this podcast. It’s one of my launch debrief documentation style episodes. And I really document the advanced mindset work that you can do when it comes to perfectionism, the self coaching, the troubleshooting the power planning, getting out of your own way, in a whole new way. That is what I am demonstrating through this episode, and through the other launch debrief episodes that I have done. And so I just wanted to share it with you. Maybe you’ve never listened to this episode before now that it’s buried in the archives. Or maybe you have, and I really encourage you to listen to it again.

Because you will hear it being at a different place in your business right now you will hear it differently, and take away different things from this episode. So I also wanted to mention as well, that originally I had planned this week to announce and launch my new coaching group PGSD advanced, which is where you can work closely with me to do the kind of advanced work that I talked about in this episode and the other launch debrief episodes. However, honestly, I hadn’t factored in the clean rest that I wanted into that plan and into those dates. So we are adjusting those dates. So I will definitely let you know here on the podcast, when that launch for PGSD advance is happening so that you have the opportunity to find out more and join the group and work closely with me. But yeah, I just wanted to let you know that that is what is happening with that and in the meantime, I hope you really enjoy this episode on the behind the scenes of a 250k launch.

Sam Laura Brown (start of the episode)
Okay, so in this episode, I am sharing a behind the scenes look at the most recent PGSD launch that we did. This is actually a two part series. So in this episode, you’re going to be hearing three updates that I recorded during the pre launch period of the launch. So this is right before the doors to PGSD opened. And when the Planning series that started Episode 307, was going out on the podcast, and we were prepping everything to be able to welcome new PGSDers into our community. And I was prepping in terms of the goal that we had, and all that kind of thing. I will share more in the first update that comes I will keep this introduction brief. But you’re going to be hearing me talking things through coaching myself checking numbers, actually not in this one, the next one, you’ll hear a lot of checking numbers, but just really sharing the process of launching.

And this isn’t about, okay, here’s the strategy that I followed. And you should do the same, because regardless of what kind of business you have, this is about the perfectionism work that comes up when we are launching and putting ourselves and our products or services out there. And often doing that where friends and family can see in like Instagram, email lists, podcast episodes, and that kind of thing. It’s such great work for perfectionism, and letting go of that perfectionism and getting out of our own way. And this is why in PGSD, we set a revenue goal, because it has a really lovely way of bringing up the work that needs to be done on perfectionism. When we set goals around followers or staying consistent on Instagram, or subscribers and that kind of thing, then we can often avoid doing the work that we need to do things like fear of judgment, all of that.

So this is me sharing a behind the scenes look at the launch, so that you can see what it is like. And also, to really just, I guess, see how you can work through some of the perfectionism that comes up for you as you are launching. And I hope as well, really with this, it just normalizes that, it’s okay to sometimes like check a number and to forget, they’re humans on the other end of that number. And that different days, you’re gonna be feeling in different ways. So in the next part where I’m sharing a look at the launch period, and I do an update every single day, I also have COVID during that time, so my voice actually begins, maybe even the pre launch, my voice is a bit raspy. But just it’s okay to have different levels of energy each day, you don’t have to be in this place of like excitement.

All that kind of thing. I don’t know, I’m just really hoping to share a little look behind the scenes to normalize what it can be like and also to Yeah, just this is basically the episode that I wish that I had been able to hear from someone else. So yeah, I’m going to wrap up this introduction now, so we can get underway. But first of all, you’re gonna hear my update from the third of January, and then an update on the ninth and the 10th. So we opened the doors to PGSD on the 10th and an Australian time it was the evening. So that’s everything you’re going to hear in this episode, and then come back for part two, that’ll be going out next week, where I am sharing a updates behind the scenes in real time of the launch OpenCart period itself.

I thought it would be really fun to record a debrief of the PGSD launch that’s happening in January, or has happened by the time you listen to this. But doing it in real time. I really enjoy hearing about other entrepreneurs in their experience with launching whether it is a product or a service, or whatever it is, it’s all the same lessons and things that apply. And oftentimes, and when I’ve done them myself, it’s always done in hindsight and with the lens of how it went. So if it went well, it is the you know, the story is shared with that lens. If it didn’t go well the story is shared with this lens of well, here are the lessons that I learned or here’s why it failed. And I would love to share in the moment as it goes on how I’m feeling what I’m thinking about what I’m working on, and then put this together for you to listen to once it’s all done.

And yeah, I hope you find it helpful. So to begin with, I just want to talk a bit about what my goal is, what our goal is as a team, it’s not just me working on this, and really where I’m at at the moment. So today is the third of January. And the launch we’re doing for PGSD. Our goal as a team is 100 PGSDers to join PGSD. And that’s going to be happening in the timeframe for the open cart, which is from the 10th of January to the 16th of January. So it’s a third of January, we have started our pre launch period, which includes the Planning series, that is out on the podcast. And that alone was such a breakthrough for me. Because when I was looking at this launch, and really thinking about, you know, the question, I always ask, what would this look like if it was easy? It really came up to me that the podcast is what it will look like if it was easy.

And I haven’t seen many examples of people who are using the podcast for their primary tool for a promotion for a launch, if they are doing content for that launch. So usually, it’s a webinar, or it’s an Instagram Live series or things like that, that and that’s probably just me being in an echo chamber where everyone’s looking at everyone else, because no one’s really doing it that no one else is really doing it. But when I had a think about what would really feel so fun and easy for me, and also, what do I really think I’d be able to do best at doing a podcast series came up for me and I already had in mind to do on on planning, so it just kind of fit it in super well. And I have spent the last 18 months I would say, learning about webinars and selling and that kind of thing. And I feel like in a lot of ways, I’ve learned the recipe, and now I can kind of you know, go off piste and create my own, so to speak. So, yeah, it’s really as well a huge part of why I’m so believing in this goal and my ability to achieve it our ability to achieve it. And the reason I keep saying my instead of out is because issues are working to do it’s like me, like we’re not physically together all over the world.

But yeah, that’s just like defaulting to that but anyway. So yeah, something that’s really helped me is investing in Stacey Boehman’s 200k mastermind, which doesn’t actually begin until just after the launch, there’s a three day live event that I will be attending virtually. But we get access to all the coaching calls, and the lessons and replays of past live events, we don’t get the opportunity to be coached. Before the you know, the mastermind technically starts in January at that live event, we don’t get any personal support anything like that it’s just access to seen others getting coached and to those like core concepts and that kind of thing. And that alone has been completely life changing in terms of the business. And in terms of my own self image and that kind of thing as well. So that’s why I’m such a big believer so with PGSD and the power of seeing others getting coach is because of how much I have been able to change just by seeing others getting coached.

And even watching like this morning, I was watching coaching calls from August 2020. And it’s still so valuable. And it’s you know, over a year later. So a lot of what I’m going to be talking about in this has been informed by what I have learned and the way that I have interpreted those principles and applying them. And there’s just so much in there that I can’t possible watch it all if I was watching it or not be able to do anything. So I’ve really just been consuming to the degree that I then can do something and then going out and doing it and really trusting that I’m going to hear exactly what I need when I need to hear like I talk about how I have that belief about other people and what I create. And I have that belief when I’m consuming things as well that I’m going to hear what I need to hear what I need to hear.

And that I don’t need to hear everything. There’s not this like one piece of missing information, or this missing piece of the puzzle that I have to find. And if I don’t find it, it’s not going to work, but really believing in my own sufficiency and resourcefulness. And that’s I’m going to be really talking about throughout this because that was such a breakthrough for me to really see. And if you only get one thing from this, I hope it is this is that when it comes to believing in your impossible goal, your milestone your little goals you have along the way. It is about believing in your own sufficiency, ie resourcefulness, ability, whatever word resonates with you. Your own ability to achieve that goal and to have that be in your control.

So what I was doing and what I had been doing up until now, eight years into business, more than that even, I have been kind of the way I was describing to Steve, is that, you know, I really say, for example, with the weather is such a good example, because it’s something that feels so far out of our control. So, to me, the impossible goal, or any goal I had, the way I would approach it is like, I really want it to be sunny on Tuesday. And I can get myself into believing that it’s sunny on Tuesday, but I don’t really know if, like, it might not be sunny on Tuesday, and I just kind of never be able to get to this place of certainty and faith, because it felt out of my control the result did. And I was going for a run a couple of days ago. And I hadn’t even heard, like right before it anything in particular, like I just, you know, when you’re this while I’m running, or you know, we often have this habit when we’re taking a shower or anything else, where we’re just a bit mindless, that our brain can get to work, when we’re kind of switching off the conscious thinking. It’s just like the subconscious kind of piecing things together.

And as I was running, I just had this realization of like, oh, like, that’s how I can believe in my goal, even when things aren’t happening the way I want it to. And that is how Steve can believe in my ability to achieve the goal. Because Steve has been like, oh, 100 is easy. Like, you should be aiming for at least 300. And I’m like, I’ve just been like, but you don’t even know like, how many questions we’re getting about it or what our launch plan is like, how can you believe in it when you don’t know the how which is so funny. Like, I love the layers of getting this and like in PGSD I teach about the impossible goal and not knowing that how, and I’ve come so far with that. And yet there’s this like, next layer of work to do, which is so fun. And I feel like but how do you believe when you don’t even know, like pretty much anything about the business, you definitely don’t know anything about the behind the scenes besides what I tell you. But I’m not telling you like, this is how many emails we’re gonna send out. And this is what we’re gonna post on Instagram, and all of that kind of thing. Like, I didn’t tell him all the details. And yet he was believing.

And that just had me so perplexed and made me think like, you don’t know what you’re talking about which was coming from my own disbelief, I was wanting more disbelief. And so really just getting that I can believe 100% in 100 PGSDers signing up and be so committed to 100 PGSCers signing up. Because that result is in my control. Because I can create that result. And when I think about like, okay, well what number would I believe in? And so this is what we do on when we are setting the impossible goal, we think about, okay, like, where is your belief currently at? And then we like turn the dial a little bit. When we’re asking that. It’s really about, okay, what results do you believe is within your control? So for example, with PGSD, the last launch that we did, we had 15 PGSDers sign up. And so it would be easy for me to say, Okay, well, I believe I can believe in 15 signing up this time. And we can say oh, that’s because there’s evidence there or whatever.

But that’s because I feel like that’s within my control. And that doesn’t have to be dependent on having done it before. And this is so important, because in business, we’re always doing things we haven’t done before. And anytime we’re trying to achieve the same goal we have achieved before. So say for example, when we have 100 PGSDers sign up this time, and the next time we aim for 100. Again, it would be doing it in a cleaner, simpler behind the scenes kind of way, it wouldn’t be just doing the same thing exactly the same way we’d be making adjustments to have that result created in a better way, in terms of efficiency, or whatever else it is. So we’re always doing something new, even if the goal is staying the same. And so really just getting like I have heard, I mean, I’ve had everyone say it from all in all different kinds of ways. And I’ve said it myself in different ways. And I just didn’t get it. Until the other day when I was running. As I said, and I got back from my run, I was like holy shit, Steve. I have just figured it out. And it was one of these things. So you tell your partner something they’re like, Yeah, I’ve been telling you that.

But you needed to really get it for yourself. So that has been a huge part of my commitment and responsibility and assuredness and 100 PGSDers and being able to get out of that place where my brain goes, but will I won’t I become That’s how I feel when I think about will it be sunny on a certain day like I’m going away to the beach this week? Will it be sunny, I don’t know, I can definitely hope I can get myself to believe I can kind of look at, you know, what was the weather like this time last year and use that to try and drum up some belief there. But because it ultimately I have a belief that it’s out of my control. And I know if it’s worth doing the self coaching to believe it is within my control, because I have the belief it’s outside of my control, it’s so hard not to have that doubt come up. But really just getting that this is within my control. And I’m going to read out some of the beliefs that I’ve written down for myself to remind myself of and bring myself back to that has been everything, it has made such a difference, because everything flows from the level of responsibility we take, the amount of faith we have, and resilience and resourcefulness.

Like, if we think about resilience that comes from believing in the outcome, even when it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen. That’s how we keep adjusting and pivoting and doing what we need to do. But when our belief is dependent on it happening in a certain way, we don’t have resilience, we aren’t able to keep going, because we think well, it was meant to happen that way. And it didn’t. So it’s not going to. So that has just been a huge thing. Another thing that I have taken from watching the coaching calls, and it took me seeing quite a few people getting coached on this to really get it is that the launch plan will not determine the result of the launch. And as a mindset Coach, I know my thoughts create my feelings, my feelings create my actions, my actions create my results. And yet, I was still thinking that the outcome of the launch depends on how many emails I send, what the content of those emails is, how many posts I do on Instagram, what the podcast episodes are, like, all that kind of thing.

And really just getting that that is not the case. And I just need to be grounded in my belief. And when you’re so believing, like when I’m committed to 100 PGSDers, that doesn’t mean I just sit on the couch and put my feet up and say okay, well, let’s just watch them rolling. I don’t have to do anything. When you’re committed and in true belief and sufficiency around your own capabilities. You do the work, and you do it in a cleaner, simpler, funner easier way. And so getting that the launch plan doesn’t really matter has been such a game changer for me like it has made such a difference in how I’m approaching things. And really, I think yesterday, I finally got that, because I was had been stressed about like the renovations going on. And Steve’s doing a lot of shifts. So I’m looking after Lydia a lot, not having many work days at all, and how I’m going to get all this planned on because the subtext was I need to be able to do all these things in order to create the result.

And when I can get back into, No, it’s just my belief in my own sufficiency and enoughness, if you will, I don’t really resonate with that word, but my own abilities and resourcefulness and being able to figure shit out. If I really bring it back to that then I’m like, Okay, well, none of this stuff on the plan really matters anyway. And this is where it gets nuanced. It doesn’t mean to not do anything, just wing it. Okay, what’s the point of power planning then, that’s when I get even more laser focused with my power planning and what I’m doing, then even more attentive to how I’m spending my time how I’m spending my energy. And as an example, we’ve just moved out of our rental property back into our renovated home. And I put up in the nursery, these rainbow wall decals that I bought from Etsy. In the nursery slash my office you might have seen them on a coaching call or on Instagram, and they needed to be removed and we paid for someone to clean like do the exit clean at the end, but they wouldn’t remove these wall decals because they cause damage.

And so I was there on the weekend actually on January 1 with my friend and we were removing them and I had to get this really heavy. Like super strength adhesive remover because it we had to put a hairdryer on the little rainbow thing for about 30 seconds and then you peel it off. And then you had to come in with this adhesive glue remover and remove all the adhesive residue. And as I was doing that, and my friend was doing the hairdryer I was removing the adhesive because it was the worst jobs, like I will do this. And we’re just chatting away. And it was fun anyway, but I was just especially because the fumes are so strong. I and Lydia wasn’t in that room with us. Definitely not. I was had to put my mask on. I was like, This is too much. I was doing that. And I got about halfway through and I was like, What am I doing? Like, this is not a good use of my time. And I wanted like, I kind of immediately went to shaming myself, like, I should know better than to be spending time on this. Like, it doesn’t make sense. In terms of like, I’m basically starting to launch today. And here I am, it took me, I think I left home at 10, then I needed to go to Bunnings to get the adhesive glue remover, and then go to the house and then get Lydia to sleep in, put it in a different room and then remove it. And it just ended up taking about four hours.

And I was just like, why am I doing this? And then I had to pull myself out of that. And really see, okay, that was the lesson. And then I emailed the real estate agent said, Hey, I would like to pay for someone. I’ve removed all the decals. But there’s a lot of adhesive left. There’s a bit of damage to the wall, I just want to pay for it to be fixed. And she replied, I was like, Oh, are you sure? Like you don’t have the time? You know, you could do it if you wanted to, which is a lot of people would say yes. And I said no, I don’t want to do it, I want to clean it to do it, I want to pay for someone to do it. So just little things like that, in terms of self image, and really kind of getting that. I guess just how not precious my time is like it’s this kind of fragile thing. But when I am really focused on my commitment, and the results and belief in that, then I could see what it doesn’t make sense for me to be spending time doing this when I could be spending time writing an email to my people, or when I could be spending time resting my brain and hoping in his room full of fumes, so that I can actually show up better for that show up better for Lydia as a mom and all the different things I have going on in my life besides my business.

So it’s been so interesting that when I’m in that belief and commitment, around 100 PGSDers, I’m able to really clearly see those things. Whereas before and it’s like, Ah, well, I don’t know, maybe we’ll just have 15 Sign up again, I don’t know. And then, like telling myself stories about that, that I then I’m like, Well, I don’t know if we are going to make money. So I should just spend my time doing this and that kind of thing. Yeah, it’s just been so helpful to just really be able to get to that place of committed newness, and no matter what pneus if you want to call it that, and in this place of it’s happening, it’s done. Like, it’s, it doesn’t even matter. Like I wrote down this whole list, we’re doing a lot of self coaching. And I wrote down a list of I will achieve my goal, if this is a really great way to see what you think your results are dependent on.

And I said, If I send out all my emails, and they’re well written, if I post consistently on Instagram, and they get lots of likes, and the podcast series gets lots of listens, and we get lots of queries in the support inbox, and the open rate is above 20%. And at least 10 people sign up on the first day, and I don’t skip any Instagram stories. And I’m able to work my business every day. And I do everything just fucking right. So that was really revealing to like, after I had that realization to kind of go through and clean up around. Okay, here is like where my belief is currently falling down, because I think it’s dependent on all these conditions. And then I’m stressed if I can’t meet these conditions, and my belief depends on my ability to meet these conditions. And then I can’t even guarantee that this plan would create the result. And I remember, in one of the first mastermind videos I watched, Stacey was like, You should be able to look at your launch plan and know that it’s going to create the result.

And I was just like, but how it’s kind of like, you know, you should be able to look at the weather forecast and know that it’s going to be sunny on Tuesday, like I was just like, but how do you know that. And now I really get it that when you are believing in your own ability to be resourceful and figure it out and be committed to that. That you can look at like I can look at this launch plan. And it’s not exactly the same. It’s not even close to a lot of the ones we’ve done before. And I can say that is going to result in 100 PGSDers because I’m committed because I’m going to troubleshoot it if it’s not looking like it’s on track. Because I’m engaged with the process. I’m connected to the process. I’m not trying to just like blindly hope I am the creator or have that result. And so, in terms of like, okay, well, you have a goal of 100. Why not 300? Like Steve said, why not 500? why not 1000? And it’s really about, I think, in terms of that, like, we could be any of those that will just make up numbers. But also like having that goal be somewhere where 100%, I would say at the beginning of December, I believe, not even in 15. Even I’d already done that, even though we have had launches of PGSD, where hundreds of pgcs have signed up, that I have told myself a story of a while the price was different then.

Even though I know with the higher investment, we have more committed PGSDers we have better results for our PGSDers in terms of them getting out of their own way and showing up and all those things. But I’ve been still somewhat in that belief of Well, that was because it was cheaper, there was an easier decision. And really getting that that isn’t the case, my brain is still like, oh, but it was cheaper. Like I still have work to do there. But it’s about setting that goal had a level that I could feel, really. And I said this goal before I had all these breakthroughs and epiphanies and whatever. But having a goal where it’s above what I believe if I want to be growing into my goals, I don’t want to have goals that I might call current me can achieve that because that’s not really fun. Even though in those different to the sufficiency thing, and believing in my own resourcefulness, I’m still going to have to show up in a completely new way to achieve the result. But I’m committed to doing that.

Whereas if you have to say if we had the goal of 15 or so if we had a goal of five, I’d be like, Cool, well, I know I can do that, and probably just send a couple emails out, and that’ll happen. So I’m just going to do that. And I wouldn’t grow from that, and also be letting our PGSDers down and the people that are ready to get out of their own way and need the support. So really, I don’t know, seen that I still had these beliefs around certain things in the launch plan, creating my result and in the mastermind as well. When it there’s a course on launching. And, of course, anytime you look at a course on launching you like tell me what emails to send, and when to send them in all these details, that I love how the launching cause was like here the principles of launching, and you make up the planet. Like there was no nothing about what social media platform to be on. Like all of these different things that we often want with a launch plan.

And just it being taught in that way. I was like, ah, like that was when it really started to click for me, it’s like, it’s me, that creates a result, not my launch plan. That doesn’t mean you don’t create a launch plan. But I’m the creator of that result. And to from that space, the launch plan that I created was okay, well, then, if any lunch plan would work, I would do it on the podcast and coaching myself as well, a couple of days ago on using the emails that I’m sending out, using them as Instagram posts, I can’t it’s so funny when he coaches off on something, and you get into your new belief. And I’m like, Why did I even believe they had to be different. But anyway, coaching myself on using my emails as Instagram posts, and not doing a carousel about them, which takes all this time, but to just have it be a graphic, have it be the tags that I know is going to have less engagement because when it’s a carousel, like it gets people engaged, they swipe through and then Instagram thinks this is engaging. So it sends it out to more people.

But just believing like I can achieve this result, we as a team can achieve this result. Even if I just take the emails and post them on Instagram. So that has been such a breakthrough for me. And also I then write this as of why am I committed and before to I really like as much as I haven’t wanted to be or haven’t wanted to admit it, even to myself, I have been in this place of what’s in it for me. And it’s so hard to say that because I love coaching I like I the reason I am a coach is because that’s what I do when I’m not working is that I just want to coach everyone and I just want to help them get out of their own way and do the damn thing. And so I love it so so so much. I’m so committed to our PGSDers and yet when it came to this framework of goal setting and that kind of thing, I’ve found it so easy to be in the mindset of what’s in it for me, and I’m proud of the way that I have pursued my goals even with that belief that it’s always been in a way that’s in alignment with my values. I have never recommended PGSD or anything myself for someone that I don’t believe it is for or anything like that.

But I can really tell this time that I’m so in this space of, and this is one of the principles in the mastermind of selling to your best clients, which means being willing to say things that my people will really truly get that are going to turn people away. And so things like the three month commitment, and even noticing how I talked about power planning previously was kind of like, well, once you on power planning, all your problems will be solved. And to really say, like, hey, actually, you’re going to need to make a three month commitment to power planning, you’re going to need to fully show up for it, it’s going to be work, it’s going to be confronting, it’s going to bring up the perfectionism stuff you’ve been avoiding. But it’s going to be worth it. And knowing that my best people are willing to do that. And I’ve seen that in PGSD, when we have them in, and that they’re willing to make that commitment. And they’re willing to do the work and they’re willing for it to be uncomfortable.

