Episode 104: My Money Mindset Routine + How I Manage My Finances

Episode 104: My Money Mindset Routine + How I Manage My Finances

The way you think about money determines how you feel about money and therefore what you do with money. More money doesn’t solve money problems (because fear of not having enough turns into fear of losing it). It’s an abundant money mindset that solves money problems and I LOVE sharing what I learn as I do the work to create my own.

One of the things I do to create an abundant money mindset is my money mindset routine. This inspired by Kathrin Zenkinas ‘Money Mondays’ but I’ve put my own spin on it. I can get a little nerdy with numbers (I do have a finance degree after all) but I’ve done my best to make this easy to understand! I hope this gives you some inspiration to be more intentional with your finances and a few ideas about what you can do to upgrade your money mindset.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How my money mindset routine changed my life
  • My exact money mindset routine, step-by-step from start to finish
  • Simple journaling exercises that will transform your money mindset
  • How I manage my personal finances and stay out of debt
  • How I manage my company finances including what I use an accountant for
  • The two metrics I track each and every week in my business
  • Why I don’t recommend creating an ‘emergency’ account and what to call it instead

Featured In The Episode:

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I’m sharing the money mindset routine that’s helped me 10X my business, and look at how I manage my personal and company finances.

Author: Sam Brown