Episode 159: Personal Growth Update November 2019

Episode 159: Personal Growth Update November 2019

I always talk about the fact that personal development is uncomfortable, but this month I was really reminded of that. Behind the scenes I’ve been building our team so we can impact more people – which means I’ve had to learn a lot about empowering others and letting go (which isn’t easy for a perfectionist). I’ve also been preparing for a month overseas, creating business systems and struggling not to hit snooze.

I record a personal growth update every month so you can get a feel for what personal development is really like. Spoiler alert: it’s not an endless stream of breakthroughs, aha moments and checked off to-do lists! I hope these episodes make you feel less alone on your personal development journey and that they help you to embrace the messiness that comes along with it. Enjoy!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why I was snoozing my alarm and how I got myself back on track
  • What I’ve learned about focus and what I’m focusing on right now
  • Why being focused means saying no
  • What I’ve done in my business to get organised for my overseas trip
  • The sneaky self-sabotage I’ve noticed this month
  • Why it’s empowering that there is no ‘formula’ to personal growth or business

Featured In The Episode:

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 November has been a challenging month for me behind the scenes. I’ve been building our team, getting organised for my overseas travel, creating business systems and struggling not to hit snooze. Tune in to find out what I learned this month on my personal development journey.

Author: Sam Brown