And then we have the people who have been I talked by the way it was marketing, who get in there, like, oh, wait, you know, you’ve taught me this stuff, I kind of have heard a lot of it on the podcast, like, you know, where’s the secret hidden information that you haven’t been telling us at all, like magically work overnight. And when they realize that isn’t there, it’s not in any program, they get really disappointed. And that’s been a reflection of my marketing, our marketing is always what attracts the people and who were being. And that was a reflection of that, and really, in this launch, focusing on my best client, and I can sell PGSD so confidently when I focus on my best clients. Because I know that they can make it work. And that I could tell them just about anything, and they would make it work. And when I focus, and I’ve done this a lot in the past, been focused on the people who aren’t ideal, and just kind of assuming the best people will sign up without me having to speak directly to them.

But I’ve been focused on overcoming objections of people who aren’t, like, resourceful enough to figure the things out and to just take action. And even though they’ve been in their own way, before, they’re in a place where they are actually willing to create change, like some people were doing PGSD. And like holy shit, I actually have to do stuff like I actually have to start working with my business. And that’s too much for them. And I have spoken to them in marketing and attracted them in and that’s all on me. But really just seeing that when I think about talking to my best client, I’m able to be in such belief about PGSD, I’m able to be so much more bold with the emails I’m sending with the way I’m marketing, it’s so much less stressful for me, because I’m not in this convincing energy. I’m in an energy of there already a yes, they want to be sold to, they know this is a program for them. And now I’m just like, doing the last bit to help them get out of their own way to do it.

So being in that mentality, it’s been so fun. When it comes to the emails I’ve been writing, I’m like, Oh my God, this idea and this idea and this idea and this idea and just thinking about having a conversation with my best person, and that they might have this belief that stopping them or that belief and really seen it as coaching, which it is, and kind of just addressing one by one, the beliefs that might stop them from signing up. And it’s so fun to do that instead of answering objections of people who aren’t my best people. And that doesn’t mean they’re not good people, but who I can really be committed that they will get a result like, they’ll be able to get out of their own way and build their business and see PGSD is the best one they’ve invested in themselves. And when I focus my best people, I can really go all in on the selling. But before when I was focusing on the people who get in there and are wishy washy about and aren’t really ready to get out of their own way.

They’re not even sure if they really want to have a business and all this kind of things. And I’m like, Oh, this PGSD even work. And before all of this. I had been like, should I redo all the PGSD process content because I need to believe in it so deeply for me to be able to sell it fully. And I’m not there yet. And so what I wanted to do was change the program. So I believe in it more. Even though we haven’t you would have heard like Kristen on the podcast talking about PGSD. Like, we haven’t so many PGSDers who like Kristen who was saying those things. And yet, my brain was essentially the people who were like, Oh, what is is it doesn’t work, that kind of thing, which is always going to happen anyway. But of course we focus on that.

So I wanted to redo the PGSD process content. I was like maybe if I do it live, that’ll work because I just like I do my best work when I’m, you know, recording it live, which isn’t true. It’s just one of this belief. Anyway. So I’m so glad that I didn’t let myself and I said actually no, I’m going to keep it as is. And we made a couple of small adjustments to the way you work through the PGSD process that like from this place of sufficiency and commitment and belief. I could look at the PGSD process and say actually, we can take all these lessons and just have people it’s kind of what we’d already said before, but really being clear about it that you said the first three months planning properly and learning that skill. And then after that each quarter, you come back, and you select one module in the PGSD process from the other topics, and you work on that alongside power planning, your personal goal and clean rest.

And so when I think about that, I’m like, Oh, for sure they’re getting out of their own way. But when I had it in a different structure, the same content, but it was you do these modules week after week after week, that it made it then seem like, well, it’s just always information. And because it was information overload, then people don’t actually take action, so they’re not getting the value. So that was another thing, like really understanding who my best client is being willing to turn people away. Also, the idea of over selling. And this is the idea of your selling, not just this launch, but your next one, and your next one. And the one after that which has created such a mentality of abundance, like I know, this year is going to be the year that we do a million dollars plus. And so when I think about it that way, and P.S., context for all of this, that I should have mentioned, is that we haven’t made any, like haven’t had any new PGSDers come in since May. In May, we had 15, out of our goal of 100 come in, I now have a baby, I’m going off the world working and all these different like, there’s no evidence like I don’t suddenly have more time. It’s not like I’ve been, you know, having all these successful launches.

And now I’m in this place of belief, it’s just really this. Really getting where results come from that is from my thoughts, which is so funny, because that’s what I teach. But this is a lesson for all of us that there are layers to getting it and you don’t have to get it at the deepest layer or level in order to help someone else with it. So for any of you coaches out there, it’s okay to still be working on the stuff that you teach. And so that’s what I’m doing as well. Anyway, so yeah, with this launch, it’s this idea of over selling. And so when I think about, okay, so I’m selling, not just this, these 100. And we can have more than 100 sign up, but I’m really focused on thinking about it like a container of 100. I’m really focused on that. And also selling into the next one’s like this kind of like flowing over mentality, and that some people aren’t going to be ready to sign up for January, either they have personal stuff going on. Like, for example, when I was pregnant, and I knew I was about to have Lydia.

I wasn’t signing up for courses helped me get out of my way or anything like that, or like the mastermind I didn’t sign up for that, even though I knew I wanted to, because I had other shit going on that I wanted to focus on. Or that is not at the place in their belief yet where they’re ready to get out of their own way. And they’re truly ready to commit to that. So when I think about it that way, and we have support inbox requests coming in, in DMs and that kind of thing, I’m not thinking like they have to sign up for this round. And we don’t know when they’ll be open again. And that kind of language, it’s really like, hey, like we’d love like, we want to help you get out of your own way. You’re obviously reaching out because you want to get out of your own way. Let’s see if it’s a good fit. We hope this January round will be if it’s not, we can still discuss like when are we open again. And like just kind of knowing that they don’t have to come right this second, and that there still will be 100. It’s not this kind of scarcity of, well, this person has to sign up now because I don’t know how to find anyone else.

So that is it’s just such a different mentality. I can just feel it when I’m writing the emails. And when as a team, we’re talking about support inbox, questions and requests that we’re getting, I can just feel such a difference in my energy. And when I recorded the Planning series, I wasn’t as kind of like halfway into that energy. So it’ll be interesting. It’s, and this is like what happened, like launches grow you so much. And I did an Instagram Live on wanting to rerecord two of the Planning series episodes because I thought they were shit. And the funniest thing was so at this time, one of them’s already gone out. The one I did on procrasti-planning, I just thought like, that is just a rambling mess. Anyway, people love it. That’s great. I’ve expected as in ones I, I coach myself on keeping them the same, and I could come back later if I wanted to, but keeping it the same, because they don’t determine my result. I determine my result. I coach myself on that I listen to them again. About a week later. It was actually funny I went to office works to pick up some printing I printed out the workbooks for the 200k mastermind and also the PGSD process workbooks and I went to office works and which is a stationery store.

And Lydia fell asleep in the car and normally she transferred as well. So I would like I would just put her in the carrier to go inside come back, but I was like actually, it’s kind of like nice and quiet here. I’m just gonna sit I have my laptop with me. I’m just going to listen to these episodes back. And she did like a triple nap. So that was great. And I listened to them all back together all the ones in the planning series, I was like, oh, cool, they’re completely fine. Like it was. So just this like self doubt and drama and like not wanting things to be easy. And not thinking I’d said things was good enough. And that old, that old chestnut, so the funny thing was I then after that, like a few days later, listen to episode number five in this series. To the second half, they recorded about PGSD. And I had no drama about it. I was like, this is boring. So I changed it. So you wouldn’t have had what I said. But it was like 45 minutes of me just like I just wasn’t in.

And it’s funny because it felt good when I was recording it. So it was like the opposite. And this is why I normally just publish and don’t really listen to things. But I listened back and I was just like, I sound bored. Like, I don’t know what I was thinking in the sense of like, I want to work though it’s created that but I knew what I was thinking, but I sound so bored. And just like I’m explaining shit. And that’s boring. So we recorded that. And I think the version I made was way better. But it was so funny when I did need to change it. It was so clear to me that I need to change it. And when I didn’t need to change it. I had so much drama about it, I was really focused on myself and how I would be perceived. And if I be perceived as being articulate or knowing what I’m talking about or whatever. And with this other one was just like, oh, it needs to be changed, and said to Eloisa, hey, I’m just going to re record this. And we’re going to chop this together. And yep, that’s done.

So yeah, that was really interesting. So all of that to say, the launch plan that we created. I mean, I think that was my point. Anyway, the launch plan that we created, was then just doing a series on the podcast, emailing and showing up on Instagram, nothing fancy at all. It’s like the most simple launch I’ve ever done. Pretty much ever. No upsell, no down, sell No, whatever anything like just sign up for PGSD. This one opens this one it close says if you don’t know we don’t do any like sneaky. Well, it’s close. But it’s not really if you’re doing the waitlist. When it’s open, it’s open. And when it’s closed, it’s closed. So yeah, the launch plan, I’m so grateful I did this, I had the launch plan. Be so clear. And it’s like what I did with the episodes, I just let it say the same. And let it be simple and then coach myself on the drama, instead of changing the plan to get out of the drama.

So I had this clear plan, I did my power planning and put it all in my calendar, that’s definitely updated a lot as I’ve gone, but it’s all stayed workable, following the power planning method. But I’m so happy that I kept it super simple, because it’s given me space to coach myself, it’s given me space to get into like to watch so many 200k videos, which I watched, like, I’m gonna do pretty much anything, I just have my laptop next to me, and I’m listening to everything. And really this belief of like, I’m gonna hear what I need to hear what I need to hear, I don’t need to be like paying 100% attention to everything, like I’m just gonna get what I need to get. I think that’s such a helpful mindset if you’re a PGSDer that’s the mindset you need to be in. So that has been a big thing. Another thing is really identifying what would I need to be willing to feel to ensure that 100 signups is within my control, because the only reason it wouldn’t be within my control is because there’s a feeling I’m not willing to feel in order to be committed in order to create that result, no matter what.

PS, no matter what always means in alignment with our values, we’re not doing anything at our own expense at our customers expense or anything like that. So I wrote down a whole list of emotions, I would need to be willing to feel. And this was such a breakthrough, because I really know, like, the reason that I haven’t achieved goals before, including my impossible goal is because I just wasn’t willing to feel the feelings I need to feel. And to make that concrete. Here’s my list. There are more. This is my list number one embarrassment. And a lot of these are like a flavor of shame being seen to go all in rather than hedging my bets. Posting things that friends and family will see I still to some degree have. Actually I feel like it’s kind of gone in the last week and I’ve just been like, whatever. But still, like colleagues I used to work with years ago and things like that, that I’m thinking like, because they knew me before that they’re like Who does she think she is when anytime I’ve ever spoken to someone that like surprisingly like Oh no, this was really helpful.

Anyway, my brain still has that chatter going on. So been willing to be embarrassed and to feel embarrassed or awkward asking for what I need in order to make this happen in terms of any childcare time to work on the business. So like asking Steve’s mom to look after Lydia when I feel even though she loves that. She loves that so much. And it’s definitely not about her and her but I’m like, Ah, like, I have these ideas about how much I should be looking after her or whatever. And as I’m recording this, Lydia is there right now with her grandma, but being willing to ask for what I need. And sharing Instagram posts and emails don’t feel perfect. Curious. So sometimes I noticed if I’m like in this pity party, I don’t want to be curious about things. I’m like, It’s not working. That’s that.

So being curious if signups aren’t coming in at the rate I want, it was so helpful to actually look at like, what is this made up rate of signups that I have in my head as in terms of like, okay, if the goal is 100, how many do I think there should be on day one, like, I’ve just had this vague, like way of determining if it’s on track or off track. So in a concrete way, we’re looking at that behind the scenes. So I can actually have that data as a point of entry for curiosity. But being curious about how many Signups are coming in and what changes need to be made. Instead of pity party, it’s not working that kind of mentality, which I’ve definitely spent time in before. The fourth feeling is determined and faithful, faithful in the sense of believing when the evidence isn’t there. So being willing to hold fast and my belief around my own sufficiency, etc, even in the face of evidence that it’s not working, when I think back as well about.

So I have looked back on the Get out of your own way, launch that I did in 2018, which is when I had like, my first 10k month, again, a life changing event and what I did with that, so the program then it was like, a series of very short little videos. And it was $30 Us $29. And originally, I had a goal of 50 signups, and I was like, I’m gonna blow my own mind with this, and it’s gonna be 250. And that to this date, until now is the most committed I’ve felt to a business goal that I’ve had, and I achieved that we had 260 people sign up, which is so funny when it’s like, so close to what you were holding, like your belief was that you’re like, yes, that, that belief to create that result. And I had beliefs that I focused on in that, like, I can’t wait to blow my mind. And I was very focused on like, getting myself growth minded with the things I was focusing on. But I think part of it too, was that what on the day, I first started that promotion, I want to say there were like 30 signups or something.

So in the last 24 hours, we had half the signups come in. So definitely, like 48 hours out, I could have easily said there’s no way we’re hitting this goal. But I was like, no, no, it’s happening. And so when I was when I was in that, though, when I reflect on it, I can see that, yes, I had made a lot of progress with my belief and that kind of thing. But also, the evidence was on my side, in a sense. So even I feel like that was me being committed. I think if we’d had like two signups on the first day, I would be like, No way and just gotten out of that belief. So I really am kind of excited to open the cart and have no one sign up. And I’ll be reporting back on this. But to open it to have no one sign up. And for my brain to freak out and then to coach myself back into sufficiency around it. Because I just really feel in this place of like, even if no one’s signing up, even if no one’s listening to the podcast episodes or whatever, then yeah, then I can still be in disbelief.

And I’m just I know what if that happens, my brain is gonna freak out. But I can coach myself back. And that’s the whole point. It’s not about avoiding the freak outs, though they definitely get less and less and easier and easier to handle but about coaching yourself back out of it. So yeah, I’m really in terms of determined this excited. Not even excited by my determinists, but like reveling in this feeling, and just noticing how different I show up when I’m determined. And also I’ll read out some of the beliefs I have, that I’m focusing on and just how that’s actually making me well, I’m going to the beach tomorrow for four nights. My plan is not to do any launch stuff, even though I had been like when I’m not in this place of focusing on that I create the result. I’m like, I’m gonna need to squeeze in time to do this. And then I’m like, as a a teature of clean rest, I am going to actually make sure I get proper clean rest, I’m going to take my book, we’re going to submit to me about whether I’m going to take ballgames and things like that. And, like, it has me taking time off like that. So that belief, rather than like hustling, and kind of like trying to grab anything I can, which is so interesting.

There’s so much like nuance to this, because it’s not like, committed this looks like just one kind of action, it’s really about the energy that’s infused into what you do and into what you don’t do as well. So ashamed is another feeling. If I went all in, it didn’t work. And my brain making it mean something about me, which is what shame is in our brain making things mean that we are not good enough as a person like that we aren’t loved, lovable, belonging, whatever. Calm, my brain will want to go into drama, I know this, I can already feel this, that my brain with things like the renovations done now. And that’s great. And the house is beautiful. We are in the house. And like just this kind of, it’s like that foreboding joy in my brain being like, holy shit, we could do all of this and like, have all these things and be in such a great place. And it like once had to be drama around it. And I’m gonna have to ground myself and pull myself out of that drama.

And even with, for example, Lydia, with her starting solids, I was saying to see the other day, like I’m scared to do I feel like overwhelmed about it. And then when I was doing myself coaching yesterday, I was like, Oh, my brain has been feeling that way about the business, and has kind of projected that onto that as well. Because how do you want things, how it everything, but also like, my brain just wants a bit of drama. And so as much as I’m like, oh, choking, oh, like allergies, etc. And Steve was like there’s nothing really to be scared. I was like, you don’t get it. Then yesterday, I would say to him, like, Oh, I’ve just like gotten it. Like what I’ve been doing is like yep, so being willing to be calm, especially if things are going well. And it all feels too good to be true.

Selfish, I need to be willing to feel selfish. That’s not to say that I am selfish if I do something to take care of myself, but that I might experience a feeling of selfishness due to a thought error that I’m having. And that that’s okay to feel that way. So I might feel like I’m being selfish when I’m asking for what I need in order to be committed to this goal in order to be committed to this result and to who I’m becoming and who I am. And that’s okay to feel that way. Again, it’s just a thought error. I’m not actually being selfish, but because of what we’re told about what we shouldn’t shouldn’t be doing as humans. And as mothers and all those different things as women, that my brain is going to be telling me stories, and it’s okay, if it tells me stories. And those stories create a feeling.

Tired, my brain will be thinking at a high level to that’s, I think, a real difference with this that the like, it’s not to say that when you’re in this place of responsibility and assuredness and faith in that kind of thing, that you’re just like, sit on the couch doing nothing, because as I said, that’s not the case, when you’re committed, you do whatever you need to do to make it happen. Like when I think about being committed to Lydia, so I’m still at this point, breastfeeding exclusively. She’s about to start solid soon. But I’m extremely committed to Lydia being fed, I will either feed her myself personally, or if I can’t, someone else will, she is getting fed. That means if I have to wake up every three hours, I will remember nearly killed me with the fatigue. But I’m committed to that I’m willing to do that no matter what.

And so the energy with this launch is really like I’m committed to troubleshooting and adapting our plan and being flexible and, and being curious and all of those different things. And so my brain is going to be thinking at a higher level, which is why clean rest is even more important than ever before. And I might be tired. Also, who knows what’s gonna happen with Lydia’s sleep? Like she’s a baby. So she’s currently sleeping through on her own accord, which is nice waking up early at about 4:35. I’ve just embraced that. And I’m running with that as if it is my own choice to wake up that early. But who knows if she might start during this launch period waking up, you know, all throughout the night. Like all these different things, if she’s like, well, if I’m unwell, whatever.

So I need to be willing to be tired and to show up tired even if I’m not feeling like it again, nuance that doesn’t mean to like push through. But being willing like not just having tirednesss to be a reason not to do things like not needing myself to have to be in this perfect state of energy to do anything. Committed, so being willing to do what it takes, again, within our values, and all those different things, and be willing to feel rejected. For me I’m like, I’m throwing a party and no one wants to come. And I think that 100% has been a big feeling that I’ve avoided is rejection ie shame. And feeling like, I’m talking about, oh, my God, there’s this party, and you should come and you should come and then no one comes that like, I’m trying to avoid that experience. Can’t even think of like an actual party of throne where that’s happened. But it’s like this fear of that happening. And I feel like it’s a very human thing, but I’m willing to feel rejected, I am willing to feel like I am going to be throwing the best goddamn party, and no one’s going to turn up.

This even came up for me when we were throwing we had a Christmas eve party on the 23rd. And I was like, no one’s gonna come, it’s gonna be a ship party. This is embarrassing. Like, you know, what if there could be a COVID thing, and then I wouldn’t even be sad if it got shut down. Because could it avoids the potential that this party is and fun anyway, people came, it was great. But just noticing my brain was like, Oh, this feels vulnerable to say like, Hey, come to our house, and we’re hosting a party. So those are the feelings that I need to be willing to feel. And also what I have written down before I read these beliefs, and then Oh, my goodness, I’d only plan to chat for 10 minutes. So I will wrap this up in a second, who feels I’m going to be giving other updates. But I guess this is like the intro update.

So I wrote down like how will I gauge if the PGSD launch is on track because as I mentioned, I had all these like vague standards and ideas about what that meant for it to be on track. So what I have listed and I need to go through this, again, is create a number of signups I want to see per day conservatively. And this is just to remind my brain that to have 100 signups that had only to come on day one, or like, just really getting that. I think before I’ve just had this vague idea of like, you know, there should be a certain number on the starting days, like I can’t even think of what percent it is. It’s just like, what would I need to see, to believe there’s evidence it’s working. And the fact that I can’t even get specific about that just goes to show my brain doesn’t want it to work like it’s so latching on to that belief and wanting to, for it to not feel like it’s working, too, when I check in on sign up numbers to check on it twice per day. So I’m not just like checking in checking in checking, which I’ve definitely done on some previous launches and have done that not from an empowered place. And it has not been helpful.

And having a set of questions that I answer or correct myself on such as these are just spitballing ideas that I had, how many signups are there? How many did I expect to have at this point to an unintentional thought download to see where my brains at, it’s so important to with all of this committedness not to just squash out my human brain and the thoughts it’s having about things going wrong or whatever. If future me came back and said that you like hit the goal, and then some what would you be focused on right now? So that question is kind of assuming that’s not on track, which I thought was interesting as I write that down. Is there anything you need to do that you’re not doing to take better care of your physical and mental health, PS alongside of this, I’ve been trying on a self image affirmation, I teach that in PGSD.

And but one of the ones that I have never tried before is, I take exceptional care of my body and my mind, like my physical health and my mental health. And just like any time I’m like, I just keep thinking about that throughout the day. And it’s just amazing how easy it is to eat healthy and drink lots of water when I think that I need to take the best care of my health even like my phone until yesterday, I had been letting it go to like 1%. And then yesterday it died. And I was like this is inconvenient because I have a daughter like I need to be contactable. Anyway then even thinking back to that I was like well, I’m just going to have a new personal rule that I don’t let my phone get below 50%. And if you know let’s say not never happen, but if it does, and I’m going to do something to rectify it, like literally I was looking at my phone yesterday it was on like 6% And I was like, Oh 6% did nothing about it. So that’s a side note.

But I’m finding it incredibly helpful. And then you asked sufficient, resourceful and resilient list why this is true to just like bring myself back to that. And then what emotion do I need to be willing to feel that I haven’t yet allowed myself to feel? And what do I think this feeling will feel like, IE, why is it worth avoiding? So that’s just get me present to say if it’s for example rejection. I’m avoiding feeling rejected. What do I think it’ll feel like? Hmm, probably like, similar to shame. Like I might feel like you know a bit have a feeling in my stomach, my face might be a bit warm and not say it like I’m doing all of this just to avoid like a warm face and some tingly feelings in my stomach. And what might I do today that I would be proud of myself for.

