Episode 475: 8 Lessons From The Last 18 Months + Starting A New Chapter

Yesterday I recorded this raw and real business update. I’m sharing 8 lessons I’ve learned from the last 18 months in business. It has been TOUGH and it’s also been exactly what I needed in so many ways (even though I wish it wasn’t).

In this episode I share so many things that I’ve wanted to share but have been too embarrassed and ashamed about. I’ve felt like I couldn’t share my struggles the same way I did in the past because I should have ‘figured it out’ by now. This is definitely not a helpful thought nor is it true. And it’s stopped me from creating my favourite content – honest behind the scenes updates about the work I’m doing on my business and my own perfectionism.

So I’m returning to what I love doing and trusting that I don’t need to be perfect in order to be perfectly helpful.

The 1st of July is a new chapter for me and my business. So this episode recaps the lessons and wins from the last 18 months so I can powerfully move on. And so that you can too if you’ve been making some of the mistakes that I have or carrying similar shame.

I’m so excited for those who have already decided to start a new chapter by joining our 12 Week Power Planning Challenge. (If you haven’t joined us yet, you’ve only got a few hours left to sign up).

I love the energy of a fresh start without dismissing all of the progress I’ve made and wisdom I’ve gained. I’m so much more skilled and mature as a business owner than I ever have been. And that came from some very painful lessons and resilience when it was the hardest to find.

Tune in today.
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Hi and welcome to another episode of The Perfectionism Project, a podcast full of perfectionism advice for entrepreneurs. My name is Sam Laura Brown, I help entrepreneurs release their perfectionism handbrake so they can get out of their own way and build a fulfilling and profitable business. I’m the founder of the Perfectionist Getting Shit Done group coaching program, which is otherwise known as PGSD. And for even more perfectionism advice to help you with your business. You can follow me on Instagram @perfectionismproject.

Sam Laura Brown
Today, I’m going to be recording a bit of a personal update, what’s been going on in my business, what I’m thinking about, what I’m doing next, because I have not done this for the longest time, and the longer I leave it, the more I feel like it’s harder to do. And this kind of episode is what I have built my business upon. Me sharing the work that I’m doing, on my perfectionism, on getting out of my own way, the tools that I use to help with that, the concepts, the principles, like all of the things, and I’ll talk about it more in this episode, but I feel like I just have been in a season which I’m now closing the chapter on and starting a new one. But I have been in a season of not just trusting that I can show up and share what I want to share, and just trying to be an expert about things and have it all together.

And it’s just not only exhausting, it’s so isolating, and also I don’t think it’s that helpful that I am most helped by the people who are willing to share the ups, the downs and everything in between. And that’s who I really want to be, as your coach and as someone that you can come to for support and wisdom and advice. So in this episode, what I’m going to be doing is sharing eight lessons that I have learned over the last 18 months in my business, and these are just the ones that were really top of mind. Like, literally 10 minutes ago, I was like, I want to record an episode. I want to do it now. I’m honestly, in this moment feeling very flat and just like, blah, and I know that by the end of the episode I won’t be feeling that way, but I think part of it is just actually sharing this and giving you an update and letting you in and just really kind of expressing what I’ve been experiencing will be really cathartic for me, but I know just also really helpful for you, because there are so many people I have been talking to recently who have had such a similar experience, but they feel like they are the only one who is going through it, and they should be further along by now, or doing better by now, or whatever. And it’s just, it just isn’t helpful whatsoever.

So I just wrote out eight dot points that are really some of the recurring lessons for me over the last 18 months. And then I’m going to be sharing with you what my intentions are for the next chapter of my business. And one of the reasons I want to do this as well is because I’m recording this on the 30th of June, so you will hear this episode very soon after it is released, and the first of July, I just feel like it’s such a great opportunity for a fresh start and a new chapter. And so if you aren’t yet in PGSD, we are doing a 12 week power planning challenge that starts on the first of July. We start our prep week on the first so to be in that challenge, you need to enroll by the 30th of June at 11:59pm New York time. So actually, because I’m in Australia, I’m a little bit ahead time wise, most of our PGSDers are in the US.

So if you are hearing this when it goes out, then it still will be the 30th of June for you, even though it won’t be for me anymore. But anyway, join us inside for the challenge, it is just such a great opportunity for a fresh start to be power planning and planning properly as a perfectionist, and to just also have the support and the community and the accountability. Yes, you will definitely learn power planning and master that in pgse, but there’s so much more to the program that’s really going to surround you with support and also a loving kick in the pants when you need it. So if you are already in PGSD, what I want to invite you to do is join me inside PGSD Advanced, and I will be announcing soon the enrollment dates for our official enrollment. We’ve already had the early enrollment where people have signed up for the program, for the coaching group with me. We working really closely with me, which I’m so excited about. I have not offered an opportunity to do that in a very long time now, and I don’t know when the next opportunity will be to work closely with me again.

So if you want to start a new chapter and you want my support in doing that, then PGSD Advanced is going to be amazing, so keep an eye out for that. So yeah, the eight lessons, and I just feel like there are so many more that I could share, and I know that after I finished recording this episode, I’m going to think of five amazing things that would have been even more powerful to tell you, that I completely forgot about, but these are just top of mind. And the lessons that have been repeating over and over and over again and that I haven’t like, I’ve had to just experience them so many times to be like, Oh, okay, like, this isn’t actually optional. For example, like, clean rest. It’s not optional. It is actually necessary.

So anyway. Will just go through these lessons and share them with you, and I hope you find them helpful and comforting and all of the things. So first of all, the first lesson is that business growth is not linear for anyone. So I think so much, especially in online business. But really, just in general as a society, there’s this kind of idea of like you should only get more and more and more successful. If that’s not the case. If, for example, in the business context, if you have a year where your revenue has decreased or your profitability has decreased, or you’re struggling with something that you previously didn’t used to struggle with, you have gone backwards, and there is something wrong with you.

And I think one of my most painful thoughts that I have had about business in the last 18 months is that I’m failing, and it’s because I have been comparing myself to an experience of business that no one else is even having, like it’s this made up business fantasy that I have been comparing my business to, and then feeling bad that my business isn’t doing something that no one else’s business is doing either, which is having continued growth year after year after year after year after year after year after year, with no setbacks, no obstacles to overcome, No challenges, no dips in revenue, no decreases in profitability. Also having an unprofitable year like I had going into this year, into 2024 I felt so much shame that my business wasn’t profitable in 2023 because I just had all these ideas of like, you know, when you have an online business, especially a coaching business, where I don’t have inventory and different things like that, that I should always be profitable, and that’s what makes sense.

And just the shame that I had about not having a profitable year, which I’ll go more into why in this episode, but the shame that I had about that only made me perpetuate and continue doing the things that had created that. And so I really had to do a lot of work to release that shame that I had a big part of that as well, was sharing about it with others in my mastermind, like having a support group, a support place that I could go to and be like, Hey, this is what’s happening for me. Is it happening to anyone else and to have other people be like, Yes, me too, was so powerful to just realize, like, Oh, this is actually normal. This isn’t actually an abnormal problem.

And something that I learned from Tony Robbins many years ago now is looking at in your business whether you have a normal problem or an abnormal problem. The example that he shared was relating it to the life cycle of a human. Like, there’s a life cycle of a business, but the life cycle of a human is that if you are wetting your pants when you are one year old, that is a normal problem. It’s still a problem that needs to be solved. Like, you need to be wearing a nappy. You need to change the nappy. But it’s not something that you go to the doctor and say, my one year old child is wetting their pants. It’s a normal problem to have, and so you just solve it. But there’s no like underlying thing going on that needs to be looked at.

But when, for example, if you’re 50 years old and you’re wetting your pants, then that is something. It’s an abnormal problem that you would then go and seek support with. And so just seeing like, Oh, it is still a problem, but it isn’t this abnormal problem that I need to be making into such a big deal in my head, and really as well. I think because so many people feel shame about either having low profitability or no profitability, especially when previously they had been profitable. Like in 2022 we made, as a business, $300,000 of profit. And then in 2023 I think it was like negative 100 and something $1,000 in terms of a loss, we made 320,000 in terms of revenue. And so it just like most people don’t talk about like, Yes, I I’m having a really hard time, and here’s the situation. And so it can feel really isolating when no one else is talking about it, and then we’re not really talking about it.

And so it took a lot of courage and bravery to even say in my mastermind and to some of my friends, like, I haven’t been profitable recently, and for them just to be like, Yeah, me too, and it’s not really a problem, but also like, Yes, get yourself back to profitability. And you know how to do that. But the shame that you’re having is actually misplaced, that this isn’t something that you need to be feeling ashamed about and of course, we intellectually understand that, but to just actually, like, express what was going on, and to hear other people be like, Oh, that’s fine. And you know, you could actually solve for that, and it’s not this big deal, and so many businesses go through that like every business has periods where they have challenges, and I think particularly, I’ll only speak to it, I guess, in this sense, like the industry I’m in where it comes to having, like, online courses and programs and doing coaching and that kind of thing, that there’s really a highlight of the stories where it has been success after success, year after year after year, of like doubling and tripling profit and revenue and all the things, and never having an experience where that is going down.

