Episode 298: Launching, Podcasting + Making A Million Dollars With Steph Taylor

Episode 298: Launching, Podcasting + Making A Million Dollars With Steph Taylor

In this episode I’m interviewing Steph Taylor on launching and podcasting as a perfectionist.

Steph is a digital product launch strategist for business owners who are tired of selling services and want to scale with their first digital offer. Whether it’s starting a podcast or selling a digital course, Steph helps her students reach more people, grow their audience and become the go-to in their industry. She’s host of the Socialette podcast, with over 1 million downloads to date, and has taught more than 100,000 entrepreneurs how to launch their own podcasts and digital products. 

I know you’re going to appreciate Steph’s honesty and vulnerability as she talks about the ups and downs of her own business journey, including what came up for her when she quickly hit a million dollars in revenue in 2020. 

If launching is part of your business model or you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast (or have already gotten started) – you’re going to love this episode with Steph Taylor.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Steph’s journey to building a million dollar business
  • The product creation strategy that helps Steph overcome perfectionism (I use this too)
  • What you need to know about launching as a perfectionist
  • How to price your digital product
  • Practical tips to show up confidently on your podcast, even if you hate your voice
  • How to think about investing in yourself as a business owner
  • Steph’s favourite book for calling out self-sabotage

Featured In The Episode:

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Author: Sam Brown