So those are just some ideas. I will solidify that before the launch begins on the 10th. And to wrap this up, I’m going to read through the list of beliefs that I am bringing myself back to. Throughout this, they’re kind of in a messy order. So it’s going to sound all over the place. But this is what I like keep reading out to myself and bring myself back to. I’m committed to 100 PGSDers no matter what I’m willing to feel any and every emotion. I will only take action from a place of sufficiency including checking statistics, stress and impatience, just alarm bells for me to get back into my own sufficiency. I am a revenue generator because my thoughts generate revenue. I know how to sell PGSD to hundreds at a time, which is literally like I’ve literally done that. Anyway, my brain so like, I have literally done that already. I will need to push myself back into sufficiency even when I don’t have the time. When I feel I don’t have the time.

Fun is creativity and resourcefulness assigns, I’m grounded in my sufficiency. I take exceptionally good care of my body and my mind I treat clean rest like any other launch task. So I was reading these before and thinking about my holiday I was like Note to self. I need to take that seriously. I can’t wait to see who our 100 PGSDers are. My brain can overcome any suppose an obstacle or challenge. I am the master of asking your brain high quality questions. This is going to be so much fun. Temporary disbelief is just a sign of forgotten my own sufficiency. I know exactly what I’m selling and who I’m selling it to my best clients are waiting to be sold that already a yes. I know how to coach myself. Babies bring abundance because of sufficiency embodied. So this last one comes back to a sign that I’ve heard a lot is saying about babies bring abundance, which again kind of makes it sound out of your control, like you know, it’ll be sunny on Tuesday kind of thing.

But really like asking my brain, why is it the babies bring abundance. And then thinking about that. And what is true for me is that Lydia is the embodiment of sufficiency like and also that my body created her like she lived inside of me so crazy, like my body made ears and eyes and toes. And it’s just like insane, I will never fathom that. And it just really brings me back to my own sufficiency and Lydia sufficiency. And that like the more like being in that energy of sufficiency creates more of that which creates a result. So tying that, like if there’s any little signs you like, like actually getting really clear on like, why is it that way and making sure it’s an empowering way of you create the result that like, oh, you happen to have a baby. So now your business will be successful or more successful. Like, no, why is it that people say that babies bring abundance and I remember the Neistat was saying to me, the babies bring abundance because thay are pure love like that. It’s again, it’s like that energy of and I think this is the same thing that it’s just like this unconditional love.

And that’s really what sufficiency is and really getting like being present to I’m in a house. Like I have a shelter, I have water I have food I have like, there’s so much I have and I think sufficiency and gratitude are very related, and feed off each other. So I wrote down sufficiency feels like and this is just to help me because I’m like new to really thinking about it this way but helping me notice when I’m in sufficiency and when I’m not so sufficiency feels like for me, gratitude, ease, calm, presence, connectedness, committedness, unconditional love. Cues to get back into sufficiency. So there’s my little alarm bells, stress, seriousness, sorry if I’m just like, I have to say that seriously. Impatients, rushing, skipping, clean rest, distracted, rejected, dejected, and I am willing to feel embarrassed, awkward, ashamed, selfish, tired, curious, determined, calm, commit with ease.

So that is my little update. And I will be reporting back. I don’t know if it’ll be every day. But I am gonna do my best to report back when I’m like in an emotional high or an emotional low. And kind of talk through that and I really just want to show you like not that it’s a roller coaster that kind of made it sound like it is. But to really like share what it’s like going through it because as well like if so say for example, if I do a podcast episode after the fact. And I say we had 100 PGSDers, and here’s why we achieved the goal. And you’re like, Yeah, but there’s kind of this feeling of like, Yeah, but you knew it was gonna work out, even though you didn’t, but you kind of project on to them like, Yeah, well, you know, we have the self image that we project onto others and we, the thoughts we have about them. And to just, like, it’s easy to look at me and be like, Oh, of course, you’re going to hit that goal, like how Steve is believing in me like that, which is great that he does.

But to really, like, take you into the moment where like, I don’t know, if we get 100, I’m committed to it. I’m like, I’m feeling that belief. But I don’t know. And I could get to the end of this and say, Okay, well, we got 22. So what’s the lesson, but to really just like, show you as I’m in it, because it’s very easy. When someone’s reporting back to be like, Well, you always knew it was going to work out. And that’s different, but to really, I don’t know, hear it from the place in time where they didn’t yet know, I just think it’s fun to hear that. And I’d love to hear that. If anyone else is listening, who is a creator, I mean, there’s a very good chance you are, I think this is a fun kind of thing to document if that is part of your business, or part of your own personal growth that you’d like to do that. So with all of that said, I will talk to you in the next update.

Today is the ninth of January, you can probably tell from my voice that I am feeling a bit under the weather, I most likely have COVID, I haven’t been able to get a test yet to confirm it. But Steve has had a positive test. And so we are currently isolating at home, we came back from our coastal trip early. And yes, so that wasn’t expected. But it is what it is. And yeah, so I have pretty much at this point. I’ve got everything ready for at least the first few days of emails that are going out during the launch period itself. And I wrote a few of them yesterday when I wasn’t feeling 100%. But something that’s been really helpful in the mastermind is hearing about the fact that when you are focused on who you’re helping and articulating the problem and the solution, and the process for that, and the result of that, that you don’t have to feel excited, you don’t have to feel inspired.

It doesn’t really matter how I’m feeling if I’m just focused on articulating what those different elements are, as I said, The problem solution, the process and the result. And Stacey on her podcast has an episode, I think it’s called PSPR, which is what I’m talking about with this. So that’s I haven’t really been focusing on and it allowed me to write the emails yesterday, just having that permission to not feel like not being excited energy. And something I really learned from Stacey as well is in terms of copywriting. That begin a copywriting. So copywriting is, you know, emails and that kind of thing, any words that sell. So when you are copywriting that beginner copywriting is using, you know, talking about how I’m feeling like, I’m so excited, you will be so excited, that kind of thing. And so you know in vague language or coach speak, which I think get out of your own way, to some extent probably is that, but it also seems to really resonate. So I’m gonna keep saying that for now.

But instead of saying that, really just talking about you, and your problem and the solution to that, and how you’re going to get that solution and the result of making that change. So yeah, I was able to read the emails yesterday. And it’s just been really fun. I think this is the the first time I’ve ever written emails in for a launch, where I’m just so I have so many ideas about what I want to say. And it’s not from a place of like, it has to be perfect, though definitely there are times my brain like wants to think that way. But it’s really from this place of like, Oh, I could explain it this way. Or maybe I could say it that way. And it’s just been really fun because what I’ve done for previous launches for different people I’ve learned from they kind of say, you know, like this is on the first day you want to send an email focusing on this kind of thing.

The second day, it’ll be this kind of thing. And I think that was helpful at the beginning when I really didn’t know what to talk about. And I wasn’t introduced to this idea of the PSPR thing. But now what I’ve been doing is not following any kind of guidelines about what to say on certain days. I think though, what I am like, I’ve written quite a few emails, I would say at this point, maybe 10 of the like, is it 70 that have or 21. There a lot, I’m sending a lot of emails, if you are on email list, you will know this, but we are sending a perfectionist power-up every weekday as normal. And then we are sending during the pre launch period, we’ve been sending one email every day, in addition to the power-up. And then during the launch period, we’re going to be sending two emails every day. And then the last 48 hours, we’re probably sending like, three on that day and four on the final day or whatever.

So there’s going to be a lot of emails going out and get something like before, I feel like I don’t want to bother anyone. And I’ve done a lot of work on that to the point where I like get excited when someone emails us and says this is too many emails. Because I know that when we get to that point where it’s where people are saying it’s too much. There are also people who are like, I need this many reminders, I need you to like, be up in my grill about it and keep telling me about it. So yeah, so in terms of emails, I’ve written a bunch of them, but I haven’t put them in a specific order yet. I think it’ll be focused on like the beginning of it will be focused on a kind of, I guess, a continuation of Planning series and really selling, someone on power planning, making their three month commitment. And then the remainder of that launch period will be on selling PGSD. And why PGSD is the best way to implement power planning, which I wholeheartedly believe in.

Because as much as I can share about how pining on the podcast, shit comes up, when you start really working on your perfectionism and getting out of your own way. And I talked about this in the planning series that like, it’s not going to work right away, you’re going to take that planning method and follow it with your perfectionism handbrake on and put too much on your plate and skip clean rest or do all these other things, that means it’s not going to work. And then it’s going to be really easy to dismiss, dismiss the process and say, well, that doesn’t work for me, when that’s how it works. And that’s how we need to make the three month commitment. And that’s why I haven’t shared previously power planning on the podcast before and what’s involved in that. Because it takes more than just an intellectual understanding of the process to actually really get it working for you. And and it really does uncover a lot of perfectionism work. And that can be very overwhelming when you don’t have adequate support and community in place.

So yeah, the second, or I guess the last three quarters of the launch will be really focused on PGSD and what it’s like to be in PGSD, and what will happen when you join in PGSD and the result of that and all these different things. So yeah, so I’m going to right after I finish recording this little update, gonna write a few more emails, which I’m quite looking forward to. And then I’m just gonna call it a day, because I’ve done a couple of things to just check in with my team and make sure everything is getting responded to or the questions we’re getting and that kind of thing. That everything’s on track for the cart to open tomorrow. It’s opening at 9pm Brisbane time. So yeah, I’m just checking in on that. But yeah, since my first update, we went to the coast and the day, like the day that we were leaving, but I think was the day after I did the update. I felt quite stressed and overwhelmed. I think about like going away on holiday when even though everything was done, and I had planned not to do anything when I was there except a couple of check ins, which I did hope because Lydia has been waking up at about 430 though, the last few days, it’s been 530, which is great that I just like checked in when I was up before everyone else.

And then again quickly at the end of the day. But I just felt like I don’t know, just overwhelmed and it was really interesting to notice that that my brain was like because the day before I was feeling so good. That too then the next day be feeling like there’s not enough time to do everything and like completely forgetting my own sufficiency, that stuff that I talked about. And I think my brain just I’ve talked about this before with the emotional home, my brain just likes feeling overwhelmed. It’s kind of like the default. That’s, it, like adds a bit of spice in my life and drama, as weird as that sounds, that when I’m feeling overwhelmed, it stops things from feeling too good to be true. And I think there’s been a lot of that lately since we’ve moved into our house with the renovation done. It’s such a beautiful home and like, everything is going well. It’s like all areas of life that my brains like, Okay, well, something has to go wrong. So let’s at least feel overwhelmed. So we can kind of get out of this feeling that something bad’s gonna happen.

So yeah, it was just really interesting to notice. My brain going, just going to overwhelmed out of habit. And yeah, I just felt like I was saying to Steve, like, I don’t, I can’t, like I want to order groceries online for the day we get back, because I can’t even think like, just the thought of going to get groceries feels too overwhelming. And Steve was like, A, I like getting groceries, which he does. And he often does grocery shopping. And also doesn’t take much time. Like, and yes, we can order them online. But I can see from his, like what is going on. But I just felt like, I would say to him, I was like, I just feel like I have so much on my plate that I want to get as many things off it as possible. And it was good. Like, then the next day, just kind of like letting myself be with those emotions and like, expressing them as well.

And then the next day I was like, Okay, that was just my brain, kind of freaking out about things. So also, I think as well like, being committed to a hundred PJSDers is which I still very much am. I think my brains like pre empting that that will feel too good to be true. And so it wasn’t like doing this all ahead of time. So anyway, I kind of went through a little bit of a dip. And also I was talking about in the first update to how, like, I kind of want no one to sign up on the first day, so that I can really put my brain to the test. And it’s been interesting this week, we had sort of had a lot of support inbox queries, and DMs and that kind of thing. And when I say a lot, let me give you some numbers, I would say maybe like, for the first bit of the pre launch, maybe like three to five a day.

So it’s really helpful sort of getting to know just a lot, not many, whatever. So we’ve had a few queries each day about PGSD and that kind of thing, which is more than we’ve had before. And at certain times, I know my brains will be in it at all, because it’s probably not more but my brain had been making that mean that there’s a lot of interest and things like kind of using that as evidence for the 100 PGSDers. And then when we started maybe getting like two or one per day that I could feel myself and like maybe less DMs or whatever. Again, it’s overly vague. It’s just like confirmation bias and my brain wanting to look for evidence for whatever. However it’s currently feeling and that moment, but I could feel myself feeling like less, I would say less committed, but less. I don’t know, I guess I still have some kind of element in there of optimism or hope or that flavor of things as well.

And I could feel myself feeling a bit discouraged. And I was like, Oh, that’s really interesting, because that is a sign that yes, I feel committed. But I still have some work to do on that. It also was great because it really invited me to have a look at the beliefs I have around the connection between support inbox queries about PGSD and questions. And PGSD signups and just really noticing that in terms of whether they’re related and that kind of thing we could say yes, like, the more queries we’re getting, the more people who are hearing about it interested in more people who are going to sign up and maybe that’s a good indication. We are keeping track of exactly how many requests were getting, or that kind of thing so we can kind of measure it launched at launch, and also know how many how much time as a team we need to dedicate to the support inbox so that everyone can get a response really quickly. But so what was I saying? Yeah, in terms of the, my train of thought of looking out the window, I can see the neighbor doing the gardening. Yeah, in terms of the support inbox, we’re just really wanting to make sure that everyone gets a response, but also, and all that kind of thing. But also, I’ve just been reflecting on my experience as a person who invest in programs and that kind of thing that I don’t really reach out to support.

So for example, when I invested in the mastermind, I don’t think I liked any of Stacey’s posts on Instagram, I definitely hadn’t commented on them. I wasn’t really watching her Instagram stories. I was listening to a podcast, but you can’t see who’s listening to your podcast. You don’t get any stats about podcasts, like I can see what country you’re in, and where you listen. In terms of Spotify, or whatever, I can’t really see anything else. So I don’t know if I was getting emails from her. Maybe I was I think I joined the waitlist. But basically, they didn’t hear a peep out of me. And then I invested $25,000 into the program. So it’s, it’s really invited me to look at the beliefs I have around the connection or correlation, or whatever between the number of inquiries coming in, or engagement and the end result. And to just really choose my thoughts intentionally around that instead of oh, we’re not getting many, you know, emails, or as many so that means people aren’t as interested as I thought, which is where my brain wanted to go unintentionally, to instead be focused on like, our best PGSDers, our most successful students, most of them we didn’t hear anything from them before they signed up.

They may have maybe emailed like one question, or whatever. But most of them we never heard anything about. I wasn’t traveling with them from Instagram, DMs or anything not to say that some people who reached out on our aren’t successful in PGSD, but just really noticing that there are a lot of people who, like me personally, can be sold by listening to a podcast, and they don’t have questions. And they don’t need to know anything else. And they just sign up. So yeah, noticing that I could think that way instead, and directly my brain that has been really helpful. And what else has happened? Not really much. I have just been, as I said, writing emails. And in terms of as well showing up on Instagram. I’m not sure yet if I’m gonna mention that I have probably enough COVID I didn’t mention it yesterday. And I was like, I wonder if like, because my voice sounded a bit scratchy. I was like, I’m just not gonna say anything about it. For now. It’s strategic or anything like that. I was like, I just don’t know if I want to share that yet. Or, I don’t know. It’s like, not a thing. But it is a thing.

Anyway, in Brisbane at the moment, it’s like, anyone, I’ve told that I have it, which isn’t many people, just like friends and family have been like, yeah, it’s kind of all and it’s inevitable that we’re all gonna get it at some point. And my experience with it has been pretty good in terms of it’s been pretty mild. I’ve just had a sore throat. And I’ve been a bit more tired, but also, like Lydia, so she’s fine. I think he’s just got a bit of a stuffy nose. Maybe a tiny bit of a fever. But she hasn’t been sleeping as well. So last night, I was up for a couple of hours with her. So I don’t know if I’m just tired from that. But I feel pretty used to that at this point. But yeah, it’s kind of hard to talk. So could have wrap this up.

But yeah, I’ve been feeling okay. Steve, like when he got it. He it seemed to, to not be like any flu symptoms. Had just seemed like sinusitis. I think that’s right. sinusitis, a sinus issue. And then he had, he was really feverish one night, like, okay, when he die, like, oh, we need to get tested. And so we came back, and he did have it. So it’s also really great that we are back at our renovated house because we live on acreage. And it’s just like, we’ll be at home together. The whole week, isolating so it’s just a luxury to be able to isolate on acreage with a big property and being able to walk around and just like not feel so claustrophobic. So we’re going on that front. We’re all okay, Steve’s over the hump of it. I reckon this is going to be my worst day. Well, I’m hoping that but yeah, I don’t feel too horrible, despite how I feel.

But yet this week is the launch, which I am excited about. Even though it doesn’t sound like it, I’m sure. But yeah, I am looking forward to opening the doors. And in terms of as all the reception of the Planning series that has been going, I would say better than expected. We’ve had at this point. Over 3000 people listened to the first episode. Normally in terms of episode downloads, we’d have about 2000. Honestly, in the first two days, we’d have about 2000 downloads. So it’s kind of untracked for our normal episode numbers. But there are a lot of episodes. So we have still a decent number of people who’ve listened to part four, which is the last part that came out at this point. So I’m trusting there are people who are making their way through it. Oh, yes, I on Instagram, I was talking about. I did a poll on which parts people have listened to and a lot of people have listened to the first two but not three and four.

And so I mentioned that you don’t have to listen in perfect circumstances. And a lot of people replied to that and said you were called out. So yeah, anyway, that’s all on track. Basically, everything’s on track. And in terms of as well my own clean rest, which I wanted to mention, because if I’m unwell, obviously I need to look after my health. And so I feel like I am doing that, like this morning. I wish I could say, I woke up with Lydia, fed her did all of that. And then when she went down for a nap, I had asleep too. And then I kept sleeping. Steve look after she woke up. So I’ve been sleeping a lot more and just doing a few hours of work in the afternoon. And it’s kind of nice to be able to do that, considering we can’t leave the house. And there are things we can do Steve and I are actually going to, probably this afternoon, start a little like home DIY project for pots that we want to put some plants in just to keep ourselves entertained as well.

But yes, I have been looking after to my house. And it’s like I’ve talked about this before, sometimes resting is what you need for self care. And other times. That’s not what you need for self care. And I think power planning has really taught me how to tell the difference between that. So yeah, I’m just doing a couple of hours of work. And then I will be chilling with Steve and Lydia. And we’re watching Station 19 Again, which is great. It’s now on Disney+. So yeah, we are just hanging out. But I am so grateful for past me doing all the planning series episodes ahead of time, like not leaving them until the last minute and doing the interview with Kristen ahead of time. And I’m just really grateful that I didn’t leave things until the last minute because that would mean that I will be having to do work right now. And I think the reason that I’m able to work, when I’m feeling unwell. And I feel I don’t feel as bad as it does my voice. But it means because I don’t have to work. I want to not that. Yeah, I don’t know. I hope that makes sense. But it’s easier to have the desire when it’s not feeling forced. And, yeah, I find that doing things ahead of time really helps with that. And not putting too much on my plate. And the same thing happened when I had Lydia that I really wanted to return to work quickly because I didn’t have to like I’d set up the business to be able to run without me if needed. And so because I had that space, I was like no, actually, I want to do stuff. So anyway, I’m wrapping it up here. And I will talk to you soon.

Okay, so it is the 10th of January at 11am. So a few hours before the doors to PGSD are opening. And I just wanted to pop in with a quick update. So Lydia is just taking a nap. And Steve is busy in the yard. So I don’t know how long I’m gonna have it before she wakes up. But I wanted to just talk about where my mindset is at this morning. So when I woke up today, and I was thinking about the PGSD launch, I was thinking about the actions that I need to take and what I need to do in order to achieve the goal of 100 PGSDers signing up. And then when I was very Lydia, I watched one of the coaching calls from my mastermind, and this is why I love that we have the PGSD private podcast and that you get to listen to so many other PGSDers getting coach because it’s so powerful. So I was listening to a coaching call. And it was exactly what I needed to hear, as it often is. And on that coaching call. Stacey was coaching one of the people in the mastermind on her launch that she had just started.

And she had had a lot of people sign up on the first day. So I think it was about 70 people at $2,000. And she was dissecting so the person and Stacey was dissecting what thoughts created that and what actions created that from those thoughts. And they listed a whole bunch of them. And I was just like, like, this is the next layer. So I’ve already talked about in this episode, the different beliefs that I was focusing on of I’m committed to 100 PGSDers no matter what I’m willing to feel any feeling and that kind of thing. And from being in that place, and then able to access new thinking. And so I wrote out a whole list of thoughts that are believable to me. So I don’t have to do a lot of coaching on myself in order to believe these thoughts and I think there’s so much value in this when we find believable thoughts that are better feeling than the ones that we have already, instead of just trying to jump all the way to somewhere that we’re not yet.

We all have access to better thinking without having to do a lot of self coaching. So what I did was I wrote a whole list of the thoughts that I want to be thinking. And I’m just going to run through them very quickly, because Lydia is now staring. But these are the ones I have just written down. And they’re not perfect, but they don’t need to be. And I can tell when I think these like, I just want to go out there and talk about PGSD. And make sure everyone knows about it. And this inspired me as well to write an email about the 2022 year in review call inside PGSD, because I was talking with Michelle and Daisy on my team. In the, we use Asana to communicate with each other and loom. And I recorded a loom for them about replying to support inbox queries and that kind of thing. And I was just saying, like, this is the vision that I’m holding to PGSD. And I’m thinking about the 2022 year in review call, and what that’s going to be like, and how much everyone will be celebrating, and so excited to see each other and to celebrate the year that was and like, that’s the vision that I’m holding, and communicating that vision to them.

And then I was like, I need to write an email about this and really invite anyone who is considering PGSD into this possibility that they can be on this 2022 Year in Review, call with us, and be celebrating these things. And this is exactly how their life will change. And this is what’s possible. So that all came from me getting clear on how I want to be thinking about this and thinking that is already accessible. So here we go, my ability to connect with my best clients blows standard conversion rates out of the water, I had that one there, because I could see that my brain is like trying to go into the analytical side. In terms of well, this is how many people have listened to the podcast episode who’ve been opening emails and that kind of thing. And the standard conversion rate is one or 2%. And so that means that only this number of people will sign up or whatever it is that I’m just thinking about my ability to connect with my best clients blows standard conversion rates out of the water, getting business owners out of their own way is important, life changing world changing work, me and my message are connected to far more people than my brain ever realizes.

