Episode 283: What To Do When You’re In The Dip + Nothing Seems To Be Working

Episode 283: What To Do When You're In The Dip + Nothing Seems To Be Working

In my group coaching program, Perfectionists Getting Shit Done, we do multiple live coaching calls each and every month to help our PGSDers release their perfectionism handbrakes – by getting coached themselves and watching others get coached too. And today I’m sharing a snippet of one of these coaching calls with you!

Sabeela (@healingheartscoach on Instagram) submitted a request to get coached because she reached ‘the dip’ in her business. She was feeling as though she had no more motivation to go on but she hadn’t yet gotten any results. This is often where many perfectionists decide to quit. But Sabeela courageously decided to get coached inside of Perfectionist Getting Shit Done to find out the real reason she was struggling to get out of the dip.

Thank you Sabeela for giving me permission to share this call on the podcast, I appreciate you!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What the dip is and why it’s a completely normal stage of building your business
  • Why being in the dip isn’t a bad thing
  • The real reason that you’re struggling to get out of the dip
  • An assignment that will help you to get out of the dip as quickly as possible

Featured In The Episode:

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Tune in to hear a member of Perfectionists Getting Shit Done get coached on what to do when you’re in ‘the dip’ in your business. This is when you’ve lost motivation but you haven’t yet got results. If you’ve ever been in ‘the dip’, this episode’s for you!

Author: Sam Brown