Episode 103: How To Escape Indecision Fatigue

Episode 103: How To Escape Indecision Fatigue

Being indecisive is costing you more than you realise. It’s not just stopping you from creating your dream life – it’s also draining you of precious mental energy!

In this episode, I’m sharing why we stay in confusion (even though it’s so frustrating) and giving you a practical exercise you can use to create massive amounts of mental clarity today. It’s time to start creating the life you deserve.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What creates indecision fatigue
  • Why indecision and confusion keep us safe
  • Why you can never make the ‘wrong’ decision
  • How to use personal rules to reduce indecision fatigue
  • Helpful frameworks for decision making (beyond the pros vs cons list)
  • A simple exercise you can do today to escape decision fatigue

Featured In The Episode:

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So many of us avoid making decisions because we’re scared of making the ‘wrong’ one, not realising how much indecision is exhausting us. Tune in to learn what indecision fatigue is and how to escape it.

Author: Sam Brown