This is something I talked about on that coaching call, instead of having to know where they’re coming from, and how they’re going to come and what timing that’s going to be in to really be in this belief instead of I’m connected to so many more people than I even know. And I don’t need to know where they’re going to come from. And I don’t need to know what timing that’s going to unfold in. And it was so fun when I had that thought which I hadn’t even really considered. And I thought about the 100 PGSDers and where they are right now. And that they’re thinking about PGSD and getting ready to sign up and really committing to themselves and their business and just imagining all of them. That just makes it’s so easy to know what to say and really gets me out of this like to have to say the right thing. And that kind of mindset where my brain has definitely had a habit of going in the past.

I love talking to my people, the way I show up in my marketing is transformative for those watching. And I think this is something that I haven’t really considered before that. I’m teaching people how to get out of that way. And if you see me marketing PGSD, and can tell I’m in my own way, that’s going to come through, even if I’m doing all of the things. And my actions are the same if I’m doing it from an energy of inadequacy. And I’m really in that place, or I’m just doing it to prove something to myself, then that’s going to shine through, even if I’m doing exactly the same thing because I would otherwise do. So my marketing is transformative. And I know that when I started to send out perfectionist power ups, a lot of people emailed and said that even me just sending a short email made such a difference for them, because they saw that they could also send short emails.

And so I think just showing what it looks like to talk about your product, your service your offer confidently and over and over and over again, like we are sending so many emails. And I already want to up the number of emails because there’s so many different ways I want to say it. And I am with that going to transform the way that people on the other end of that my best clients had they are thinking about that. So this is worth making a big deal about and lots of noise. This is about my best client and what is possible for them. I’m making entrepreneurship accessible to those who would otherwise get in their own way and this matters and when I really get connected to that vision about the impact that business have on the world that government is too inefficient to create. And charities are also a lot of times not set up to create either.

And really thinking about how profitable for profit businesses are able to make such a big impact on the world and really change the way that we see ourselves. I mean, see others and we interact with each other. And we achieve things and all of those flow and effects that this work that we do inside PGSD is opening up the door to entrepreneurship, and therefore the impact and change and influence that that creates to so many who have the power to make that change. But they aren’t able to do it because of the way they have been thinking and the perfectionist tendencies. And by us helping them get out of their own way. It unlocks change in the world, because of what that business owner is able to achieve now that they are out of their own way.

So really thinking about that in the possibilities. And really, that this is about showing you what is possible for you and helping you to create that really gets me out of thinking about myself and my goals. I’m really into thinking about you and your goals and what’s possible. Businesses change the world, I have something really important to say our best clients don’t have questions. Now, this isn’t to say that no one ever asked questions, who is incredibly successful inside PGSD. But this is a belief that really helps me to not be attached to thinking that the number of support crews that we’re getting is a reflection of how many people are going to sign up. So our best clients don’t have questions. They just lurk and they sign up. That’s how I refer it anyway. I lurk and then I sign up, I already have everything I need. This goal is for them. 100 PGSDers means diversity in our coaching calls, more brains to mastermind with and more energy in the group. I’m constantly problem solving for my best clients and how I can speak clearly, I’m committed to holding a vision for PGSD that is transformative without them even having to do anything.

So just the way to talk about PGSD helps them… Yes, Cotton, one second. Okay, Cotton just wanted to be led out of the office. So just by the way that I am talking about PGSD really holds that vision. I’m is that what I said? I’m committed to holding a vision, yes, I know what to say and how to say it. My guess as to how this week will unfold is going to be wrong. That’s why I’m open into the magic. And I know that my analytical brain, I feel like people talk about you have either you’re very analytical or very creative. I feel like I’m both like, I love numbers. I love words like all of that anyway, I like going to the numbers, when I’m feeling in scarcity, I go to numbers when I’m filling in abundance, I’m also going to feelings. And so I can tell that when I’m going to numbers. And I am thinking about like I have some kind of made up idea of to have 100 PGSDer sign up or how many needs to sign up on day one, day two, day three, etc, etc. I’m just making that up. And then I’m making myself feel bad and feel discouraged and feel disheartened.

And get out of the possibility. And therefore that ends up creating that I don’t get the result. Because I’m thinking it has to unfold in a certain way. And if it doesn’t, then it’s not going to so I should just quit train. So really being open to the magic. And that there can be zero people signing up for the first six days or whatever. And then everyone could sign up for the last day. And I have had more than 100 PGSDers before sign up in a 24 hour periods. I know that’s possible. My brain wants to say, Oh, that was different. The investment for PGSD was different in the program and all of this other stuff. But I’ve had it happen. And so I’m really and even if I had it, this is what I want to say like the fact that I’ve had it happen, my brain still is like, no, that’s not the case. So, so often we’re like, oh, I would believe it if that had happened to me before. But for us to believe it. It doesn’t have to happen. And if we’re waiting for that evidence, which I’ve done a lot of times in my life, we hold ourselves apart from the result we’re creating, which means we because we have this idea that we have to have done it before then we never do it because there’s always going to be a first time.

And so it’s fun to think about the magic of this week. And even this one he was saying to say like yeah, I’ll spend a couple of hours each day probably writing emails and checking in but I won’t really be doing much and it’s not to say that that’s not how the week’s gonna unfold. But that was really from an energy of just waiting and seeing and not being committed. And when I think about All of this stuff, I want to say I want to be proactive, I want to be talking about it, I want to make sure that for our best PGSDers they have everything they need they know about the program, they know that it’s open now they know that it’s closing soon. It’s just such a different energy. And I feel so energized, people that you can definitely voice and still love feeling 100%. But I feel so energized about the result that we create inside PGSD.

Everyone who follows me on Instagram needs to know about PGSD. And I can’t wait for my brain to realize how much it had been underestimating me. I feel like that’s such a fun thought to think. I’ve thought versions of that before, I can’t wait to blow my mind. But to really recognize, like, I can’t wait, I was originally going to and I can’t wait for my brain to realize how wrong it was about me. And then knowing that, like, I could take that and think, oh, when I’m thinking about possibility, that’s wrong. But my brain has been under estimating the fuck out of me. And I can’t wait for it to be like, Oh, that’s what you can actually achieve. And that that was fun to do it and so many different things. So that’s really exciting. To be thinking this way, not even exciting, I just feel this sense of gratitude and responsibility like not a heavy kind of responsibility. But still a sense of responsibility of this matters, our PGSDers matter, and this isn’t about me hitting a goal. Or like my day to day life, regardless of how much money we make.

At this point, my day to day life, like I’m full time in my business. Before I was full time, definitely hitting a financial goal made a difference, because then I’d be able to go full time and my day to day would look different. But my day to day is going to look the same. And very, very similar. But we’re in very similar close to the same bushwalk with Cotton and Lydia and Steve like so much about my day will be the same. This isn’t about me. And this is, I think to really get to that next level, you have to find motivation beyond yourself. Because if I’m just thinking about me and my goals, then it’s easy to hide. And it’s hard to be courageous, because I’m like, Well, my life’s gonna be pretty similar. So why bother. But if I think about everything I just shared and the impact that PGSD has on businesses, which therefore has an impact on the world, and you and your goals, and you’re getting out of your own way, and the ripple effect that has not just in terms of your customers and how their lives change.

But also in terms of your social circles, and that your partner, your parents, your siblings, your friends, your colleagues, seeing you show up differently is going to have a profound impact on them. The way that I know that how I’ve shown up in my business has impacted other people around me and inspire them about new possibilities, even though they don’t have a business or anything like that they have started, be more committed to their goals to what they are here to create. So my voice is getting a little scratchy. So kind of wrap it up in a minute. Lydia is still asleep, which is awesome. So I have written a little self coaching protocol for PGSD 2201. So I don’t know if I mentioned this behind the scenes, we have a name for each launch, so that we can have all the documents with that and things are searchable. And we all know what we’re talking about. So 2201 just means 2022, January. So I’m going to check the stats in terms of signups at 9am every day. Originally, I can’t remember I mentioned on this episode. But originally I was going to check at 9pm because the cart opens 9pm Australian time tonight, I was going to check every 24 hours.

But then when I was reflecting on this, just before I was like, Well, that makes no sense. Because if I’m checking, then I’m going to be tired. If I’m like it’s going to be easy for my brain to default to those I don’t want to have, I’m not going to have the energy to coach myself if that’s needed. And I’ve also then working throughout the day kind of just like thinking, Well, maybe it’s going really well. Like it’s just going to invite a lot of drama. And also have me checking, putting don’t have a lot of mental energy. So what I’m doing is I’m checking myself every day at 9am. And before that I’m going to be this is what I’ve been doing watching my coaching call as I’m getting ready and starting my day. I found that really helpful. And then just doing some self coaching.

These are things that I have learned from the mastermind also from Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School, and unintentional thought download, running some intentional models and doing intentional thought creation as needed. So that’s kind of as more of the stuff I’ve been talking about. Seeing where are my thoughts currently? And if I keep thinking those thoughts, what result is that going to create? And then looking at what thoughts do I need to have to create the result I want getting back into, as I mentioned earlier, in a previous update, coming back to my own sufficiency, resourcefulness, creativity, fun, ease, and courage and all of those things. So I’m going to do that. And then I’ll check my SATs at 9am doesn’t have to be to the minute. I’m feeding Lydia and doing other things in my day, but check my stats at 9am. And then these are the questions I’ve got. So I think I mentioned this in a previous update. I know I keep saying that. But I’m not really listening back to previous ones. So I can’t remember.

But I had initially written a similar version of this before. And what I have done is just re clarified it. So how many signups whether the last 24 hours? How many in total? And then if you knew that 100 PGSDers was done. So this is getting me into future self thinking. What would you remind yourself of what would you focus on today? What would you not do today? I think that’s a very important question, that there are things I might do if I think I’m not going to get to my goal. And that could be posted on Instagram or whatever. Like it could be action that looks like it’s going to help me get the result that if I was in the energy of it’s done, and committed to my result that I wouldn’t do. So there might be for example, a day where if I say if there weren’t as many signups as my brain had made up, there would be at that point. For us, we had to reach 100, that I would think, okay, now I need to like, go and do all these posts, and whatever. And when I get back to being grounded, and my insufficiency and the goal and the commitment to that, you might be like, actually, today, you just need to take a step back, like let all your past work, the past emails, you’ve written in that kind of thing like that the emails are scheduled, not writing them, the moment they go out.

So trust in that. And I think that’ll be a part of it honestly, that. With this, I can feel myself like wanting to be busy. And feeling like I’m doing stuff. And then like having that connection between hard work and the result. And I think a big part of this will also be having me not, like letting me letting myself have the clean rest. And yes, when I’m working, I’m focused, and I’m doing all the things. But then when I’m resting, I’m really resting. And I’m not thinking there has to be more and more and more. That doesn’t mean I’m not thinking, what else do I need to say? How can I make this more valuable? How can I make this more fun, more transformative, all these different things. But there’s got to be an end point at some point. And just letting myself rest and recover and have ideas and have fun. Like I’m not related to business. Just have fun with Steve and Lydia and cotton.

And yesterday afternoon, see that I talked about a project that we’re doing. I know I mentioned on this before, but we talked through, what we’re going to do is we’ve got some barrels that we’re going to put some, it’s kind of hard to explain, but we’re going to turn them into pots for plants. And that’s going to take a bit of figuring out how we can get them to be the look, we want that currently metal. And we’re going to put some, like wooden cladding on them. We’re trying to figure out how to fix the clouding to the pot, what we’re going to put in the pot where we’re going to put them that kind of thing. So we’re going to be working on that together. And yeah, just having time, like resting for rests sake, not for the sake of being more productive when it comes to the business stuff. So those are the questions as well as what emotion do I need to be willing to feel that I haven’t allowed myself to feel yet? And connecting back to those that list that I’ve written previously and talked about embarrassment or embarrassed, awkward, curious, faithful slash determined, ashamed, calm, selfish, tired, committed, rejected. Are there any of those that I need to be willing to feel that I haven’t allowed myself to feel yet?

And doing some self coaching on that. And then the final question is, is there anything you need today, to do today to take exceptional care of your body and mind that you’re not already doing? So that’s just to get me connected to that as well. So that’s my update for today. The next time I update the door to PGSD will be open. And what I might actually do is after each time I check the stats and go through those questions. I will do a little update then. That way I have a I’m like anchoring this to something that’s such a powerful way to create habits. And I talked about this in the Dream habit course that’s in PGSD. But anchoring something to something else. So I know I’m going to be checking my stats every day at 9am. And as much is like impossible, because I’ve checked every 90 seconds wasn’t helpful. So I’m not doing that. I’m just checking once at 9am. And if I happen to come across stats, as I’m doing all this shit, that’s okay. But I’m intensely checking in with that. And yeah, so I’m going to connect this episode recording with that. So Lydia is starting to swerve actually, she’s still pretty well asleep. But anyway, I said, I need to say in this one, and I will talk to you soon.

Okay, so it is the 11th of January, it is 9:47am. I did say I was checking at 9am Every day, but I did myself quote Jean, and then Lydia needed to feed. So I fed her and then I’ve come back, I haven’t checked the numbers yet. Because what I have decided to do is that I’m going to do myself coaching, which I’ve already talked about what that involves, chat through a few things that have come up for me, and then check the number live, so to speak, I felt it could be fun to record myself, checking the number and then my instant reaction to it, because I think that’s going to be so telling, it feels kind of scary to do that. Because I don’t know, it’s almost like, it makes me think of either two things, either like a weigh in on The Biggest Loser, we’re kind of finding something out in front of everyone, or opening a gift, and you’re just conscious of your reaction and what the other person might make that mean, anyway, I’m still going to do it.

So I did my self-coaching this morning, and a few things came up. And actually the first thing that came up for me, I was watching a mastermind call from the 200k mastermind I’m in as I had planned. And in the call I happened to be watching. Stacey was talking about what do you need to like when you achieve your goal to the past, and she was quite teen, really wanting to achieve that goal. And even though they had achieved so much, they were just completely dismissing it because they hadn’t achieved the arbitrary goal. They said that was just a bit more than what they had achieved. And she was talking about what do you like? What are you going to believe about yourself when you achieve that goal? What do you think you’ll believe about yourself? Because often when we achieve the goal, I believe the same the goal achieving it doesn’t magically change our beliefs like we hope it will.

So what do you think you’re going to think about yourself that you’re not giving yourself permission to think now? And to get in that feeling, no. So for me, I wrote down, what am I going to believe about myself when we have 100 PGSDers sign up by the end of this launch. And I wrote down, I’m someone who sets goals and achieve them, I’m someone who creates their own reality. I’m someone who makes hundreds of 1000s of dollars in a week. I’m someone who sees my goal through even when it isn’t on track from day one. I’m someone who keeps believing even when the evidence is yet to come. My belief in my ability to achieve my goal is so strong that it can withstand any present reality. I really liked the wording of that. And I’m willing to do what it takes. And I was thinking about how can I believe that’s already true?

Not as in the way that I feel like it sounds like it’s that I don’t believe that. But like, what evidence can I find to support that already. And so what I did actually, after that was, I thought, like, I wonder how much money my business has already made. So as in, in total, and it’s not exact, because I haven’t been using the accounting software I use for the entire time we’ve been making money, but pretty close from when we incorporated in July 2017. Everything is tracked. So I had a look. And my business has made $1,018,000 or something like that. And it was just so fun to see it because I have a million dollar business, which is fun, but also that my brain is like, so quick to dismiss it. And I noticed in that like some of that money, maybe like think it was maybe 80,000 has come from different like government grants or things like that. And my brain wants to be like, Oh, you haven’t made a million, but I really want to be generous with myself. I this is something that comes up in PGSD all the time. PGSD is like does this count? Does this count? What about that? Does this count towards my goal? We have to be generous with what we’re allowed to count.

And we’re were such sticklers for the rules, the rules that we’ve just made up for ourselves that we really keep ourselves apart from the self image that we want. So anyway, just seen that I already know how to make a million dollars because I’ve literally done it and that no just changing the timeframe is really fun to think about. And also, again, noticing that just because I’ve made a million dollars, my brain still wants to be like, Well, that was different or that took you so many years or whatever. But that was just really fun to see. So then I did the self coaching that I have plugged into pre checking numbers. So I did my unintentional thought download, which is just a brain dump, seeing what is on my mind. And right before checking, Steve and I were, or haven’t checked out right before doing the self-coaching. Steve and I were walking around the yard and just talking about different things that we’re going to do with the house still with the landscaping and that kind of thing.

And I was like, okay I need to, I want to do this, check in self coaching and check the numbers. It’s like, oh, let me come in check them with you. And I was like, I need to do my self coaching. And I’m going to record myself checking. And then he was saying, I think there’ll be 36 people who signed up, and I was like, I think that will be zero. And then I was like, oh, maybe three, he’s like, Oh, three, three, that’s better than zero. But I can this is what I write about in my unintentional thought download that my brain doesn’t want to believe. And as much as I embody committed energy, and all these things I’ve already been talking about, my brain wants to be in disbelief. And I could just notice in this unintentional thought download, as I wrote, about, no one has signed up, I’m scared to believe people have and then feel disappointed.

And this is something that’s really important, by the way, with doing something like an unintentional thought download, or anything like this, where I intellectually know that disappointment comes from my thoughts, and that I’m in control of disappointment. So it’s very easy to just be like, well, I know, I’m the creator of disappointment. So to just kind of skip the self-coaching and to skip really seems my brains at. But even though I know that I’m still like, having the experience of being scared of feeling disappointed, and so I write that down, instead of be like, well, I know better. Well, I know better. So that’s just a side note. I see our PGSDers through that a lot when I’m coaching them, or Michelle’s coaching them, like, well, I know that this isn’t the case. So whatever. So yeah, just something to be aware of, I think there have signed up three at best. If it’s less than 10, I feel like I’m going to make it mean, we won’t hit our goal, it’s just not possible.

Classic all or nothing thinking, I want to see that it’s on track all the time, or I’m not willing to believe it at all. It feels so familiar to be here in the drama of not having accomplished like a movie, my brain wants to watch over and over again, instead of a new one. It really came up for me like when I was doing this thought download and see like how comfortable my brain is, in the drama of not having accomplished the goal, and how unfamiliar it feels currently to be in belief to be in commitment to be in that kind of energy instead. And it made me think of like, when there is a movie. And like I say, you’re going through Netflix, you’re like what should we watch as a movie you’ve already seen, but you know you like it. Because we’ve never seen before. A lot of us pick the movie that we already have seen. But we know we like like, we like that familiarity, or the newness, even though the new movie might be a whole lot better. Or even if it’s not better, it’s just different and more exciting for our brain. But we like that familiarity.

So I could just look is that. For me that disappointment, that fear of disappointment that like certainty that it’s not going to work feels like that movie I want to keep watching over and over again. So then I did a self coaching model that Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School teaches. And I wrote down the thought is if no one has signed up, we won’t hit our goal. And the feeling is certain and I was looking at this like, is it feeling discouraged? Or deterred or disappointment? Disappointed? Or is it feeling certain and it was really interesting to me to notice that if I think no one has signed up, so you won’t hit our goal, I feel certain. And that certainty gives me a sense of relief, because I’m out of the unknown. And I’m in not in this place of like not being in control. It feels like there’s some kind of control in the certainty of it not working as much as I want it to work.

PS my voice. It’s still hard to talk and I have a coaching call in PGSD that I meant to do this afternoon. Michelle is going to take for me because I keep having all these COVID bits. And I don’t think I’d be able to talk for about an hour about that. Not that I do that on a coaching call. The people that are getting coach talk a lot. But anyway, we’re gonna try not go too deep into this, but I think it’s really important to talk about. See, I just noticed like that certainty that is, I’m not currently, as much as I say, and I want to be in the magic of seeing how it unfolds. I’m like, No, but I want to be certain it’s not gonna work. So I can be out of this place where I feel like I’m not in control of things.

I’m also I did an intentional model. And the thought for that one was I’m willing to feel every at any emotion in order to create this change for my best client. And this change being them getting out of their own way and the impact that business can have on the world. The feeling that generates for me is openness, the action is do what’s needed be with myself in both disappointment and success. And the result is I am my own best client. So I thought that was really interesting. And initially, the intentional model I came up with was my guesses at the timing of the 100 signups is going to be wrong. And when I write that down, I was like, I don’t think that’s the best place I could take my brain. Even though the intention behind it is, I think accurate, that my brain has this idea of how things will unfold. And it’s going to unfold that way. So what’s the point in comparing, like my made up idea of how it will unfold against reality and being disappointed about the difference?

So then I did a intentional thought creation. So my decision for that was suspended a committed it. So I wrote down to spend today and committed curiosity and showing up as if 50 People had already signed up. And then I caught myself. And I was like, why do I need the result of 50 people having signed up to show up in a certain way? That’s showing me that I’m still wanting evidence to be able to show up a certain way. But I want to be able to go beyond that. Like, I think that’s helpful in the beginning to be like, well, imagine if XYZ had happened. And this is kind of a different flavor to the futures of stuff of like 100 is done. But just noticing that my brain wants to be like, Well, if there was evidence, where I’m wanting to build a skill of if there’s no evidence, so me thinking about it in this way isn’t going to help you build that skill. So instead, what I’m thinking about is to spend today and commitment to 100 PGSDers and problem solving for them. My voice is getting all scratchy. So what else? So I did the intentional assault creation, which is coming up with how I want to think about that on purpose.

So why do I love this, I’m no longer the kind of business owner who makes things a problem so they can have something to hide out in. Because me thinking that whatever number we have signing up is a problem. It’s just giving me something to indulge in. So I feel like it’s cracking. But my voice is just it’s killing me currently. And then I did some other writing down of things. So why is this better? What is clear? Why would they love it? But when I wrote down what is clear that I’m so convinced no one have signed up, and that is a way that I wrap myself up in bubble wrap. So I don’t have to feel the full force of whatever emotionally might feel if I if I sorry, what am I trying to say. So I don’t have to feel the full force of whatever emotion, I might feel if doubt wasn’t there, like shame. So by feeling doubt, it’s kind of like it feels like it’s going to lessen the blow of any shame because I’ve kind of wrapped myself up in all of this doubt. It’s kind of like, well, I don’t want it to succeed anyway, so I can’t feel bad about it.

