Episode 123: Personal Growth Update June 2019

Episode 123: Personal Growth Update June 2019

This month was uncomfortable for me in so many ways. I resigned from my part-time job (woohoo!) which brought up a lot of fear and doubt around my business and the future. I put working out on the backburner which cost me mentally. And my brain couldn’t help but serve up an endless stream of negative thoughts about everything I’m attempting – so that was fun!

Tune in to find out what I got up to, the mistakes I made and what I learned. It’s these kind of months that set me up for the amazing ones!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why I struggled so much this month with my mindset
  • How I turn a bad day around
  • Why I felt scared to leave my part-time job (even though I’m ready)
  • Why it’s ok to have uncomfortable, messy months
  • My fears and doubts around creating in person events

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Episode 123: Personal Growth Update June 2019

Author: Sam Brown