Episode 84: How To Escape The Self-Pity Cycle

Episode 84: How To Escape The Self-Pity Cycle

I recently coached a client on escaping the self-pity cycle and wanted to bring this topic to the podcast as I know it’s something that most (if not all) perfectionists struggle with.

What’s the self-pity cycle? It looks something like this – snooze your alarm, feel guilty for snoozing your alarm, rush to job you resent, feel sorry for yourself because you feel like a mess, go home and comfort yourself with Netflix and food, feel sorry for yourself because you’re too exhausted to wake up early the next day, repeat.

I’ve found myself in this cycle before – both when I was working at my full-time job and also once I’d left. Even though you might be believing that you need to change your circumstances to be able to love your life, that’s not true at all. All you need to do is change your mindset. In this episode, I’m sharing a simple 3 step process that will ease you into a new way of life.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What the self-pity cycle is and why so many perfectionists find themselves in it, even though they’re ambitious and driven
  • How to turn your life around and get your energy back, even if you hate your job
  • My simple 3 step process to escape the self-pity cycle
  • A mindset shift to help you approach your life in a new way, without having to change a thing
  • How to bring a new layer of awareness to your life so you can create long-lasting change
  • Why it’s important to focus on small permanent change instead of trying to makeover your life in one hit
  • A powerful morning routine to get you out of your rut that will take you no time at all

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Author: Sam Brown