But obviously, that creates a lot of shame anyway being in that, but my brain doesn’t seem to recognize that or it’s, it’s like this nice place to hang out in and indulge in that movie. It likes watching it over and over again. So that was kind of where my intentional where my self coaching was this morning. And just the whole flavor of it. As you can tell it was no one signed up. So it’s all from that angle. And I just think it’s really interesting that that’s it. And I think as well like for that unintentional model I had of if no one has signed up, I wouldn’t hit up my goal or we weren’t hit our goal. Feeling is certain, the action is make a big deal out of check in put a lot of emphasis on how many have signed up, spin out in shame if no one has stopped promoting effectively. So just seeing that action and the results will be we don’t hit our goal is really helpful. And to see in my intentional model, where I’m doing what stated being with myself in both disappointment and success promoting PGSD, problem solving all of that, and I’m my own best client.

That’s what I want to be in. That’s how I want to attract into PGSD, I want to be the PGSDer I am attracting. So with all of that said, let me a login, I don’t have it set up nicely currently. So that I’ll be able to, like, at a glance, see the numbers. So for context, we have things set up in the back end in a program called Airtable. And, as I’m talking, I’m just getting into it, and it automatically adds everyone into there. So if I go to all I’m in the all members view, and I can see, five people have signed up 12345. And six, six people have signed up. So five people have signed up on the payment plan. PS, I’ve seen this before. It’s so funny that my brain, like the amount of money that this launch has already made is like, thinking about the launch I did in 2019 of the program I had called, Figure your life out. And thinking about it, because when I did that the backyard was completely just dirt, because we just done a whole lot of excavating.

And that I think that launch made 20,000 and I didn’t hit my goal, but it was still like a Holy fuck. And yeah, I’ve this launch has already made more than that. Anyway, how I’m feeling? I feel like I don’t know, I guess it’s kind of where I expected it to be. I don’t even know how I feel. What I’m going to do actually is just set up a view. So Oh, someone’s already done it. Oh, wait, isn’t working properly. Okay, someone has set it up. But there’s something incorrect about it. So it’s not working. But I can see that. I think it is six people. And my initial thoughts about that. So Ruth, Rachel, Emily, Dianne, Bharath, and Mary have signed up fun. And welcome, if you’re listening to this, and yeah, I don’t know, like it feels like. So it’s been the doors have been open for 12 hours, approximately. And, yeah, I feel like this is what I like it’s on track. But like, yeah, I don’t know, I’ve just so geared up for like the last time we launched, which was very different. And this is why it’s so important. Like we just our brains love comparing to the past time.

And when we did the PGSD promotion in May 2021, the doors had already been open, like enrollment was open. And then we just did a promotion and close enrollment, whereas this time, it was close and then opened and then closed. So yeah, previously, when it was like, oh, no, you can sign up. It’s like, well, yeah, we have been able to for like, a year and a half or whatever. So it’s different. And but I was like, oh, there’s like no one signing up in few days, like no one signed up. And I was just like, it’s not working. And so in that. But yeah, I feel like it’s not zero, which I thought it would be. It’s kind of like where I thought it would be. I don’t even know. But yeah, I’m gonna do my self-coaching. And yeah, I feel like the why I’m not like, oh, that’s disappointing. All they got that’s crazy, is because we made up idea of how many signups we’d have at this point is pretty close to this. But at the same time i that means that we can do 100 And I still feel like I’m not fully there yet. Anyway. Like, it just say it just need to record when checking because I’m trying to access what I’m thinking while talking it through.

But I’m going to do my self-coaching. So how many silos that in total in the last 24 hours, and in total, there’s only been about 12 hours. So it’s just how many signups? If you knew that 100 PGSDers was done, what would you remind yourself of? What would you focus on today? What would you not do today? What emotion do I need to be willing to feel that I haven’t allowed myself to feel yet? Is there anything you need to do today to take exceptional care everybody and willing to that you’re already doing so what comes up for me initially not going to do myself coaching and I’ll talk about what comes out of that tomorrow. Is the emotional need to be willing to feel is gratitude and connection to those who have already signed up.

And I think as well as like something that happened last time that I was very surprised by it. That’s, yeah, just kind of, I don’t know, I was expecting so many people to pay with the payment plan. And to not pay in full. And we had, I think 12 of the 15 paying full last time and then three days a payment plan. And this time we’ve had to five have paid in full. And one has other payment plans. So I say those are interesting just to challenge my beliefs about the investment in that kind of thing that I’m really behind the investment and the amount that is and all of that. But I think because I’ve been someone who pays for things in payment plans, typically not always, there’s so much evidence against that. But like the gym, I’ll always do the monthly sign up in that kind of thing. It’s just interesting for my brain to notice how wrong it is about certain things. So I’m feeling excited.

And glad to know our checkouts working for both of the options, the paying full in the checkout. Yeah, gonna tell Steve, it good to let myself as well as, as I said, as part of this coaching, like, be with the gratitude of that we’re gonna go into the PGSD forum and see if they have introduced themselves. And if they have learned more about them, say hello. And really just be so focused on those who are signing up. Because I know it’s so easy to get into this mentality of like, more, I need more, I need more any more. And I don’t want to be in that mentality. It’s not fun to be that and it’s all good to be on the other end of that either. And it’s, I really want to be an example of like, achieve this goal of 100 PGSDers of not just anyone but ideal PGSDers, and doing that in a way that it’s not about like just hitting the number as for the sake of it, and I was thinking about this actually, the other day, I’ll wrap it up on this thought that, you know, certain people really like luxury handbags and cars in first class travel and that kind of thing, which isn’t personally my thing.

I feel like Like sometimes I wonder as part of that, just because I don’t want to be like drawing attention to myself. And it’s this whole different thing. Anyway. But I think about like, is me hitting a million dollars in the business is that my version of that, that I want to be like? Well, look what I’ve been able to do more so to myself. So I just felt that something interesting to explore is that I’m going to reply to the PGSDers, who’ve already said hello in the forum and chat to my team and send them a message. And yes, I’m looking at Bharath introduce yourself post I’m gonna reply to that now. It who else is this one. And Ruth So Ruth said, I signed up for PGSD first thing today to make sure I didn’t chicken out or to eat it. I love hearing that. Because it’s so relatable. So anyway, I’m gonna wrap it up here, I will be back to check in tomorrow with an update on my post check in of stats, coaching, my self coaching before tomorrow’s check in what has come up for me. And thankfully, my voice is kind of held out for this. But yes, anyway, I’m also feeling really excited to post this episode. And to share it on the podcast because I don’t know, I just wish I’d had people sharing this kind of stuff. So I’m really excited for that and to be documenting this in my brain was go to like I could do this for every launch that kind of thing, but I’m just not getting ahead of myself. I’m thinking about to split up into two parts we will see but anyway, we’re gonna wrap it up here and I’ll talk to you again tomorrow.

Okay, so today is the 12th of January. It is 8:06am. And I am checking in on the PGSD stats, and also just checking in with you to share a bit about what happened yesterday, after my update, and then the self coaching I’ve just done. So in terms of the coach that I did on myself yesterday, after I checked the stats, what I decided I need to focus on was doing my power planning. The irony of this, which I do and what I have been doing for years. But for yesterday, I didn’t have like this week I kind of didn’t put things in my power planning as such I’d had five very structured or not structured, planned out weeks had followed my plans. And then this week, it was kind of like seeing what needed to be done launch wise. So I didn’t have things in my calendar and I didn’t schedule in my power hour. So then I didn’t have the power planning done. So I needed to do my power planning, which I did. And I did it for yesterday. And today as well. So I know exactly what I’m doing today after this.

And then showing up and telling people being in gratitude for those who joined, focus on talking to my best client, that I would not look at stats to confirm if it’s on track, waste time in indecision, and hold myself apart from the, what is it say, from the fun of this, and the emotions, I need to feel what gratitude and excitement and to feel them unfettered and not dulled down. With this, I think it’s definitely something I’ve noticed. So when it comes to the positive emotions, that I tend, I think, to not feel them fully, because then it creates that feeling that Brene Brown talks about it foreboding joy, so I just kind of like dampen it down a little bit. To my brain. Like I talked about this yesterday, my brain likes to be in doubt, and that kind of thing, because then things don’t feel too good. So to just practice letting things feel amazing. And to look after my body, I would drink three liters of water. And also as well, yesterday, after I recorded that bit, and did myself coaching.

And I was reading through it, like as replying to the new PGSDers that I was reading through the responses that they had given about why they signed up, I felt a sense of shame. And it was so interesting, but I think it was because I like recorded myself reacting to seeing how many people had signed up. And in that reaction, I was very focused on myself, I think and the goal and like whether the goal was on track and forgetting about the individuals. And when I was reading that I was like reading their responses. I was like, just feeling. I don’t know, like, hey, yeah, it was interesting to feel that way. And I think it was really helpful to feel that way. In this not that it’s helpful to feel shame, but helpful to to notice that I was feeling that into remind myself that I’m a human. And that it’s okay to like that my brain defaults to thinking about myself and I talked about this actually, in the episode I did with Aditi Bhattacharya on the projector reflector, human design stuff. I don’t know the episode number off the top my head, but it was in I think November, or December 2021.

And I talked about how often you hear entrepreneurs really talking about how they just want to serve others and help others and I 100% want to do that, like I am so committed to doing that. And yet my brain default too often thinking about myself and the goals and that kind of thing. And I shared that in that episode, because I don’t hear people sharing that and then makes me feel like, I’m the only one who has my brain go there. And that means there’s something wrong with me, like anytime we feel shame, it’s because we think there’s something wrong with us. And so I think it would, that’s why I’m talking about it now that it’s helpful to say like that other people, if you’re like me, and your brain still goes out, even though you want to help people that that’s okay, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to help people. I think that this kind of, we get sold this story that you either want to help people, which means you don’t want to make money because of course those two things can’t coincide.

Or you just care about making money and you don’t want to help people. And there aren’t I mean, there are more and more examples now. But their ants, I don’t think as many examples of people who are in like the missing middle of that, and who also in service of others and wanting to help others. And yet their brain also defaults to thinking about their own goals and that kind of thing. And yeah, I just think it’s something worth talking about. So I wanted to mention that. And I wanted to mention in particular, that when I was reading the responses that the new PGSDers gave, Courtney’s in particular was this incredibly long message that I loved reading, and I read every word. And when I was really not I was just like, This is why we do what we do, like just brings tears to my eyes thinking about it, but just like someone who has tried all the things, can learn all the things and they’ve been able to make some progress, but it hasn’t worked because there’s this missing piece with the perfectionism.

That’s where we come in and just feeling so grateful. Because in the Courtney shared or how She came across me. And that was a whole fun story. And just, and she was just saying, like, I was praying for a community like this, and hope you don’t hear about something like this. And it just reminded me how important marketing is and that so many of us say we just want to help people and we don’t want to market and whatever. But just seeing that, like, the marketing of it and the talking about it. I know as well, the way I’m talking about PGSD, it feels so different to before. That just the way we’re talking about it is changing the way our current PGSDers who’d already signed up before how they’re thinking about PGSD. And also the results that our new PGSDers going to get is influenced by the way in which I’m out of my own way when I’m marketing the way in which I’m creating and holding possibility for them. That if I was like, Well, I don’t want to sell them. And I want to convince anyone which is true. I’m not here to convince anyone.

Who doesn’t want to be in PGSD, but I am here to if that is something that’s going to help you get out of your own way enough to sign up. And, yeah, we can think like, I don’t want to market. And before I was, like, especially in the beginning was like, I don’t want to bother anyone, and I just like, you know, I’ll kind of mention it. But it’s like more of this vibe of like, Hey, I’m throwing a party, you probably don’t want to come, it’s okay if you don’t want to. But if you do want to, it’ll be fun, like, that kind of vibe of things where if someone says, like, hey, there’s a party like that you like, I’ll see if I happen to feel like going into, but I probably won’t, so probably not going to come. But if someone is selling you on like, this is going to be the best party. And you’re going to meet so many amazing people. And I know you’re an introvert. So it’s maybe not your thing. But this is going to be different, and like really selling you on it, you go to that party in a different energy.

And as I was saying that I know, we’ve all been to parties where it’s hyped, and it was a bit of a letdown. But what I really enjoyed it grows here is that the way something is sold matters. And I talked about before on the podcast, how and I’m just thinking about it now because I’m in my home office. And I’m still waiting for the curtains to come. But we ordered curtains and blinds for the house and things and the salesperson who came to sell us. I wanted to be sold. And she didn’t sell me. I mean, we bought things but I wasn’t sold. And there’s a difference I wanted to be sold, I didn’t just want to buy. So really be that energy now of I’m selling PGSD and I’m selling it to our PGSDers getting them to recommit and really be showing up for themselves and getting out of their own way and recommitting to the tools in PGSD.

And it’s just such a fun energy to be in. And it’s like there’s no chance of burning out in this kind of energy. And I talk about that in PGSD in the module on burnout that it’s all about the energy that you’re working from, the way you’re thinking when you’re working in the way you’re thinking after you’re working, not the actual work you’re doing or the number of hours you’re working. And I could work all day, I’m not going to. Because clean rest and when you’re in that energy, you don’t have to work all day. Like it’s, you’re not going to do it if it’s not necessary. And often it’s not necessary. But I could work all day because it’s such like clean fuel to be in this mindset. And when it’s in this lack mindset. It is exhausting. It is really exhausting.

So something I see about yesterday because I feel so different to yesterday when I was sharing my unintentional thought download about like, no one’s gonna have signed up and I don’t want to be disappointed. So focus on myself and so focus on it not working. And then to I haven’t checked this out since then. We haven’t been flooded with inquiries. We haven’t been getting much engagement on Instagram posts. Like there’s no kind of external evidence that I’m like, Oh, now it’s great and it’s all on track or whatever. But yesterday after that I really allowed myself to be in gratitude for our new PGSDers to be excited about not even excited so the right energy to just be committed to showing up to talking about it to telling the people who need to hear about it, to reminding them and to doing the in a fun way for me and it not being this like heavy, serious. It has to be right kind of way. And yeah, I just had clean rest yesterday afternoon, watch the tennis did different things like that. And watch Station 19 last night, which is great, just hung out.

And then today, what I was thinking about it, and I think part of it too, is I’m getting better for COVID. And I have more energy today, my voice so doesn’t sound great, but I have more energy. But what I was thinking about is, as I was making my breakfast this morning, a tennis analogy, because I have been watching a lot of tennis that’s on at the moment. And I haven’t played tennis for a while unfortunately, I love it. And I haven’t since I had lessons until I was like 32 weeks pregnant. And then I stopped. I did not have a great center of gravity. And that was a lot. And then I’ve played once since having Lydia but haven’t fully gotten back into it. But anyway, I was thinking about my tennis coach and something she had said to me and somebody like fitness and sport and all of that there’s so many great analogies especially from sport that apply to business to personal development.

And that has reminded me there’s a book I have the inner game of tennis that I bought that I’m going to commit to reading when I have my two weeks off because it’s so relevant. Anyway, what I was going to say is that my coach, my tennis coach, was saying that sometimes when I hit a shot, especially if I think it’s a really good one, I will just hit the shot. And then I will just stand and watch it and see where it lands. And I’ll feel great. And then she’ll hit it back. And I’ll miss the next shot. Because I was so busy seeing if the shot I did was good enough. And that I was like, wanting validation that it was, and just standing there watching it. So I’d like do a forehand and say, I’d be on the right side of the court on the baseline. And then I wouldn’t go back to the center of the baseline. So then it meant she could just like I left the court wide open. And she could just hit it the other way. And I wouldn’t be quick enough to get over there.

And it just really, like I was thinking of that because I feel like yesterday, I spent a decent amount of time coaching myself before I checked the stats, and felt like this big deal. And then I checked them. And then I maybe self coached for like, maybe half an hour after and it was kind of just in my head about it and whatever. And it just felt like the equivalent of me making that shot. And then just standing there watching it. And not just continuing working and trusting that it’s all on track and trusting that the work I’m doing is quote unquote, good enough. So anyway, that’s just an analogy that I was thinking about.

But what I’m going to do now is I’m going to check the stat, Oh, actually no, I’m going to quickly tell you about my self coaching this morning. But that honestly wasn’t much self coaching. Because I was like, Well, I’m feeling pretty great, which sometimes make it like, I was kind of like, I feel like there could be something hiding under this. But at the same time, like I’m just gonna let it be okay, that my brain is like, in a positive, quote unquote, direction today. And we’re down, it doesn’t matter how many of sign up in total is fine, because 100it is done. I found myself thinking last like, since last night of course 100 people are going to sign up, like, of course they are. And noticing like when he did model on that the feeling that generates I was like, Is it a feeling of certainty, which is interesting, given that yesterday I was talking about certainty in the other direction, and how my brain likes to be in this certainty. But of course, 100 people are going to sign up as like, is it a feeling of certainty that I get when I think that or commitment? Oh, like, what is that, and then just making sure that that thought is actually going to generate the action, it needs to like the feeling and action result it needs to that it’s not this kind of passive, of course, they’re going to sign up, so I’m not going to do anything, it’s, of course, they’re going to sign up.

So of course, I’m going to keep telling them about it like this, it goes back to that party analogy, which probably wasn’t the best of anyway, if there’s a party. So say, for example, like we had a Christmas Eve Eve party on the 23rd. And people were coming to the party. And we still kept talking about it, even though people were coming and talking about how great it was going to be and talking about, like the different things we were going to do like with our friends, when we’d see them, they’d be like, Oh, what’s plan for the party, and we were talking about it, even though they were already sold on going to the party. And it’s kind of the same thing with this, even though the people already coming to the party, that that doesn’t mean to just not talk about it. So I was just kind of checking in with that is that thought of, of course 100 people are going to sign up which feels good, just making sure it’s not actually generating this like passive kind of energy. But it’s really committed.

And this kind of like it’s done energy, which is what I want to be in. And I think like any manifestation teacher that you find, will talk about this, like, it’s kind of throughout everything when it comes to personal development. It’s worded in different ways about being in, like, the thoughts that you would have and the feelings that you would have when it’s done, and how that generates the result. Because when you’re in that feeling, you can’t help but gravitate towards doing the things that get you there and creating that result. So, of course 100 of you are going to sign up to me feels really good. And I just keep running that thought through my mind intentionally. And when I think about that. It makes me really excited to write the emails I’m gonna write today. To go on Instagram, when people are DMing me and they’re interested, I’m able to respond to this unattached kind of weight where I’m not like, they have to sign up and I need to sell them on it. It’s like some people will message to be like, hey, it’s not for me right now, or I don’t think it’s for me ever, I don’t have a business and like, that’s totally fine. And I’m still able to have a fully engaged conversation with them, without there being this agenda.

And when they’re like, I am thinking of signing up for PGSD, I’m also able to have the same kind of conversation that results in them signing up. And yeah, it was interesting. Like, previously, in previous launch, I’d be like, well, I don’t want to be like them to feel like they’re being sold, even though as I’ve said before, like, I like people want to be sold, I want to be sold. We want to be sold on the Netflix show, we want to be sold on all these different things. And so I was like, I don’t want them to feel sold, like I will kind of talk about it, but not really and whatever. But then, yesterday, I was talking to someone DMs. And she was like, I’m not sure if PGSD is for me. Because I have a business, but I’m just getting started. And this is where it’s at. And I was like, Oh, actually, it is going to be a great fit for you let me know when you sign up. And then she replied that I just signed up. So it’s stuff like that, that before I would be like, oh, cool, I’ll let them know. And I won’t really ask, Oh, I won’t really say anything, like, let me know when you sign up, because that feels too presumptuous.

But it’s like, well, I don’t know. It’s just, it’s all about the energy that you’re in. And it’s so funny how the same words can make have such a different impact when they’re coming from a different energy. So anyway, my self-coaching this morning was about that. And I also did an intentional thought creation, which is just selling yourself making a decision and selling yourself on it, or delegating out my instagram graphics to one of our team members. And I started the process of this yesterday, because I was like, Hey, I have a military and I want to have all these emails be posted on Instagram. And if I’m creating all of the graphics, which is currently the plan, I’m not gonna have time to like, talk to my best person and do all that because I’m gonna be busy formatting stuff on Canva. And that is not the best use of my time.

So yesterday afternoon, I sent a message to one of our team members and just said, Hey, can you help me out with this, we’ll just do one as a test and see how you go, and then take it from there. And so what I did this morning, we just sold myself on delegating that all out. And what do I know about it? So this is what I write down what I know, the less time I spend creating graphics, the more time I have to think about my best client and talk to them. I’m not a graphic designer. By any stretch of the imagination Canva is helpful for sure. But the time I spend creating graphics is not the best use of my brain. And me spending time on graphics is made with my handbrake on. And this is such a good example of with power planning that when you are putting things in your calendar, you’re really aware of how much time you have and what your zone of genius is, so to speak and what isn’t, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to do things that you’re not great at, at times and that kind of thing.

But just really recognizing like the opportunity cost of doing certain things, and how many hours that that could either be spent me learning new ideas and concepts that could be shared or getting clean rest, or so many other things, writing emails, creating a different strategy, there’s so many other things I could be doing that are a better use of my time. So why do I love this creating graphics is tedious in training, because it’s not in my zone of genius. There is someone who loves doing graphics more and would do a better job at it. And he would say wouldn’t do a better job of it, it’s still not a good use of my time to be doing it myself. I wouldn’t have to really write insta-captions anymore. I could just write emails to get turned into post and then I show up on Instagram for fun. And what is clear, I write down I like the busyness and drama of doing the Instagram graphics. Like it kind of, I think keeps me that familiar feeling of things being slow it not working all of that jazz.

And when I think about having that off my plate and if I’m just writing, which I love doing, and expressing the ideas and in coaching and teaching through writing, and then being on coaching calls creating podcasts. It’s so much it’s so clear that that’s a much better use of my time. And why will they love it as it will you love it consistent, valuable posts that sell them on PGSD so they can get out of their own way and sell you on, on getting out of your own way, sell you on working on your perfectionism, sell you on how to do that and what that looks like what’s possible and yeah, so that was fun to do that I had now I’m gonna check my stats. Let me have a little look. So Airtable should be set up now. It’s so funny. This feels like such a different energy. I’m like, I don’t really care. How many of you signed up in the sense that 100 is done.

