Episode 286: 10 Perfectionist Habits That Are Keeping You Overwhelmed

Episode 286: 10 Hidden Habits That Are Making You Feel Overwhelmed

In this episode I want to talk about 10 habits that are keeping you overwhelmed.

When your perfectionism handbrake is on, overwhelm is something that keeps coming up.

Inside of our group coaching program, Perfectionists Getting Shit Done, we teach overcoming overwhelm in our productivity phase of the PGSD Process. We do this because overwhelm is often something that stops perfectionists from being productive.

Once you’ve learned to plan in a way that releases your perfectionism handbrake, the next step is to focus on your productivity. We want to make sure that your perfectionism handbrake doesn’t come on in the form of overwhelm, procrastination and burnout when you’re learning how to be productive as a perfectionist..

Tune into this episode and reflect upon whether you’re practicing any of these habits that are keeping you overwhelmed.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The truth about to-do lists and overwhelm
  • The seemingly inconsequential habits that are causing the most overwhelm
  • What to do when you identify a habit that is keeping you overwhelmed
  • Practical things I’m doing to change the habits that make me overwhelmed

Featured In The Episode:

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Overwhelm is something that perfectionists feel a lot… So in today’s episode I’m sharing 10 perfectionist habits that you might unknowingly or knowingly be doing that are keeping you overwhelmed and stuck. Let’s get started!

Author: Sam Brown