Episode 94: Overcoming The Curse of Knowledge

Episode 94: Overcoming The Curse of Knowledge

I’ve definitely been guilty of procrasti-learning – that thing we do when we want to feel productive but don’t want to risk the disappointment that might come if we actually get started.

Researching and over-analysing are two things perfectionists are more than familiar with, so I thought I’d dedicate a podcast episode to them. And here we are!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Whether you’re suffering from the curse of knowledge
  • When to get out of passive action and get into massive action
  • The balance between learning enough and learning too much
  • How to tell when you’re procrasti-learning
  • What a low information diet is and how to experiment with it
  • Why I haven’t watched the news in years

Featured In The Episode:

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I’m sharing how to overcome the curse of knowledge (i.e. the feeling you don’t know enough) so that you can start pursuing your biggest goals. I hope you find it helpful!

Author: Sam Brown