And I just think it’s so harmful in many ways that I haven’t actually been talking about it. I have inside PGSD on the coaching calls, I’ve been sharing more updates about like, Hey, here’s what I’m working on, or here’s this breakthrough I recently had, which all of our PGSDers are always so excited to hear, and love hearing and say how helpful it is. But I just haven’t been sharing it on the podcast, I think partly because some of that shame and also just feeling like I didn’t know how to articulate the lessons. I think I have mentioned about it in recent episodes, but I haven’t done a full, like, update, episode, lessons, recap, that kind of thing, because I’ve felt like I’m still in the lesson, so to speak, even though I’ve made so much progress, but I am still getting myself back to profitability, and I’ve been I’ll talk about it this episode.

We’re doing so many different things to support that, and I have made so much progress, and yet it’s not an overnight thing that you just click your fingers and you’re back into doing things the way you know, work that I’ve had to unwind so many decisions that I’ve made. I’ve had to build back up my self belief and my self trust. I’ve had to do some serious work on building back up my self trust. And that takes time, and because it takes time that takes faith of knowing or believing that there’s no evidence here that this is going to work, and yet, I’m willing to believe it will, and I’m willing to keep following the plan that I’ve created for myself and trusting that ultimately, I’m the kind of person that can create a successful outcome.

And it’s been as well, like in terms of this lesson, it’s been such a reminder of the fundamental work that I did when starting my business. And this has really connected me with so many of our PGSDers, and so many of you who’ll be joining us for the challenge and joining us in the future in the program too, that a lot of PGSD have already started their business, PGSD, it works for every level of income, because we help you get out of your own way. And that can manifest at all levels of income. But so many PGSDers in the early stages of their business, and really, like once, especially, I’d say in 2022 when I was having financially, the most successful year that I’d ever had that I could speak to. You know, believe in yourself when there’s no proof and all of that, but I hadn’t actually experienced that in a really painful, raw way for quite a while, and I feel like the last 18 months has been me being reminded of that experience and the kind of resilience and strength and delusion it feels like in the moment to be willing to believe in something that there is no proof of.

And it’s so strange as well, because when I hadn’t yet achieved success in my business, it was kind of like, in some ways, hard to believe I could because I’d never done it before. But once I had already achieved what I would call success for me, like the ultimate success was going full time in my business and just being able to do what I love instead of having to do my accounting job. But once I had really reached a point where I was feeling successful, then to lose that felt some in this weird way, like, more painful, because it was like I knew I could do it, and yet I had stopped doing it. And I should, if I’ve been able to do it, I should be able to keep doing it and, like, just that whole story around it, I’ve had to do so much unwinding of and getting coaching on and coaching myself on and supporting myself with and it has really been a journey.

But I know, like the content that we have in pgse that’s coming, that I’m about to create, also the 12 week power planning challenge, like so, much of it has been grounded in the lessons that I’ve had to learn, first of all, many years ago, and then recently, I’ve had to learn them again at a deeper level and at a more advanced level. And I’m really excited to be sharing the 12 week power planting challenge and really breaking down in even more simple, easy way how to plan properly as perfectionist and then the advanced PGSD content that’s going to be coming out as part of the six month coaching group that I’m doing. I just feel like I have so much to share that I really like. I intellectually knew it a couple of years ago, but I know it now, like in my bones, in my body, I have had so many painful experiences that have really taught me what that advanced work is, and that foundational work too, and helped me just deepen my understanding of it and my practice of it, and it has been hard, and I just want to make sure that hard work wasn’t for nothing, that you get the benefits of it as well.

But it was just that lesson of business growth is not linear for anyone, has been so powerful. And also, if you’re not familiar with my personal circumstances, I have three little ones under the age of three. I’ll only be able to say that for about a week more, because Lydia’s about to turn three years old, but I gave birth to Lydia in 2021 and then my twin sons, Jack and James, in February 2023 and so a lot of this 18 month chapter that I’m talking about, I was either heavily pregnant with the twins and very uncomfortable and Very over having a business and just wanting to rest and nest and like, start this new chapter, and then also navigating postpartum and sleep deprivation and the hormones and all of that, plus just such a massive identity shift, and really, just like a reinvention of my life and of myself and that, as well, like going into this chapter that I’m talking about and reflecting on.

I had just been in the mindset of going through a personal life transition, shouldn’t impact my business and that I should just be able to keep building as planned, and if I’m smart about it, and I have the right team around me to support me in the right systems of whatever you can hear from the language of the shoulds in the right that it’s very perfectionistic thinking that I had going into this season, that I should just be able to keep growing the business. We should only get more profitable. We should only be able to help more people and grow the revenue. And it’s not that that’s not possible, because I 100% believe it is. But when it’s coming from a place of should and need, and from a place of really just trying to pretend that I’m a robot and that I don’t actually have needs beyond, like, what’s in the business and just like it was just a very unsupportive way.

In hindsight, I can see it came from such a good place, but just the way I framed it to myself, I could see that so much of the past 18 months have been me struggling against this expectation that I placed on myself, that no matter what is happening in my personal life and no matter what is happening in the world, because I’ve been economic changes as well in the last 18 months, that my business should only keep going and only keep being more and more successful, and there should never be a down period or anything like that. And that has just been the most painful expectation to measure myself against and try to live up to. And it’s meant that I have deprioritized myself, that I haven’t taken the best care of myself, and that it has really just created this like situation where I’m putting more pressure on myself to live up to this expectation that no one else is actually living and nor am I, and then just feeling so frustrated, and then exasperated, and then trying to try harder, and then just really, really getting so over it, and Then having this kind of like breakthrough, and feeling inspired, but it’s not actually coming from a clean place, and then just doing the whole thing again.

And in PGSD, like, I have mastered this at the foundational level. And what I’m talking about here is the advanced work, so knowing that when you come into PGSD, I know how to teach you, how to not burn out, how to follow through with your players, and all of that. Really what I’m talking about here and in this whole episode is the advance work when it comes to your perfectionism and just really seeing how I had really learned how to force myself to do things and push through. And a lot of the advanced work is learning how to achieve success without the pushing and the force and the hustling, and just because you can, you should do it like that’s really what I’ve come up against.

And even right now, we are in our launch for the 12 week power planning challenge, and I find myself like it’s the last day I have a work day today, I’ve dropped the kids off, and I’m like, I have so many things I should be doing, and probably recording an episode like this where I’m just sharing all the shit I’m struggling with is not one of them, and sharing that during the launch. But I just feel like, put like, forcing my way through things, and like, yes, there are a few things I need to get done that I will do and I will support myself to do, like, a few of the emails we’re sending out, just getting them finalized and having them scheduled and things like that. But I’m just like, instead of just like, trying to rally myself to like, push through to the end, I’m just like, well, actually what I want to do. What would supporting myself in this look like, what if I trusted in the results I’m creating?

And not just short term, but long term, like future me, 30 years from now, is like, yes, the lesson you need to learn is not to just like to be busy and distracted working so that you don’t have to feel all the feelings. It’s to actually let yourself just do what needs to be done, do nothing more than what needs to be done, like really, truly, do what’s essential, and let yourself rest and switch off and on Wednesday this past week, I had like, a complete emotional breakdown, because I feel like the pressure I have put on myself to and this has been like the theme of the last 18 months, which I am closing, closing the door on not to say that it won’t ever happen again. And this is such a thing for perfectionist, because it feels like it’s so helpful, and it’s why we’re successful, that it’s so hard to let go of.

But I just felt like the pressure I’ve been putting on myself, but also the main thing was the uncertainty I was feeling in my body. Like when I was busy working, I didn’t feel as much uncertainty in my body. And then when I stopped working, it just kind of like all bubbled up, and it’s so much more comfortable to be working, because then I’m not feeling and if I’m not working, then I am feeling and when there are feelings there that aren’t comfortable to feel, I don’t want to feel them. And so on Wednesday, I just like, let myself cry, let myself feel the feelings, which really was so powerful to do, because previously, I just like, not even let the feelings come up, and then if they did, I just try and, like, not express them, but like I was, like, I’m actually, I just need to cry, and I’m just gonna let myself cry.

And like, I’m so proud of myself for the way that I’ve shown up for myself and for my business, particularly in the last three months. And also, there’s also a lot of uncertainty that comes with some of the changes that I’ve made, and just the nature of business and being a human, and my brain, like it, just wants control, wants to be in control, wants to know that everything’s definitely going to be fine. And the reality of being human is that we can never know that, and the more I try and resist that reality, the harder it is to actually feel comfortable in uncertainty. And I was recently sharing in PGSD how I actually realized I love uncertainty, because with uncertainty comes possibility, and having too much certainty is what made me leave my accounting job, of like, I definitely know like, I’m so certain that in 20 years, I’ll be you, and I don’t want to be you, and so I actually want the uncertainty that comes with business of like, you can actually create anything and do anything, and there’s so much amazingness in that.

And also it’s really uncomfortable as a perfectionist. This is such a big reason why I’m so passionate about helping perfecters entrepreneurs, because, like in school, there’s not as much uncertainty. Or when you’re working for someone else and they’re telling you what to do and giving you a steady paycheck, there’s not as much uncertainty as there is in business when you have to be the one to decide what you’re working towards and what success looks like, what actually matters, and then you have to get it done. And a lot of those things, you’re planting seeds, they’re not gonna sprout the next day. You need to keep working at things for an extended period of time and handle obstacles and setbacks and negative reviews and all these things.

And it’s just for our perfectionist brains, it is challenging, and so I just really like want to support entrepreneurs with the uncertainty of business, and I’ve been human and all the things, and it’s what I’ve always been so intrigued to navigate myself and figure out myself. But it can be so challenging. And I just feel like feeling the feelings has been such a big lesson for me as well. I don’t have that in my list. We’re still on number one. I won’t go into as much detail with the others, because this is kind of like the overarching lesson, but feeling the feelings and not just being busy like working all the time, and then not having any like introvert time or time by myself that I can just feel at different seasons in the last 18 months.

