Episode 83: 5 Signs You’re Not As Good With Money As You Think

Episode 83 5 Signs You’re Not As Good With Money As You Think

In this episode, I’m diving into the differences between a scarcity money mindset and an abundant money mindset. And the reason I want to do this is because there’s a pretty good chance that you *think* you have an abundant mindset when, in fact, you’re living from a place of scarcity.

Making more money isn’t what will flip you over into an abundance mindset. If you don’t intentionally create an abundant money mindset, you will go from being scared that you don’t have enough to being scared that you’ll lose it all. This work is SO important for that reason.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • 5 signs you have a scarcity mindset
  • Why making more money won’t fix a scarcity mindset
  • What to do if you never feel like you have ‘enough’
  • My tips to spend abundantly while being responsible financially
  • How to remove shame around debt
  • A powerful way to view money so you don’t feel bad when receiving it
  • My favourite money mindset podcasts

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In this ep, I share 5 signs that your money mindset needs work (and what to do about it). I hope you find it helpful!

Author: Sam Brown