Episode 292: 12 Simple Improvements I’ve Made To My Daily Work Habits

Episode 292: 12 Simple Improvements I’ve Made To My Daily Work Habits

In this episode I’m going to share 12 simple changes I made to my daily work habits that have allowed my business to grow.

These are changes that I have made over the last three years. Some of these have been made in the last months and others I have been practicing for years. 

Upon reflection, these have been some of the daily work habits that really allowed my business to take off. These habits have allowed me to be able to go full-time in my business, to grow my team, to impact thousands of perfectionists and create the potential to impact even more perfectionists in the future.

I want you to be helped by this episode so be sure to think about your daily work habits and what you can implement into your daily work lifestyle. Tune in and let’s get started!

Listen to today’s episode to find out my 3 secrets for confidently promoting yourself and your business.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How I structure my work day so that I can get more done in less time
  • Simple things I do that stop me from falling off the wagon
  • Why I stopped saying ‘yes’ to everyone else’s demands on my time
  • A free iPhone trick that helps me to be more productive

Featured In The Episode:

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When you listen to this episode I want you to think about your daily work habits. What can you implement from these 12 simple habits that helped me go full-time in my business, grow my team and impact thousands of perfectionists just like you?

Author: Sam Brown