So it’s just kind of checking in. Okay, we have 13 people. So eight who’ve paid in full. And then five who have paid with the pay, who are doing the payment plan option. Hey, Ella. Past PGSDer. It’s really fun to see. People who were in PGSD. Before rejoining. Yes. Okay. So that’s fun. 13 people so I am going to add that in my spreadsheet, but I just feel in such a different energy to it that it’s like not this heavy, kind of like, I’ve just like, need to spend all this time seeing how it’s going or how it’s been. But just being like, okay, well, we have 100 anyway, that are coming. So does it matter if they sign up today? Does it matter if they sign up on the last day? I mean, I’d love everyone to sign up sooner, so they can start doing all the stuff sooner. But it doesn’t really matter and like to be that energy feels so good, because I don’t think there have been many times that I have been in that energy. So also, it’s a bit before my check. So I’m gonna have to update these numbers a bit tomorrow. How many do we have.

So seven more signups. Also, I just want to wrap up by saying I’ve mentioned this before, but that it’s very easy to get caught up on like, these are standard conversion rates for things. And these this is how a lot so for example, there is anything you have this is because people say when you’re doing a launch, you will have the most signups in the first day and then it’ll drop off someone else, just Christa, you will have the most signups in the first day, then it will drop off, and then you’ll have the most signups in the last day. And I think a lot of times that creates this like self fulfilling prophecy, because when people say that, then other people believe it. And then especially when people in authority, quote unquote, say that, like people who’ve had success, say that, then it means that people probably like less than their promotion during the middle that is like, well, people don’t really sign up. So I’ll show up. But like, I’m not really expecting it.

So creates that reality. It kind of creates this whole thing, but really just being open to there. Like that. It doesn’t have to be that way. And I was saying that because today we have had and the days not over yet. I think maybe at 10am is when the day in this technically end, but that we’ve had more signups today. Oh, no, my spreadsheets a bit broken. I have to fix that. We have had more signups today than we did yesterday. And I was looking as well at the stats for the initial PGSD launch. And the timing that happened in and we had 1% of the total launch signups on the first day. And then we had 5% the next day. So it was three on the first day 11 On the next day, then seven the day after. And in the last four days we had, what is this 83% of people signed up. So we ended up with over 200 people signing up. And the first few days are like 3,11, 7. And it’s just fun to see that and that like it’s not going to follow this idea that we have necessarily unless we really bought into that belief. And then because of that we create that result. But anyway, I’m gonna wrap this up here. I realize I get pretty chatty on these. But I think this will be valuable for you. So I’m just continuing to do it. And yeah, we had 15 Sign up for the last launch. So we’re already at 14, which is fun. And I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s responses on the checkout page. It seems like pretty much everyone is filling that in. So that’s really enjoyable for me. Anyway, I am going to wrap this up and I will talk to you again tomorrow.

Okay, so today is the 13th of January. It is 10:59am So I’m doing this update a little bit later than the other ones because I had to sleep in this morning. And it was glorious by sleeping. I mean, I woke up at 830. But that is a extreme sleeping for me at this point, Steve offered to take Lydia once I, she wakes up at about 435 530 ish currently. And he offered that once she wakes up, I feed her and then he would take her and I could go back to sleep. Because last night, I was like, I’m feeling really tired. And I think I just need to wake up, get my emails written, because I find it easiest to do work stuff in the morning, and then be done. Perform mid day and then just rest the rest of the day. He was like, why don’t you actually get some sleep? That hadn’t been an option for me. So that was really nice. But I’ve woken up feeling quite tired. And yeah, last night as well. I was like, Why do I feel so safe was like, because you have COVID, like you forgetting that you are sick, because I felt relatively well.

So anyway, I am doing my check in and I have done a bit of self coaching. But my self coaching this morning shifts and be ready. I’m tired. I’m not feeling that today, I don’t have the energy. I don’t even have the energy for a thought download. Anyway, when I put that into the self coaching model, and so the thought is I’m tired, the feeling that creates is tired. And then the result of the action I take when I’m tired is I do think slowly I focus on how tired I am. And the result is I get tired just from thinking about how tired I am not sure if you relate to this. But yeah, when I feeling tired, and I’m like in this pity party about it, then I get more tired from the pity party. So I looked at an intentional model, what do I want to be thinking and I’m tired. And that’s okay, I talked about this belief before in the podcast, thinking that I’m tired and it’s okay to be tired. Even though that sounds the same as I’m tired. It’s so different. When we think I’m tired. It’s kind of with this subtext of I’m tired. And that’s a problem, I shouldn’t be tired.

But I’m tired. And that’s okay, the feeling is acceptance, the action is I do what needs to be done. And then I rest and the result is that I’m taking care of myself, I might be okay that I’m tired. I’m feeling my feelings, like all of that kind of thing. So that was a little bit of self coaching that I did this morning. And then I did an intentional thought creation on writing six emails today. So at this point, as I said, it’s a 13th of January, I’ve written the emails to go out on the last one I’ve written is going out in the evening on the 14th of January. So I still have, what’s that 10 emails that I want to write. And I love writing these emails, like, as I’ve mentioned, drought, this, I have never felt more excited and just into writing these emails. And yeah, the thought of getting to write 10 more is like, I get to write them on it. So I have to write 10 more and that alone is such a big shift. But I want to write six today.

And for context, it takes me maybe 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the length of the email, and that kind of thing to write one, and oh for sure, it could take me three hours if I want to overthink it, per email. But with power planning, and with as well doing a bit of mindset work to get myself in the most empowered, connected place possible, then I can write quickly, because I’m not like it has to be perfect. I’ve just said the right thing. It’s like this is just one piece of an ongoing conversation. And I’m gonna say exactly what I need to say when I need to say it. They’re gonna hear what they need to hear when they need to hear it. And yeah, I found the belief of my best clients just lurk and then sign up has been really helpful as well, because it’s kind of my my brains I call, we want to check how things are going. Then, like, like as in in terms of like engagement with posts and that kind of thing. And like, oh, but we don’t like my best people. Again, not to say Have you ever asked questions. But I just really liked this sort of like people just lurk and sign up. Like that’s how I operate.

So there are other people out there like that as well. So, yeah, I just did some coaching around the six emails getting ready today. There’s one I want to record a little video about PGSD and put it in there which I don’t feel like if I did it very compelling. I could do it. But my energy just doesn’t feel that but I wrote about how I could write the email today record the video tomorrow. And that I love writing emails. I know what to say. What else? My email and ahead of time, and it’s an act of self care to get the emails written. And, yeah, that could be something to think about, like, it shouldn’t send me having clean rest, and especially if she’s unwell. But I think it’s really about like having a lot of clean rest. And that sometimes being productive is an act of self care. And the best act of self care for that moment, and sometimes resting is they’re both needed at different points. And so, for me, I really feel like getting these emails written and honoring what I said I wouldn’t showing up for the people I’m here to show up for is what I need to do today.

I’m just going to get these emails written. And then that’s it. I’m going to watch the tennis this afternoon. And just hanging out, so yes, so I’m going to check the numbers now, I’m also going to keep my updates for the next few days a bit shorter, because I’ve realized, if I do a half hour update every day, and there’s like, seven or eight updates in the launch, it’s going to be a very long podcast episode. So I’m just going to keep it more brief. So I’m also really still in the place of that 100 people are signing up. So it doesn’t really matter how many have signed up today. But that kind of thing. So we have 18 in total. I’ve organized the Airtable, so it’s really easy to see. So we had six on the first day eight, yesterday, and then four, so 2 pay in full and two payment plan in, which is awesome. And, yeah, I just feel like it’s fully just I don’t know, I just feel like it’s done.

And even when I’m in my diet about it, not about the launch, I just feel tired. That it doesn’t like I feel like if there had been zero, if there had been 40 like it doesn’t. I don’t know, it doesn’t impact my belief at this point. Because I just believe it’s done. And as I talked about in the pre launch update that I did, it’s not because like, I’m finally able to be in that place of I create that results. And the timings probably not gonna play out how my brain thought it would. And, like, it’s not like believing in the weather, like all well, I Yeah, it’ll be sunny, it’ll be sunny. Like, I’m just really hoping it’ll be sunny, but I can’t control it, but I hope it will be. And I kind of believe in it. It’s like, No, I create that. And yeah, I think as well. I don’t know if this impacts it. But when it’s the first time you launch, you know that kind of thing. It just feels like you have no idea what’s gonna happen. And it can feel like you’re in that belief when you’re not, but I think and not even just the first launch, I’ve done that, like every launch until then, you know, you’re not in the belief of it being done, when you feel disheartened or discouraged.

Or any of those similar flavors of emotion when people aren’t signing up in the numbers that you thought they would. Because if you know that it’s going to happen anyway, then you don’t really care about it. And you might be like, Oh, no, I’m discouraged. Because I really want people to sign up right away so they can start changing. But usually that’s us just wanting confirmation and proof. And dressing it up in a reason that it sounds really nice and caring. And it’s not that we’re not caring. But really we’re just trying to mask our own lack of belief that we have in ourselves. So that’s fine, that we have more PGSDers coming in, and I am going to check in with them and see if they filled out why they joined and that kind of thing. So yes, that is my update for today. I don’t have too much more to say. I’m gonna write the emails yesterday. I ended up I wrote an email yesterday. I found I was overthinking it a bit. But I was also going back and forth with the team on different things. And yeah, so today, I’m just focused on writing these emails. I’ll check it on Instagram as well. And then that’s basically going to be it. I will talk to you again tomorrow.

Hello, hello, it is the 14th of January it is 8am. I did my update a little bit earlier today I got up at 4am because Lydia did. And so I feel like already a lot of the day has passed. And I just thought I would do my check in. And then I will finish writing all of the launch emails. And at this point there is just over 72 hours left before the doors to PGSD close. And I don’t really have too much. In terms of an update today. I just did my self coaching. And I’m in a similar place to yesterday minus the fatigue, just really believing in 100 being done. Like it just feels like I don’t have any drama about it. My brain, I don’t know, it’s really hard to explain, if you don’t know the feeling, but I think we’ve all had this feeling at some point where you just know something’s gonna happen, even though you don’t know exactly how it’s gonna happen. Or, like there’s no certainty that something else won’t happen.

But you’re just like, well guess that that’s going to be the result. And so that’s how I’m feeling about 100 PGSDers signing up. And yesterday, I wrote my emails that I’d planned. And then that was pretty much it post on Instagram and did that kind of thing. And I haven’t been creating the posts myself, they’ve just been the emails, repurpose, which has been really great. And then well, I wrote the email. So I did create it. But I mean, I didn’t create the graphics. And I’m really glad that I have delegated that out. And then yeah, I was just saying my unintentional thought download, and just what I’m going to do today, which is getting my emails done, and also recorded a little behind the scenes video for PGSD to go out with the emails. And I’m also planning to do a q&a tomorrow. And I’m just thinking about whether to do that live because my internet is so shocking. At our house at the moment that I feel like it’s going to be very choppy, or if I just gather all the questions. And then I just record it as a video and put it up on Instagram and then put it on the podcast as well.

When I think about it, that feels easier. And if both worked, that’s what I do. So just to say to do that. I have just actually posted on Instagram about doing an Instagram live tomorrow. But you can always update your decisions and change your mind if you want to. So I’m going to do that. Yeah, but I’ve just I don’t know, I just did a brief unintentional thought download to see what was going on. And I just feel in a place of certainty and commitment. And I’m definitely not in a rush or frantic energy or anything like that. And it was interesting yesterday, actually, when I was writing my emails, I’ve really enjoyed doing I love I wrote about revenge bedtime, procrastination, because I would do I would read about it. And I was like, this would be the best email and it was like, it’s just so fun to be in that place. I’m like, Oh, I could say that as well. And then just putting together the email.

But, you know, it is yesterday how different I’ve been feeling with this launch. And, again, like I’ve chatted throughout this update, but it’s not because there’s anything different really externally in terms of like me looking at past results and saying, Well, yes, of course, I’m going to have 100 because last time we launched, we had 15 Sign up. So we’ve already passed that. And it would be easy to look at that our goal was 100 for that launch as well. So it’s easy to say that why would we be able to do 100 because we did it last time. But I can just feel such a difference in the way that I’m marketing and selling. And it’s just so much more fun to be in this place. And I know that the language I’m using is so much more clear and compelling. And so much so that when I was writing my emails yesterday, I was like, Oh, I actually am going to have to stop mentioning that enrollment is going to close soon because I haven’t really mentioned that in my emails. It’s in a couple of them. But the emphasis hasn’t been on the fact that the enrollment is closing.

And previously when I was launching and marketing and that kind of thing. I didn’t really know how to do it. Or I don’t know if that’s accurate. I did know a lot about how to do it but big As I was kind of at that beginner level, the focus was really on the urgency around time. And that being the reason to sign up. And there are a lot of people who teach that you need to really create urgency around time. And instead learning that clearly articulating the problem, the solution, the process to get the solution, and in the result of that, that that is enough. And that’s the time piece in terms of urgency. Like I haven’t for this one, there’s no bonuses or anything like that. There’s no, I don’t know, none of the gimmicks as such, not that that I don’t believe in them. And I think they can be very effective in terms of getting people results, offering those things.

So I have nothing against them whatsoever. But I just noticing how, because I’m able to have been really focused on really articulating the problem, the solution, and where they are and the benefit, like I can so much more clearly now explain the benefit of getting out of your own way. And like I did an email on how it impacts your relationship, and not just saying your relationship will be better, but specifically saying what will be different, for example, that instead of telling your partner, I’ll be done in five minutes, and then you just work into the night. And then like that whole thing being worth was so that it’s finishing when you told your partner you would or earlier, and then when you’re spending time with them, you’re fully present and just different things like that, that I haven’t really even mentioned that enrollment is closing, because I haven’t like needed to use that as a marketing tactic kind of thing.

And then I’m like, Oh, actually, I need to stop mentioning that because people do need to know that. That their opportunity to enroll is closing, who is ending soon. And also, the other thing on that is that a few people have asked, Oh, when is the next time that PGSD is open? And previously, though, we haven’t like planned when that would be but it was more of this, well, we don’t know. And so you should sign up now. But because I’m in such a more abundant place around it, and I am not. I am just in a different place that I’m really easily able to say, well, we don’t know exactly. We haven’t decided the date, but we will be opening again. And there will be a next time. And that it’s okay to say that and that I can I know I don’t have to kind of be like, well, we don’t know. So just sign up now to really be like, Yes, I think you should sign up now if you want to get out of your own way, 100%.

Because putting that off isn’t going to help. And there’s so many reasons I believe in doing it sooner. But it’s not that you can’t do it later. It’s that it’s better to do it now. Anyway, with all of that said, I will check in on the stats for today. I’m really enjoying just checking once a day. And knowing roughly what time of day and we’re going to do it. I’m just letting airtable now. And not having it be a thing that I’m constantly having to just I don’t know, like check and check and check and check and check if you know you know what that’s like. And I wanted to mention on that as well. By the way, there have been four more signups so we’re at 22 in total, which is awesome. One paying full and three payment plans. So yeah, previously, I had the, like, I would have email notifications on, I would have for someone to like Stripe and PayPal notifications on and just have all these notifications coming up.

And I would be checking like, oh, maybe there’s a notification there that hasn’t like come up yet. And then other ones where I’ve not had notifications on but I have just checked and checked and checked and it hasn’t helped at all. And I think even when I’ve done a launch and it’s working, I don’t think it helps either to check in that kind of frenzy, needing validation kind of way because when it was coming from that energy even if there were a lot of signups it still was like okay, but that now, I need another one. Now I need another one. And it’s just so much. It really allows me to do my self coaching to be in a place of belief. And to just have a, I guess a much healthier experience with the launch. But I’m just checking once, and I know that that’s going to give me because I think we like to think, well, if I don’t know how it’s going, and how am I going to like, fix it if it’s not working.

But I’m checking one today at the beginning of my work day. So I can check in if that aren’t the number of signups that you’d want to be seen at that point on the launch, then it’s like, okay, well, we can do something about it, we don’t need to quickly just check and check again and see, maybe it’s working now maybe it’s working now. So I really want to invite you to do that if you’re launching whatever it is a service, a product, anything that when we’re in this constant place of checking, it’s often with this energy of needing validation, not believing in the goal, needing evidence to believe in the goal, and then spinning out when we don’t have that evidence. Or when the evidence is that then we’re still not creating belief. And our insufficiency in our ability to create results is just like, well, people happen to be signing up. So now I can believe it. And then it’s so feels out of our control, not repeatable and like it’s a fluke.

Because like this, I see this when I’m coaching PGSDers and they say, Oh, I had a client come out of nowhere, or a customer coming out of nowhere. And because it feels like they didn’t have any role in that, then it feels like they can actually repeat it. And it keeps them further away from believing that they can achieve their goal rather than closer to that. So with all that said, I’m going to leave it here. So to recap, summarize is where we’re at. So we have about 72 hours left, maybe a bit more than about 80 hours left, before enrollment closes for PGSD. And there are 22 signups in total. So we have enough to do that. I think 11 Pay 11, pay in full, and half of that payment plans, the other half 11 pay in full and 11 payment plan. So I was even talking about this in the shower last night about if, yeah, well, I’ve been saying that. If there’s no one, like if I’d gotten here today, and no one had signed up, it’s like, okay, cool. Well, I guess we’re gonna have x number in the last few days, or whatever it is that I’m just that, like, I’m not needing it to unfold in a certain time frame in order to believe. And, yeah, anyway, that’s all I’m going to share. And I will talk to you tomorrow. Bye.

Time for another update. It’s the 15th of January. It’s about 12:30pm. I didn’t have time to do it earlier, because I had a coaching call today at 9am. And then I did a q&a about PGSD that I pre recorded because the internet wasn’t going to be great. So I pre recorded it, it’s going to go up on the podcast, it’s going to go out on Instagram, we’re probably also going to put it on the sales page as well. I feel so great about it. I was really thinking about who is our best client and answering the questions with that person in mind. Rather than thinking about people who it’s not for and trying to convince them, it’s for them. It was really about who is our best client and how can I really talk to them with this q&a. So that’s fun. I just did that. The last 24 hours have been a roller coaster in a way. So I felt emotionally that yesterday in the episode or the update. I was like, okay, cool. This is where we’re at. I think we’re up to 22 signups I haven’t checked silence today yet. I’m about to do that. But then after that, I could feel that, like I don’t think it was about the number of signups. I was I think as well, I just need more clean rest, because I have been getting.

But yes, I was just feeling like yesterday afternoon when I was writing the emails, I was just feeling myself being in a bit of an overthinking place about it. And I was thinking like this has to be, right, which is me, then I noticed that when I’m thinking that way I’m thinking unless this is said correctly, then we’re not going to achieve the goal like that the goal is dependent on me doing things perfectly to them. There’s all this pressure to do it perfectly. So I noticed that I couldn’t really get myself out of it in that moment. And I was just feeling honestly like yesterday afternoon I was like I am sick of talking about PGSD. Like I’m over it. And I know that’s not how I really feel about it but I want to share that because we all go there we all get there.

Especially if you aren’t getting it as much clean rest as we need to. So anyway, I was just feeling like I got some emails written I didn’t get them all written. It was just it felt like an uphill battle and I just felt completely songs I finished working about four o’clock. And I just, I don’t know, it was like, you know, when you like, I just need to rest and I don’t feel like when I do rest, it’s gonna be restful. Anyway, that’s where it was. So I woke up this morning, I was like, Okay, I’m filling in a similar place to yesterday. And we’re now in like, the end of this point, we’re nearly at 48 hours to go. So kind of the last bit. And I was saying to Steve yesterday, like, this is why people say why my original goal had been to write emails before you’re in the launch period, because I just felt like, even though everything’s on track, and going well, that I’m like, struggling to find the energy anywhere.

And I’ve also written double the amount of emails that I would normally write. So at this point in time, have already written more emails, and I’m planning to write for the whole thing. So I’m doing 20 launch emails in total. And I think my original plan was 11 that I did 10 pre launch emails, and my original plan was five. But it’s been great in terms of practicing copywriting. And as I’ve talked about, I’ve really enjoyed writing a lot of them. It was only yesterday when I was in my head about it that it wasn’t enjoyable. But I’m not feeling that way anymore. So this morning, woke up at what time 540 this morning, which was lovely. Lydia did wake up at 11pm. And needed some settling, but woke up at 540. And then I, like did minimal morning routine, like fed Lyddie breastfed her and then gave her some solids. And we had some avocado this morning, like did that whole thing got ready for the day. It’s like, I’m still feeling it anyway, then I went on Instagram, and someone had asked me a question about PGSD.

Is it good to do it while you’re doing other programs. And when I was replying to that, so I did a voice message which I often like to do if I can, if I’m in the right place physically to do it. And it makes sense that when I was replying, I was like, really, like reconnected with why PGSD matters and that there are so many programs that people do that they spend 1000s of dollars on that they aren’t able to do anything with because they’re missing this perfectionism work. And that we help them with that. And then they’re able to make the most of the other program and every other program they’ve done before. And so I was sending this voice message, and I just felt so energized by it. And my original plan as well, today had been with the q&a, to not do it until after the coaching call, because I knew that coaching this morning was just gonna have me in such a great place.

Anyway, so I did a coaching call. It was great. I coached Nicole and Kristen. And after that I was like, yes, like, I love coaching. I’m like, I’m always in the best mood after a coaching call. So anyway, then I was like, Okay, I want to do my update. But I don’t want to do it right now because I really want to get this q&a done. And the other thing, so anyway, I had some a few emails, right, which I want to do. So I’m just trying to do this quickly. So I can get that done. Because I’m just feeling in such a different place about it. And I was thinking yesterday, like, does this mean that I’m thinking, I like thinking and believing in my goal, but I’m not really because if it’s not looking on track, then I’m like, I don’t know, as soon as it. Like, no thing happened yesterday, I just noticed that. Like, I was just feeling tired. I’m pretty sure. And I had already planned that one of the motions I need to be willing to feel was tired. So that was all okay, but I was thinking like, is this a sign that I’m not actually committed to the goal?