But it’s the overarching theme is that I have not made time for myself and to do a lot of the things that I love, and just to have time off and be fully switched off. And here again, I’m talking about in the advanced way that I’m still getting clean rest, I’m not burning out and things like that. But when it comes to the advanced work that I have been doing, that work of really understanding what needs to go into supporting myself, so that I can support the business and it can support me, but also like I’m a human worth taking care of even when I’m not performing well, and especially when I’m not performing well, but at all times unconditionally and that I deserve to be taken care of by myself and to be drinking water and exercising and even in like the last couple of weeks, and I can see it so clearly in my power planning when it’s going on.

When I want to wake up early and do a couple hours of work in the morning before the kids wake up, and then I am on the days that I am not working, I’m doing work in their lunchtime nap or in the mornings, and basically I can see my power planning. I don’t have any time that isn’t looking after the kids, that isn’t working or socializing with someone else, like I need time to decompress, to just be and especially like exercise and doing sweaty exercise, I can see that when I’m in certain periods, I just either am not doing any exercise, it gets my heart rate up. And for me, everyone’s different, but doing some sweaty exercise just makes such a difference for my mindset.

And the other thing too, that I have been really reflecting on, yesterday, I wrote out a big list of, like, what it looks like for me. What are the actions I take when I’m really supporting myself, and kind of, what’s the actions I take when I’m not supporting myself, and like, the little practices that I have, and something that really supports me, that I forget about, is actually listening to things that talk in more of like a manifestation and everything is always working out, kind of mentality. And when I’m feeling like things aren’t working out, my brain wants to go to like, the kind of masculine how to side of things, and just really go into trying to get it right.

And recently, I found a great podcast which I love and would highly recommend, called The Espresso Hour. And it’s these two guys, Dickie and Cole, talking about their business they have, and kind of like episodes like this, of like, this, of like, here’s what’s happening behind the scenes, which I absolutely love. But even just listening to them and hearing them talk about, like, the grind and like, all of that kind of stuff, of just like, doing so much work and making progress, and there’s so many great takeaways I’ve taken from listening to them, but I realized just by listening to them and I found the podcast, like, Oh, this is so good. And I was like listening to it constantly throughout the day, and just like when I was working out and different things, I was like, I found myself going into that more masculine kind of energy, of like I need to be, kind of like working and doing and hustling and that kind of thing, instead of just also like being and trusting and not trying to control everything, and this isn’t speaking to them and what they teach or anything like that. I think they have a great mindset, but I just noticed that when I’m only really surrounded by male voices, that I tend to kind of lose that feminine side and the being and flowing and just like that kind of receiving energy and things like that.

And that someone that I love listening to, Kathrin Zenkina, who has the manifestation babe podcast, and Stacey Boehman, my coach as well, is someone I love listening to, Brooke Castillo too. But when I am feeling like things aren’t working, then I go into this more like I need to get shit done, and not in the way that we talk about it in PGSD, which is you were doing it in an aligned way that supports you, that really works for you in the season of life you’re in, and especially when I’m taking it, like hearing advice, particularly when it comes to like how your workday looks and things like that. Who don’t have any children and who are just in a very different season, to me that my brain’s like, Okay, I could do that too, and because I do have a lot of willpower and a lot of discipline, what I want to have it that I can just end up like, working so hard and exhausting myself doing it and not making progress, because I’m not actually being true to what works for me, and really having both that blend of feminine and masculine energy when it comes to working and getting shit done.

So all that to say, I’ve shared a lot in that, but my first lesson business growth is not linear for anyone, and honoring the season of life I’m in and not just expecting myself to never have any change in business and only be up, up, up, has only made that harder to actually achieve, and also makes the process of business miserable. I feel like I have not had fun in the last 18 months, and there have definitely been moments in days, but it’s more so being like, it feels fun when I feel like I’m getting it right. And I wouldn’t say that is actually true fun. It’s just so conditional and like, well, this is fun, but it better work. But really just feeling so trusting and aligned and like, I know the feeling so well because I’ve had it so many times, but I just haven’t had it my it much in the last 18 months, of feeling like I know what I’m doing, and it doesn’t have to work out right this second, but I know that if I keep at this, it will eventually get me to where I want to go, and just like collaborating too, with others and different things like that, that I feel like I haven’t had I haven’t reached out to others as much in the last 18 months, and in many ways, at many times, I’ve kind of like isolated myself as well, which is not helpful.

So getting back in a mastermind this year made such a difference to that, but also reaching out to friends and things like that. So yeah, it’s just been such a lesson. But if you have been expecting or like, shaming yourself that you’re going backwards or whatever, especially if you have achieved any success or any breakthroughs in like I used to be able to do it like. The most painful thing has been comparing my present day self to my past self, and thinking and telling myself that my past self is better than my present day self, and that that is just not helpful, and it’s so painful, and it makes me feel really helpless when I do that, because instead of actually moving forward and looking to the future, I just end up trying to repeat the past. I’ll talk about that a bit more later on as well, because it’s not about dismissing the past then, but thinking about it in a slightly different way.

There’s a there’s a little bit of nuance with it. So I’ll share that then. The second lesson. I know we’re only up to number two. This isn’t going to be like a three hour long episode, but that one just was so important. But the second lesson is, sometimes you’re not the problem. And something that I have had the habit of doing, I’d say, for my entire lifetime, given I’m a perfectionist, but especially in the last 18 months, is self blame and wanting everything to be about me being the problem. And it’s me getting in my own way, in some way, shape or form. And if I could just be better, then this wouldn’t be a problem whatsoever. And really seeing the world with that mindset has made it really hard to actually identify sometimes when the problem isn’t me, and even though I could be better, it’s not my fault.

So there were just a few really specific situations. But what I want to talk to generally is leadership, because that was the main way that it came up for me, was that. And if you listen back to episodes, you’ll probably hear me talk about like I was just so focused on needing to be a better leader, and if I could just be a better leader, then my business would be more successful. Like I just need to do it better. And I don’t even know exactly what I mean by that, but I just need to be a better leader, and really got in my own head about like, I need to be the CEO and I need to be I don’t know, just everything that I’m currently not like. That was kind of the way that I was reading it in my head, and something that I actually got coaching on in my mastermind, which came as such a relief to me, was, what if I just need to have the team that matches my current leadership skills. Like, yes, I can be better, so to speak, I will improve my leadership skills. Also, they’re not completely mediocre.

But at the same time, what if, instead of blaming any problem on Well, if I was just a better leader, or better at delegating or all the different things, then we would be having more success to be like, Oh, what if it actually that isn’t the problem. And so because of that story, I wasn’t looking at our expenses closely enough like I had, especially in like 2018 2019, 2020 probably 2021 as well, probably even 2022 I really had such a solid routine with looking at the financials of the business. I used to report them on the podcast as well, which I want to return to doing, because I love doing that. But I just really was intimate with the numbers of my business, and especially in terms of the financial side, I knew how much money we were making, what we were spending money on, like, all the different things, and it could be better, like, I could get more nuanced information, but I had the key data points, and what happened in this 18 months that I’m reflecting on is that I really stopped looking at the expenses that we had.

Because I knew that what we were making as a business wasn’t covering the expenses, hence why we were unprofitable, and that it was too painful to look at that and then to know that. To solve for that, I need to make some hard decisions. I would need to just be like showing up in a different way. And really I didn’t want to look at that and I didn’t want to make those decisions or have those conversations, until this year, when I was I made myself emotionally ready and available to do that. So I just kind of like stopped doing my weekly financial check in. I just began becoming more distant with the numbers and more vague about them, and also like the results that we were creating as a business, that I just went more vague in general, and a lot of it was just like, but if I’m just better, and if I just, if we just do a better launch, or if we just had more leads or whatever, then it would all solve itself, and I won’t have.

To look at what’s going on in the business and really like, because of this first thought I shared in the first lesson of business growth should be linear. That was what I was believing, like it should be going up and up and up and up and up no matter what’s happening in your personal life, no matter what’s happening in the economy. That it was so painful and because of this self blame, to be like, Oh, my business isn’t growing in that linear fashion. And because of that, I’m the problem, and then I’m wrong. There’s something wrong with me and feeling that shame, so I didn’t want to look it’s like when someone is in debt and they don’t want to look at their bank account, or like the letters they’re getting from the bank, or if someone is overweight and not happy with their weight.

They don’t want to step on the scales actually, like, look at the situation, because the thoughts we think about it are so painful that we would rather just not actually look and bring up those thoughts. And yet those thoughts are still there and causing so much pain. So it doesn’t actually benefit us the way that we think it will. Because I was constantly thinking about, Oh my god, we’re gonna run out of money. Oh my god. Like constantly in my head, and yet in my actions, I wasn’t actually doing anything about it, because emotionally, it felt so uncomfortable to do that. And I just really, like, I really want to have so much compassion for my past self, for like, it’s so hard, and this is part of what I’ve had to really reconcile.

To be like, Ah, I should have made that decision so much earlier, and things like that, but to really just be like I was actually doing my best, and really like, there’s room for improvement there, but also at the time with the emotional capacity I had available, and not learning what I do now about how to increase my emotional capacity, but really just like the navigating, or like the life circumstances I was navigating as well, and transitioning from being a mom of one to a mom of three little ones, and all of that that I was doing my best, like I was really protecting myself. Thank you, brain. I appreciate you. And then when I was ready to do something, I did it, and I wasn’t ready a moment sooner. And that, for us, perfectionist, could be one of the reasons that we don’t actually allow ourselves to close a chapter and start a new one. Is because of the way we make ourselves wrong.

