Lesson 2: How To Overcome Your Biggest Doubts [Figure Your Life Out Masterclass]

Lesson 2: How To Overcome Your Biggest Doubts [Figure Your Life Out Masterclass]

Nothing’s better than feeling like the world is your oyster but sadly, few people are prepared for what follows.

I call it the self-doubt backlash and it goes something like this: Something inspires you to uplevel your life. You begin to imagine all sorts of possibilities. You feel motivated, exhilarated, unstoppable. You might even start to make plans.

And then BAM – doubt smothers your hopes and dreams. It mocks you, it points out your flaws, it brings up past failures and it tells you to save yourself the disappointment.

Before I knew better, I used to take this as a sign I should give up. I’d convince myself I should just learn to be happy with what I had (even though I knew I was capable of more) because the doubt just felt SOOOO real.

What I know now is that self-doubt is just a normal (and annoying!) part of the process and it’s completely possible to overcome it, but only if you know how. In Lesson 2 of my FREE Figure Your Life Out Masterclass, I taught a simple 3-step process that’s going to give you the confidence to work towards your dream life.

The most successful people in the world experience self-doubt, they’ve just learned how to get past it and I’m here to teach you that!

To find out more and join Figure Your Life Out, my six-week group coaching program, go to samlaurabrown.com/groupcoaching. Registration will be closing strictly at midnight (EDT) on Sunday, 30 June 2019 – but if you join before midnight (EDT) on Monday, 24 June you’ll get 6 months FREE access to my membership Perfectionists Getting Shit Done as a bonus. Woohoo!

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Author: Sam Brown