And then it was like, Okay, let’s, instead of spending a lot of time dissecting not just let’s keep moving. And also, I think even when you’re committed to a goal, like I was thinking about this actually with the house, we were so committed with renovating your house to having the renovation complete. And like we were willing to have the builders demolish so many things so that the house was completely unlivable. We were willing to rent for a year and all these other things. And there were so many times where we felt tired, and we felt frustrated. And we felt like there were too many decisions to make. And like, so many moments where it was like, well, we got to keep going, we’re committed, we’re not going to just say too hard sell the house as is and there is that option. But we were committed and so just because we felt tired sometimes or whatever. It’s I think commitment is really about what you do in the moment of tiredness. And then moments of exhaustion and that kind of thing rather than about avoiding them.

Because like I say for example with being committed I’m so committed to Lydia getting the nutrition she needs, whether from breast milk or whatever, that I’m going to make that happen, even if I’m tired, and like, it’s such a good example of this because I was exhausted. Especially during like the first six weeks waking up every three hours, I have never been so exhausted. That didn’t mean I wasn’t committed. So anyway, you know, I believe in clean rest, and I think clean West with having a child as well as has brought up a new layer of work for me around that so that I can really switch off work and be present. And still just, I don’t know, I just, I feel like I have some work to do around, making sure my rest is really clean.

But anyway, being tired, okay, so I’m going to check the stats, and then I’m going to carry on with my day, because I want to make sure this video gets uploaded. My internet isn’t working too well. So I might need to figure out how to do that. So where am I looking? Yeah. So at this point, as I said, there’s about 48 hours left for people to sign up. And my internet is been very slow, currently. Okay, here we go. So it’s loading. I know already, a couple of people have signed up. So we have 26 people. Okay, let me see. So we have Ashley, Amy, Diana, and Erin, who have joined. Awesome. Okay. So 26 people. So let me think what’s my reaction to that? I think I was expecting to see more people at this point, with 48 hours to go. But at the same time, I know, I would say what I was expecting was like, maybe 32 people, just my made up number in my head.

So yeah, it’s interesting. Like I can see. So I’ve had six on day one and eight on day two, then four, then four, then three. And then now we’re in the third day. Or actually, yeah. So I guess for that day, the last day was 3. So less than the other days. So I didn’t really I think part of my brain wants to say, it should be more. But also, the other part of my brain, the believing part of my brain is like, well, that’s not a problem. So I’m just gonna go with that part. And actually, I was thinking about this yesterday that it does feel vulnerable to be sharing, like me thinking that like me being committed to the goal and thinking that it’s done. And that it’s like, what if I don’t get that? And so I can tell like, my brain is like, oh, we should just downplay it and be like, Well, we’ll see how it goes. So that it’s not embarrassing on this episode.

If I say we’re definitely getting 100 and then we don’t get 100. And that’s like perfectionism 101 pretty much to say like, okay, let’s just downplay and not really try our best. So that if it doesn’t work, then we don’t feel like we really failed. And I’m so willing with this, I think this is the difference. I am so willing with this experience to be all in on 100. And to not get there. And I think that willingness is what would get me there, if anything would like that of all things. And we’re just trying to have asset and like, well, I’ll believe what like once my half assed attempt works, that I believe in myself, and it never works that way. So yes. So I’m excited for all these 26 people who have joined PGSD. And on the PGSD call this morning, there were a few of our new members on that call. And it was just really fun to have our new PGSDers there and that new energy. So I’m really committed to that I am committed to this launch, I’m committed to 100 I’m committing to doing everything in my power to get into 100.

I’ve had more than 75 people signed up in a 48 hour period before and I’m willing to be open to the magic of that happening again. So yeah, I’ve had like, I want to say the Get out of your own way launch that I did. When I had 260 people sign up. I think on the morning of like when I say the doors were closing at 3pm Brisbane time, and the morning of when I woke up at 6am we still needed 120 people to sign up or something like that. And they did. It was so fun. That really was an experience for me of like, holy shit. I am blowing my own mind with this. So I am open for that to happen and I’m really excited for that, I’m gonna keep showing up. I’m gonna keep telling you to run about PGSD, answering questions, doing all the things that I need to do. And yeah, just really trusting in the plan like yesterday I was asking about with Steve, like, do you have any words of encouragement for me? Which kind of shows you what state of mind is? Like, give me some encouragement. My love language is definitely words of affirmation.

Anyway. So Steve was like, do you think you need like, there’s things you need to do differently in terms of the plan? Or do you just need to self coach and work on your belief, which, by the way, love that he asked that question. And I was like, I know, it’s just my belief, and like, nothing is even changed. My brain is just like, wants to have drama about it wants to not believe in it. And I really feel like I’m in that place, because it feels done. It’s like, the upper limit ahead of time, you know, like some PGSDers as well, we talked about this. But the big leap by Gay Hendricks is on this principle, that’s where I learned about it is upper limit problems. And when things get beyond what we think we can achieve, our brain is like, whoa, okay, slow it down. And let’s go back to what’s normal for us.

And that because 100 feels done. And now when I think about the numbers in terms of students in terms of revenue, it just feels like an energetic match. That it’s like my brains having the upper limit problem ahead of time and is like, okay, no, no, let’s just go back to what we know. So that’s a good sign. And yeah, I’m really open to the magic of the next 48 hours and to being in that. And yeah, I think for the next 48 hours, as well. So Steve will be working the next couple of days. So I’ll be looking after Lydia, at home, and just the two of us. And probably if I’m working, it’ll just be during nap times. So yes, that’s the plan for the next couple of days. But I am here for it. And yeah, I’m excited to see who the other 74 are. And I’m celebrating the 26th who have already joined. And yeah, there are some really fun emails going on as well. So with all that said that that is my update for today. I thought about like doing an update yesterday afternoon when I was in my funk about it. And then I didn’t just because I was trying to get the emails written. But I wanted to really mention that because it might sound like I am like yep, I believe I believe I believe I believe cool. I achieved it. When really it is, I believe I believe in freedom. I’m committed. Oh my God, my brain is not freaking out. And what about this, and I remember tied in the Okay, and then we achieve it. So it’s yeah, there’s things going on on a daily basis that I’m not even able to catch up with these updates. Anyway, I will talk to you again tomorrow.

Okay, so it is the 16th of January at 10:32am. To do my check in. So we are at the wall less than 36 hours out from close, just over 24 hours. And I didn’t do my check earlier today. Because I was sleeping, Lydia woke up at 3:30am I couldn’t get her back to bed is unusual for her to wake up at that time. So I fed her and then because of that it meant she slept in quite a bit, which was helpful that I got a bit of sleep in. But it does mean that I have just been with Lydia all morning once I woke up and doing all of that, so she’s asleep. So now I’m going to check in and look at how things are going I did a little thought download. And it’s funny because I feel nervous to check. I’m in like this. I feel like like Brooke Castillo calls it the river of misery, though it doesn’t actually feel like that.

But like cognitive dissonance when you are holding two separate beliefs at the same time. And they are conflicting beliefs. So that creates mental discomfort. And when we’re in cognitive dissonance, our brain is so drawn to going back to the familiar beliefs. And I can feel my brain wanting to go back to being in doubt to not believing and that I’m intentionally needing to focus my brain the other way. So on the one hand, I feel very committed to 100 PGSDers I feel open to the magic of the timing of that. And I know that there are hundreds of people currently who are thinking about setting up for PGSD for this round. And if I go into all or nothing mode in a way to try and protect myself from failing, then those people are going to miss out and they’re not going to get out of their own way or they’re going to have to wait like a few extra months and then it’s going to make such a big impact on their business having to keep waiting and waiting and waiting.

So I need to keep showing up. And I’m committed to that. And also, yes, it was really fun. And when you just have one of these moments where you’re like, holy shit, I have really changed that. When I was, I can’t remember what I was doing just pottering around. And I was thinking about the launch and just feeling myself feel so successful, and feeling accomplished and grateful, and really just been in the having of achieving the goal. And not even like achieving the full goal. But just really being with what we as a team have accomplished, who we’re helping the work that we’re doing. And besides business stuff, all of the other incredible things that I have in my life, that I was really just letting myself be with that and feel accomplished and feel gratitude. And a lot of times in the past, I haven’t let myself feel that way. Because I’ve thought that if I feel that way, and fully let myself do it, like intellectually, I’ve known it’s important to that.

But in a practical sense, I’d be like, Well, I don’t want to let myself feel that way until I’ve achieved the goal, because I want to be motivated to get all the way there. And really, yesterday, when I was just in gratitude for at the time, the 26 people who had signed up, and what a success it is to have 26 new clients and the ripple effect that helping those 26 people is going to have on everything that they’re doing, their social circles, everyone they interact with, and all of that, that I just could really feel that success and gratitude in my body. And it was just so different. Because when I’ve, yeah, a lot of the launches I’ve done, I definitely haven’t felt that way. And I haven’t even let myself feel that way at the end of it either. And I’ve just held myself apart from how I want to feel because I didn’t hit an arbitrary number that I just made up.

And so like in PGSD, for example, we set the impossible goal, it’s so important to have numbers and to have clarity around what you’re pursuing. Because one of the ways perfection is self sabotage is being vague about that. So that we have an excuse not to go all in and we have an excuse. When if we fail to blame, we can say, well, like not even consciously say it, but we can feel like well, I didn’t really know what I try to achieve anyways, I didn’t really fail at it. So it’s so important to be clear. And yet we this is part of the work we do in PGSD is learning how to have that kind of clarity in terms of numbers and commitment to that without using it against yourself. And without using it as an excuse to hold yourself apart from how you want to feel because the only reason any of us want to achieve any goals is because of how we think we will feel when we get there.

And I think I’ve already mentioned this in this episode at some point. But in terms of manifestation and any personal development, everyone teaches in some way or another that you need to feel how you want to feel at the end, when you’re on the way there. And how you feel in the journey is how you will feel at the destination. And that if you are feeling how you want to feel now, that’s only going to draw you closer to that and have you showing up in that way. And definitely though, there’s a lot of a culture around being dissatisfied and constantly dissatisfied. And having that be a powerful driver. But then what’s the point like when we operate from that place, and then we achieve things. And it’s still not good enough. Yes, we might have a lot of success on paper. And people might clap and applause at how much we’ve achieved. But if we don’t ever get to even appreciate it, or appreciate ourselves, then what is the point and noticing as well, that even so with the impossible goal, for example, I haven’t achieved an impossible goal that I’ve set before.

And yet I have impacted 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of lives on the way to those goals. And so it’s not like well, I didn’t get thhere. So it’s all for naught. It’s not like that at all. So yesterday, I just really had a moment of what a success is, launch has been slash is. And really just letting myself feel that and noticing my brain as well. At the same time. This is a cognitive dissidence, my brain is wanting to do math, who said before how, when I’m in scarcity, my brain wants to do math and when I’m in abundance, my brain doesn’t really care about it. But I can feel myself straddling the two which I think is kind of fun to have the awareness around it, but I can feel my brain going Okay, so we’re at this percentage of the goal and there’s this much amount of time left and in this launch we had this many sign up. And this one, for that many sign up. And this was at that was this and just trying to do all of these calculations about how the timing is possible and trying to use, like trying to find some kind of evidence to hold on to, to create the belief.

And when I really get back into just thinking about the 100, and really imagining not just that as a number on a spreadsheet, but as imagining those individuals imagine us all in a room together. And all the businesses we have and the number of industries were impacting by doing this work. And like just that, when I think about it in that way, that I’m not like, oh, we have to do all this math about numbers, because it then becomes about the individuals and every single extra person that signs up to PGSD is worth the effort. Also, on the note of effort, I can feel myself wanting to be an effort, and not trusting that the past work I’ve done and I’ve done a lot of podcast episodes, emails, Instagram posts, all of that. I’m feeling like I need to be doing things. And I’m just noticing myself doing that. And I think even with the launch emails, I still have a couple left to finalize that I’m like not letting myself fully get it done ahead of time.

Because I’m wanting to feel like I’m working hard, because it still feels crazy to like my brain can’t yet believe that or isn’t yet believing it can believe that isn’t yet believing that we can achieve the goal. And I can spend the last 36 hours of the launch just hanging out with Lydia and doing things with her. Whatever I want to do like to just hang out and chill. It’s like, I’m feeling like I need to be doing things and there’s more I could be doing more I could be doing, I really have to check in on that energy. Because when I’m thinking about the 100. And in that energy of abundance and impact in service, I do want to do things. But they’re different actions, or it’s created in a different way than when I’m thinking about it from a like it’s not going to work unless kind of mentality like it’s not going to get to the goal unless I do things instead of the 100 or like that already coming. They are in the process of signing up.

And now it’s just a matter of having fun with it. Like that’s such different energy. And I noticed yesterday, so I did a the q&a. And the video like my internet’s shocking. And so the video hasn’t even been able to upload on Instagram, but we have put it on the podcast. But I could just feel in that that I was in such great energy around it. And I can’t remember I did the update yesterday before after I had checked in. But it was like just spending that time articulating why PGSD. And why becoming PGSDer and why the time is now. It just felt so good. Like I could just really feel and I was focused on my best client, the energy from that. And so I think in these last couple of days or even last day, at times, I’ve been thinking about the person who isn’t sure if they should sign up and answering their questions. And I want to just get back into talking to my best client, which doesn’t mean they don’t have questions, but speaking to them as if they already a yes, because they are and coming from that energy.

So with that said, let’s check in on the numbers. And yeah, I was journaling before about how, like I was concerned that if not many more have signed up since yesterday. And in my head, I’m like, Okay, what is that? Like? How many is not many more. Because we love to do this with our brains. We like just speaking too much not enough, like these vague terms instead of getting clear on numbers. So I think numbers wise, I would want to see at this point, I would say at least 45 or at least 40 something PGSDers from this launch. And I think if it was still in the 20s or 30s my belief, if I’m thinking about it past always would think Okay, is there enough time which there is like. This is where it’s so funny as I said I’ve had like I’ve had more than 100 people sign up within like a 12 hour period before so it’s just funny that my brains like well, this is different.

And I have these made up rules like we all do about what on track looks like and then when it’s not on track according to them. made up rules, then we give ourselves an excuse to feel bad and indulge in that. And I think we do that because it’s comfortable. Like my brain wants to be like, Yeah, of course, it’s not working. Like it’s so comfortable there. I’ve spent so many years in that belief pattern, that for it to be on track, like it feels just so unfamiliar, that even though it feels better, feeling like it’s not working, actually feels better, because it’s familiar. So anyway, let us check how many will open my spreadsheet as well. So I hit those data numbers in there. So there are 32 signups or someone has just signed up now. Okay, so 32 signups, so I feel like it’s so funny, because I feel like my brains like, oh, we should have more.

And my brains like, oh, like we’re already at more than double the past launch. So how do I feel about that? I think it’s interesting. Actually, there’s, at this point, now, there’s more payment plans and paying full, which is different to our last launch. And it’s really just fun seeing everyone’s names and who’s signed up and who’s in PGSD now. But yeah, I think, I don’t know. I’m just trying to, it’s hard to think of the spot and like, verbalize it. But I think like I can feel myself like wanting to be disappointed, but then not actually being disappointed and then being like, but shouldn’t we be disappointed, because then that’s gonna motivate us. So it’s just funny how that whole thing works. So the 15th, we had two and 4 yesterday. So and it’s so funny to like the, they have one payment plan today. The in terms of the numbers, so in terms of revenue numbers, so 32 signups means cash collected so far from this launch has been 72,000, which includes payment, paying full, and then the first payment plan for the people who are on that. And then, in total, once everyone has paid their payment policy, it’ll be 153,000. In Australian dollars, so in us, it’s 117,000. And in US cash collected is 55,000.

So it’s more than we’ve made from a launch before. And yet, because I set the goal of 100, which I’m still feeling very committed to. And I can see already the numbers on the chart, like picking back up, which is what I would have expected. But yeah, my like, it’s just making sure I don’t use the numbers against myself, and use this as an excuse not to show up fully. And to just keep trusting like I’ve done the work. And I might have got it wrong about what was required to achieve this goal. But I don’t know that yet. Like, I’m not going to count my chickens and we love counting our chickens and so often in PGSD. Someone get on a coaching call and say, Oh, I haven’t achieved my quarterly milestone. Okay, what was your milestone? When was the end date? Oh, it finishes two weeks from now. It’s like, well, it’s still going. But we love to say, Well, I haven’t achieved it. It’s not going to happen in that timeframe.

And this has been something that I’ve really had to do a lot of work around, and I’m clearly still working on is undoing the beliefs around timeframes and things having to happen in a linear way. And I think, especially for those of us, which is most of us who have been employees, where you get paid in a linear fashion. So you work X amount of hours, you get paid X amount, that it’s when you get to business, and it doesn’t work that way that we like, wait, what No, it has to happen in this orderly fashion. of say, for example, if you have 100 signups and it was over 10 days, you’d have 10 signups per day, whereas that’s not how it happens. It’s not how it unfolds. So yeah, I can feel myself. I don’t know if it’s like, I have the the, like a phantom disappointment. I don’t actually have a real one. Like, I don’t really feel that way at all. Not at all. But my brains like, shouldn’t we be going there because that’s where we’d normally go? So anyway, interesting stuff. I’m gonna wrap this up because Lydia might only napped for 40 minutes. And I need to check in with the team, check in on the other emails that need finalizing.

Really just like I can feel myself wanting to overthink them. Because it feels more vulnerable to have given a full effort and done it without the last minute drama, like my brain wants that there’d be this last minute drama. So I’m not gonna let myself have it I really want to prove to myself that, especially tomorrow, so the cart closes at 3pm Brisbane time that I want to spend tomorrow, just really hanging out with Lydia, and being with her and doing fun stuff together and all of that and really just let my past selves work, come through instead of just wanting to like, micromanage and control things. So that’s the update, and tomorrow, I am going to check in, I will probably do an update at this time tomorrow. And then I will do a update after the cart closes. Maybe I’ll do that the following day after the cart closes to give you an update on the final numbers and where they all fell. And yeah, that’s gonna be fun to do that. But the show is over yet, we’ve still got more than 24 hours.

So I’m really excited to see what happens. I’m really excited to create what happens my past self has really done a lot of the creating. So yeah, I’m going to practice not having the last minute drama, I’m going to practice showing up for my best client and talking to them. And I’m going to practice. Like when I’m hanging out with Liddy, once she wakes, again, to not be thinking about this stuff, and to just be fully present with her. And then I’ll just do a couple of things in her nap time today. But other than that, I’m not going to be working. So yes, that is everything for now. And I will talk to you again tomorrow.

Okay, it is the 17th of January it is 10am. I am here with Lydia. So if you hear any banging, that is her banging on the table, she just covering my hand with microphone. But I’m just a very quick check in. So I have been pretty much asleep until now. Because Lyddie woke up a few times last night and I needed to nap with her when she went down for her nap this morning. So we are up and ready for the day. Yeah. And I’m just going to check in on the numbers. I could feel myself not wanting to record myself checking the numbers this morning. Because I feel like my belief is wavering. But I am going to record myself checking the numbers. And at this point as well. There’s not really much more I’m doing. I’ve done all of that I can feel myself like wanting to do things. But we’ve already got emails scheduled to go out. And that’s all happening. Let me see. We’ve already got everything going out. So it is really just a matter of all those emails happening. And everything like going as planned. And there’s not much left for me to do.

Yeah, so we have currently 42 signups in total. So for the 16th, we have five, sorry, my brains going very slow this morning, five, paying full, six payment plans. And yeah, we’re up to 42 in total. So we have six more hours left for people to sign up to PGSD. So we’ll see what that brings. Yeah, I can feel myself, like with the believing in 100 thinking it’s not going to happen. But I can also feel myself thinking, well, it’s not over yet. So yes, I will come back tomorrow to give you an update, or maybe not tomorrow. We’ll see when it is but it’ll be soon. To give you an update on where the numbers ended up. And kind of breaking down a bit of the launch. I probably won’t do my whole launch debrief of what worked what didn’t what to do differently. But just talking through a few different things. And I feel like as well with because I was thinking about how committed I felt to 100 and in belief and again, it’s not over yet. But thinking about like, where has my belief not been solid? Because I know there are times it hasn’t been and that’s a point to investigate for future launches.

I really feel like every time if a goal isn’t achieved If there is a point where the person stopped believing, and if they felt like they were believing, then it might not have also been in the right energy, more of a like passive belief than a active one, if that makes sense. I know this making any sense. Anyway, I am going to go and make my breakfast, give Lydie a bit of food, and really just enjoy the success of this launch. It has been a great success. And I’m really excited for anyone else who joins us. And yeah, that’s all I will say for now. And I’ll talk to you again soon.

Okay, so it is time for the final update for the launch. And it is actually the 29th of January. So we are quite a little while later after the launch finished. But I wanted to give you a final update on why the numbers ended up. And also a couple of notes about the launch from my reflection, I’m still yet to do my full debrief on what worked, what didn’t work and what to do differently next time. And at the moment, I’m having two weeks of clean rest before I get fully into work again. So I will be doing that as one of my first activities when I return. But I wanted to get these episodes out to you. So I’m just recording a little update now, on my top of mind reflections, I guess, and why the numbers ended up and how I’m feeling about at all, and all of that kind of thing.

So I want to begin by just telling you where the numbers ended up. So we had 51 signups, I need to double check all the numbers are accurate, but it says 52. But I think there are just 51 signups not just 51. There are 51, signups for PGSD. So we had 24, pay in full, and 27 with the payment plan. So I’m so happy with it, like I’m so it’s been such a great lesson in terms of setting a big goal, and going all in on it and believing in that goal. And then if that goal isn’t achieved, feeling accomplished and proud and successful anyway, then I think a lot of times we deny ourselves that feeling of accomplishment, so that we feel more motivated to achieve the goal next time so that next time we can feel accomplished. And so this launch really was such a lesson for me and being committed and going all in, and then celebrating the success, regardless of how far we got towards that goal.