And it’s like, well, if I can close this chapter now and move forward, well, I should have done that ages ago, and because we’re scared of that self judgment, we just keep perpetuating our current situation, because then we won’t be making ourselves wrong for not having done it sooner. And so a big part of it was having to be like, Okay, this is the perfect time to do it, and particularly what I’m talking about, because there were so many things that I needed to make decisions about, and as I mentioned, like looking at the expenses of the business and the results that we had.

And I’ve talked about this at a recent episode as well, but part of getting back on track to profitability and business growth was making the marketing manager position that I had on my team redundant, and that this wasn’t because Renae, who I talked about on the podcast, she was fantastic, and I had so much shame about like, she’s great, so I should be a better leader, because we aren’t getting the results that I would think we would be getting in the business from having a full time marketing manager on the team. And there are so many lessons within that as well, that just before I hired that position, that I was like, Okay, we’re not going to sell PGSD anymore. Am I going to have the power planting course, which is now inside pgsd, and we are going to have PGSD closed. And also I’m gonna be away and having the twins, and then when I’m back, I’m gonna be completely exhausted and breastfeeding both twins and all the things. And so there was so much change that went on as well.

So it was really, I think it was just self sabotage that when I brought someone on the team to make the marketing and sales easier, I at the same time, stopped doing the content marketing that I’d been doing, and I also made the thing that we were selling not for sale anymore, and just changed so many things like it just felt, I think, too uncomfortable to have it be easy and say, here’s our launch process that we do. We do it every quarter. It’s been working quite well. And really, like, we can just repeat that and improve upon that. I was just like, Okay, no, we’re starting from scratch. And everything I’ve been doing has been wrong. And really, I think just the decision to hire that role came from me thinking, and I talked about on the podcast, when I was looking for that position, it was like, I’ve gotten us as far as I can get us in terms of marketing. Now I need to have someone who actually knows what they’re doing, because I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to marketing and selling.

And I just made myself so wrong and all. So I had been thinking that the business wasn’t succeeding, even though it was because my brain wasn’t actually seeing that. It was just seeing what could be improved, and comparing myself to expectations that I had. And even though the results we had financially in 2022 were much better than in 23 these thoughts were still all under the surface, but they just hadn’t really come up yet and caused massive problems until last year and the last 18 months was so perfect for me and so painful, and that’s why it was perfect, not because I deserve to be in pain or anything like that, but it just really reacquainted me with all of the most important lessons and why I do what I do, and why it matters, and the impact it has on your day to day experience as an entrepreneur if you aren’t planning properly and getting clean rest, which I’ll talk about soon, and like all the other things we teach in pgsd about self trust and self image and self confidence, that power planning is one of the main tools, but it’s the only tool, like all the things that I just really went into this chapter that I’m reflecting on, thinking my business like we need to basically change everything we’re doing, because what we’re doing isn’t working, even though it was, and I don’t know what I’m doing.

And so really, just going into this chapter with those thoughts meant that a lot of what I’m talking about here is downstream from that. And just me not trusting myself, making myself wrong, making myself just like my last priority as well, in terms of self care, and the better care I take of myself, the more my business grows. And really reminding myself that that is so true, not just for me, but I think, for everyone, that when we are taking care of ourselves, we are able to then show up the best we can in every area of life, plus also, regardless of how we’re showing up, we deserve to be taken care of the same way my husband does, the same way my kids do, the same way cotton does. I deserve that too, and I especially deserve that from myself.

And so when I have bring it back to this lesson, when I have been in this mindset of like, I’m the problem and I’m the only thing that’s a problem. It has made me not actually look at what actually is going on and what is a problem, and trying to solve everything through fixing myself. I’m so glad it hasn’t worked, because it’s not the solution, and because that I can improve on things. But I’m not always to blame, and sometimes it’s just a completely, like, insignificant reason for things not working, or just, like, economic changes or different things. And if, like, oh, but if I was just showing up more, if I was more committed, if, if I wasn’t procrastinating, or if I wasn’t putting as much pressure on myself and whatever, then this wouldn’t be going on.

If I was a better leader of like, well, actually, maybe there’s other things that are factors as well. And by me only thinking that I’m the only thing that needs to change, that I’m really disempowering myself to make simple, obvious, easy, or sometimes hard changes that need to be made to actually improve the situation. So I don’t know if that has made sense, but when I’ve been thinking that I just need to be better and then everything will be magically solved, it hasn’t helped. And I think really ultimately getting out of your own way, because that’s one of the core concepts I teach, isn’t about putting all the blame on yourself and being like, if I just fix myself, then everything will magically work.

A lot of the times, getting out of your own way is recognizing I’m not the problem here, and there’s other things that need to go on, for example, with the expenses. Like, yeah, I could be a better leader, but right now, our expenses are more than our revenue, so I need to make changes to actually reflect that. And when I’m thinking, I just need to be a better leader, it didn’t help me be a better leader. When I think the thought I know how to lead, that’s when I then make decisions of, okay, well, we need to cut the expenses. We need to actually have this make sense financially. So yeah, self blame has just really taken me out of self trust. And it makes sense when you think about it in terms of having a relationship with someone else, it’s really hard to trust someone that you are blaming all the time and making everything a problem with them.

And when we do that to ourselves, it’s so painful, and it just makes it so hard to move forward because we’re just preempting the self blame that will come if it doesn’t work out perfectly, and then it creates this feeling of like, this has to work. And I was saying this on a pgse coaching call the week before last, of like, it doesn’t have to work. Your launch doesn’t have to work. This next Instagram post doesn’t have to work, and it’s when we put the pressure on that, that we actually take ourselves out of doing what we do best, and we get into this, like, I need to do it right kind of energy. And even if we do say the right words, it’s from this very disconnected kind of energy.

I also want to say, because I mentioned this as well on that PGSD coaching call, one of our PGSDers, was like, I know I need to show up and be selling, but also because I’m not in the highest levels of self belief and the best energy, then I know people aren’t going to buy. And I said, like so many of you, have signed up for pgsd when I haven’t been in the highest of high self trust and highest of high self belief. And like, I fundamentally believe in pgsd and what we do and who we help, and just because in the moment, my brain isn’t feeling that, it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be able to attract in people that I help. And so we have still made as a business hundreds of 1000s of dollars in the last 18 months, while my brain has been feeling so messy.

And while all of this has been going on that the business has still been making money and helping people, and we’ve had amazing results in pgsd from those who have joined the program. And yeah, so it’s not this all or nothing. Thing of like, This all needs to be fixed. It’s like, oh, and the side of my coach says that you can make so much money with a half managed mind, and like, Yes, amen to that, because I’m living proof of that. And it has been, yeah, just such a relief as well to remember that and to be reminded of that. Of like, Oh, this isn’t a matter of like, well, until you’re believing everything perfectly and you have the most amazing skills in every area of business, you won’t be able to have any success. Like no everyone’s just figuring this out. No one really knows what they’re doing, and we’re all just making it up as we go.

And you can do that too, and it doesn’t mean that, like, your messy experience doesn’t mean that you’re not having a successful one. We kind of get into that all. And I think mindset of like, if I’m successful and I feel like I’m organized, I’m certain I always know what I’m doing, and if I feel messy and disorganized, then it means I have no idea what I’m doing, and that I’m a failure. And I know that is true those thought patterns, because I’ve been in the latter for the last 18 months, for a lot of it. But it’s not this all or nothing thing, and you can make so much money and help so many people with a half managed mind, and that’s not to say not to work on your mindset, because obviously I’m such a big believer in that, but it’s to take the pressure off having to have those perfect thoughts and perfect actions and all the things each new level, this lesson three, each new level requires new reasons. I recently shared on the podcast. I think about this. I’ve definitely mentioned it a few times in pgsd, on different calls when it’s been relevant, about the existential crisis.

Well, I like to have one about every three months, but the one I had recently where I was just like, and I got coaching this in my mastermind and posted about it, especially when I’m like, I really don’t want to tell anyone about this. I’m like, I must post. I’m like, I must post about it, because that’s a sign I need an outside perspective that I was like, I just like, tired. I’m exhausted. Like, I just want to close I just want to make a few $100,000 a year and stop all this, like, pushing and pressuring and forcing and like, I’m just sick of it. And can I just lower my goal from a million to being, like, three or $400,000 and we want to expand our family further. And like, I want to have time for all of that. And just, like, I just was like, I’m over it, basically. And can I just coast?

And the people who replied and the coaching I got was like, Well, yes, you can if you want, but like, is that going to solve the problem you’re trying to solve? And I realized it wasn’t because me not trying anymore wasn’t actually what I want to do. Like, I love the challenge. I’m the kind of person that if I’m in a job where or a business where I’m not feeling challenged, I will leave it. And I know a lot of people in the world would say, like, oh, I had a great work day today. Like, I barely did anything. I just coasted. And I’m guessing, as someone who listens to this podcast, you don’t, you’re not in the mindset that’s the best work day. I’m like, Oh my God. Like, what in my head? Like, why are you still working there? Like, having a work day where you didn’t grow and you didn’t learn anything new, and you didn’t develop any skill and you just, like, did nothing at all. Is not an ideal work day for me. Like I want to be challenged. I love having things to work on in my brain and a problem to solve. And I also love the impact of the business that I have and how it helps people. And I think in the last 18 months, well, I know in the last 18 months, I have become so much more disconnected from the real impact that PGSD has on real people who are living out in the world.

