Episode 114: How To Take Action *Before* You Feel Confident

Episode 114: How To Take Action *Before* You Feel Confident

My favourite thing about being a mindset coach is helping my clients do things they never thought were possible.

And helping them do those things in a matter of weeks.

How do they get such incredible results so quickly?

They learn how to take action before they feel confident. And that action then creates confidence.

In this episode, I’m sharing how to take action before you feel ready. And what it really feels like to be pursuing your goals relentlessly.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Where confidence comes from and why that’s important
  • What action takers *really* feel like when they’re pursuing their big goals
  • The power of action in creating self-confidence
  • Why personal growth will always be uncomfortable
  • How to get yourself into action before you feel ready

Featured In The Episode:

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Once you begin to get a grip on how your brain works, it’s tempting to turn personal growth into an intellectual pursuit. But then you’re kinda missing the point! Tune in to learn how to take action *before* you feel ready and why it’s necessary.

Author: Sam Brown