Episode 164: Should You Wake Up Early?

Episode 164: Should You Wake Up Early?

If you google the phrase “waking up early” you’ll find a stream of tips to help you get up at 5am and lengthy articles about the benefits of this habit. On the other hand, if you google the phrase “staying up late” you’ll see articles designed to comfort those who feel bad for this habit alongside warnings that staying up late might lead you to an early grave. Interesting, right?

In the personal development world, it’s often said that waking up early is the key to success. To support this – lists of successful people who wake up early are given as evidence. But is waking up early a habit that everyone should pursue? I personally don’t think so! In this episode, I’m sharing some questions that will help you figure out if you should wake up early or if you really shouldn’t. I hope you find it helpful and that this gives you permission to feel good about whatever time of day you choose to wake up.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why waking up early might not be for you
  • The thought process behind my personal decision to wake up early
  • 5 questions to help you decide when you should wake up early
  • Why it’s so important to have a compelling reason to wake up early
  • The real reasons you find it so hard to wake up on your alarm

Featured In The Episode:

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We often hear that waking up early is the secret to success. But is it really? In this episode, I’m talking about whether you really need to wake up early and as a morning person myself - my answer might surprise you!

Author: Sam Brown