Episode 473: [Follow Through Series] How To Become Someone Who Consistently Follows Through

Welcome to Part 5 of my 5-part Follow Through Series. A series to help you release your perfectionism handbrake and consistently follow through with your plans without burning yourself out.

It’s one thing to intellectually understand how to follow through with your plans – it’s another thing to *actually* do it.

In this series we’ve covered why trying harder or being more motivated isn’t the answer. Waking up at 5am or figuring out how to stop being addicted to social media isn’t going to help either.

Becoming someone who follows through is simple and easy when you’ve got the right tools and the right support. I’m sharing exactly what that looks like in this episode. Tune in today.

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In The Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The power of having a proven process for becoming more productive
  • How coaching helps perfectionists get out of their own way
  • Why watching someone else getting coached releases shame
  • The difference between helpful and unhelpful support on your business journey
  • Why accountability is so important for perfectionist entrepreneurs
  • What you get inside PGSD, who it’s for and why now is the best time to sign up

Featured In The Episode:

Work With Me:
If you’re ready to plan properly as a perfectionist so it’s easy to follow through with your plans, I invite you to join us inside Perfectionists Getting Shit Done (aka PGSD). Inside the program you’ll be using my proven productivity process to take consistent action on what’s most important for your business without burning yourself out. And you’ll be supported every step of the way.
Now is the best time to sign up for PGSD as we are doing a 12 Week Power Planning Challenge inside PGSD starting on 1 July. To join us for the challenge, simply sign up for PGSD by 11:59pm New York Time on Sunday, 30 June at samlaurabrown.com/pgsd. It’s time to get out of your own way.

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Hi and welcome to another episode of The Perfectionism Project, a podcast full of perfectionism advice for entrepreneurs. My name is Sam Laura Brown, I help entrepreneurs release their perfectionism handbrake so they can get out of their own way and build a fulfilling and profitable business. I’m the founder of the Perfectionist Getting Shit Done group coaching program, which is otherwise known as PGSD. And for even more perfectionism advice to help you with your business. You can follow me on Instagram @perfectionismproject.

Sam Laura Brown

We have officially made it to part five of this five part follow through series, and what I want to share with you today is how to become someone who actually follows through with their plans, how to make that your reality. So I’ve shared in this series how to follow through with your plans, what those four simple steps are, so I’m just going to recap them for you. So first of all, you need to know what success looks like. This is your growth goal. Then you need to know what you’re doing will actually make a difference, and that’s knowing your true needle movers. Then you need to be well rested enough to actually get it done, which is clean rest. And you need to have a simple weekly practice that brings all of those things together, which is power planning.

So I want to invite you into my program, Perfectionist Getting Shit Done, aka PGSD. Inside Perfectionist Getting Shit Done. You’re going to master these four steps. So who is PGSD for? There are three types of action takers that we help inside pgsd. So the first is the inconsistent action taker. The second is the aspiring action taker, and the third is the exhausted action taker. You might just relate to one of these, or maybe it’s two or three. So first of all, the inconsistent action taker, this is someone who stops and starts. You show up for a little while, and then you ghost. You want to be consistent, but you just haven’t figured it out, and you can’t rely on yourself to show up, which means that when you get excited about an idea, you also get a little bit scared, because you know that excitement won’t last, and you know you’re not going to be able to see it through.

So in PGSD, we teach you how to be consistent, how to do that in a way that is sustainable, and how to become someone who can have an exciting idea and actually see it through. Then we have the aspiring action takers. So this is you. If there’s something courageous you want to do, but you’re scared to do it and struggling to take the next steps, whether it’s launching your business, a new marketing channel or a new product. You want to be brave, but you find yourself frozen and struggling to create the clarity you need to take the next step. So inside PGSD, we help you to get that clarity, to get that courage and to bravely take those steps. And we will support you with not just getting that thing started, but also with continuing to keep going with it until it works.

And then also we have the exhausted action takers. So this is you, if you are someone who takes a lot of action, you don’t have trouble getting yourself to get shit done, but you are burned out. You can’t switch off. You’re always working. You’re scattered, and your business isn’t as successful as it could be because of this. It’s also impacting your health and your relationships with others as well. So for example, you might say to your partner, you know, I just need five more minutes to get this done, and you’re still working two hours later. Or you might be physically with them, but mentally you’re with your business. So if that’s you, if you relate to one of them, two of them, or all three, I want to invite you inside PGSD to join us. And now really is the perfect time.