And when I had the twins, I had time off, I think I didn’t record podcast episodes for a while. We had the PGSD coaches. I wasn’t coaching in pgsc. I wasn’t in the forum nearly as much, and I just kind of became disconnected from like, the power of the work that we’re doing, and everyone else on the team was seeing it, but I wasn’t seeing that and experiencing that. And recently, I did a bunch of calls with people who were just on my email list to talk about their productivity and what they were working on, and just a few other things like that, that I’m like, Oh my God. Like, I have to help these people. I literally have exactly what they’re looking for, and no one else is going to give it to them, and I need to keep figuring out how to help them see that PGSD is exactly what they want, exactly what they’re looking for.

If they resonate with what I’m talking about, they will have an amazing experience inside PGSD. And how do I get better at communicating that like I want to solve that. And when it comes to having the goal of a million dollars for my business, I was like, Okay, I’m actually just gonna let myself lower that goal. I’m gonna take the pressure off, so to speak. And then what I did from doing that, I was like, Oh, when I did the math on what would be required to achieve $400,000 per year in revenue, it meant we would literally have to actively try to stop helping people. We would actively have to stop the podcast growing when we would actively have to stop people signing up for PGSD, we would basically have to retract so.

And it was really interesting, because before I set the goal and did the math on that, and really, like, I said, advanced growth goals, so I’ll be teaching about that in PGSD advanced and instead of just being like, oh, it’s maintenance, I was like, no, because of the trajectory we’re on, even though my brain wants to say that we’re failing and blah blah. Actually, that’s not true. And to achieve the goal I want to achieve of coasting, I would have to actively hold myself and my business back. And just seeing that was such an epiphany of like, oh, there’s no way, like, there’s no way that I’m going to do that. And what if I could just solve for how to achieve the goal of a million, which is my goal for the next 12 months, how to achieve that goal and do it in a way while I’m also taking care of me, being there for my family. And I’ve talked about this on the podcast.

We talk about it in PGSD, like solving for the business and the lifestyle parameters you want at the same time. And I think I’ve recorded that episode after, like, having this breakthrough, so I maybe talk about this breakthrough in that episode, but just being like, oh, I can actually just solve for it, which I know how to do. I have done that before, like 2022 the year I’m talking about, we made 600,000 and had 300,000 in profit. I had, I started that year with a six month old, and I got married that year. We got married at our house. I also became pregnant with the twins, and navigated doing everything. Was pregnant with the twins, I had lots of weeks off, and I really just like I was working the least that I ever had. And so I know it’s possible, because I have done it before, and instead of using that against myself, I’ve just been like, oh, I can actually just return to thinking about it that way, and solving for it in that way.

And I also am going to paint the vision beyond a million dollars, because I think part of their resistance, or stopping myself from making a million in a year has been that I haven’t actually thought beyond that. And so it feels like you know, if you are in high school and you don’t know what you want to do after high school, and you have the option to just repeat High School, you probably will, because that’s comfortable and familiar, and you don’t know what’s next. And so I just was like, Oh, I really do want to achieve this goal, and it requires new reasons. Because when I was wanting to go full time in my business, the main reason I wanted to do that was because of me, because of my day to day experience looking different.

And instead of going on the train to my accounting job or driving into my admin job that I had at a hospital, that I would just be able to work on my own business in all of my time, and then have my time off and don’t have to work for anyone else. And so that was such a big reason to getting my business to being full time. And I did that in 2019 and I made about $150,000 in a year before I did that, which I could have left sooner, but I was scared, so I stayed a bit longer. But anyway, I now I’m just finding new reasons, especially as a parent, and I have three little ones that I want to spend a lot of time with. I have my husband as well, and I have my personal life, my friends, my family, my hobbies, like there’s other things that I want to be doing, and so the why for this season needs to be different, because my needs are met already in a way that they weren’t when I was first building the business, that now it’s like, okay, and now why do I want to keep growing the business and letting myself be connected with and present with that, and my brain wants to forget.

And you might find this, especially if you have an online business as well, and you were just looking at numbers of followers or likes or comments or email subscribers, and you just kind of see everyone as numbers. Like, I used to interact so much with everyone, and then I kind of got into this place of like, not like, I’m too good for it, but just this idea of like, you shouldn’t be doing that anymore, because it’s not scalable. And such a big lesson for me has been like, it’s so scalable when I have those interactions, for sure, in PGSD, but also for people who aren’t yet in PGSD, because that gives me all the content. Like, when people ask, how you keep coming up with content ideas. Or someone recently asked me, like, how do you not get sick of coaching people on the same thing again and again and again? I was like, this is endlessly fascinating to me, and it’s also the work that I’m doing on myself now at the advanced level.

But like, this is so endlessly fascinating that I can’t even fathom, not wanting to coach someone on getting out of their own way, even if I’ve coached so many people on it before. And I love in PGSD that you get to listen to that on the PGSD private podcast and hear people just like you getting coached and getting out of your own way. And we have that the group coaching format that we have in pgsc means that it removes so much shame of feeling alone and feeling like you’re the only one who’s struggling and all of that. And just like, also for me coaching people, and like going back recently when I’ve been going for runs, listening to past coaching calls that I did on the PGSD private podcast, and just getting reconnected with the real living people, because if, like, you’re probably listening to this right now and feeling very connected to me, but I don’t get to see who you are, what your face looks like.

If you’re on a walk right now, you’re grocery shopping or like you’re with your kids or walking your dog, or whatever that I don’t get to, especially with podcasting, because you don’t get to see like profiles of people. You just get download numbers, locations of people, and not even the individual people, just like there are this many people or downloads in the US and this many in the UK and whatever that is so easy to feel disconnected from it. And I had set up the business in a lot of ways, and I think rightly so like to have time off, to have Lydia and then have the twins, like I needed to have the business not rely on my presence. And now I figured that out. But also I do want to be present, and so I’m just entering a new chapter of being present without the business needing my presence, so to speak. So yeah, I just feel like for this new season of business, I have found my new reasons, and that in the last 18 months, I’d kind of been operating off old reasons, and it just wasn’t the adequate fuel to overcome and get past and learn from the challenges that I experienced as a business owner and a human and all the things.

Number four, I’m going to go through these more quickly. Clean rest is not optional. I really have been cleaning up my clean rest recently. We’ll be working on this in pgsd events as well, if you need it. But cleaning up my clean rest because in the last 18 months, I had not taken, I think I had one week off, which was a couple of months ago now. And I realized I hadn’t taken a week off since 2022 except to have my twins, which I would not say that is time off by any stretch of the imagination. And I just didn’t have time to just be and I’ve talked about human design before. I’m a two, four emotional projector, and something that I really resonate with, that relates to that, is just having a lot of time off, even though I’m someone who loves working, but having a lot of time off to just like be and just let my thoughts kind of go wherever they want to go, and just be exploring things.

And then I have times where I really want to create a lot, but then I have times where I just need to rest and recharge and recover. And in 2022 even though I had a lot I wanted to get done and a lot in my personal life, I took a lot of time off to just be, to just do stuff at home. And even when I’m taking care of my kids, I can have clean rest by letting my brain rest about the business. But I wasn’t doing that a lot in the last 18 months. I was always thinking about, like, how are you going to get to a million and like, this kind of, like, pushing and forcing and like, coming from this place of I don’t know what to do. I need to figure out this one magical answer. I wonder if this is it. I wonder if that is it. I need to just work harder. And I just stopped doing something that works really well for me, which is clean rest. And I still had chunks of it like definitely more than I would if I wasn’t power planning.

I have mastered the foundations, I would say, of clean rest, but this is the event stuff, and really just allowing myself to take clean rest and to do that very consistently. And it impacted my team, because I wasn’t taking time off, and so no one else was taking time off, unless I was taking time off, which I did if I was sick and things like that. But I really unintentionally created a culture in the business where you weren’t meant to be resting, even though we actively talk about it. But I wasn’t leading by example. And so when I have been reflecting on just like how to notice about my clean rest, obviously the weekly review, which is the third step in power planning, is designed to catch this, so to speak, and that I was going through recently my power planning now, because I’ve done it for so many years, it’s so fun to just scroll back through the years and just see the changes in my calendar.

And I did this before recording the episode. I’ve done this a lot over the last month, I’ve seen like, okay, in 2022 What did my day look like? And I can see my green blocks where I’m self coaching and I’m working out, and I can see big chunks of work. And when I when I mean big chunks, I mean instead of having, like, all these little 15 minute tasks that I just have, like, 30 minute tasks, two hour tasks, like I wasn’t trying to squeeze shit in, in 2022. I and I wasn’t perfect in 2022 and I’m sure that my share of squeezing in, but for the most part, I was actually just like, these are my needle movers. I’m getting them done, and I’m not trying to, like, jump between all these different things. Whereas recently, and when I was looking the last 18 months, my power planning has been lots of squeezing things in and lots of little tiny tasks and not giving myself much rest at all.

And again, yes, I’m a mom of three little ones, so a lot of my time off, so to speak, I am taking care of them, and it isn’t physically restful. But also, I have learned how to have it be physically restful in a lot of ways. And just like, permission I need to give myself to, like, turn the TV on for them and read my book, or, like, set things up, like, not having to be 100% present all the time in that kind of expectation was not helpful, and it didn’t help me actually live that either. So I figured out certain strategies for that time, but also just creating a restful experience in my brain. So I am returning to having regular weeks off and to really honoring what I know about clean rest, which is that I actually need to take it and I need to do that consistently and plan around it. And so that is what I’m returning to.

