Episode 195: The Secret To Being Responsible With Money

Episode 195: The Secret To Being Responsible With Money

There’s a good chance that you’re not investing in your mental health, your personal development, your physical health or what’s most convenient because you believe it’s irresponsible to do so. Or maybe you do invest money in these things but you feel guilty the whole time you’re doing it! If this sounds familiar, this episode of the podcast will help you to ease some for that guilt and become better with money too!

In this episode I also share a journaling exercise that’ll help you to apply what you learn in this episode and redefine what being responsible and irresponsible with money means to you. I recommend listening to the episode before you do this exercise but am also sharing it here so it’s easy for you to complete:

  1. Get a piece of paper and draw a line in the middle to create two columns. Write ‘responsible’ at the top of the left hand column and ‘irresponsible’ at the top of the right hand column.
  2. Look at your bank statement for the last month and without overthinking, categorise each expense as ‘responsible’ or ‘irresponsible’. Go with your gut instinct on this. Not sure what category to put an expense in? If you feel guilty when you spend money on it, categorise it as ‘irresponsible’. If you don’t feel guilty, categorise it as ‘responsible’.
  3. Review your lists and highlight all of the expenses that benefit your life in some way.
  4. On a new piece of paper, draw the same two columns as before. Now it’s time to take those same expenses and intentionally categorise them as ‘responsible’ or ‘irresponsible’. Note: Make sure that everything you highlight in Step 3 is included in your ‘responsible’ list as well as anything that you will be spending money on in the future. There should be very few things on your ‘irresponsible’ list and these should be things you never spend money on (just because you put something on your responsible list doesn’t mean you have to start spending money on it).
  5. When you spend money on anything that’s on your new ‘responsible’ list, check your guilt at the door.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why feeling guilty when you spend money won’t help you to manage it better
  • What to do if you’re hoarding money and scared to let it go
  • How to work on your money mindset
  • Why you should stop seeing debt as something to feel ashamed of
  • A practical exercise to help you stop feeling guilty when you spend money

Featured In The Episode:

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Do you feel guilty every time you swipe your credit card or pull out your purse? If so, this episode will help you ease some of that guilt and become better with money too! Press play to get started.

Author: Sam Brown