Episode 296: A Short Story That Will Help You Put Yourself Out There

Episode 296: A Short Story That Will Help You Put Yourself Out There

I felt inspired to share a story that I heard on another podcast. This story resonated with me deeply and is something I want to share with you because, as perfectionists, we tend to not recognise how our imperfections help others. We only see the progress we’re not making, we judge ourselves harshly, beat ourselves etc. 

When I heard this story, it gave me a sense of freedom to just show up as myself without it being polished or perfect. I still have my own journey and struggles with my perfectionism handbrake and this story was heart-warming and a relief to hear. Tune in to hear the story of the ‘leaky bucket’ and what it means for you in your business.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The story of the leaky bucket and how it’ll help you release your perfectionism handbrake
  • Why this story resonated with me so deeply
  • The reason it’s important to have big goals, even if we don’t achieve them
  • The truth about putting yourself out there before you’re perfect

Featured In The Episode:

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Sometimes you hear a story that immediately takes the pressure off to be perfect, know everything and succeed quickly. In this episode, I’m sharing the story that did that for me in the hope it helps you feel the same way.

Author: Sam Brown