Episode 141: 3 Signs You’re Secretly Addicted To Chaos

While perfectionists want everything in their lives to be perfectly organised, the irony is that they actually stop themselves from creating this reality – without even realising it! And one of the reasons they do this is because of their secret addiction to chaos and drama.

Most perfectionists would swear that they want to avoid drama and chaos, so it can be confronting to realise that you might be manufacturing drama and chaos in your life. In this episode I’m talking about why we do this, 3 signs that you’re secretly addicted to chaos and what to do about it.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why perfectionists can become addicted to chaos and drama
  • The sneaky ways perfectionists create chaos and drama in their life
  • The real reason you can’t give up your procrastination habit
  • How being disorganised is secretly serving you
  • What to do if you’re constantly complaining or worrying
  • How to stop being addicted to chaos and drama

Featured In The Episode:

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Can’t stop your struggle with procrastination? Chronically disorganised no matter how many times you try to get your life together? Complaining and worrying more often than not? These are signs you might be secretly addicted to chaos. Find out more in this episode!

Author: Sam Brown