Episode 71: Surprising Lessons Learned From A Year Without Fake Tan

Ep 71: Surprising Lessons Learned From A Year Without Fake Tan

I’ve been a lover of fake tan since I first discovered it as a teenager, but it wasn’t until 2017 that I realised that my reliance on fake tan for self-confidence was taking it’s toll. In that moment, I decided I wouldn’t use fake tan again until I could get myself to a place where I loved my natural skin too – so that’s what I did!

What I share in this episode isn’t really about fake tan, it’s about what happens when we stop superficially propping up our self-confidence – which is something we do in SO many ways. Join me as I share 5 surprising lessons learned from my year long experiment without fake tan.

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What happens when you remove your biggest self-confidence crutch? That’s what I’m sharing in this episode!This isn’t really about fake tan - it’s about self-confidence, self-love and what it takes to truly get there.

Author: Sam Brown