Episode 295: Personal Growth Update June to September 2021

Episode 295: Personal Growth Update June to September 2021

I honestly put off recording this episode as it felt like too many things had happened over the last few months for me to give an accurate picture of what’s been going on behind the scenes. It’s hard enough as it is to capture one month – let alone four. 

But while Lydia was having a nap in the carrier, I felt inspired to get out my microphone and chat about the last 4 months. In the episode I share Lydia’s birth story, my postpartum recovery journey, why I’ve felt guilty, how I’ve navigated returning to work and why I’m getting back into the mindset and manifestation side of business while learning more about Human Design.

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A LOT has happened over the last 4 months! In this episode I’m sharing Lydia’s birth story, how I’ve navigated returning to work, my postpartum recovery journey, feeling guilty, why I’m not focusing on marketing strategies and more.

Author: Sam Brown