But in the last 18 months, it has felt like, well, I will rest when I’m more successful again. And I know I teach, and this is the thing, like, I like, where people like, so ironic, because I teach this to my people, but I don’t get it like, of course, of course. Like, that’s why you teach it, because you are someone who also needs that lesson, and you’re getting it each time at a deeper and deeper level. And that’s what I have been over the last 18 months, like, of course, I’m still working on clean rest. As a teacher of clean rest, that is one of the reasons I’m the best person to teach it, because I deeply know it, and I deeply know what it’s like to not be getting it.

So that’s one of the things clean rest like, and also getting a full night’s sleep that my brain because, pre kids, I would love doing a morning workout and waking up at 4am and either working early or working out. And recently, even I was having a conversation with some good friends of mine about when I want to do workouts, because I’ve been not decided about when I want to do workouts and still working out, but like, not in a great rhythm with it. When I was waking up early to do a morning workout, my day looked very different, and I could have a lot of time off at other times of the day to really just relax and chill and do nothing. And my life, my season of life, is quite different at the moment.

And so I think, like what I’ve reflected, oh, I know what works better, even though it’s not what used to be. The thing that works, so to speak, is having seven and a half hours minimum of sleep and then working out consistently at lunchtime. So that’s what I’ve been doing. And just making that decision has been so powerful. But also, I think the most powerful thing has been like, Oh, I’m actually in a different season, and that worked for me at a certain season. But when I play it out, if I consistently wake up at like, 445 to go to a 5am workout class and whatever. I’m not actually getting enough sleep, and I can power through that, but I don’t want to anymore. I want to actually be well rested.

I am successful is the fifth lesson. My brain just wants to keep telling me that I’m not. I think that’s probably clear throughout this that has been one of the major things of my brain being like, you’re just not good enough. Blah, blah, blah, and really training my brain to not be all or nothing about success and just be like, just because there are things that can be improved doesn’t mean I’m not successful and that I’m not succeeding, and when I feel like a failure, it doesn’t help me succeed, even though my brain likes to think that that will motivate me to do better. It doesn’t help. It only makes me feel ashamed. It makes me feel exhausted, and I’m not actually able to do the things that I need to or want to do, and I’m definitely when I’m feeling like I’m failing, I find it so much harder to get rest, which makes it so much harder to do my needle movers, especially the courageous ones, or the tedious ones, or to make hard decisions or have hard conversations, and so the whole thing just keeps repeating.

And so a lot of the self coaching I’ve been doing is around actually training my brain to see how I am successful, and that that is true even where my business has an unprofitable year like it did last year, and to really, then create future success from the place of I am successful, even though my brain wants to be like, Well, no, you’re not, no, you’re not, no, you’re not. To just, instead of trying to be like, Well, I’m amazingly successful, and to just be like, Okay, what’s a believable thought that I could lean into and adopt? Because if we try and go too extreme our brains like, nope, not true. Reject that, but instead just be like, Okay, what if I am considering the possibility that I am successful even when I am in experiences of temporary failure.

And that has been so powerful, and that is still the work that I’m doing as well, but it’s just been so interesting too, that what I talk to people, basically, at any time, they’re like, oh, you know, your business is doing so well. And like, Is everything going super well? I’m like, my experience isn’t that it is, but objectively, in a lot of ways, it is, but it’s just hard to add to that, because I’m like, What do I tell you? What I’m thinking like, what’s actually happening, because there is a difference between the two. But anyway, that’s one of the underlying things. Is like recognizing and we find this so hard to do as perfectionists. And I saw this quote actually on Instagram the other day that was like, perfectionism isn’t about doing things perfectly, which, you know, I talk about already, but it said perfectionism is about finding fault easily.

I was like, oh yes, 100% that is what my brain has been doing. And when I talked about those decisions that I made about not having PGSD for sale anymore at the beginning of 2023 and kind of like burning that down and then doing the power planning course, and just kind of like going into that year thinking nothing is working like so much pain was caused for myself by those decisions, and it was because I hadn’t actually acknowledged that 2022 was a successful year, that I had made decisions from a place of this isn’t working. So I know a big part of me creating a new chapter in the business, and I want to invite you to do this as well, especially if you’re doing the 12 week power planning challenge and PGSD Advanced, that it’s really about not going into it as I’m a failure.

And so I’m going to do this other thing to be successful. But how is it true that I’m already successful, and then what do I want to do next? And it being from a place of want to and not have to, because when we do go into things, and when I do go into things, from feeling like I’m not good enough, I need to do something different, and that all or nothing, thinking and thinking I’m wrong, and all the things, I end up only creating more of what I’m trying to avoid. And it becomes so painful. And that was one of, for sure, the biggest lessons of like, oh, because I didn’t actually take the time to understand how the launches I did in 2022, and other things as well, like operations, we had a lot of successes in just so many different things, but I didn’t see that. I just saw what wasn’t working and where we were missing the mark.

And so I just threw out the things that were already working and then tried to reinvent the whole thing. It’s like, if you have a car and the engine isn’t working, instead of being like, Okay, well, we need to figure out new tires, and we need to figure out, like, a different color for the car. We need to get new seats, a new steering wheel and a new clutch and like, or we could just do the engine and like, you could only figure out which part by acknowledging the sufficiency of all the parts that are. And then from that place of exhausting your brain about what is sufficient here, what is actually going well, even if it could be going better, what is sufficiently working? That’s when you can say, Okay, we just need to change the engine and we can keep driving, versus I have to do everything new, and maybe I just should never drive anymore, like all these dramatic decisions we can make, so I’m successful.

So you I get highly paid to be me. This is number 123456, so this is a quote from Kathrin Zenkina, who I mentioned Manifestation Babe and her podcast. This is something that I learned from her. I used to even have one of my bank accounts like you can give your accounts nicknames, and one of mine was called, I get highly paid to be me, and I had all the other ones be like, abundance account. And I maybe need to just return to doing that, because I actually loved doing that, and it really created a much healthier money mindset for me. So anyway, something that I noticed that the people that I follow, and I’m guessing, the same, if you’re you know, an hour and 12 minutes or whatever into this episode, is that you probably feel the same, that you like when people are just sharing, like, here’s what I’m working on. Here’s what I do know and I do know things, but here’s also what I’m struggling with.

And just like that real experience that I love doing, that I love it, and to for me to have not done much of that at all in the last 18 months, like just even recording this, I feel like myself again, like yesterday, how I said I was doing some self coaching and what supports me, what actually was my prompt that just reminded me was what makes me feel like myself, what makes me feel most like myself? What does my day to day look like when I’m feeling most like myself? And it is including which I hadn’t even recognized, but including stuff like recording these kinds of podcast episodes is when I feel most myself, even though it’s so uncomfortable in a lot of ways.

But at this point, after so many of them, it’s not. It just feels like me. And that also for my best clients, the people that I’m able to best help, these kind of episodes only make that person want to work with me more and not less. And I think in the last 18 months, I’d really been in a mindset of, I need to be the expert. I need to have my shit together. I need to not have anyone know that I’m struggling, even though, like, intellectually, I wouldn’t have said that was true, that I was thinking that. But subconsciously, I can tell it was because the changes in my content and the way that I didn’t share these kinds of episodes. It’s kind of like, if you’re a personal trainer and then you’re not working out consistently, or you’re not at your ideal weight, or whatever, if that personal trainer is like, well, I can’t help anyone right now, and I need to, you know, no one’s going to want to work with me if I’m struggling to do the things that I teach. Like, no, I would much rather work with the person or trainer personally who actually knows what it’s like to have those struggles, not someone who’s like, Oh, I’ve never like, had any trouble eating healthy. I’ve never had any trouble exercising consistently.

I just love personally, working with people who have experienced themselves firsthand, the struggles that they will teach me how to overcome and that I also get to learn from their example, and particularly as well my coach, Stacey Boehman, I have learned so much from just witnessing her own transformation and seeing her being more of herself, and just like sharing things that I’m sure her brain or others might have offered her that no one will want to work with you if you admit that you’re struggling with this thing, or your revenue is down. And like, I think too, for that first point about business growth not being linear, her sharing that her revenue had gone from, like, I know, 13 million or something, to 7 million. Even though that’s still a significant amount to have 7 million that her revenue had half was like, Oh, okay. Well, if that’s okay for her, then it’s okay for me. And that was such a relief.

So I also know I am that person for maybe you or for other people who are listening to this, and that you can feel it when I’m not being me and I’m holding things back, because I think you won’t like them if you hear about them, that doesn’t mean I need to, like, let it all hang out and share everything in every moment, like there’s lots of my life that I don’t share much about, and there’s more to me than what I share about this podcast, of course, but I love sharing my personal development journey, with my business and with perfectionism, and I can just feel when I’m not actually showing up and sharing the way that I know how to, and also, if I don’t get to do this kind of episode, then I don’t like, I really don’t want to be podcasting, because this kind of episode is the reason I love podcasts, and that I love listening to people who share this kind of thing, and I’m not really as interested in the like, how to advice and things like that.