So we are starting a 12 week power planning challenge on the first of July, and to be part of it, all you need to do is sign up by Sunday the 30th of June, at 11:59pm New York time. So I’m going to share now a bit about what you get inside PGSD and why. So first of all, you want to process so you’re not having to guess what to do when, and also so you’re not wasting time and energy on the wrong things, piecing things together, working off incomplete information. Like I personally love having a recipe to follow and knowing it’s one that works. So that’s why, inside PGSD, you’ll get instant access to the Perfectionist Getting Shit Done process, aka the pgsd process, so it’ll teach you how to set your growth goal so you’re clear on exactly what you’re working towards. How to power plan your week so you’re planning properly as a perfectionist, how to know exactly what your true needle movers are. So you can avoid shiny object syndrome and focus only on what actually matters.

How to mentally switch off and get clean, guilt free rest, so you can have the work life balance that you want. And there are also modules on topics like self confidence, self trust, how to stop procrastinating, how to stop burning out. And more, you’ll learn everything that’s essential in the simplest, most concise way and in the order that you need to learn it. This alone is worth the investment of PGSD, and it has been proven to work with over 1000 perfectionist entrepreneurs who’ve already gone through the program. And while that’s amazing, which it is, you also want to have coaching so that you’re supported through any fears and doubts that come up as you begin getting out of your own way, so that you can get help making important decisions about your niche or your marketing strategy, or anywhere you get stuck, so you can get clarity when you need it, and so that you’re also able to get an answer to every and any question that you have.

And so this is why inside PGSD, you get the PGSD private podcast with replay recordings of the 200 plus coaching calls that we have done inside PGSD. And you also have the. Option to attend the weekly group coaching calls that we do inside the program. So our group calls are actually like private coaching calls, but they’re better, because not only do you have the opportunity to get individualized coaching on your specific situation, but our group coaching format removes the shame of thinking that you’re the only one who’s getting in their own way, and gives you so many real life examples to learn from everyone inside PGSD is a perfectionist entrepreneur, so it means that everything that everyone is getting coached on is going to be relevant to you.

You get lifetime access to these so you can continue attending and continue listening to the private podcast for as long as you wish. The third thing is community. You want community so that you have somewhere to celebrate your wins with other people who actually get what it’s like to be building a business. You want business friends. You will also want to be able to safely share and work through your fears and doubts. You want community so you don’t feel alone in your business. And you also want somewhere to turn for advice when you get an angry customer, a negative review, a refund request. So this is why, inside PGSD, you’re going to have the PGSD forum. This is your way to connect with other like minded entrepreneurs, to make friends.

We have so many people in PGSD who have made lifelong friends from the program and found community and support when they didn’t have that in their real life, instead of trying to get everyone in your real life to understand what it’s like and to understand what you’re trying to do, meet people who already know and who already know how to support you. And number four, you want accountability, so that you can keep going even when you’re not motivated, and so you can make power planning a lasting habit. PGSD is for people who struggle to stick with things. So my guess is, coming into the program, you are worried that you might not be able to stick with it, we have created everything in the program to help that exact kind of person, and that’s why we have extra accountability to really support you through the process.

So you’re going to have your persistence log in the PGSD forum. A lot of PGSDers they will share their weekly review each week in their persistence log to keep them accountable and because they love being cheered on by everyone else. And I’ve talked before about the power of making the three month commitment to power planning. This is simply a mindset that we have inside PGSD that helps us to be growth minded and persistent. Instead of thinking that when we’re doing something new, it should work right away, and we should be good at it right away. Instead, we make the three month commitment and we say, Hey, this is a new skill that I’m learning. I’m going to keep at it, I’m going to keep practicing, I’m going to keep refining, and I’m going to see it as a skill rather than something I should already know.

So this 12 week challenge is really designed to support you all the way through that three month commitment. And also, if you want, we can match you with an accountability group of three to five other PGSDers who are going through the challenge at the same time as you, so that you have that extra support. And after that 12 week challenge is complete, you can continue working through the PGSD process. We’ll guide you on exactly what to do, it’s simple and easy, and you’ll be able to continue getting coaching and support and have the community and also that accountability as well. A really important thing to know about PGSD is that we are a lurker friendly program, so if you don’t want to attend the live calls or show your face, maybe you don’t feel like you’ll fit in, or maybe you’re worried that other people will see you in there. You don’t want to post in the forum, simply because that’s not something you enjoy doing, or you just don’t want to interact. So you’re worried about not knowing what to say. Anything like that if you want to be a lurker, You are so welcome inside pgsd, and that is not going to have any negative impact.