So I’m really, incredibly proud of my team. And also how I showed up for myself during that launch period as well. And all the PGSDers that we have welcomed into our community. And I was thinking about this the other day when I went for a run. And I did I think it was about four kilometers. And I was feeling pretty good when I got back to my driveway. And I was thinking I might just run an extra kilometer. And then I thought, Okay, well, why would I run an extra kilometer? What am I reasons for that. And when I reflected on it briefly, like in that moment, I thought, well, if I run an extra kilometer, I will get to feel really accomplished. And so what I decided in that moment was to feel accomplished, anyway, because I had done a great run, and to not do the extra bits. And that I was just trying to earn that feeling of accomplishment instead of feeling accomplished and running for good reasons, good reasons, meaning in terms of fitness and other things like that. If I was like okay, I want to run this extra kilometer, because I’m really wanting to increase my running fitness with this run.

And I really thought that will you know, empty out my tank and whatever like that kind of reason, then great run the extra bit. But what I noticed that the only reason I really wanted to run that extra bit and add a little extra on top of what was already good enough was because I wanted to feel accomplished might not I’m just going to practice feeling accomplished with what I actually set out to do. Instead of always requiring myself to do extra. And I spoke about for on the podcast quite a long time ago, I think about going for drama free runs, which I still am such a big believer in and also this idea of if I think to myself, I’m going to do a little bit extra that I just do that little bit extra. And I guess this is a layer of nuance to that that I think sometimes I was thinking I’m just going to do a little bit extra from this place of just not letting good enough be good enough. And I just think it’s really powerful to check in with Okay, am I why am I doing this? Do I like my reason for doing the extra bit.

And in this case with the launch, it was really like letting myself feel accomplished, feel successful, feel proud, feel grateful as if 50 had been the goal all along. And then I will still be doing my full evaluation in terms of what worked, what didn’t work, what to do differently. And so I just know, from going through that experience, really, like when I say really, I mean, that before, I haven’t truly done that anything, that I’m more motivated to achieve our goal next time, not less motivated. So feeling that feeling of success, and accomplishment, doesn’t decrease motivation in the way that we tell ourselves, it will or at all, and it only fuels it. And this is why like in the PGSD forum, we have a share your wins section, it’s so important that we are celebrating the wins along the way, especially if you have a big goal, you are going to need to celebrate along the way and not just in terms of results, which is what we like to celebrate, we’re in the fixed mindset.

But really celebrating courage, celebrating innovation, trying new things going all in like celebrating the effort, and not just okay, well, I achieve the goal. So I’m going to let myself feel good now. But really praising ourselves rewarding ourselves for that effort, knowing that that’s only going to make us more motivated. And we’re going to actually enjoy the journey. Because if you are committed to building your business and you want to be in business for a long time, you’re always going to have goals, there’s always going to be something more you can do. And so I’ve just noticed to myself that when I’m really in this mindset of I’ll feel happy when and then I just make the goal bigger and bigger and bigger. It just isn’t satisfying at all. And I’m trying to like withhold the good feeling so I can feel good later, instead of feeling good now and feeling good later.

So that has been a big lesson for me from this launch, I would say probably the biggest lesson, I think also in terms of feeling committed to 100, which I truly did for most of it. That I think I just underestimated what it would take. And I don’t mean in terms of effort. But I really think when I’m reconciling, okay, I felt very committed, I can definitely and I will be doing this when I do my evaluation, going back and reflecting on When was I not in belief, because as you can probably tell in the last update that I did on the 17th that I was like, Okay, we’re at I think it was 42 signups, I was like, it’s not gonna happen. Even though I’ve had before more signups in that in a day like the 69. What would that be 58 that we needed to get to that goal.

Even though I’ve had that I have evidence of that. And we so often think, well, if I’d done it before, I believe, but I’ve done it before, and my brain still didn’t believe so it’s so important for us to really recognize where belief comes from. And if we always think it just comes from past results, then we’re gonna get really stuck because our brains don’t work that way. So anyway, I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished, what our team has accomplished the way that we work together. Definitely something that I’m going to be doing different next time. And I’m already set things in place to get this going, is not having me be the one who is managing the distribution of the content at the same time as creating it, because I spent a lot of time doing that. And it was taking me out of what I can best contribute to the company. And also just having me in a way, I guess micromanage things. And that’s not good for anyone else involved, either. But what that would look like at this point, I’m thinking is really just having me creating, so writing all the emails, things for the posts, all of that, but then having someone who puts it all into graphics and that kind of thing, and just make sure everything goes out on time.

And that’s like the managing, I guess kind of taking my words and repurposing them into different places and different things like that, instead of me writing the email and then thinking about okay, do we want to share that on Instagram? And what about stories and what’s going to be on the podcast that I still am being the content creator, but someone else is in charge of distributing it And I hadn’t really thought of that as even an option before this launch, because I’ve been thinking that we either need someone who is doing marketing and who’s doing all the strategy and that kind of thing. Or another option is to have a copywriter and that kind of thing. But I really want to practice my copywriting in my mastermind, we choose three essential things to focus on. And my three are executing at the highest level as a team, my copywriting and my selling self concept, which is my selling self image.

So with that being my focus, I don’t want to hire someone who’s going to be handling all of the marketing and the strategy. That’s what I’m learning, that’s what I’m doing. But I can have someone who helps in terms of getting the content in terms of the ideas and words and that kind of thing that I’ve created and making sure it goes out on time. And that I ideally, am no longer spending time in ConvertKit, which is our email service provider. Planoly, which is what we use for scheduling, Instagram, basically anything like that, that I’m really, I didn’t used to spend time in that. But then in terms of, we had some changes in the team in 2021. And then I went back into doing a few things like that. And then now it’s time for me to get out of the pen. It’s just, I’m not even good at doing those things. So it’s not the best use of my time. And it’s taking time away from what I really wrote down, or the opportunity cost of me spending time there. And what it’s taking away from the company and from our PGSDers and our podcast listeners and our Instagram followers for me to be spending time on graphics and things like that.

So I know maybe you’re thinking at your stage of business that you haven’t, you can’t hire someone. And I will say that I waited too long to hire someone, especially with my podcast. That was I think the first hire I made, or was it around Pinterest. Either way, I talked about this on the podcast, it would have been in 2018. I’m pretty sure it’s when it happened, that I read The Four Hour Workweek, again, and I was like, okay, I can actually start delegating out and my podcast, I was getting so stuck because I loved recording. But I hated doing the back end, like getting the shownotes set up in WordPress and doing all these different things that you need to do to actually get the podcast out there. Now there’s things like anchor that you can do that really easily. But I hired someone and it was very affordable for me to be able to actually just stay in the thing I’m good at which is recording the episode and then the rest is done for me. And so I just want to invite you to have a look at where you could get someone even for just a couple of hours to help you do a thing that you don’t like doing.

So you put it off and then the thing that you enjoy isn’t getting done at all because it comes with this other part you don’t want to do and you’re procrastinating on. So if that if you can relate to that, like it’s just want to encourage you to think about finding someone do you know somebody like Upwork anyway, I am on a tangent now. But that’s something that for the upcoming launches, and we’re already putting that in place. I really just want to be able to be in my zone of genius and have everyone in our team empowered to be in there’s so also in terms of numbers into like revenue wise, I’ll just talking about US dollars, I would say roughly translation to Australian dollars, but it’s dependent on the exchange rate and that kind of thing.

So with the numbers that we had, in terms of cash collected in US dollars, it was 79,920 US dollars collected. And then in terms of the total amount once everyone has paid all their payment plans, and including the people who paid in full, so everything all up is $187,812 and then in Australian dollars, it’s 107 Oh, I’ve missed as well. cash collected sorry, we also had the first payment in the payment plan. So it was cash collected was $88,911. And then in Australian dollars, it was where am I reading this from? 119,000 Australian dollars cash collected. So that’s what we’ve already received and then lifetime value is $251,668. So I think as well just seeing those numbers. I was mind blown because it is very easy. You might have noticed in the online world to see people who have multimillion dollar businesses and to think that anything less than that isn’t enough. And this is a pattern, I’ve added different stages of business that I thought, Okay, once I hit my 10k month, okay, once I do 100,000 In a year, okay, once I do 100,000 In a month, which is a milestone, I’ve just hit, and I feel the same. And it just, it’s so funny, I did an episode about what it really feels like to make six figures in a year, and how it’s just this kind of anti climax, because by the time you get there, you’re in such belief that it doesn’t feel revolutionary, and that it’s just kind of like, okay, cool, kind of moment.

And I had on a pedestal for so long, 100k month, I think maybe for last two years, maybe even three years. Now, I want to say two years. And to then achieve that. And to do it with a six month old baby and having COVID that week, and like all those things. And it just, it just was really interesting that I was like, okay, cool. This is great. And I was so grateful, and all of those things. And yet, because my brain had already gotten used to it for me to be able to achieve that, that it just feels like like nothing in a way. If you’ve had a milestone on a pedestal and then achieved it, you’ll know what I mean. And we think we’ll feel so much more successful and accomplished and all these things when we achieve it. And then often Yeah, it just feels like this big anticlimax because we had thought that we’d be this different version of us, maybe we’d be more organized, maybe we’d be better looking. And maybe we’d be more articulate, like we have all these ideas about what kind of person might achieve that goal if we haven’t on a pedestal and how we’re not that kind of person.

And then to be in the space of actually achieving that goal and recognizing how that’s done. And that all these ideas we had about it aren’t actually necessary. Or even makes sense. So it was really incredible to hit that milestone of 100,000 in cash in a month. In terms of Australian dollars, I think even in terms of US dollars, because we still have payments coming in from PGSDers. who are already in there. And yeah, so Steve and I went out to dinner, to celebrate on all the PGSDers. It was so fun, as I’m reading through the forum and saying hello to everyone in the introduces off section. And yeah, when I was out to dinner with Steve, and that was actually our first dinner we’d had out without Lydia, which I can’t believe it took six months to get that and we could have organized it sooner, but we did it so anyway, that was really nice to get to them together and celebrate. And I think the last time we did a celebratory dinner, it was 100 I mean, besides other personal life milestones 100,000 in a year.

And it was just so fun to be there. And having made 100,000 In a month and just been in this place to have just attracting such incredible PGSDers into our community. And just Yeah, feeling like a seeing those numbers and just recognizing compare, like comparing it to my accounting salary, but in a really empowering way. Because sometimes I’ve used that against myself like, well, I’m making, like the company’s making so much more. I should be working really hard, like that whole thing. So I’ve done that before. Not great. But anyway, this time, it was really like, holy crap. Like, I’m a badass kind of vibe moreso than like, making $250,000 By the way, that’s before tax. That’s the company’s money. That’s not my salary. And I think we really sad to think that when people swell these numbers, that’s big, like money that they have in their bank account as disposable income to spend.

So out of those, that revenue, there’s taxes. There’s expenses in terms of like this podcast, I pay for this podcast to be produced. And it’s a free podcast. So things like that. And the platforms that we use our team. They’re like our contractors that we have paying them, all of those different things. So that amount of money isn’t my personal amount of disposable income at this point as well. Just because I think it’s so helpful to hear people share this stuff. I’m paying myself $100,000 approximately per year. So that’s my personal income and every thing else is reinvested in the business. And we have savings, a big savings account and that kind of thing. And I’ve talked about that in previous episodes. And also, I didn’t pay myself a cent for the first six years, I didn’t make any money for the first three years.

And then I just reinvested everything in coaching and mentoring and just doing everything I could to learn and just being willing to play the long game and not have to pay myself immediately. And be willing to work other jobs so that my business, like I didn’t have to be rushed or pressured with the business making money. So that’s kind of the benefit of that. But when I was working my accounting job, I was getting paid about 60,000 a year. And so this launch in terms of revenue, just strictly revenue has produced four times that in a week. Now, having said that, it might have been that the money came in, in a week. But it also it’s like the compounding effect, of compound effect of years of showing up. And being courageous and doing the scary thing and doing the uncomfortable thing.

And so it can really look like, you know, you hear the like headline of I made, whatever, in a week. And think that that was just, you know, the whole story. But it’s really the tip of the iceberg. It’s a bit you see, but you don’t see that, like I said, I’m in business in 2013, I was so in my own way. And it just took me so long to even sell anything, and then make my first dollar. And then just starting coaching and allowing myself to actually do that. Because I was so scared that I knew that I would really be able to bring a lot as a code. And I was so scared to find out that might not be true. So then I put it off. And like all these things. So I’ve shared that journey on this podcast, in detail. And you can go back and listen to everything. But yeah, it’s just really fun to zoom out and just recognize what we accomplish as a team, what I was able to accomplish in terms of me showing up for myself and putting myself out there. And on the final days when the OS updated. I said like, there’s not really much to do and everything’s planned out. And we did have all the emails already scheduled, and all of that.

But after I did that update, and I was just feeling like, Okay, what’s done is done sort of vibe, then I was like, No, I did some self coaching. And I thought about the analogy of if it’s a party. And like, there are people who like already decided they’ve already decided to come and they just need this last reminder to really like sign up and all of that. And I was really thinking about the person who is a yes. And they’re already signing up. But they just need that little bit of not even a reminder, but kind of that, but also like, just really, I don’t know, feeling like a selling them on a like, and when I say selling someone it’s been as well from this launch such a great realization to recognize the difference between selling, which is when you are in my mind selling is when you’re selling to someone who wants it. And it’s in their highest good.

Convincing is different, convincing is when someone doesn’t want it. And oftentimes we get them confused. So when I think about selling PTSD, and the people who want to be sold, they want to get out of their own way they want to actually build their business have that be something that supports them that supports their partner as well, their children, their whole lifestyle, that gives them freedom that gives them fulfillment creatively, that gives them so many different things that they want to be sold on getting out of their own way. They want to do that. And so I was really just thinking about those people. And instead of being like, well, you know, they’re going to sign up and what’s done is and whatever to just be like, I’m doing this for them. I am going to so at that point, it was showing up on Instagram Stories, making sure any DMs I was getting were applied to and just doing what I could in that last bit. I just felt myself like when I was in that lack of belief around 100 that I was just like, Okay, well, let’s just take our foot off the gas completely.

But then when I gave myself some coaching on it, I was like, Okay, no, we are committed. And I’m thinking about the individuals who have been planning to sign up and they just haven’t done it yet. And they just need that little reminder and they need like, I don’t know exactly what they need to hear. Like I can I have a really good guest. But they might need to hear it one way. And it was really interesting to on, when people signed up and filled out. They just said a bit about why they signed up that some people said, like, oh, it was an email you sent it 24 hours out about it being a leap of faith or like, these different bits that people like that that was the thing that I needed to hear. And obviously, it’s the combination of everything. If they just had that thing in isolation, then it might not have been as powerful for them. But anyway, so I was just really committed to seeing it all the way through to the end, and not just counting my chickens, which is me thinking about me.

So instead, I really wanted to be focused on my people. My PGSDers the ones who are already Yes, who just need to hear it again, and thinking of it like really thinking about that already a yes. Like, it’s not this convincing energy of, oh, you weren’t going to sign up, but you should, it’s Yes, you, you’re going to sign up, you’re already planning that now. It’s just time to get it done. So I think that as well was just a big breakthrough to be focused on selling in that way, and really being so focused on the person that we are helping and the ripple effect that our business and PGSD has on the world in terms of the businesses that then allows to prosper and profit and the impact that has And so yes, that was huge, big. A big revelation in a lot of ways. Also, just to share as well, in case you’re interested, because in terms of podcasts, numbers, podcasts, and that kind of thing, you can’t really see, besides charts, how many downloads, podcast episodes get and that kind of thing. So I just wanted to share roughly how many downloads we had, for a couple of things. So in terms of the Planning series, I’m at close. So this is when the doors to PGSD, close, we had just under 4000 lessons or downloads on that episode for part one. And then I want to mention this too, because if you were doing any kind of series, whatever that looks like,

Or basically anything, even like on Instagram Stories, you’re always going to have the most on your first one and the least on your last one. And that’s normal. If you’re thinking like, oh, it’s not very good, because people are dropping off. It’s like it’s normal human behavior. So I just wanted to mention that in case you’ve been thinking like, oh, well, if we had for the Planning series 3866 downloads on part one, we should have the same number on Part Five. No. So I just want to share it was 388-3866 on episode three, seven, then 3552 On the next episode 36773410 And two, oh, no, I’m reading this around. And so Episode 309, which is the third in the series, you had 2577 downloads, then 310, 2410 downloads, and then 311 was 2302. And then Episode 312, which I believe was the one with Kristen, 2331. A shout out to Kristen, you’re such a gem. And then, Episode 313 was the PGSD q&a episode that I did, which I had planned to have go out on Instagram, but it wasn’t downloading slash uploading.

We had so many internet issues during launch week. But anyway, so 1292 downloads, and that, for me alone was like, oh, people want to hear about it, because prove that this because launches I’d just kind of if there was an episode about PGSD, I kind of said like, oh, it’s about this other topic and like, oh, then it would be still about that topic. Like it was never clickbaiting or anything like that. But I wouldn’t just lead with this is about PGSD. And just really recognizing if someone’s a yes, and they want to sign up, they want to hear explicitly about it. Like when I’m thinking about joining a program. If I see an episode that has the name of the program in and I’m like okay, I’m gonna listen to that because I’m thinking of sign up or I already know I want to and yes, I’m gonna I want to hear about it because I’m going to the parties I want to talk about potty. So Episode 314, which was on revenge bedtime procrastination, which just went out the morning of cart close like I think that went out. It’s less than 12 hours prior had 719 episodes.

So yeah, I hope it helps to just hear some of those numbers we crossed the 1.5 million download mark on the podcast during the launch, which was fun as well. And yeah, in a time since I have done the last update, I also attended the 200K. What am I saying the 200k mastermind live virtual event because I chose not to attend in person in the States. So, last week, like after the launch, we went out to dinner day, the day after it closed. And then the next day I was up for three nights, that kind of doing nightshift, and then sleeping during the day to attend the event. And I just have so many breakthroughs and revelations, but I won’t share that in this episode, because it’s already an epic episode.

But something I just wanted to mention from that is that in the mastermind, there are awards for people who are earning 200k and above, and it’s like ranked in order. And that was so fun to see. And also just to recognize how well the business is doing. I didn’t get an award because I haven’t been in that mastermind before it was for people who were in previous rounds. But just really seeing where the business is placed in that sense. And just recognizing like, oh, it’s it’s doing really well, when I have been in lately, I would say like the last 18 months, two years, in a habit of just comparing myself to the people who are making multiple millions of dollars, which I know will we meet very soon. And just in doing that using it against myself. I mean, like what I’m not there yet. And so it’s all of that. And it’s just exhausting and completely a waste of time. And we all know that intellectually, and yet our brains are like, but it’ll be better than that.

So it was just fun as well to really celebrate the people who have achieved so much in their business and to recognize that they’re my peers. And that’s, like I’m doing the thing. And sometimes I still feel like, I don’t have a real business. Like, what even is this? And that I don’t know what I’m doing. And I think it’s so normal to have those thoughts. And, as I’ve talked about, our brains are filthy liars. If we think that having those thoughts means it’s true. That’s when we’re in trouble. But just recognizing that those thoughts are probably going to keep coming up. And that’s just our brain. Having thought errors. It’s not like, oh, well, my brain is telling me that I don’t know what I’m doing. So that’s true. It’s like, oh, no, it’s just forgetting I do know what I’m doing. Because I do know what I’m doing.

So yeah, anyway, that is my launch wrap up. And I hope it has been helpful to hear a bit of the behind the scenes, in terms of what it looks like to go through the launch. And it would have been really interesting to do so earlier launches this style, because it was such a roller coaster. And it just isn’t any more. And that’s not because launchings change, or I’m doing a different strategy. It’s because of the way that I’m thinking about it. And for this launch, I think the main thing that helped with that was I was committed to the goal, not like I hope, or wait and see, I wonder what will happen. But really getting myself coaching myself to being in commitment. And then at the same time also focusing on what can I do to make this launch as simple as possible, then that’s really what gave me a lot of the space I had to do self coaching was that the launch setup itself was simple.

And I have a team who helped, but also the way that it went, I was doing a lot of the things, because it was mainly content creation, there wasn’t much tech setup at all. And they’re talked about how we’re going to do the content creation, but not the content distribution and future launches. But yeah, it’s really that question of what would this look like if it was easy. And instead of like in previous launches, I have believed that the success of the launch is based on this strategy. And that then puts a lot of pressure on executing this strategy perfectly, and strategies does matter. But the way that we’re thinking when we’re executing is so important and just recognizing that we can achieve the goal regardless of our strategy. It’s kind of this, like being willing to hold those two beliefs at once. That strategy is important, and yet the reason we achieve our goal is and because of this strategy, that really being able to hold those two beliefs was so impactful.

And that gave me permission to let the plan be easy. And yeah, just focusing on what I do know, instead of what I don’t know, throughout the launch as well. And yeah, so I’m really pleased with how it went. And I am going to wrap it up here. But if you have found this episode helpful, please take a screenshot and tag me on Instagram, I’m at perfectionism project. And regardless of what type of business you have, when you are launching and selling or anything like that, it can bring up a lot of the perfectionism work. That’s why in PGSD, we set a revenue goal for your business rather than a goal around subscribers or followers, all of that kind of thing, because it really forces us to put ourselves out there, which brings up a lot of the work around fear of judgment. It brings up all or nothing work, like it brings up a lot of the good stuff. So yeah, it’s so fun. Also, it means then you’re actually putting out your product, your service, whatever it is, and helping people and all of that good stuff. So okay, I’m actually wrapping it up. I hope this has been helpful and I will talk to you again soon.

I hope you enjoyed those episodes on the behind the scenes of a 250k launch. I know I love recording this style of episode and definitely have planned to do a lot more of this style of episode plus, which is such a good way to see the advance work that I actually do because Perfectionist Getting Shit Done my program that is a great place to go if you aren’t taking action, or you’re not taking very consistent action and you want to be showing up consistently and confidently. But then there’s the advanced work to be done, which I have been doing for years and I’m so excited to be working closely with a group of perfectionist entrepreneurs, teaching this advanced work and helping them get out of their own way in a whole new way. So definitely keep an eye and an ear out for the announcement about the PGSD advanced group if you do want to work closely with me and do this advanced work. I hope you’re having a beautiful day and I will talk to you in the next episode.

Author: Sam Brown