Episode 287: 3 Practical Ways To Earn Your Own Trust

Episode 287: 3 Practical Ways To Earn Your Own Trust

In today’s episode I’m sharing 3 practical ways to earn your own trust.

Earning your own trust is a very important topic when it comes to perfectionism and especially when it comes to owning a business. When your perfectionism handbrake is on, you’ll tend to show up in a way and approach your business in a way that depletes your self-trust rather than fortifying it.

You may notice you begin to set small goals so you can’t let yourself down. But those same small goals aren’t letting you develop the trust that you need to actually achieve things. And then you end up creating plans that you don’t follow through with because you’re in your own way. 

There are so many ways that self-trust comes up in business. And lack of self-trust can become a big problem. This is why you need to work on earning our self-trust back. 

If you can relate, don’t miss this opportunity to learn 3 practical ways to earn your own trust.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The most telling signs that you’re lacking self-trust
  • What causes perfectionists not to trust themselves
  • The hidden reason that following through with your plans is so important
  • What happens to your self-trust when you’re indecisive

Featured In The Episode:

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If you don’t trust yourself to follow through, it’s likely that your perfectionism handbrake is on. In order to earn your trust back, you’ll need to learn to release that handbrake. Tune in for 3 practical ways to start earning your own trust again.

Author: Sam Brown