We have really designed the program to work for lurkers, because so many perfectionists are lurkers. We have so many testimonials and success stories from PGSDers, who never attended the calls, who never posted in the forum. And so if you are a lurker, You are so welcome in PGSD, and you will be 100% supported, even if you’re not interacting with the program in a way that everyone else can see. So here are some of the bonuses that you’re going to get inside the program to make power planning and showing up and being out of your own way even easier. One of the questions I get asked all the time is how to figure out what your true needle movers are. So inside PGSD, you’re going to have the needle mover deep dive to help you identify exactly what your true needle movers are, given your unique business and the stage of business that you’re in.

Another question I get is, what do I do with my clean rest like, what activity should I be doing? What does this look like if I have little ones or I don’t actually have restful, clean rest because I’ve got a lot on my plate? So there’s a bonus called Creating your clean rest plan that will teach you exactly what to do in your clean rest something else I get asked a lot about is how to mentally switch off. How do you give your brain a break, even when you’re busy, even when you’ve got a lot going on? So there’s a bonus on how to mentally switch off. Also, one thing I talk about a lot is mindset and self coaching and how to be your own mindset coach.

So you’re also going to get a bonus on using power planning to self coach, where I’m going to be introducing you to self coaching and teaching you exactly how to do it. And there are three more bonuses that are going to be incredibly helpful. So first of all, if you have a project that you’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on something that you’ve been thinking about for a while now, and you just really need to get out of your own way. There is the 30 day get out of your own way challenge available inside the program. You could either take this as soon as you join, or you could do it after the 12 week power planning challenge. Basically, it’s there whenever you need it, also if you have resistance to your marketing plan, or maybe you’re confused about it, and you just find it really hard to show up consistently and to post consistently, you’re going to be able to do the aligned marketing workshop that we have inside the program.

And finally, so that self doubt and imposter syndrome don’t have to keep holding you back, there’s a workshop called Building your belief in yourself and your business. So those bonuses I mentioned are bonuses you are going to get all of the benefits of PGSD without doing a single one of them. But in case you’ve been wanting to dive into your needle movers, or you’ve been wanting that clean rest plan, those bonuses are going to be there to help you as well. So I want to invite you inside samlaurabrown.com/pgsd, is where to find out more about the program and sign up, and this is also where you can see some of our PGSD success stories from entrepreneurs with all different kinds of businesses. We have stylists, photographers, we have dog trainers, other coaches like myself, ecommerce store owners.

We have just so many different kinds of entrepreneurs in PGSD who have had incredible success, because PGSD really is about as a perfectionist entrepreneur. How do you get out of your own way? How do you actually get yourself to be productive in a way that is consistent and sustainable and also aligned with the values that you have if you want to spend time with your family, if you want to be able to financially, contribute to your family as well, if you want to be a role model, all of that is taken into account so that you’re being productive in a way that actually works for you. There are also PGSDers who have little ones like myself, I have three under three currently, who have a health condition or just have a lot going on in their life, and they have been able to have such great success. I recently interviewed one of our PGSDer, Eliska. There’s an interview coming out with her soon on the podcast, but she said it best when she said, the more uncertainty your life has, the more you need power planning.

It’s going to ground you and support you so that you can actually get shit done when life happens. Samlaurabrown.com/pgsd, is where to go to sign up. I will link that up for you in the show notes. And if you have any questions or you want support with making a decision about whether or not to sign up for the program, you can email support @samlaura brown.com so if you do want to join, you can get inside PGSD by the time that we start the challenge. So I hope to see you inside when we kick off our 12 week challenge on the first of July. You just need to sign up by 11:59pm New York time on the 30th of June. This is perfect. If you have been needing a mid-year reset, maybe you’ve been in the slump, you’ve just been getting in your own way. 2024 hasn’t been going the way you wanted it to. You can think of the first of July as your new first of January. This can be your restart. And I’m so excited and grateful to be welcoming in new PGSDers who are giving themselves this opportunity to get out of their own way and getting the right tools and the right support for their perfectionist brain and no longer doing it alone. So hope you’ve enjoyed this series and to see you inside the program.

If you’re ready to start planning properly as a perfectionist so you can follow through with your plans, I invite you to join us inside Perfectionist Getting Shit Done. We will be starting a 12 week power planning challenge on the first of July, and it’s going to be perfect for you if you’re in need of a mid year reset, or you love extra accountability and support. To join us for the challenge inside the program, all you need to do is be inside PGSD by 11:59pm New York time on Sunday the 30th of June. You can find out more about the program and sign up at samlaura brown.com/pgsd.

Author: Sam Brown