And I’ve experimented with all different styles of things, not just over the last 18 months, but over the last 10 years in business, the last seven years of podcasting. I started in 2017 and I feel like I’ve been like at all different ends of the spectrum of like, really being like, I’m the expert, and that kind of energy, and then being like, here’s all the things I was struggling with. And then like, I think for me, it’s the I’m an expert who is also struggling is, like, the actual what I want to share, and really being willing to and open to admitting, like, I don’t know everything no one else does either, but I definitely don’t, and there are a lot of things I do know, and I think I just hadn’t let myself be both, and it was this kind of like either or, and really just allowing myself in the upcoming chapter to continue sharing this kind of episode because they’re my favorite, and to also let myself be the expert and all that kind of stuff, but to not be putting like a face on, and I just know that the people that I best help like the way that I show up and share gives them permission to do it the way that they want to do it, and that works for them. And that these kind of episodes, and like all the episodes in general, when I do it in this style, even if it is more like a how to sort of format.

That they the most helpful, the most relief, because you hearing that how I have all my shit together all the time, not that I think I’ve ever said that, because it’s definitely not true. But that’s not helpful. And just this idea of I get highly paid to be me not only feels like such a relief, but also just it feels so true, because when I try to not be me, it just never works out. And I know there’s so many cliches around like being yourself, and part of the challenge I found is that part of personal growth is becoming a new self. And so when it’s like, well, be yourself, but which self? Because there’s the self from 10 years ago, and then I grew into the self from eight years ago, and then the self from six years ago, and whatever.

And so, like, which self am I being? Because, like, I’m not always the same self. And so it’s being myself while allowing myself to grow and evolve and upskill and to make mistakes, and to go too far in one direction and then too far in the opposite direction, and like have the contrast of that be so informative rather than shameful. And so I am just returning to getting highly paid to be me and inviting you to do the same. No matter what kind of business you have. You might not have a style of business like mine, but regardless, I am positive that you actually being yourself and supporting yourself and trusting yourself is going to bring you not only more clients and customers, but a much fun or more enjoyable day to day experience of your business than when you are making yourself wrong and try to be someone you’re not. So it’s really a matter of letting yourself do it the way that you would do it, like being yourself, and then letting yourself evolve.

So number seven, I’ve talked about this a lot throughout this episode, so I’m not going to go on about it too much, but being supported like the right support makes all the difference. Is the lesson, and for me particularly, that has come from being in a mastermind, like a community, and this is one of the reasons that so many PGSDers like, yes, you get so much from power planning, like the tools we teach and all the things, but just having community, having support, having somewhere to go, it just makes such a difference. And so in 2023 I hadn’t intentionally done it, but I kind of isolated myself from having any kind of, like peer support and coaching. And there are a couple of thoughts that went into that. One was I just didn’t really understand the value of having the mastermind, like continuing to be in it while I was having the twins, and I didn’t know how long I’d have off work.

In hindsight, I would have loved to just have stayed in but also the other thought, the main thought that really stopped me from signing up again, was that I was going to have a marketing manager now so I didn’t need to know all the marketing and sales things myself, and I could just rely on her. I didn’t know what I was doing anyway, and so I needed to have more support around being a better leader, which I mentioned earlier in the episode, and I didn’t know where to get that support, so I’ll just have no support for now. And it was really hard when there were so many decisions that came up and struggles that came up and things that I didn’t have a place to go where I could just see, like, first of all, this is normal, and this is what other people are going through at the same time, and be like, Okay, it’s not just me, but there were so many decisions that I needed to support with that I ended up asking for help from people on my team where it wasn’t the right place to be.

Asking for that help from like I needed my own coach and peers to talk about it, because I can’t objectively talk about the business with someone who’s in the business that I need to have a completely like, non biased outside perspective on what’s going on, and just support for myself, where I can actually just show up with all of my fear and doubt and uncertainty, that when I’m telling someone about the business who’s in my business, then I need to show up in a certain way and not be like, I have no idea what I’m doing and what’s gonna happen, and like, I’m thinking this about this, and this about that, and like, it just creates way too much uncertainty. And I know it is important as a leader to be open and honest and vulnerable, but there’s also definitely things as a leader that it is important not to just share willy nilly, because it is not going to create a helpful experience for the people on the team, if you if they’re hearing about all the tween and froing and like, you know, I’m not sure what’s going to be happening with your role and this thing and that thing, that is just not helpful.

So I didn’t have somewhere to go, and that made such a big difference. And I was constantly trying to find support and figure out what that looks like. And at the end of 2023 and after I’d realized, like, I actually do know a lot about marketing, and I think I am actually the best person to be leading the sales and the marketing, and I know what I’m doing that, then I was like, Okay, actually being back in the mastermind and being in $2 million group would be amazing. So that’s the next one up. So that’s what I’ve been in currently, and I have just renewed and I’m going to be in the 200k mastermind again, which I feel so amazing about. And so I just love having that support. And so I really have that mastermind there to anchor me for, like, sales and marketing and those specific strategies for being in coaching business, and then when it comes to the productivity side, it’s the PGSD process and the PGSD Advanced stuff that I’m going to be teaching, which is what I have been doing behind the scenes the last like three years, is all of the advanced work.

So I’m so excited to be finally sharing this soon with those who are in the PGSD Advanced coaching group with me and working closely with them to support them like I just cannot wait. But just having the PGSD process, the advanced version and the Stacy’s process in terms of marketing, sales, to anchor me, and then having somewhere to turn for support with that mindset side of things has just made such a difference. There are so many decisions that I or I was so close to making that would have just created so much pain for me, but I just needed to be coached on it. So for example, I was like, when would this have been? Maybe around March. I was like, I just need to, because it was all coming from a thought of the business isn’t working. And so from that place, I was wanting to make all these decisions about to use that car analogy, like, let’s reinvent a whole new car, because I’m tired of driving this car with the broken engine or trying to so instead of just fixing the engine, I’m just going to try and do a whole new car, because that’s more exciting, and there’s just this whole newness and optimism that comes from that.

And so I was like, Maybe I just actually completely niche out of helping entrepreneurs and I just help perfectionists with productivity. And for a few weeks, I was like, Okay, I’m actually not going to be helping specifically entrepreneurs anymore, and I’m so glad I got coaching on that and many other decisions, because I was like me helping entrepreneurs. When I played it out, I was like, if I go to helping like students and people with fitness and all this other areas that I can help perfectionists with, if I wanted to, like, I’m always going to keep coming back to business examples. There are so many things about business that someone who’s an employee or someone who’s on a health and fitness journey, or who’s a student studying for exams they’re not going to experience because with business, it’s the like, uncertainty and the possibility, and you’ve got to delegate eventually, and like, lead a team.

And there’s just so much that goes into business, and building one as a perfectionist like that is my favorite thing to talk about and to coach on, and that is my mission is to help perfectionist entrepreneurs get out of their own way because you have a business, or if not yet, a business, a business idea that is going to impact the world in ways that I can’t do myself, and by me helping you get out of your own way and do the thing and do it in a way that supports you and feels good to you and actually also works, then the world is a better place, and me unlocking that for you is my contribution to the world being a better place.

So I just got so more deeply connected with my why and why I do what I do. But it is easy at times when it feels like things aren’t working, or you haven’t experienced where you had a plan and you thought it was gonna go so well, and it didn’t to be like, Oh my god, I’m just tired of this, and I’m just gonna reinvent everything. And I’m there’s so many things I wanted to reinvent from a place of scarcity and lack and inadequacy that I’m so glad I just got coaching on it instead, and I was able to just stick with and recommit, and I made other decisions as well, and certain changes. It’s not that everything had to stay the same, but just checking in, Okay, where is this decision coming from? And it feels a bit messy, or not even messy, is the right word. Like, it feels like there’s an emotional charge behind the decision. Like, what’s that about? And getting coaching on that has made such a difference in just hearing what everyone else is going through.

And something I love about my mastermind and why I love the way PGSD is set up, is getting to hear others getting coached. For me, has been more valuable than getting coached myself, because it really just removes the shame of feeling like the only one struggling, and just hearing people with all different levels of business being like, I had this launch and it didn’t go the way I wanted it to, and like I didn’t make money last year or whatever. I’m like, oh my god, me too. Thank God it’s not just me and just really allowing myself to get coached through others, on situations I wouldn’t have ever taken to a coaching call, either because I didn’t have the self awareness, or it just felt too embarrassing to admit that someone else took that same struggle to a coaching call and got coached for me so that I could get the coaching that I didn’t even know I needed. Like, I love that about PGSD, our PGSDers. Love it about PGSD, and I love that in other groups and masterminds that I’m in I always wanted be in a group format wherever I can.

Because I get the one on one support, and I also get so much else from hearing other people getting coached. So that has made such a difference. If you don’t have anywhere, get yourself into PGSD. And if you’re already in PGSD and you’re wanting to do the advanced work, get yourself in PGSD Advanced, where we open it, because having a community who are working on what you are working on with the level that you’re at, it just removes so much shame, creates so much clarity, and just helps you get out of your own way. We love to be sometimes a little too self sufficient. That’s definitely one of my toxic traits. And if that is one of yours, I really want to invite you into PGSD, because we are so supportive and loving and caring, and we’ll also give you a little kick in the pants when you need it, and remind you of what’s important to you and your values and help you stay true to doing what matters in a way that you actually want to do it and feels good to you.

So the final lesson, and I’ll wrap up here, is the past is not better than the present. I have spent and probably if you listen to the podcast, definitely if you listen to our team meetings behind the scenes, so much time being like, oh my God, 2022 was amazing, and I was amazing, and 2023 sucked, and I sucked. And this whole kind of energy behind it, of like we need to get back to doing things how we were doing them, because that was good, and now it’s bad. And I just want to share here how I’m thinking about it, because it’s so important not to dismiss the things that were working in 2022 but I also don’t want to dismiss the many things that were also working in 2023 and have been working so far this year as well.

