Episode 290: 5 Life-Changing Lessons About Perfectionism From Carol Dweck

Episode 290: 5 Life-Changing Lessons About Perfectionism From Carol Dweck

In today’s episode I’m going to be sharing 5 life-changing lessons about perfectionism from Carol Dweck. 

I’ve actually been planning to record this episode for a long amount of time, but ironically, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do Carol’s teaching enough justice.

Carol Dweck has been someone influential in my understanding of perfectionism and my perfectionism handbrake. She’s helped me identify what it looks like to get out of the perfectionism mindset. And alongside Brené Brown, the two have taught me life changing lessons about perfectionism.

Tune into today’s episode as I share 5-life changing lessons about perfectionism that I learned from Carol Dweck.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why Carol Dweck has been so influential on my perfectionism journey
  • What the fixed and growth mindset have to do with perfectionism
  • Why I incorrectly thought that I had a growth mindset
  • The truth about being willing to fail your way to success

Featured In The Episode:

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Carol Dweck has been fundamental in my understanding of the growth mindset as a perfectionist. If you’re struggling with getting into the growth mindset because your perfectionism handbrake is on, today’s episode is one you won’t want to miss.

Author: Sam Brown