And so what I have done in the last I’d say it was like six to eight weeks ago, I was like, Oh, I actually just need to stop comparing myself to my past self. This is causing me so much pain, and it feels productive of like, okay, if I can just figure out what I was doing and just get back there. But I want to grow forward. I want to become my next self, not my past self, and just realizing that like I need to, actually I just not even need. I want to stop talking about the past and the present the way that I have. And actually 2024 and 2025 is going to be so much better than any of those years in a sense of like the best is yet to come. And I am so much more skilled than I was in 2022 I am so much more mature as an entrepreneur than I was in 2022 I don’t want to go back to that version.

There were so many things that worked. But also I just don’t want to deny the new skills that I have, the maturity that I have, the self trust that I have, even though I’ve had to rebuild it, it’s been rebuilt back even stronger, and I’m still in that process. I’ve been doing behind the scenes, a 12 month self trust experiment, and this past month was month three of that. And so I have been actively working on my self trust. But I know it’s not me working to build it back to where it was. It’s me rebuilding it kind of makes me think about like remodeling a home. As I’m sitting in our house that we remodeled, and I am sitting, I actually moved the computer and everything out into the dining room. I don’t know if you’ve seen on Instagram when I posted it, but we have this amazing raked ceiling and this enormous, fiddly fig, and I’m just looking out at all the trees. We live in Brisbane, in Australia, and just a bit out of the city, and we’re on acreage, and it’s just like when I’m sitting in this room, it just looks like I’m in a tree house.

All I can see we have these big glass windows or glass doors on each side of the room, and all I can see is tree tops and blue sky. And when I’m here, I love being in this room. When I’m working, it feels just so expansive. But anyway, when I’m thinking about this house and the remodeling of this house that this room actually didn’t used to exist. It was a deck. And even where I’m sitting right now, actually, I would be just hovering in the middle of the air. But for this house to get remodeled and built back even better than it was before, it wasn’t deconstructed and then we just built the same house again. No, we had it demolished, like certain parts of it demolished, like the deck that used to be here was demolished. And then we went through and had builders go through the messy process of building something even better.

And we had to be willing to go through the experience and having the trust of, okay, I’m gonna tear this down, this thing that is actually sufficiently working, that is okay, that is doing its job, and we even like it, but we have a vision for something even better. It’s not that this is shit, it’s that I have a vision for something even better, and so I’m gonna let go of what is and create. Something new, and I need to go through the messiness of not having that be instant and having that be a process, and just know that it’s coming back even better than before. So if you think about that with the self trust analogy that I feel like I’m remodeling my self trust, that I’m not just returning back to the self trust that it used to have. I’m creating stronger, deeper self trust, more intimacy with myself, trusting myself, not blaming myself.

And there will still be work to come, but I am remodeling and creating that new self trust. So I am not anymore. Just trying to get back to 2022 and I just want to wrap up this episode by talking about something that I will be focusing on, which is something I have learned from my coach, Stacey, which is to take your most successful year, or like, your previous year, and instead of trying to be in this place of like, well, I want to grow my business. So I basically need to go into this all nothing mindset. I need to do these big new things. I need to have them be perfect. I need to figure out this magic answer, like, what if you just did your most successful year again, but you did it more simply and more easily with more fun? I sure if that’s the exact way that she says it, but that’s how I think about it is to repeat that year, and in terms of having a very similar structure. But just like cleaning up the operations, cleaning up your thoughts, having more rest, having more simplicity, more service, is such a big one as well. Like, how can we better serve our PGSDers, even then we did in that year or the previous year.

How can we just improve upon what’s already there, not from a place of lack, but from a place of this was great, and how can I make it even more simple and even more easy? So that’s really what I’m focusing on, is, how can I do not the same, but better, and from this like perfectionist place, but how can I do it more simply and easily and with more service and more fun and more taking care of myself, and also more grace for mistakes and failure, and more sufficiency in seeing what actually is working, like taking the time slowing myself down and taking the time to really study and understand, okay, just because something didn’t have the exact outcome that I wanted in that moment, what about it did work that I do want to repeat, and I do think is helpful, and then what elements didn’t work? And a lot of times too, something is working. We just haven’t done it enough times or enough repetitions for it to work, and so it’s such a skill that’s so important. This biggest lessons has been to see sufficiency before finding insufficiency, and to be grounded in that, and to not make changes or make decisions before finding sufficiency. I did a previous episode on it too. And I think that was in December 2023

because that was such a big lesson that I learned around launches of like, Oh, I do actually sufficiently know how to do a launch. I have done so many at this point. I know what works, and yes, it can be improved, but I don’t need to, like, create this whole new process from scratch and just try and do it better or whatever. So those are my lessons, eight lessons I’ve learned many more. And also I think that sufficiently covers what I have learned in the last 18 months. Are the kind of lessons that I had to learn in person in a painful way. And I think a lot of the pain that I have inflicted upon myself mentally over the last 18 months has been so helpful, and I don’t want to reward myself for that, but I just want to say, and I think a helpful way to think about it, is like I’ve had the experiences I’ve had because what I was doing like the approach I was Having of putting more pressure on myself to be perfect, it wasn’t working, and I needed to have an actual like, very painful situation and repeated failures, so to speak, to actually get myself to sit up and pay attention.

And I’m so grateful that I didn’t have the success that I thought I wanted in terms of the revenue, because it would have only reinforced lessons or ideas or concepts that ultimately, long term, wouldn’t have been helpful and that I needed to learn, that it doesn’t work for me, and it definitely doesn’t work for my family and for the kind of life that I want to have if I am trying to pressure and force my way to my goal. And when it comes to being in PGSD and having your growth goal and power planning, you will learn how to not pressure and force yourself. But really, like a lot of what we’ll be doing in PGSD Advance is deeper work around that. Because what typically. Happens is when you’re first learning to get out of your own way, you will be going from like showing up inconsistently or just completely exhausting yourself and burning yourself out, to being able to take action, do courageous things, show up for yourself, take time off, and then once you’re in that place, then the advanced work becomes being out of your own way, not from a place of force and pressure and shoulds and musts, but from a much cleaner place, and you have to learn that foundational work before you can do the advanced work that I’m talking about in this episode.

So a lot of you, if you’re already in PGSD, you’ve been power planning for more than six months, you are going to be ready for doing this advanced work that I’ve been talking about in this episode, and I’m so excited for that. And if you aren’t yet in PGSD, I really want to invite you into pgsd to do our 12 week power planning challenge. It is going to be such a great introduction and really help you lay the foundations for being someone who shows up consistently, who honors your word, who rests without guilt. You’re not going to be perfect at it, but you will make significant improvements and experience significant benefits. Just look at our PGSD sales page and see all the testimonials there. The most recent episode we released with Eliska and her talking about how power planning and pgsd allowed her to find time for a second business and to have a second baby, and she came in at seven figures in income already from her business.

But PGSD works for all levels of income. Most of our PGSDers are making between, like, basically under their first six figures, I’d say the majority are there. So Eliska is an exception in that sense, but also, if you are making a lot of money in your business and yet you’re in your own way, you’re burning yourself out. You know what to do, but you’re not doing it. You don’t know your needle movers. You’re not clear on what your goals are. Like. Get yourself inside PGSD, I know how to help you. We’ve got the best program for you. And so we are doing our 12 week power planning challenge. Prep week starts on the first of July. We start our first week of power planning together on the eighth of July. If you want to be in the challenge, you need to sign up by 11:59pm New York time on the 30th of June.

So if you’re listening to this as it goes out live, you haven’t got long to sign up. But yeah, I just really want to invite you in PGSD, even if you’re listening to this in the future, we are going to help you get out of your own way. And there’s, I was talking about this with someone recently when they were saying, like, I know if now’s the right time, like, now is always the best time there’s ever going to be this perfect time. And especially, like with power planning, you don’t want to learn it when you have this magical, high level of motivation, distraction free period of your life, because that’s not where you’re going to be most of the time. You want to learn how to be productive when you have distractions, when you have low levels of motivation, because that’s 90% of life.

You’re going to have one or two, if not both, of those things going on, but really like, the longer you delay it, the longer you struggle. And we know how to help. We’ve got the tools, we’ve got the support, we’ve got the results to prove it. So get inside samlaurabrown.com/pgsd, is where to sign up. I hope to see you inside for the challenge. For those of you who are already in PGSD, who are listening, I hope to see you in PGSD Advanced. Stay tuned and keep an eye on your emails for the details. If you’re not on my email list, then email support@samlaurabrown.com and just say pgse advanced in the subject line, and we will add you to the list so that you can definitely find out about the group coaching that I’m doing and the opportunity to do the advanced work. I hope you’re well. I hope you found this episode really helpful, and I will talk to you next time.

If you’re ready to start planning properly as a perfectionist so you can follow through with your plans, I invite you to join us inside Perfectionist Getting Shit Done. We will be starting a 12 week power planning challenge on the first of July, and it’s going to be perfect for you if you’re in need of a mid year reset, or you love extra accountability and support. To join us for the challenge inside the program, all you need to do is be inside PGSD by 11:59pm New York time on Sunday the 30th of June. You can find out more about the program and sign up at samlaura brown.com/pgsd.

Author: Sam Brown